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  1. Make it drop weapon boxes,... Like cmon
  2. Evetns are a nyrek show... Compare Eu events, they can get legendary contract, ult contracts etc.... Just go and look... Na event are dead, no motivation for ppl to logg, and even spend money. Its not players fault, its Ncs fault for ppl to expect awsone event with good rewards
  3. To late for any fix. To many ppl left the game. To much RNG on every thing to be relevant ti pvp or even pve... Look the numbers, servers are dead, nothing to do in game. Events are wtf Lmfao why... Numbers show. To much RNG on every fking thing, classes one shooting geared ppl cause runes /gems.... I play with 200+ ping and i can 2 shoot some ppl, like why is that a thing. Pvp was fun, now its Who cast nukes first and kill in 2 second... Its wrong sooooo wrong
  4. They announced that they will remove luna bags from daily luna instance and make it gain bundle from lugbug daily. They never announced that they will make old luna baggs usless lol
  5. It is dead... When you search maps, any map there is no map that shows 101 ppl, and thats the Max it can show... When Ingi map shows 50+ ppl only, it shows the state if the game... TT has like 5+ ppl... Lakrum 10+ etc etc ( and those are server-wide maps)... Numbers show that game is dead... It seems like private server with all the buggs we get every week. And still no new morphing recepy for pve Stones... Nc soon and it was like wut 2 months ago they said they will fix it Lmao what a joke
  6. Less mats in what way lol? You will get S rank bundle daily... Seems more easy getting bundle from daily Lugbug(depends on guest) And pls do not talk about bots when YOU want more options on Autohunt, as u stated in another thread, and i do not think it will "break" the game cause of bots. As i remember in earlier patches when there were more bots farming 24/7, i did manage to do my daily and farm crap i needed, and thats when game had more ppl playing... Seems to me that ony ones that disslike this are the ones that farm luna on multiple accs lol
  7. I rly do not see the problem, they are just gonna make getting Luna daily from daily Lugbug. And Lina gonna be place to farm EXP... Why are ppl so mad lol? There were videos of someone who spamed Luna on army of alts back in 5.x to get omegas and temperings... I am fine with this less work, i do not mind killing 50 mobs, takes like 5 minutes. Seems like ppl with army of alts are the ones that dislike this lmao
  8. They did say they will change recipe for PVE stones,but that was like what, a month ago? Lmao
  9. 10.7% sucess rate to go from +5 to +6 and 6.8% sucess rate to go from +6 to +7 so do the math lmao
  10. Is there ANY event you as a company introduce to us w/o any bugin any shape or form? Lmao
  11. Opened 800+ snowballs and got 100% Stigma Enchantment Stone x1 Stigma Enchantment Stone x2 Rank 2 Grade A Minion Contract Selection Box x2 Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box x7 Iceveil Wings x1 10,000,000 Kinah Box x3 Ultimate Manastone Selection Box x2 Daevanion Essence x1 Flawless Manastone Supplement Selection Box x1
  12. To much rng in one game imo...RNG in enchating gear/runes/gemstones/Daevanion skills/Stigma stones. Getting rank S minions (we need 3 now for next patch) and rates are horrible lmao...And now we got RNG gear boxes in 7.7 btw( MOST BORING PATCH EVER) spent milions and milions ap just to get what i do not need. Game not fun anymore ,to much RNG in getting anything we need
  13. No ty... Do not want to get para locked 24/7 by sins with vision weapons... And you be getting New extendy in 7.7, Just swipe more or pray to RNG gods ti get the one you need
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