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  1. NCsoft will have a BCM money grab "event" but nothing for xmas....Well they have something for xmas, they just didn't bother to look at any of the rewards.
  2. @Kibbelz you posted classic maintenance in Live version. Not sure if you knew.
  3. Anyone else having issues with zoning from ingisson to any of the battlefield servers? @AriaTheMelodious-DNmentioned changing my server connection on my ping reducer which I did that, and this did not work, I also tried just running the game without my ping reducer up (which it can be run, just the ping goes up to 80ish for me). I did a file check and nothing is wrong. I'm able to port to silentra, sanctum ect. Just not asperanta, lakrum ect. Any insight on this? Thank you in advance! to be clear its just a running shugo which I let run upwards of 10 mins at one time. He's getting
  4. @Kibbelzcan you pass along some issues with the current patch? the bcm still has a 404 error when opening it. When you first log in it’ll load but about 15 minutes after the error comes up. There is an issue when try to enchant/modify/item collection ect. When you left click the item in your inventory and try to use any of those functions it just closes. You can do it the menu way but this would be a nice fix please. Im firgetting some things but ill add them later. Thank you
  5. @KibbelzHow do we have 21 days of login rewards but the event ends on the 13th? How do we get the fourth week event rewards? Why is there always so many holes in everything you guys give us?
  6. It looks like items in the renown reward area are not reset. They used to reset on Mondays and I had thought I read somewhere they were going to now reset on Wednesdays just like quests/entries do. Is this something that can be looked into/fixed? Thanks @Kibbelz
  7. @KibbelzSoooo where is the breath of transformation that's supposed to be on BCM? I guess it doesn't really matter, I mean looking at the daily and weekly reward box labeled "Empyrean Lord Transformation Potion Chest" that has a "chance" to drop a shard, and you needing 500...Yeah I don't see that happening anytime soon. I guess I should be happy that there is a method to get them just will take a long time. Anyway....Add the Ultimate Breath of transformation.
  8. @Kibbelz Thank you for the event this is one of my favorite, however where do we get the Greater Breath of Transformation from? All we have in our version is Ancient and Legendary. Please advise. Thanks
  9. I’d like to my two cents in if I may 😀 I’ve been playing for quite some time and still do on retail as well. There is a huge difference to me when we say “p2w” vs what classic is doing. I will say I do remember the old days and I haven’t changed the way I play either version yet. You may ask me do I spend on this game? Yes I do, I support things I like, and I will support responsibly. I personally don’t think this is p2w. I’m not the best pvper I will admit but I remember I would get absolutely stomped by people back in the day, it was more skill to me, was a lot of fun. These people had the s
  10. The minions i get just like the ultimate promotion, you guys rolled it out later and you’ve done that the last fee times. I’m confused about why the IDD situation wasn’t handled or not even addressed. I know you’re the messenger but you’re the only communication we have. It’s sad that when we have issues that we feel ignored. Please help us Kibblez this is our game and a lot of us were looking forward to the 100 entries.
  11. Sorry the delay in the response. The first part was directed at name calling for opinions so yes that was directed at you. I’m no t white knighting, I don’t know that person. This is my mains name, all of my toons have “gravy” in them. You might’ve seen me around, I’ve played for years.
  12. I’m afraid to post my opinion without being blasted and called an “idiot” so so toxic. Here goes: I personally think as a community we should have the option to still choose on or off. I was here back in the day and I consider myself a decent player, i was constantly judged by my gear not my skill. You may think nowadays what “skill” is involved in the game, I can definitely tell you it still is a factor. You can tell the difference between competent players. So instead of looking at my heartguard and turning me away, i can shut off my details and show you I’ll out dps you in your full soverei
  13. Why only 25 extractors for the entire account? Kibblez: " we cannot pivot on this one" You know I'm getting more more discouraged with this game and the lack of care that it deserves. Thanks for nothing.
  14. @Kibbelzplease do something about this. A lot of players missed out on this opportunity.
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