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  1. No ty... Do not want to get para locked 24/7 by sins with vision weapons... And you be getting New extendy in 7.7, Just swipe more or pray to RNG gods ti get the one you need
  2. And lets Just say that there is still post that has link for one hacking program sites for Aion that is up for like weeks and they did not care to delete that... Like wtf is going on
  3. IT shows how much they care about their player base atm
  4. They wont give us any answer they will just delete all the threads lmao
  5. and we will never get this...On EU they did not nerf pve drops like NA did,but they did nyerk other stuff
  6. EU has more events in like 4-5 months they had events with legendary contrats and ult contracts,stigma event where they boosted succes rate by 15% from +9 stigmas... AND they like get new events every week...While NA gets boring ass events with mediocore revards...BUT Eu is more populated than NA so maybe that plays some role in what events they have ...EU more p2w but more events.
  7. So a person that abuse all these buggs and other ppl are going to get without any punishment? Do we all need to spend thousands of $$$ so we can abuse the buggs?
  8. Like i said in my other post in other thread. Elyos killed Anomos 4 times since patch came live...on Asmo side kibirium is 25k on Ely side is 9-10mil....That does hurt the oter faction just look the numbers i gave u or u can make Ely alt and look yourself...Asmos camp him more yes thats true.But do the math he spawns every 72h and gives 60+ kibirium. Elyos killed him 4 times since patch came live that is sad rly sad lmao. Elyos need to get their shit togerher and do stuff instead of QQing...Ye ppl got jobs/lives...FFS i have to and i am from EU and was in all 4 kills we got him since patch
  9. No changes? So i soloed BoS for 4 weeks to get only 2 shugos that droped nothing. But when patch went live for a first week ppl were getting them more often. And you say no changes lol cmon
  10. Elyos got Anomos 3-4 times since patch came out lol....Its sad rly sad
  11. Prices on Elyos side (sad i know) https://imgur.com/a/c4YoaGS Now lets look the prices on Asmo side https://imgur.com/a/Pd5b6EC Ultimate Kibrium on ely side is 8000 mill ,on asmo side its 40k... was 20k yestrday
  12. EU had Crafting event where you get like everything for free. Boosting charsm and mats. I hope we get event like that lol
  13. LOL did i say i wanted free gear? I said they nyerked up did not fix the problem on time but raised the prices. I said it would help ppl to gear up/catch up, there are ppl with jobs/school who cant farm 24/7 like some ppl or be a cash cows. Congrats on beating FM jeez lmao
  14. Its like you dont play the game lol. To gear up and be viable in pvp i need shit ton of temperings/omegas. This event was good to catch up with all those money cows... To even be able and compete now i need lvl 80 abyys purifeyd gear,accesories tempered and on top of that braclet and rank A minion,cause ffs lol minions doing 10k+ dmg is so awesome. Some ppl cant farm 24/7 to get what thez need and "catch up". Ppl are mad cause NC fcked up not us,they fcked up they did not fix the problem but what they did is raise the prices. Ppl run in +25 gear with +11/+12 manastones and u want to tell
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