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  1. During the 5.X merge, 3 out of my then 8 toons had their names taken before I could reclaim them. Bear in mind that I barely played those 3 toons, I was still able to get all 3 names back (Teemo, Nidalee & British) after submitting a ticket to support. They did say to us beforehand that if you had a particular name for a substantial period of time but it was taken within a set window after the merge, we could submit a ticket to get our names back. I had no issues.
  2. So I'll have to delete my KT asmo which I've spent real money on? How is that fair?
  3. +10 prime runes/gems are impossible to get as a F2P person. Yes, I can do 30 fissures a day and actually WORK Contradiction. And also, no average player is actively aiming for +10 primes and dazzlings. Getting the enchants for them, whether it's through exp marks or buying a pack of 10 for $15 is still subject to the same RNG bullshit regardless of what type of player you are. High level paragon is another p2w thing Paragon existed before it was ever a thing on the BCM. The blessed were purchase limited and had the same success rates as regulars. In fact, during the Tiamaranta
  4. No no, instead of going on a tantrum, legitimately try and point out where exactly I've sugar coated Aion's apparent P2W problem.
  5. You're being stubbornly ignorant. Every single thing you just listed out is completely doable within a respectable amount of time by an average player, let alone a veteran. That credit card slot machine? That can be used for free if you really wanted to and paying real money into it is a scam and everyone who actively plays knows that. There is no blatant P2W on the BCM, reset scrolls have always existed and seriously, what's so wrong with them? Stigma bundles, sure, $15 for 10 might be a solid deal for some of them whales out there, but considering we've just come off the back of an event whi
  6. I don't know what else to tell you other than you're way off base. "Of course you can get it in game, but you are severely sugar coating the logical amount of time that takes. It's not something you can do in a month. Not even 2 months, not 3. I've tried, I did the math, I went over what it would take." This just isn't true. Yes there are some areas where RNG is involved but it is possible to farm hundreds of millions of AP per week (and the 7.9 patch proved that is possible), then you can go straight to Timeless Terrace with sub-par gear, farm the souls, engage in a bit of PvP alon
  7. This is just patently not true. I respect you and your opinions as a veteran player, but a veteran player is all you are, you are not an active player. Excluding transformations (which we all know acquiring can take time), almost every step from character creation to end-game gear in PvP can be obtained with a standard time investment with absolutely no real cash payment whatsoever. Minions, which require a lengthier time investment absolutely cannot be bought in full with real money. In fact; If went in-depth and studied it, the game starts looking a lot less P2W and more like casu
  8. Aion 7.9 and classic are two very different games at this point. I don't know what patch you're returning from but the game as is right now is very fast paced compared to classic thanks to the transformation system and definitely raises the skill ceiling. It is kinda pay to win, but only in regards to reducing time spent playing, everything is obtainable through regular play and can be sped up dramatically based on how many alts you have. Classic is more of a nostalgia trip than a fresh experience. Pre-4.0, Aion is incredibly outdated and it very much had it's own set of problems so
  9. I'm going to go on a whim and say that those "many people" bought their missing weapons after the event had finished. It was running for a good month so if you had the weapons before the event finished, it's your own fault if you didn't turn the quests in. You will have to wait till next year.
  10. I would love to be that optimistic, but this is NC we're talking about. And besides, it's going to take a heck of a lot more than just 'good' monetary decisions to sustain classic and it's playerbase for any reasonable amount of time. What Korea and other regions get or does isn't necessarily what will happen in NA, at least not entirely. We are NEVER going to escape "Pay to win" features in this genre so as long as they remain free-to-play. Old school RuneScape is a perfect example of a classic version of itself executed correctly. Not only does it frequently add never-before-seen conte
  11. You have to take into consideration how much of a complainy community Aion really is, though. A lot of the things mentioned are just plain useless. Anything that has a timer on it is instantly frowned upon, vanity items that are bleak or boring (which most cosmetics were back then, let's be honest) would be seen as unsatisfactory. Although the intentions of your suggestions is humble and would bring a lot of positives to the game, most players are just going to want useful items, such as resources so you should fully expect the battle pass and the cash shop for that matter to be fully de
  12. There's only two possible things that can go into a battle pass anyway, cosmetics or resources, and there's only so many cosmetics that existed around that time anyway so the obvious fillers would be resources, such as boosts, manastones and enchantment stones. This being NCSoft, it wouldn't shock me at all if some of the milestone rewards consisted of entire sets of gear bundled into a chest. Either way, they'll find a way to recoup the drop in profits from retail players migrating over to classic and to fund the man-hours required to deal with the inevitable backlash from both games.
  13. Given how often we get screwed over by NC, this is a very silly suggestion to make, regardless of your intentions. If I put 10x more effort than you into the game, I want 10x more rewards than you.
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