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  1. @Kibbelz What happened to our double experience weekend? Are we just brushing things under the rug and hope no one catches it? "A +200% XP boost (3x normal XP) will be applied for 1 week, from 1/13 until 1/20. We recently shifted our plans from a single, larger short-term boost, and will now soon roll-out the following: Starting this January 23rd and continuing for the indeterminate future, double XP/AP weekends are coming to Aion! From 00:00 on Saturdays until 23:59 on Sundays (server time), players will earn double XP and AP."
  2. Not sure if this will help for you but it sounds similar to the issue I used to have. If you go in to your 64bit file. Go to your “aion.bin” and rename it to “aion.bin.old” everytime i update the game i have to do this.
  3. @Kibbelz Thank you for bringing the morphing back, however there are some missing recipes to do them. Example is the Ultimate magic crystal to ultimate guiding stone is missing, or the ultimate alcemium to ultimate kibrium recipe is missing. Unless i'm missing something else, this are gone. Please help!
  4. Hello All, Just letting you all know they changed the mechanics of the first boss. The adds on the second boss keep spawning all the way to its death. The lava destruction only lands (i think) on 3 adds. The first boss has different protector transforms at 50%. Normally my group takes it down in roughly 10-15 iirc. However this last run after the update it took us nearly 3 hours. Very tough now. The only way I can think of doing it different is now instead of taking the first boss to nearly death, as soon as the first portal pops with lava destruction, take the port over kill the adds, dp
  5. I live in NA in MN, it made my ping almost double that's with a ping reducer.
  6. why did you move the servers? seriously, you just made more than half of your community pissed. You act like its a better network, it clearly is not. This game is very dependent on your latency, I honestly don't know if I can play anymore. I sincerely apologize to all that play outside of NA. I seriously fill your pain now.
  7. KT is bugged again, npc disappearing or not clickable.
  8. I did this on the 31st as well and I didn't get anything. Did they get you your xform already Aria?
  9. @Kibbelz Another question on this, do we automatically get this selection box or do we submit a ticket to get it?
  10. So is it possible to buy 7 contracts. and just combine 2 at a time to equal out to 12 consumed? (because you still get one back) Is it possible to get lower than legendary when combining two legendary? Everytime I have tried it was legendary.
  11. Don’t worry Rapier, when you get to the npc, you’ll find out that to get the buff you have to pay BCC to get it!
  12. Thank you Cetus! I’ll give that a go, thats exacty what I was looking for ?
  13. Hello All I was trying to find information on how to unlock the "enhance transformation" for the bottom part of the runestone, I'm a bit confused as I thought if you had to have three of the prefex names (example 3 runestones of tenacity, or 3 runestone of prudence) I have this on my character but I'm not seeing an enhancement to my transform. Am I missing something? Thank you so much in advance!
  14. This "event" is horrible, every single one of my stigmas that were already 8 are lower now, i did this 3 times. what a ripoff, I hope youre happy with yourselves ncfail. These stones are cursed to all nyerk, I got my stigma enchants from WB's and as most of you know, you can't always win those rolls, why is that these stones are better? WTH
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