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  1. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    That's assuming that every single person in-game had read the event page to know that it wasn't meant to be free.
  2. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Post a screenshot of where it says the contract costs $20.
  3. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    The fact of the matter is, yes, it sucks that those who weren't there or online at the time didn't get to buy the locked transform box whilst it was free. It just means that for everyone else, they'll have to get it the intended way, which is to do a decently short grind of collecting 50 Songpyeon Honey and get the box when the NPC returns next maintenance. NO ONE got 20$ for free.
  4. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Explain to me then why the contract from the NPC, which is bought with currency obtained entirely in-game, and the key which costs 0 BC Coin and can only be purchased once per account somehow equates to $20? The ONLY you're missing out on is the conveniece of skipping a (let's be honest) moderate grind.
  5. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

  6. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    No need to be insulting. I am asking why people are saying that the "free" transformation costs $20. No part of that "free" transformation people got required any real money. No, the contract is free on the BCM, once per account, regardless on whether or not they bought for 50 Songpyeon honey or not.
  7. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    I know what happened, that doesn't answer my question.
  8. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    I feel a bit out of the loop here? Why do people keep saying the "free" transform costs $20?
  9. I was going to ask why we're not getting the aniversary event like the other regions have, but there's next to no communication between us and them anyway. I don't post that often but quite honestly I have to say that this is genuinely pathetic.
  10. Transformation Update

    So really you're not making it any more accessible than it is already..
  11. Since I returned about 3-4 weeks ago now, it's a real shame that the only event I've been welcomed back to is a full BCM event. I would love to see some classics return like shugo tomb and vault.
  12. Siege Schedule Poll

    Incorrect. In 2008, NCSoft created it's subsidiary company NCsoft West to manage and publish games, including Aion to the Western audience, of which includes the Americas, Europe and Australia. The headquarters were established in Washington for reasons unknown, likely due to the costs and that's why the server is hosted in NA.
  13. Siege Schedule Poll

    It's not an NA server. It's a server that is hosted in NA. I invested thousands of hours into Aion long before Gameforge received publishing rights so I don't really have the proclivity to change over, and that likely rings true for most, if not all the other EU players in-game. You're a rude person in-game and it seems like you're no different here either.