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  1. So um, this is something I've been doing in my freetime and wanted to share Otherworldly Ok I'l go hide now (″ロ゛)
  2. tbh she'll probably be done b4 nezekan cus fcs he is tough
  4. First, pretty sure opinions can't be wrong or right ╮(︶︿︶)╭. Second, 1.5 is old but deava pass is not which is more of what I was referring to, should've made it more clear.
  5. I know I'm gonna ruffle for feathers here but this is just my opinion! Please stop crying for 1.5. Idk if anyone has thought of this but i'm pretty sure that the aion team isn't that big and is split between classic and regular aion. I'm gonna give them the benefit of doubt and say that they are probably busy with the Anniversary things over there and is currently working on getting 1.5 right. Quite frankly, I would prefer for them to release 1.5 with as little bugs as possible instead of rushing it out. Then again, this is just my opinion.
  6. chat filter? like the profanity filter?
  7. nice call out on aly there ! also roll elyos so they can lift the restriction on asmo :T
  8. Honestly they would make more money if they add stuff back to the store and I mean stuff WE WANT. It's like the dev team lost the codes/items or whatever
  9. @Kibbelz is it possible to add the skating motion to the store please?
  10. i've been trying to get my kata plume for a while and im still far off ;-;
  11. seems like they are reversing the clock just to do it all over again lol
  12. From what i could translate with google lens it seems to be pay to play so lol but correct me if im wrong
  13. just more ways to milk money out of this game
  14. Im curious now what are kata/demaha/lakrum gonna be good for now that BM/Stellium/GC gonna be useless?
  15. like those nyerking snake costumes!! >_>
  16. its simple some higher up must've thought that weekly was too kind
  17. RNG!! RNG is the BIGGEST problem in the game. That's all :3
  18. AHHHH we need these over here they are so cute >3<
  19. aion has a bid function what???
  20. TBH, siege was the last thing i had in this game that i actually enjoyed and thats getting taken too GG
  21. lol just close the game ncsoft we all know thats what you guys want lol you aint fooling no one
  22. Im pretty sure if they were closing it in 2 weeks they would've already announced it. Maybe they just dont have any fixes or more likely haven't received any from Korea.
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