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  1. How weird is this..

    Now if Texas sinks to the bottom of the ocean we can blame NCSoft.
  2. Hi all, For some reason, you have to be logged into the forums to see legion recruitment threads... <Void> is looking for people to run with and new members if you're a good fit. If you'd like more info here is the official thread: Join or Run with <Void> Thanks, Ark
  3. AION Mobile App

    Sadly this actually existed mostly... and then it just stopped being maintained by NCSoft: https://kotaku.com/5667937/theres-an-app-for-aion
  4. Coalescence question

    I've had some decent results but typically only when throwing world drop items in. The IDL skins typically turn into something you can extract if you throw 7 in which is alright. The instance base items, etc. seem to yield very little return. I find it much more valuable to just crush them and use the materials.
  5. Archdaeva Stats

    This seems to be a common resource on the topic: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pKBHYjQMqBIIb9Wr5Vtt_NrGfI1K-HocYZOaoXIn3ZQ/edit#gid=0
  6. Macro for text on resurrection

    Give this a whirl: /skill Light of Resurrection /g I'm resurrecting [Target]