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  1. What Happened to My Characters Since the Update?

    Did you download the EU client instead of the NA one?
  2. kinah and omega/temp exchange

    Oh hey, you're back. Clearly, little sister has been busy and hasn't yet given them the solution to this mammoth problem. NC is lost and confused without little sister giving them answers
  3. Is sm at peta playable at 6.2 ?

    Fresh interns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) recently learned about people calling themselves "Spirit Masters" in something called "Aion" and that these people manipulated "spirits" for personal gain, such as using them for combat, as shields against attack, and even merging with them to increase their power. Confused but simultaneously outraged, PeTA immediately issued a press release stating that they were staunchly against "Spirit Masters" and that they believed "spirits" were entitled to the same rights as all living things. When pressed for more information by reporters, a spokesperson for PeTA said, "I think Spirit Masters are appalling!" When reporters told him that Spirit Masters were fictitious characters in a computer game, the spokesperson mumbled something about "...leaving the oven on at home..." and quickly disappeared. Reporters then reached out to NCSoft about PeTA's protests against their game. Initially quiet about the matter, a spokesperson for NCSoft by the name of Cyan finally responded, saying, "I'm unaware of any grievances that PeTA has against us at this time. I'll have to speak with corporate and get back to you on that." When asked when he might have answers for them, Cyan sighed and said, "NCSoon." TLDR:
  4. Stuck in Sanctum

    Stuck as in you can't move, or stuck as in you don't have enough kinah to teleport? If it's the former, you can try typing "/escape" (without quotations) or using Escape under the Functions tab (Shift+K), or asking a SM to teleport you out. If it's the latter, there are various quests around Sanctum that provide small amounts of kinah as rewards. This should be enough to allow you to gather enough funds to teleport. Enable low level quests if you haven't already or you might not see them.
  5. My Prime Archon Royal Captain Spelbook +16

    If you haven't had any previous restorations, you can contact support and ask that they recover it for you. They are usually willing to do it for you once (although I've heard there have been exceptions to this...) Explain what happened and ask them nicely to restore it. Do not bump your ticket and wait patiently for a reply. If they're willing to work with you, you'll get the book back, minus the Omega and kinah used to enchant it. They usually take any material you might have gotten as a result of the break as well, so hopefully you didn't sell those.
  6. a feq questions about item exchange

    You will get a box appropriate for your class. Two +15 weapons would be two boxes. A +15 armsfused weapon would only count as one. Have it on your character before the update occurs, just to be safe.
  7. Where can I get SW skill skins? WTB!

    BCM link
  8. Does this mean you won't be able to use headgear that's not suitable for your class for Appearance Modification? For instance, right now you can skin a Primal Spirit Hat to a cloth headband. This won't be possible in 6.2?
  9. Choose a class in 6.0

    Defensive, as in, you want to take on a role where you "protect" other people in game and tank bosses? Templar fits that description. Otherwise, Chanters and Clerics can also be played defensively and help to keep groups alive.
  10. My beautiful seahorse

    I'm personally going to miss the lowest level Wind Spirit It's so tiny!

    Mind you, I'm not defending a new server nor do I want one, but... You lost me there. Lest you forget, NC has a history of making myopic decisions solely for profit, and opening a new server is absolutely something they'd consider even if it meant a decreased population in the long run. Just using Beritra as an example, it was clear to a majority of the community that opening it would result in a population hit to remaining servers, but in the short term, it was a massive boon to NC in that it got people to spend in order to attain server "firsts." The whales that were no longer spending on their home servers were suddenly incentivized to spend again on BR because it allowed them faster access to things they otherwise could not have gotten in a short period of time (e.g.: NCoin trading or selling cash shop items for kinah, XP and Instance boosts, leveling through Luna, Major Felicitious Socketing, Luna Dice for gear, etc.). It's an easy way to double-dip and exploit the big spenders. Additional servers cost money sure, but compared to how much they could potentially rake in from whales, it's a no brainer for them. And you better believe NC is dumb enough to do that.
  12. PvP (all aspects of the game really) would be more interesting and enjoyable if people didn't use it as a measure of self-worth. Getting rolled in PvP is perfectly fine if it happens and everyone can just walk away afterward, but there's almost always some caveat now, with either the winner or loser being obnoxious about the outcome. I think we're all familiar with people that have difficulty accepting their loss and crying hacks, but more and more, I'm seeing insufferable behavior from people after they've won. Shouts about BAD! and emote spam I can deal with. People logging on alts and harassing me about it on whisper or LFG, not so much. It's made worse when they create drama about it despite them having the objective advantage from the start (e.g.: X-forms, better geared, and lots of clerics), then hounding you about why you couldn't do anything about it. If you call them on it, they'll just go "1v1?!" And then there's the special kind of stupid when it comes from your own faction (why couldn't you beat my alt?! BAD!) and they use it as a means of not grouping with you ever again. Whatever floats your boat...but with so much hostility among the player base, its gotten to the point where it feels like the majority of the people PvPing are doing it solely to flex their e-peen.
  13. 6.X/ Templar/ PVP/ Should I play the game?

    1. Play to improve your knowledge of the class. If you're starting from scratch, it might be too late to gear in time for the exchange, but it all depends on how much time (and money) you're willing to put into the game. 2. It might become easier in 6.x. You can work on Aetherforging, which carries over. 3. Yes. 4. Do you have anything else to do? If yes, follow Sywo's advice. If not, play Aion. 5. It is what you make of it.
  14. Block System Faults

    Did you also know this person (on social media, etc.)? If so, you probably could've made a case to get local authorities involved. If you documented it, filed a police report, and contacted a lawyer, it's possible to compel them to stop. If you only knew this person through Aion, I guess it's also possible to have forced NC to give up information on them through some legal maneuvering. Sucks that you had to go through all that though...
  15. Block System Faults

    You're not wrong but... I can't wait for support to do nothing about it :'D