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  1. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Pearl Abyss's situation is different in that BDO is the only franchise in its portfolio and they therefore HAVE to focus on multiple markets to remain profitable. I'm not trying to take anything away from PA's success since they're clearly doing something right, but it's not an apples to apples comparison. NCSoft's relatively diverse portfolio allows them to pick and choose which games/regions they want to focus on, and they've come to the conclusion that Aion should be placed on the back-burner, at least in the West. To be fair, they made a lot of RIGHT decisions when Aion first launched, and Aion's success is what allowed them to funnel money into other projects. Their mistake was putting a lot of assets into unprofitable ventures, namely WildStar and subsequently MxM, which basically changed everything for them and continues to affect their decision-making to this day. They can be forgiven for gambling on WildStar since Carbine was headed by former WoW developers, but their gamble with MxM was downright stupid. Anyway, this is also why arguments to stop putting money into Aion to force NCSoft to change their ways isn't going to work. NC is already convinced that NA Aion has one foot in the grave, so by withholding money you're basically telling them that their assumptions are correct. Mind you, I'm not telling anyone to dump money in the game either; you do you, whatever floats your boat, etc.. The point is, to actually get NC to take notice, you have to go contrary to their expectations. This means that you need to start getting players, old and new, to come back to retail Aion. NC isn't expecting the game to be as profitable as it was in the past. If they see a sustained spike in players and people buying into the game, they might be convinced that they need to refocus on the West to take advantage of potential revenue streams. Otherwise they're just going to continue with their existing plan of letting NA Aion languish since most of their income is currently coming from other regions.
  2. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Can you point to ANY instance where a game that was subscription based transitioned to F2P and then in the face of a declining player-base (successfully) transition back to subscription or a buy-to-play model? If you can't, you've answered your own question.
  3. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Question! Do you know if MxM was pulled in Asian countries as well? It failed hard in the West because it couldn't maintain a player-base for matchmaking, but I can't find any articles about its status in Korea or other regions.
  4. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Odds are they're focusing their attentions elsewhere because Yoon told them to do so. Believe me, if NA Aion was a priority for NCSoft/NCWest, they'd make a conscious effort to keep us engaged. Look at how every other version of Aion (just the game and their events, not staff engagement) is better in comparison to our own. This isn't what NCWest decides, it's simply what's given to them by Korea, which is why they always have to wait for response if anything goes wrong. All this talk about going over people's heads is just going to turn low level employees into scapegoats for poor decision making from the highest levels of the organization. Guarantee they're just going to give you a canned PR message about how they're going to do better with no real results coming from it.
  5. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    You are 100% correct. Kim Taek-jin, the CEO of NCSoft Yoon Song-yee, the CEO of NCWest
  6. Colorweaver ?

    I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.
  7. So this happened..

    The game and (by extension) this forum, are both starved for content. Threads and posts of any kind (including "useless" ones) are probably welcome by people that want to keep the place alive. You could also take your own advice and simply not post on content you dislike. Or are we all just flooding this place?
  8. So this happened..

    To be fair, anyone that rages that hard probably has a difficult time exercising logic...
  9. So this happened..

    I've gotten hate whispers from people when I'm minding my own business PvEing (I keep to myself and don't talk at all aside from simple "Hi, Thank you, Bye" interactions), so somehow this isn't surprising. DN-E are a "special" kind of toxic. I wouldn't think too much into it; it's clearly someone that gets all their validation through in-game achievements and virtual power. But hey, since they stooped to that level, all the better. Documented evidence of harassment that's easily tracked. Report and hope Cyan or someone else does something about it. We don't need that nonsense here or in-game.
  10. [Daily] Headache

    Whom? Between Annie and Latasia, there isn't much room for others on LFG. The only other person that comes to mind is Shupizi, but I haven't seen that person on LFG for a while now. IDK, I like my drama in small doses, not on repeat for hours on end, but to each his or her own. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't KT-E have someone that was known to catfish other people into giving "her" access to their accounts, and then "she'd" steal everything and repeat the process on new victims? "Karen" or something? My memory for drama is lacking. I think I saw it mentioned on the old forums.
  11. [Daily] Headache

    I mean, if you want to lose your sanity, you're more than welcome... Or maybe you enjoy seeing the same nonsense on a daily (hourly?) basis. In that case, Annie has what you want. Please, take him/her/it.
  12. [Daily] Headache

  13. guys any idea about Conditioning NPCs?

    For Elyos:
  14. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    It's early morning (not yet business hours) in Korea. If he didn't a response over the weekend, he definitely isn't getting anything until the end of the workday today or early tomorrow. Plus the devs have been slow to respond to a lot of the issues we've brought up as of late, so don't expect anything too soon.
  15. Not saying this to be dismissive of your concerns, but I do think you're making mountains of molehills. Everyone that's currently playing likely got their files from the same CDN. If it was compromised and changed to reroute to malicious files, we all have it (highly unlikely). What's more likely is that your firewall is being overzealous and throwing false positives or you downloaded something malicious that is causing the reroute (doubtful that you'd get anything that would target NC files specifically). Temporarily disable your firewall and let the launcher do its thing. If you want to take extra precautions, make a backup before doing the update, sandbox it, or run it on a VM. At worst, you screw your system and have to take a few hours of your day to get back to your original starting point. Odds are, you'll be able to play again. It's unlikely they're going to change CDNs unless they're getting tons of people reporting the same issue, and thus far, it seems like it's just you.