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  1. Need to get this out (minor rant)

    MMOs occupy a niche space in gaming. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, they were all the rage and an exceptionally easy way for gaming companies to make money. They paid an upfront development cost and then, regardless of whether or not the product was good, they could usually recoup their costs in the first few years after release. They then continuously turned a profit by putting out minor updates and coasting on micro-transactions. The problem is, this model no longer works and profits are drying up. Gamers are spoiled for choice and MMOs aren't appealing to mass audiences, so they're no longer worth the investment for most companies. This is also why we've seen shifts toward MOBAs, shooters, card games, mobile spin-offs of existing franchises, and Battle Royales. Game companies are simply going after what generates the most cash and dropping less popular genres. Although clearly incompetent, I doubt NC had any intention of ruining the game as badly as they have; they simply have no understanding of their audience anymore. When they were developing 6.0 they probably relied heavily on a small focus group to figure out what to do after the 5.0 fiasco and came up with a model that functioned in Korea, but didn't take into account any other perspectives. Toss in overzealous bean-counters in corporate that demand high returns for their investors and you have the current mess that's in front of you.
  2. Help: Black screen flashing when playing

    It could be, but it depends on how you did your update. Did you let Windows check your drivers and it told you everything was updated, or did you go directly to the website and look for the most recent version? Windows occasionally gets things wrong and will download the closest alternative (but not necessarily the correct version) of your drivers. If you got your drivers directly from the website and did a manual install, then it's just Aion causing problems. Do not do a complete Windows reinstall, that's unnecessary. I would definitely consider a driver check; find the motherboard manufacturer and go directly to their website and find the drivers listed for your board. If everything still checks, post a screenshot of your Aion graphics settings. Can investigate further from there.
  3. Help: Black screen flashing when playing

    The drivers for your integrated graphics are almost certainly the culprit. See if there are available updates that you may have missed and see if that fixes things. If you have the correct and most recent drivers and continue to see black flashes, it's because the integrated graphics cannot keep up with the demands of the game. You could try playing on the absolute lowest settings and seeing if there are fewer flashes. The best alternative would be to move to a discrete graphics card.
  4. For Weaken Spirit, they literally mean another spirit, as in another Spiritmaster's Earth/Fire/Water/Wind pet.
  5. XIGN Crashing Instance

    Is it possible you have some software that's set to auto-update and you weren't aware of it? You could use a slow process of elimination to determine what is triggering it. 1. Rule out any potential issues by checking all software versions and ensuring they didn't auto-update. 2. Figure out what software is utilized on both your laptop and desktop that could be causing it. 3. Disable everything that isn't necessary to run Aion. Start Aion and let it run, then and start enabling everything you previously disabled one by one. You'll either eventually figure out the cause, or it might just be XignCode...in which case... 4. You have no real choice but to contact Support and hope they can figure something out. They'll probably ask you to send log files etc. It's possible that XignCode pushed an update that's suddenly conflicting with something you're using (software or hardware), but I haven't noticed anything.
  6. Rentus Base Armor

    I believe once you've out-leveled the area or instance you won't get drops anymore, so you might need to start over if you're looking to complete a set.
  7. Rentus Base Armor

    There's a skin list here with links to armor appearance and where to obtain them.
  8. List of Issues for 6.2

    Not to mention that without Australians, Europeans, Oceanics, and South Americans, NA would have floundered in 2013. There's a reason NC didn't block those regions, and it's because they were well aware that NA alone wasn't enough to sustain the existing player base. Also, the times still suck for NA players on the East Coast.
  9. Some Help on Upgrading My PC

    I can help you there then. Check to see if your motherboard supports NVMe. If so, get a NVMe SSD. If not, get a SATA SSD. Now is the best time to get them since Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday sales are ongoing. As for what you'll need: A NVMe SSD will only need an available port and you can just plug it in. A SATA SSD will need cables to connect them to your motherboard and power supply, and mounting brackets. You can find kits that provide you with everything you need. You'll also want cloning/mirror imaging software to copy your existing HD onto your new SSD. You can find free versions here: Cloning software With regards to the actual SSD: There are many popular brands, but Samsung. 860 Evos/Pros are widely used and highly rated/reviewed by consumers.
  10. Some Help on Upgrading My PC

    Your setup is fine (overkill) as it is. A SSD helps if you don't already have one (I'm betting you do). The game is just poorly optimized regardless of what hardware you have.
  11. P2W much?

    You have it mixed up. POTUS produced verifiable evidence that could be confirmed by multiple agencies. @2s105714-DN produced similar evidence demonstrating NC has had multiple instances where gear was handed out inappropriately. It's not inappropriate to question NC when they continuously demonstrate wrongdoing. NCSoft hasn't produced anything other than their word, with no one providing verification other than themselves. If we actually took them for their word, we wouldn't be having this discussion since Ereshkigal wouldn't even exist (they clearly didn't keep their word). NCSoft is the orange-hued windbag here.
  12. Ranger BOTS all over map

    Just to expound on your post a bit: On your first point, this is something Xigncode3 is actually supposed to handle or at least part of the reason why it was implemented, LOL! Great success eh? On your third point: I mentioned earlier this year that a majority of the gold sellers on Aion left the game for greener pastures quite some time ago because it was no longer profitable for them to continue their operations here while newer games with larger audiences were popping up. Of the bots that we're seeing now, only a small percentage belong to gold sellers. The rest belong to veteran players who in all likelihood have been botting surreptitiously since they started playing. Sadly, these are players that NC WON'T take action against because they're also the ones dropping big money on NCoin (Black Cloud Coin). We'll see NC take action to try and improve their image in the coming weeks, but anything they do will be largely superficial; a sweep of existing bots will quickly be replaced in a matter of hours.
  13. where is the Secret Munitions Factory located?

    Click: Luna Shop > Taki's Mission > Secret Munitions Factory (it's the one that resets every Wednesday)
  14. only 3 servers?

    It seems your friend downloaded the EU version of the game while you downloaded the NA version. Your friend will need to re-download the NA client if you want to play with each other.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    Yes, you're right. I forgot to check the value in 2009. Thank you for correcting me.