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  1. 204 Anniversary coins in my inventory from login accumulation. Not a single one used for anything.. Because there isn't anything. Unless you consider the 1 food/potion per day an adequate reward for 12 years of Aion.
  2. I didn't know that half the set gave MP. I only have 1 piece that I can wear myself but I saw a bunch of people complaining that they were getting "MP rolls".
  3. Yup. Which essentially doubles the number of times you can get from chest/quest.
  4. This isn't including the fact that the new gear has the possibility of rolling Mana in place of HP in it's basic stats, which cannot be retuned, thus making the piece (in my opinion) shit.
  5. Stretching out character progression from patch to patch isn't having the effect you think it is.
  6. @Kibbelz Did you guys forget add something to spend the 12th aniversary coins on? One daily piece of irrelevant food is a bit of a joke.
  7. I checked myaion too and it does only come up with just her name on Danaria.
  8. I am looking for anyone who has any information on who might have the name "Pebbles" on either race. The Pebbles that I know has had her name for 11+ years. To her, it's not just a name, it's her literal identity within Aion, and outside of it. Currently, the support team has denied her appeal to get her name back on the grounds that there is someone currently more active than her using her name, which given the fact that a lot of people are waiting around for patch 7.9.2 or 8.0, and some are also playing Classic, the number of active people is slim. I have submitted my own ticket on
  9. We better get the same treatment as before. I have had my name for 10 years, Aelar is MY identity, not anyone elses. I don't care about any of my other names, but I am Aelar, and it will be acutely unfair if I don't get to keep my identity after all these years.
  10. Couldn't this whole thread be boiled down to just "git gud"?
  11. During the 5.X merge, 3 out of my then 8 toons had their names taken before I could reclaim them. Bear in mind that I barely played those 3 toons, I was still able to get all 3 names back (Teemo, Nidalee & British) after submitting a ticket to support. They did say to us beforehand that if you had a particular name for a substantial period of time but it was taken within a set window after the merge, we could submit a ticket to get our names back. I had no issues.
  12. So I'll have to delete my KT asmo which I've spent real money on? How is that fair?
  13. +10 prime runes/gems are impossible to get as a F2P person. Yes, I can do 30 fissures a day and actually WORK Contradiction. And also, no average player is actively aiming for +10 primes and dazzlings. Getting the enchants for them, whether it's through exp marks or buying a pack of 10 for $15 is still subject to the same RNG bullshit regardless of what type of player you are. High level paragon is another p2w thing Paragon existed before it was ever a thing on the BCM. The blessed were purchase limited and had the same success rates as regulars. In fact, during the Tiamaranta
  14. No no, instead of going on a tantrum, legitimately try and point out where exactly I've sugar coated Aion's apparent P2W problem.
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