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  1. Can't even siege on Siel, can't imagine what it's like on Israphel.
  2. @KibbelzWhy make your problem, the playerbase's problem? Eliminating Demolition drops from brustohin is just sad.
  3. Let me try this again, @Kibbelz @Loki Boiling balaur bloodstain droprate increase when? Impossible to do one of the core features of patch 1.5! I have a total of 4 stains after 2 full weeks of 1.5 (2 of which were given to me)
  4. @KibbelzWhat about the droprate for boiling balaur bloodstains? Can we expect an increase soon?
  5. I like how they disabled a core component of 1.5 That being they almost disabled boiling stain drops completely, so Fenris is reserved for whales who bought out broker since launch. There is no way of getting 100 stains without spending 60-100m. Im set to try my first craft in 5 months at this rate. Almost 2 weeks since 1.5 launched and I have 4 stains to show for it, 2 of which i got given by others. After farming 150+ core mobs that didnt drop any... 0 nada nothing.
  6. By that logic, stop crafting, stop going instances,,stop farming mobs, because the rates may and inevitably will change in the future.... Fenris shouldn't be just for the very few who played the server since launch and bought out the broker since then. I switched to Siel from Israphel 2 weeks before 1.5 launched, and since dinging 50 1 day before 1.5, I have dropped a whole 3 boiling stains. Which means that by the rate im going Ill be trying my first craft in 6 months then fail that 1 craft and delete the game, If i havent done so already out of frustration. Now, knowing NCwest..
  7. Also, adding the boiling stains to the next Daeva pass is NOT A SOLUTION.
  8. I farmed 120 mobs in core, got a nice 6k AP from it, and ZERO boiling stains. ZERO!!!!!!... Back in the day you got about 1 stain per 10 mobs. Even in Beluslan near hoarfrost you would get about 1 in 20 mobs. The droprates are not the same as aion 1.5 in 2009, and this is forcing people who came back for 1.5 to just leave again since it's not worth farming for. Increase the droprate of balic materials, or just boiling stains. Cause this isn't doing anyone any favors. @Kibbelz
  9. It comes as a surprise to me that they havent updated the balic material droprates yet. 12 years ago the droprate on balic materials was WAY WAY higher. I would farm the balaur mobs near hoarfrost for boilings which they dropped like 1 per 15-20 mobs. I dont know what's going on with the budget droprates on the classic server but these rates are not what classic was back then....
  10. That is exactly what happened, my friend posted support tickets where they wouldnt give an answer as to what he did exactly that got him banned, just said AP trading. And that no further replies would come, ticket closed.
  11. Friend of mine spent 2 months farming guards for his L30 elite set... He got banned for AP trading and now all his AP gear is gone. GG..... This company really is not doing the playerbase any favors.
  12. Friend of mine got a 7 day ban for AP trading while he hasn't farmed AP actively for about a month... Every time he got to rank 7 he would just buy AP pots. He can't contest it either since the ticket just gets insta closed.
  13. @KibbelzAny news on when we get server transfers, or a merge?
  14. @Kibbelz Can we expect server transfers anytime soon? In Korea they got them with patch 1.5 Or a merge.... which would benefit all players.
  15. Leveling is fast compared to 12 years ago mate. It's "only" 128kk exp to level from 49-50. it was 255kk back then.
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