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  1. Meanwhile the big traders mostly (if not all) still around with all the gear... And will probably never be banned.
  2. Bip

    for God

    I am also brazilian and I disagree with you. In fact I think that the game should be completely P2P (montly fee exclusively) without this daeva pass bs. If you can't afford it, then you should look at retail or other F2P games.
  3. Let's see. I own a multimillion dollars company and my customers are complaining about delays. I have one staff member working om my product. What do I do? Delay even more. No, you hire people. FFS LOL!
  4. Exactly. And if they get banned, they will do it again.
  5. Ohhhh gotcha. That's dumb af, though!
  6. I doubt they would ever notice tbh... Lol!
  7. Have you tried Sandboxie?
  8. That is exactly what I said in a more elaborated text, though, lol.
  9. Whales will whale again. I don't care about other items honestly. But I want their accounts either perma ban or all AP items and current AP striped at least.
  10. I'm sure he didn't meant the AP items, but rather Kinah and other tradeable goods so that they can reutilize them or sell.
  11. Problem is... they didn't ban people yet as others have mentioned. hahahahahaha Will see if it happens nc-soon-ish but I honestly doubt it.
  12. You can easily create a new one, though. And I agree with @Nsn.
  13. I don't think that you pay for the product itself in this case. You pay for additional stuff. Not sure how that holds up legally but I'm sure NCsoft has that covered lol.
  14. I agree with you to some extent. You have to look at it from another perspective, though. They are cheating the system. It does impact you, whether you care about it or not. You can say for as long as you want that you don't care for being 2 shot by fully decked out people. But when they completely private you from content that you have to find another game, as you said it yourself, then what good does that do to the game you love? So, as I said before, it doesn't matter if you "don't care" (which is a lie btw, if you really think about it the long run you will see it's a lie), it does a
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