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  1. Mouseclic.com RETURNS !

    Nimporte, your site was always a wonderful resource even if it wasn't kept up-to-date. Glad you're back and making what was already good even better. Cheers and best of luck to you in the new year.
  2. Playerbase (If It's Worth Coming Back)

    You keep saying that I'm missing your point, but you appear to be missing mine as well. It's not the obligation of the players to say positive things to others in order to retain the game's diminishing player base. It's not my responsibility to withhold or rephrase opinions, positive or negative, to convince other people to play this game. If I choose to do so, it's a bonus that helps them and this game, but if I choose otherwise, I'm well within my rights to do so. I'm not advertising anything if the choice is presented by OP. I'm not beholden to NCSoft. They're not paying me to convince others to stay. I'm a gamer that's interested in helping other people with making better decisions. If I feel it's in the better interests of players who are on the fence to go with either this or a different game, I can and will do so, just as it's well within your rights to defend it. But you're a hypocrite if you think that some opinions should be voiced while others should not. You're the one jumping to conclusions and making assumptions left and right. Where do you see hate? I simply said FFXIV was the safer choice, and there are numbers to back that choice. It's not entirely subjective when the other game has nearly 40x (or more) of Aion's current player base.
  3. Playerbase (If It's Worth Coming Back)

    You didn't do much better with your reply to his question, so pot meet kettle. Since you want to waste OP's time, go ahead and lay out some reasons to play this game over FFXIV.
  4. Playerbase (If It's Worth Coming Back)

    OP is asking about player base, and it IS about picking. OP laid out two choices, I gave the safer of the two. You still want to know why? Statistics for December 2017 Happy?
  5. Playerbase (If It's Worth Coming Back)

    Well, I could tell OP to come back, but I'd have few reasons to give to substantiate that choice. Put yourself in OP's position. Would you want someone telling you to pick a stagnant game over one that's thriving? I know I wouldn't. Also, I'll do whatever I please, thank you.
  6. Playerbase (If It's Worth Coming Back)

    FFXIV is undoubtedly the safer choice.
  7. 6.0 info

    This is definitely true. Despite all the additions to the game in previous iterations, they've managed to keep the game consistently within 30gb as far as I can tell.
  8. 6.0 info

    Nah, I just figured since they're removing so many maps, they'd either revamp the abyss as well or remove portions of it. I'm wondering how it will fit in with the leveling changes being made, if at all. Thanks for posting all this.
  9. 6.0 info

    Any mention of how the abyss is being changed?
  10. Is 5.8 worth it at any point?

    Yes and no. If you're in any way invested in the game and still enjoying yourself, you already know that the gear obtained in 5.8 can be traded for newer things in 6.0, so everything that you work for won't be a complete waste. If you're feeling burnt out and want to take a break from the game however, now is also one of the best times to do it since you know a lot of things are changing once 6.0 drops. So if you want to take it easy, go ahead and just put yourself on cruise control. Do whatever is the most fun for you and just hoard kinah and start fresh once 6.0 is released. You already know how NCSoft operates: after a few months of letting the hardcore player base acquire new and shiny things, end-game gear inevitably gets stuffed into an event and given out as rewards. If you want the latest and greatest RIGHT when 6.0 drops, keep playing. If you can play the waiting game, just take things easy and play casually.
  11. Returning Player Have Questions

    Consumables, Designs, Gear, etc.. Every 5000 AC can buy 1 Unbinding Stone from Pinkerunerk (Illuma) or Yogorunerk (Norsvold). You can usually sell the Unbinding Stone to other players for more than you would get selling AC individually.
  12. Gear Investment

    It's still a long way to go before we get 6.0, so you may as well work on something in the meantime. Unless you're planning on taking a long break from the game or you don't care about gear, in which case you can sell all those and just hoard kinah because you can expect them to give out some gear in future events. Otherwise, set some sort of goal and work towards it, because you'll be bored.
  13. aioncodex.com introduction (ex aiondatabase.net)

    What is the best way to support your site(s)? I assume turning off ad-blockers is one method, but contributing directly via Patreon is probably preferred. Are you able to divulge upkeep costs? Thank you for all your work on these databases, they are invaluable. Also, you obviously have your side of the story, and your former partner has his. The site news on Codex and Database conflict, but if I'm understanding everything correctly from the Reddit post, you two are at odds over how the revenue was split? If everything was 50/50 up until the very end, I think you should clarify this on Codex so that all viewers will understand what happened without the need to track down the Reddit post to get the full story. In any case, a lesson learned; have everything written out on a contract in the future. Cheers and best of luck to you in the coming year.
  14. Aion 6.0 - Truth or lie?

    Off-topic: I hope I'm not the only one amused by the fact that 1s36DEAD's transfer name is actually (somewhat) legible unlike other transferred names
  15. No Munin Cube at lv 65

    There's either a letter in your mailbox, or you need to visit the High Priest of your faction. For Elyos, visit Jucleas. For Asmodian, visit Balder. They should send you on your way to becoming an Archdaeva.