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  1. Server transfer will ruin the economy. People will buy out all cheaper items in one server and sell them to the other server.
  2. Not any game have a perfectly balanced PVP You don't have to play this game as a job and level up fast. Hitting lv50 will not make you a god. This game isn't a PVE game so quest and instances are not that important. They should sell AP relics instead of Candy. Candy is useless
  3. You have nothing to lose if you are not a PVPer. You don't have AP, you won't lose exp or money. Your enemy won't gain AP from you multiple times. You shouldn't have problem with that. On the other hand, nobody can play this game without death. Getting 2 crafting professions to 399 should bring you to lv30 with exp bonus, then you can do dungeon runs and clear a few quests near city to lv40. You can keep running dungeons or jump the the last map to kill lv45 mobs till you hit lv50
  4. Low level players need more amulets than high level players do. I spied on Siel and they only got more skill books than IS. The design, gear and mats are extremely rare as well. People on both factions of both servers just dont want to sell their items
  5. Of course you can do everything through in game ways, but you can never win. P2W won't bother the people who don't care about winning. We can buy account of any game, so every game is P2W.
  6. I mean everything in this world can be P2W, so there is no point to keep talking about this case. Let me end their argument
  7. Everything is P2W in your opinion. Here is another example, image that your account is the top 1 in the game. I bought your account so I became the top 1 and this is P2W too.
  8. I dont know how bad it is for asmos, but I know asmos gank people in Eltnen and Heiron quite often that made some people uncomfortable already. I don't want to see this kind of things happen more often after merge. I cannot believe that there are PC order than this game. I saw some streamers got constant lag while doing fort siege. Also, there is no way to upgrade our PC right now because all graphic cards are sold out.
  9. People quit because lack of PVP is not true. People will come to fight you eventually if you are going to farm guards or mobs at the popular spots. Merge the servers will not add more contents.
  10. This is the only thing makes sense. If you really want to help your friends and faction mates, you can help them with reallife money or mail in game stuffs to them for free. If you want kinah in return, then you are not helping them, you are trading with them. According to the ratio of Quna to Kinah, I doubt you can get enough amount of Kinah by selling Quna items for a piece of end game gear.
  11. Every KR MMO comes with exploits. Archeage apex exploit, BDO desert digging exploit, and the well known Bless Online. Banning hackers is unreliable and what is the benefit ? Players will never know everybody who did this and who will get banned.
  12. There is login issue indeed. I stuck at server selection for like 5min till I can finally get into the game
  13. The popularity dropped because of multiple reasons and I clearly know that nobody is gonna do anything to the issues. Personally I am not happy with that high level players can go through rift and kill lowbies. Normally the lowbies got no chance against a group of fully prepared gankers and this resulted an unfair PVP environment which is not any better than P2W. The people who quit for P2W will quit anyway when they cannot win. P2W is just an excuse
  14. They should replace all those food and potions with enchant stones and relics. Those food and potions are not even the highest tier that player can craft, and they are wasting of inventory space because they cannot stack with the crafted ones.
  15. Unlock the premium rewards of DP is not a 1 button work, you also need to confirm the Quna charge which means it's less likely to be an accident. The money is not yours anymore after you purchased Quna, and they must have policies on Quna somewhere that you did not notice. IMO, making a chargeback is not smart because it will get your account banned just for $30. You should know that the time you spent on your account worth more than that. You also got other items that might compensate you a little bit. I doubt your financial institution will help you any further or you can image
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