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  1. Well what did we expect, its a two year old event korea had in 2020 with lackluster rewards, and the xp gain is absurd, you need to idle for 4 hours for 1 xp mark worth of xp.
  2. No, it started with 8.0, when we got all the new gear that could be acquired so everyone is on level playing field atm. Everyone has a chance to get their perfect stats for cheap, how is that not fair? But if you cause it to end by your pigheadedness you would do exactly the opposite of what you claim to be arguing for, everyone from the moment it stops will have to pay 1-2b versus the people that already got it for free. That would be on you.
  3. Explain to me how is it not benefiting everyone, but just me? Its not comparable, one is something missing that should have been there by their own admission, and even when they admitted it was by mistake they still didnt bring it back, the second is something that was left, its not missing and its having the effect that it does. In the first case people are losing on xp/ap that they should of had, on the second people are not losing kinah that they would of had, both benefit the playerbase and are of no consequence to the developer, only one is actually hurting anybody by making our p
  4. I'm referring to you yes, you haven't played seriously for months but you felt the need to ask a question that could influence everyone? I'm sure a lot of people are wondering the same, but do you see anyone else here asking about it? Why do you think that might be, that no one else is asking about it? Maybe because they have the foresight to see this going away if they do? They have punished people before but i dont see them doing anything on this, what are they going to do, unretune everyones gear? The second part is referring to you again yes, you started with the "you know who i am" a
  5. Yeah... not really one is a positive the other a negative but sure, its kinda like asking a bank that stopped taking a fee for no reason, if its a mistake or not when its like 99.99% certain it was a mistake. I understand the sentiment of pointing something out if its hurting someone, but tell me person that i do not know who i'm talking too, who is this one hurting, do a cost/benefit analysis of your question.
  6. Well i see bots coming back, and also some people that weren't online few days ago for some unknown reason *cough* hacks *cough*, so im guessing they saw the number of active players drop(which might influence their budgeting) and decided that its not worth having a fair playing field so they disabled it? I'm speculating but seems like it.
  7. Why would you ask that? Its permanent atm, if it was left by mistake which it probably was, you just made it not permanent and screwed everyone in the process, so congratulations.
  8. @Kibbelz@Loki I would still like an answer on these.
  9. @Kibbelz So anything on that, 3 weeks(ends) since you posted it and still no EXP/AP event boost being extended? "Has been" is traditionally used as something already done, not work in progress or planned in the future. Also @Loki. @Kibbelz On that, we are getting to end of year time, or its going into "as we had two years ago" territory?
  10. This is solid gold, you don't know what to look for, in the game you are managing for years now. Wow, just wow, there is phoning in a job, and there is this which i don't think even has a term for. Even for a free to play game this would be insane, but you are actually charging people monthly for this type of effort. Shame on you all.
  11. Ah the deflection card, and to those asking questions actually related to the matter at hand?
  12. That error is blatant false advertisement when you are selling 100s of contracts for exactly that reason. I'm guessing no refunds will be issued to players that bought contracts which are now useless because of this "error"? This is just insane.
  13. Really, how is it that on the Apostle thing you couldn't pivot, but now you are able to remove transformations based solely on your own mistake, not on exploitation?
  14. The pixel thing was not the same, the only benefit was that people could buy the box for free, instead of the 50 petals or whatever it should have cost. They still only got 1 key for it, so no one got more than 1 pixel, they just avoided doing the mob KS for the event items that was used to buy it. For this "happy little accident" they could give another key i guess or dunno, doubt they will sent contract to all, when they are also selling them. The Apostle thing was blatant abuse plus support incompetence, so both the people that exploited it and support that were clueless of the implic
  15. What was wrong was that the contract inside the gourmet bundle didn't require the BCM key, so you could get multiple ones. But naaaah when they are losing money, they are all over the issues.
  16. So you can actually work fast, when it hurts your bottom line. Anything else tho, "we can't pivot, maybe next time".
  17. So this error makes another error obvious, and that is your statement of "higher purchase limits", when they are exactly the same as last year, making them not really higher and the statement factually false.
  18. So someone disliking the current situation and wanting for the ones responsible to do better (or fail) is trolling to you? Or does that apply to every opinion that doesn't go with yours?
  19. So ignorance is bliss you say, the world (could be) burning around you, but as long as no one tells you about it(like the news) its all fine, right?
  20. https://www.aiononline.com/news/12-gifts-for-daeva Read here what you are SUPPOSE to get, but may or may not depending on if someone actually still works in this joke of a company. Yeah, its been months if not years now of people asking questions and the COMMUNITY manager gives 0 F's, so i don't give F's about being polite anymore either.
  21. There, took 30 seconds, so what if we already reached 85, would that count? (Yes/No/Ignore)? @Kibbelz
  22. So nothing about 12th Gift boxes not being sent this week? @Kibbelz Nothing about next weeks task for the boxes that we arent getting anyway, we gonna have to look for it ourselves? Nothing about events ending, like the 1-kinah retuning, and the Prophet’s Gift and Dreamworld? I would call this zero effort job, but that would be too generous, if there is such a thing as negative effort, thats it.
  23. Nah, all small pieces(shoulder, gloves, boots) have MP instead of HP in base, and no HP in the option stats. The other 3 pieces (head, chest, legs) have HP as base and option, and its higher than the old gears which offsets at least a part of what you lose. But the increase in defense means you take a lot less damage, so essentially even with less total HP, you last a lot longer.
  24. Or Garden of Growth. 10-15 xp marks in 1 hour daily, more with berdin stars, or if we get the 2 entry version will be a lot better than the state that Forest was in.
  25. I meant people removing the items from broker multiple times and reposting it cheaper than the cheapest one currently. That used to happen a lot, people sitting at broker just checking if theirs is the cheapest if someone posted cheaper, they would remove it and post it even cheaper, and that withing minutes. Having posting fee stops that practice, because once you post it a few time, on relatively expensive item you waste enough kinah just for the fee to not make it worth even selling it anymore. So lets say you post something for 100mil, and the fee is 5mil, once you post it 5 or 10 times ju
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