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  1. Ah, that's too bad. My line of thinking was similar to Shoen's. It doesn't help that NC used vague wording in their announcement. Thank you for clarifying.
  2. i want to install on a Mac

    No Mac OS support for Aion That said, there are people who have reported being able to get Aion to run on Mac through Wine (last tested version was 5.4) or Boot Camp. Do some research on those and see if you can get it to work.
  3. Hungry Hatchlings - can't find Zudra

    She's close to the teleporter for your faction in Stellusia. For Asmodians: Search for Marghetta, then walk past the steps and you'll see Zudra For Elyos: Search for Luinas and do the same as above. There's usually large groups of people standing by important NPCs. Look where people tend to congregate.
  4. Inannas Decision degarunerk's door bug

    Are you certain you killed the right key keeper? There are multiple and each one has a key that corresponds to a different prison/shugo. You should be able to check if you have the right key by looking at the description. IIRC it goes into your special inventory. Right-click it to open the prison door. The quest forces you to do it three times before you can move onto the next step.
  5. Worth Coming Back?

    PvP gear isn't really the issue, it's everything else. But! If you're planning on returning, do it NOW while the Hungry Hatchlings event is running (you have until May 27th). It basically allows you to catch up to the average player with minimal effort. Missing this event will really set you back or make it nigh impossible to catch up unless future events provide similar rewards. No way to log into the game on an iPad.
  6. updates please?

    Aion Powerbook and Aion Online News (Update tab) are good summations of what has changed over time. Read through old patch notes to fully inform yourself of what happened since you last played. As far as population is concerned, if you're on Katalam, you're already on the more populated server. The factions are relatively balanced. If you can play EU servers, you might be better off going to GameForge Aion instead since their population is significantly higher. On toxicity: Unfortunately, what you see is what you get. The game stopped catering to casuals and went all in on retaining their remaining hardcore players, so elitism was bound to happen. Generally speaking, the people who remain are heavily invested, so many have the expectation that others around them should also know the ins-and-outs of the game either through playtime or through watching video tutorials on YouTube, etc.. That said, there are still some helpful people playing the game; just keep trying to ask questions on LFG and eventually you'll find people that are willing to answer you. Just don't pepper chat with constant questions and don't respond angrily if you get troll responses or no response at all. Breaking into established communities takes time. Join a legion if you can. If you can get past the bickering and drama on the forums, there's plenty of information available here as well. Off the top of my head, quality posts come from a handful of posters like TheSecretCowLeve, DevilNest, Vantheria, Capa, among others. If you can't get the information you need in-game, try here.
  7. btw she still logs on daily...
  8. 7.2 / 7.5 assassin dual wield d/d vs d/s

    Most of your post seems accurate but swords still show as having a slightly higher weapon damage compared to daggers. Dagger (167-185) vs Sword (185-226) In the past, daggers had a higher crit modifier compared to swords. Is this still true? If so, D/D definitely seems best for everything. If not, would higher weapon damage and extra strike on swords translate to higher DPS over longer PvE battles?
  9. Jumped Character Missing things

    The soccer ball head is pretty great though... The Windiel and Risiel gear given through the guide quests should be more than enough to walk out of town and make your way to BoS on foot where you can start earning kinah for teleporting and everything else. If you're a new or returning player, the Blooming Sprout Event in Demaha also gives you 30-day Ultimate Risiel gear and a 1-hour long legendary transformation to use, so you won't need to be carried. Agree with the stigmas though.
  10. You shouldn't be. That wall-o-text perfectly sums up everything that's wrong with Aion and more people need to see it. In any case, when people discuss F2P, they generally mean it both in terms of access and equity. Aion's F2P gives you access, but as @2s105714-DN said, it'll take a new player significantly longer (6+ months, maybe years) to be on par with any established or paying player. Differences between paying and non-paying players are fine as long as the gap is kept to a minimum. When Aion first went F2P, it really was one of the best systems out there because it was mostly cosmetic in nature. I don't recall when the shift really started to take hold, but as many have pointed out, the Luna system (perhaps even earlier?) completely shattered any notions of having a F2P system that provided access with equity. Aion used to balance access and equity with events: if you couldn't pay, you could catch up to others through events and this sort of worked? They really ruined it all with 6.0 and the complete lack of community engagement that came with it. So now the gap between paying and F2P players is substantial, and they keep widening that divide with each update.
  11. Average of people playing Aion every day?

    I think I found it but the included image no longer works. In any case, that post seems very similar to information presented on this site: http://aioninfo.com/online/ which gives current and daily login stats for EU Aion servers. Click the names to see charts. Population for EU servers seem to range between 20-30% of server capacity. We know that NA population is much lower, so take that information with a grain of salt. @waffles-DN, would you happen to have information on current NA population that you could provide?
  12. Average of people playing Aion every day?

    That's because the stats are based of sub-Reddit activity/subscribers instead of actual player count from game servers. That site is not a good reference point; anyone can subscribe and post to a sub-Reddit without actually playing the game. Someone posted numbers off Aion Rainmeter's server status (or something similar) sometime ago and those figures seemed closer to actual player count. I can't seem to find the post though. If anyone finds it, please link it back here.
  13. Raging from Wings Over Atreia

    I never followed her closely, but I do think MJ Guthrie contributed to NCWest's decision to remove faction restrictions on servers way back in 2012 - 2013. Mid 2012 she published an article highlighting why it was a bad idea and how NC was shooting themselves in the foot by barring people from playing with friends, forcing them to re-roll, etc. A few weeks after that post, restrictions were removed entirely and several months after NC announced it put together the Asmodian Initiative. Could be a coincidence, but her publicly blasting NC's decisions probably gave them incentive to change. It's a shame they don't care about player opinions anymore.
  14. About YouTube and Aion

    Disclaimer: I am not among the people dropping dislikes on your videos. Thank you for explaining your process of creating videos. It's clear that you work hard and put a lot of effort into them, but in the end, they suffer from a distinct lack of actual "content." What do I mean by this? How about 20 seconds of literally NOTHING in the intro but your name and Aion's logo? Then approximately 40 seconds of showing the quest that people probably already have and are looking for information on. You then show 23 seconds of critical information and the remaining 52 seconds of your video is of your character standing there doing nothing. You seriously don't see a problem there? The information that people are looking for lasts for all of 23 seconds and the rest of the video is filler. I'm not saying this to be harsh, I'm only telling you why you're running into issues with dislikes: when people are looking for information, they want it immediately. Almost ALL your content could be condensed into a few seconds, but most are drawn out because of 1) your intro, 2) actual information being presented too quickly, and 3) not much else going on in the video. Put yourself in the shoes of your viewers. If you're looking for information, do you want to be bombarded with several minutes of nothing, only to find your answer somewhere in the middle of a video and have it go by so quickly that you have to go back and pause it? I'm willing to bet most people would NOT want to deal with this. I'll close this off on a high note: Don't let a few dislikes prevent you from continuing to make videos. Everyone encounters difficulties when they're first starting out but you'll eventually find your audience.