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  1. Since I returned about 3-4 weeks ago now, it's a real shame that the only event I've been welcomed back to is a full BCM event. I would love to see some classics return like shugo tomb and vault.
  2. Siege Schedule Poll

    Incorrect. In 2008, NCSoft created it's subsidiary company NCsoft West to manage and publish games, including Aion to the Western audience, of which includes the Americas, Europe and Australia. The headquarters were established in Washington for reasons unknown, likely due to the costs and that's why the server is hosted in NA.
  3. Siege Schedule Poll

    It's not an NA server. It's a server that is hosted in NA. I invested thousands of hours into Aion long before Gameforge received publishing rights so I don't really have the proclivity to change over, and that likely rings true for most, if not all the other EU players in-game. You're a rude person in-game and it seems like you're no different here either.
  4. Siege Schedule Poll

    As a returning player, I would very much like to get back into sieging. Last night, I stayed up to do siege which is at 4AM (London) for me, but the only reason I was able to do so is because I'm currently furloughed from work. When I get back to work, I'll never be able to do a siege that is between 3-6AM. I can occasionally make exceptions to stay up to 3AM on days I'm not working/weekends, although 2AM would be more appreciable personally speaking. I would love to see the siege times change to better accomidate the wider audience, ultimately though some will still miss out regardless of what direction you move the siege times.