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  1. Raw Tayga Meat??!!

    Unless it's a quest item, you're too high of a level for drops. You can only be 9 levels above them to still get drops. Once you're 10 levels or above, you get nothing.
  2. problem with pvp weapons

    Is it? I'm having trouble figuring that out, plus the number of Knowledge stones seems to be halved. It's clear that 6 slots are filled with +7 Knowledge, but where's the other 6 slots?
  3. Aion Vision...

    That they do. But it also seems passive-aggressive to bring up a concept trailer from 8 years ago and hinting that the game hasn't changed despite evidence to the contrary. So what about the visions trailer is missing, besides the swimming?
  4. problem with pvp weapons

    It's a combination of factors, not the 15 Knowledge alone that's making the damage similar. You have a larger base value on the Sophisticated Frigida and lower base value on the Abyssal that causes them to equalize once fully enchanted and slotted. The Sophisticated Frigida is also fused. The flaw in logic is automatically assuming that the Abyssal will be better just because it has a higher PvP modifier. This isn't the case. What you did was bring the Abyssal up to par with the Sophisticated Frigida. If you fuse the Abyssal, the end result should be better than the Sophisticated Frigida.
  5. problem with pvp weapons

    Higher magic boost value (and Knowledge) on the Sophisticated Frigida will result in higher damage, which is why the two are so similar despite the Abyssal having higher PvP damage modifier. Do the math. Soph Frigida: 1815 x 18.9% = 2158 Abyssal: 1693 x 23.3% = 2087
  6. Now that MXM is kill, what's the deal for Aion?

    You're right. Lineage, Aion, Blade & Soul and Guild Wars are the major money makers, so we're pretty safe. MxM was basically dead on arrival and was a questionable investment from the start. You can't dethrone LoL or Dota2, and the MOBA genre is just too competitive and glutted with copycats to shove in a new entry with gimmicky mechanics and expect it to succeed. If anything is going on the chopping block, it's WildStar.
  7. What gear should i buy?

    Unless KT prices are wildly different, you shouldn't pay any more than 50 to 75m. Also consider searching for "Spiritmaster High Grade Stigma Bundles" on the broker. These may be cheaper and you get to pick the Heroic grade stigma you want.
  8. SM guides.. Where art thou??

    If you have a clean mythic Frigida lying around and you don't need the money, go ahead. Double-check what the stats will be on the final weapon before committing. If it's not better than your existing +15 Soph fuse, you're better off selling it. If you mean you want to put your existing +15 Sophisticated Frigida as an under-combine, don't do it.
  9. Coalition Guidelines - By Cyan

    You can workaround that by just showing up, x-forming, and running around in a circle while not actually contributing though
  10. Coalition Guidelines - By Cyan

    NCSoft can't read minds. How would you possibly enforce this?
  11. Honestly, I never tried to solo those. I frequently see people requesting groups to duo them though. Make friends with a competent Cleric/Songweaver/Chanter and have fun. Group frequently when under-geared to find your footing. Solo once kitted out to maximize personal gains. Or be a good person, and help out others
  12. Essence for SM?

    The order is predetermined, so it would default to Ritual Push. You can change this by pressing K (or whatever key you have assigned to skills) and look under the Chains tab. You can choose in which order your skills will appear on the chain. Drag your desired skill higher to increase priority.
  13. Sorry, I must've explained that in a confusing manner. Spire is literally only once a week. You should always try to get as far as possible in Spire on a single run. The extra entries are there to get you back to where you left off, such as in the case of failing a stage or disconnecting for extended periods of time, hence 3 tries. You would do Cradle of Eternity for the set.
  14. Essence for SM?

    Yes, you use one or the other, but not both. Regarding stigmas: there are some that are more worthwhile than others. Find the ones that decrease cool-down and focus on those first; for example, Spirit-Burn-to-Ashes benefits the most from charging. You get bundle rewards from Spire. Stigmas are among them. You can choose to open them and get stigmas for your class or sell them. My personal opinion is that you should focus on other things before stigmas, but you also get them for free, so you can't go wrong either way. As far as priorities go, weapons, gear, accessories enchantment are far more crucial. The benefits of charging stigmas are better summarized here: Azsurance's Tumblr
  15. Spire is a weekly thing. You get 3 tries for the entire week. If you reach the final stage in a single try, you don't get to start it all over again until the weekly reset. Everything else is solid. Don't dismiss the lower leveled instances even if you don't need the gear. You can still sell supplements or use them for event purposes.