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  1. Transformation Update

    I did this on the 31st as well and I didn't get anything. Did they get you your xform already Aria?
  2. Transformation Update

    @Kibbelz Another question on this, do we automatically get this selection box or do we submit a ticket to get it?
  3. Transformation Update

    So is it possible to buy 7 contracts. and just combine 2 at a time to equal out to 12 consumed? (because you still get one back) Is it possible to get lower than legendary when combining two legendary? Everytime I have tried it was legendary.
  4. Freebies changed to one-time only rather than weekly, why?

    Don’t worry Rapier, when you get to the npc, you’ll find out that to get the buff you have to pay BCC to get it!
  5. Runestone Question

    Thank you Cetus! I’ll give that a go, thats exacty what I was looking for 😀
  6. Runestone Question

    Hello All I was trying to find information on how to unlock the "enhance transformation" for the bottom part of the runestone, I'm a bit confused as I thought if you had to have three of the prefex names (example 3 runestones of tenacity, or 3 runestone of prudence) I have this on my character but I'm not seeing an enhancement to my transform. Am I missing something? Thank you so much in advance!
  7. Stigma event... but then again not?

    This "event" is horrible, every single one of my stigmas that were already 8 are lower now, i did this 3 times. what a ripoff, I hope youre happy with yourselves ncfail. These stones are cursed to all nyerk, I got my stigma enchants from WB's and as most of you know, you can't always win those rolls, why is that these stones are better? WTH
  8. Server Down

    Fix your crap NCWEST
  9. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    You can see your character? I’m still stuck with looking at a fox transformation.
  10. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Not bad changes, biggest issue i'm running into is the constant client crashes/send logs.
  11. This is getting worse.

    I switched it to default and its still crashing consistently
  12. This is getting worse.

    I'm not sure whats going on with the game but everytime I set my graphics to default settings with a fixed FPS the game crashes. Only when I set it to the lowest setting will it work. My computer is not a potato. i'm getting quite frustrated with this and since this has never happened until 6.0 i'm not sure if it's my system anymore. Is anyone else getting this? Is there something I can do to make this work? It's getting so bad that I might just end up going back to FFXIV.
  13. Game wont load

    Hey all, Just downloaded the new patch but everytime I go to open the game it crashes a few seconds after the animation pops up. I renamed the bin file to see if that would work and i'm getting the same issue. The Xincode loader isn't even poping up. Any ideas?
  14. Hey all, I have a female ranger and she constantly grunts after every skill I use. I want to mute her but I'm not sure how. I tried under sound options and nothing works except turning down the Combat SFX, however that mutes my skills too. Is there a way to make this go away? Thanks in advance!
  15. About Summer Block Party

    I haven’t seen one ice pick yet, just blocks. 😕