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  1. Gear question

    Hello, I just came back to the game. My character is level 40 so I forget how to gear him up. Things have changed a lot since I last played and would love to figure out how gearing works now. Thank you P.S. this is PVE gear I'm looking for info on.
  2. Gear question

    Wow so the Fledgling gear is not better than the level 30 gear drops from quest now. Ok thank you for replying.
  3. Gear question

    Is the gear you get at level 10 still good to level 50? Talking about the fledgling gear. My characters are level 30ish now so i'm getting gear from campaign quest that is high quality too.
  4. Cosmetics ?

    Are there any in game you can buy or are all of them in the cash shop?
  5. Items that are gone now list?

    thank you guys for the help.
  6. Its been so long since i played please bare with me. You know that bar under your health and mana bar I forgot how to use that ability. The one that builds up over time. Whats the key for that please?
  7. Items that are gone now list?

    Is there a list of item that are no longer in the game? I was wondering about herb treatment odella i think it was called. Mine are all missing from characters. And i thought i heard power shards are also gone. Looking for a list of just basic low level stuff as my characters are around level 30.
  8. "Cannot Regist Xigncode Module"

    Yeah i agree with you. Some of these so called fixes could create worse issues if not done right or they might not work at all. Pretty lame to have an update and have a useless anti cheat program lock players out of it. You would think it would be number one on their list of bugs but i bet its not.
  9. Ixngcode error issue

    Wanted to checkout the new changes but your anti cheat program just gave me and i hear many others errors. So we couldn't launch the game after that long download and install. Oh well back to other games and your loss. That program is a piece of crap and always has been.