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  1. So someone disliking the current situation and wanting for the ones responsible to do better (or fail) is trolling to you? Or does that apply to every opinion that doesn't go with yours?
  2. So ignorance is bliss you say, the world (could be) burning around you, but as long as no one tells you about it(like the news) its all fine, right?
  3. https://www.aiononline.com/news/12-gifts-for-daeva Read here what you are SUPPOSE to get, but may or may not depending on if someone actually still works in this joke of a company. Yeah, its been months if not years now of people asking questions and the COMMUNITY manager gives 0 F's, so i don't give F's about being polite anymore either.
  4. There, took 30 seconds, so what if we already reached 85, would that count? (Yes/No/Ignore)? @Kibbelz
  5. So nothing about 12th Gift boxes not being sent this week? @Kibbelz Nothing about next weeks task for the boxes that we arent getting anyway, we gonna have to look for it ourselves? Nothing about events ending, like the 1-kinah retuning, and the Prophet’s Gift and Dreamworld? I would call this zero effort job, but that would be too generous, if there is such a thing as negative effort, thats it.
  6. Nah, all small pieces(shoulder, gloves, boots) have MP instead of HP in base, and no HP in the option stats. The other 3 pieces (head, chest, legs) have HP as base and option, and its higher than the old gears which offsets at least a part of what you lose. But the increase in defense means you take a lot less damage, so essentially even with less total HP, you last a lot longer.
  7. Or Garden of Growth. 10-15 xp marks in 1 hour daily, more with berdin stars, or if we get the 2 entry version will be a lot better than the state that Forest was in.
  8. I meant people removing the items from broker multiple times and reposting it cheaper than the cheapest one currently. That used to happen a lot, people sitting at broker just checking if theirs is the cheapest if someone posted cheaper, they would remove it and post it even cheaper, and that withing minutes. Having posting fee stops that practice, because once you post it a few time, on relatively expensive item you waste enough kinah just for the fee to not make it worth even selling it anymore. So lets say you post something for 100mil, and the fee is 5mil, once you post it 5 or 10 times ju
  9. I disagree with that, i think the posting fee should remain the same, just the sell fee should be removed or lowered. This way you will avoid people just reposting the same item at lower price all the time, dumping the prices down. Its what used to happen before, with current population i doubt that its such of an issue but never the less. Yeah @Kibbelz, is next weeks task a blind date, is it RNG so we have to guess what it is and whoever stumbles into it gets the reward, thats some new levels of foreplay. Anyway, if we look the korean event, which actually has info, by memory
  10. We get it from heresay and speculations, because even tho in every producers letter you(you being whomever is responsible for it at the time) promise to be more transparent and upfront about upcoming releases, you never really seem to follow on such promises, Mr Associate Producer. Still Looking out for those posts btw, and the patch is tomorrow. So i can say i'm sorry about the hostility in my post, but im not really sorry after the way you guys have been treating us over and over again. Thats what i see as honesty even if it hurts someones feelings, honestly which you people are inca
  11. Yes and the surprise boxes are the ones from BCM, so they are selling something for real money that they are deleting if you don't use within few weeks, how is that even legal?
  12. You might be right, seeing how they just announced "1.5 – Dark Poeta", and not a peep about dredgion: https://www.aiononline.com/news/Dark-Poeta-1-5
  13. Do you have enough AP and/or kinah? Where are you trying to upgrade it? Also thats classics forum but still.
  14. Yes, "trust in the system" that hasn't worked properly since its inception 12 years ago. The progressive way of dealing with issues, blind trust, don't question anything and hope for the best while everything is in ruins and thinking that theres nothing that could have been done.
  15. That shugo was in Silentera Canyon, and that doesn't exist yet, unless it was somewhere else before that.
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