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  1. Welcome wagon - introductions!

    Hi to all new players. I think this thread is a good first touch point. So, to offer help to all up and coming daevas, you can hit me up in the game for a chat. My main is a lvl 71 glady 'Heaps'. I can help you run instances and stuff so just feel free to ask me. Just wanna meet some new people really and enjoy the new game content together. I'm usually on every night around 7pm - 1 am Oceanic time (Australia). Not sure how that translates to the server time.
  2. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Highly opiniated people who have this urge to voice their opinion on f*cking everything around them even if they don't know sh*t about it. JUST SHUT THE F*CK UP!
  3. now im worried about the state of the game

    I wish it turned back to pay to play with just appearance stuff on bcm that be great, but I udnerstand that's not as profitable.
  4. The Aion Pet Peeve Thread

    Yeah. F*cking sucks. SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE HOMEOWNERS! /foreverrenting
  5. PSA: XP events and XP amulets stack multiplitively

    You're saying until Wednesday I should be spamming Luna instances and Fissure on quadruple xp like a mad dog.
  6. The Aion Pet Peeve Thread

    Very upsetting! I assume Pernon is an Asmodian housing area?
  7. The Aion Pet Peeve Thread

    Probably not a pet peeve but "Moments you realize you didn't have a chance to play enough Katalam/Danaria *youtubes a katalam soundtrack and cries*
  8. Instanced housing

    Except we don't have populated servers. Like in real life, not everyone is supposed to have a house. Not slashing the suggestion, just pointing out the other side of the coin - exclusivity.
  9. now im worried about the state of the game

    Funky FRSH!
  10. now im worried about the state of the game

    Try final fantasy online in the meantime. Dozens of populated servers, many of them even closed due to congestion lol! And a very healthy community. And it's P2P not P2W Don't get me wrong, I still love Aion, but it's good to have options and a different perspective.
  11. Real Life Picture Thread

    Yeah I can see it now, although it is very subtle. Hmmmm very mysterious man this Bryos.
  12. Real Life Picture Thread

    Can somebody mark it up? I can't see it!
  13. So turns out Modor is actually pretty squishy

    And one of them is my legion mate. /I-am-disappoint. Funny to get caught like that though haha. /Owned
  14. So turns out Modor is actually pretty squishy

    What is this? Total time for a single CS run?
  15. How to PvP in Aion | A step-by-step guide

    I've been doing it wrong all along! Can you buy those on BCM?