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  1. I mean at this point nothing surprises me, when it comes to Na Aion... Lets not forget Eresh server fiasco where one player had top tier weapon and there was no way to even enchat s***t cause New server ult Stones where nonexistent (correct me if i am wrong) ... NPC abuse for New years event etc etc. THEY DO NOT CARE... PERIOD SIS lmao
  2. Where and how do i get one Paragon +15 weapon? As i know its f**ing hard to even +5 it (knowing the enchat rates lmao)... And now we have ppl running with +15 Paragon gear, like how you got it, tell the rest of us how to get it Ffs Na went to shit lmao
  3. They wont give any answer cause they know they fked up, and they will be silent about it... Was their fault for not knowing that transfering the egg Will give apostole quest back... Lets all remember xmas or New year event with NPC fiasco where ppl abused 3rd party program to buy what they needed. AND NC did not care lmao At this point i do not care, and i am not surprised with their actions
  4. Hey @Kibbelzwhen will we get new morph recipe for Ult Pve Stones? WAS like what 9-10 months ago when we got them and pve ones require mats that we cant get in game in any shape or form lol... Like cmom Asking for a friend
  5. Got all 3 weapons the same day ,f2p. Lunar first try on main Solar took 2 tries on 2 alts,same with meteor...Got so lucky
  6. I asked them about it to...Still no response Idk whats taking them so long,we got the morph recipes back like 8+ months ago (if i am not wrong) but oh well NCsoon
  7. I do not get how ppl can do this everyday,i want to quit after second alt (main acc btw,i do not even have 5445453453435345 accs) to farm this much in any way am i rich or ever had more than 1bil kinah,cause this looks like torture to me lol... Back in 5.x patch ppl farmed nyerk of luna for Omegas to enchant stuff past +25 i could never bring myself to farm that much ,like what grinds ppls gears that do this lol
  8. Sooo whats up with daily lugbug bag we get for finishg the daily lugbug? I got nothing,not a bag or any event item,same ol lug revards. Another bugg or am i tripping lmao
  9. RNG its so bad...everythig in game is rng based and it so dking bad...Not fun makes me not want to play the game
  10. Make it drop weapon boxes,... Like cmon
  11. Evetns are a nyrek show... Compare Eu events, they can get legendary contract, ult contracts etc.... Just go and look... Na event are dead, no motivation for ppl to logg, and even spend money. Its not players fault, its Ncs fault for ppl to expect awsone event with good rewards
  12. To late for any fix. To many ppl left the game. To much RNG on every thing to be relevant ti pvp or even pve... Look the numbers, servers are dead, nothing to do in game. Events are wtf Lmfao why... Numbers show. To much RNG on every fking thing, classes one shooting geared ppl cause runes /gems.... I play with 200+ ping and i can 2 shoot some ppl, like why is that a thing. Pvp was fun, now its Who cast nukes first and kill in 2 second... Its wrong sooooo wrong
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