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  1. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    Im curious now what are kata/demaha/lakrum gonna be good for now that BM/Stellium/GC gonna be useless?
  2. Splash Screen skin

    like those nyerking snake costumes!! >_>
  3. its simple some higher up must've thought that weekly was too kind
  4. Question

    you have to fly yourself
  5. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    RNG!! RNG is the BIGGEST problem in the game. That's all :3
  6. AHHHH we need these over here they are so cute >3<
  7. What is that emote cus I love
  8. Bid ban

    aion has a bid function what???
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    TBH, siege was the last thing i had in this game that i actually enjoyed and thats getting taken too GG
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    lol just close the game ncsoft we all know thats what you guys want lol you aint fooling no one
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 17, 2020

    Im pretty sure if they were closing it in 2 weeks they would've already announced it. Maybe they just dont have any fixes or more likely haven't received any from Korea.
  12. New Store Items in June

    I was hoping for new skins too but sadly no one cares about our store, which is their biggest money maker for the game
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 20, 2020

    these are adorable!!!!
  14. I really hope this doesn't mean that Inanna will become and enemy, I really like her.
  15. 7.5 New Transforms

    according to the guys the first ones are from an Halloween event i think