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  1. Both of your statements are really disingenuous. You cannot do an apples-to-apples comparison of Aion 1.5 to 7.9, nor can you give anecdotal evidence because not everyone shared the same experience or commitment. If NCW wanted to market classic in the way Vinley has suggested, why wouldn't they not just do that for the more profitable, visually appealing version of the game that is retail? It certainly won't be that dull, retro coloured pallete that would draw in the crowds to classic. I would give classic a go if it released in NA. My beef with it is when people go around crying ab
  2. It's laughable when people complain about the current state of the game but somehow think Aion Classic is any better lmao. Hmm, grind for months on end to acquire sub-par level PvP gear, spend a metric ton of kinah (which wasn't easily farmed back then) on buying green manastones only to realise that they all break if you fail just one... Only to then get absolutely dunked on by a magic boost sin.
  3. I hope the reward boxes are storable in the account warehouse, that would be awesome. It tells you literally right underneath that quote.
  4. Besides RNG, I don't think any of those issues are real reasons why people might quit Aion. In general, I think the primary reason one might quit Aion is the overall lack of access to resources that are necessary to progress your character, such as kinah, enchantment stones and manastones. In addition to that, almost all of the methods we have to access said resources are gated by the lack of access to experience marks. Making everything cost experience marks was a killer.
  5. Ultimate transformation promotion. ✔️
  6. My BIGGEST gripe with the game at the moment is the how AP Runestones are mandatory for abyss ranks, and the level of the runestone is almost entirely dependant on how much real money someone throws at the game. Abyss ranks should not be determined on the depth of one's pocket.
  7. You sound like the cliché League of Legends player.
  8. Hate to break it you but content updates like this one only end up driving people away from the game. ✔️ RNG based weapon drop from end-game instances ✔️ Enchant said weapon through two useless tiers for random effects/stats you may not want ✔️ Promoting the weapon requires new material only obtained through extracting (destroying) the same weapons ✔️ Promotion has a 85% chance to fail and sends you back to +10 upon failure ✔️ Minion awakening system that requires multiple Grade S minions to fully utilize, some people can't even get one Grade S minion
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