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  1. 6.0 info

    You're supposed to be kicking her ass, not fantasizing about it
  2. I wanna Know Which server got More players.

    When your entire block list is filed with only one or two people and their alt army, it's fairly clear that nothing is being resolved. You can block the trolls, but you can't stop other people responding to them, and this is the real issue: no matter what you do to counter the abusive people, they are so pervasive that you are constantly reminded of their presence, intentional or otherwise. I don't think I've gone a single day without hearing the mention of "Annie." I have no doubt that other servers/factions have similar issues, but I point out DN-E specifically because I have experience with it whereas I don't have experience with other servers/factions.
  3. I wanna Know Which server got More players.

    In terms of quantity, they're approximately the same. As for the quality of players... Avoid DN-E. Nothing but trolls day in and day out spamming the same nonsense on LFG. Lots of drama over the most insignificant things. Lots of ill-will and resentment between players that cannot seem to trust anyone anymore due to a few malicious players and their army of alts.
  4. Giving Grove 2018 Instance & Reward List

    Having the same issue. Started innocuously enough with 1 character not receiving it, then the following day it was 2, by the end of the week, all eligible characters on the account stopped receiving at all. Really odd.
  5. Past, Present and Furture?

    IMO, you can never recapture past feelings of wonderment simply because the experience of "newness" is gone. It's similar to addictions: the first hit is great and subsequent hits are also good, but eventually you need more and more to feel the same high. That's nostalgia for you. The truth is, the logic you're applying to your experience on Aion goes for all things in life. You'll find something new to capture your attention, spend time on it, then eventually you'll grow out of it and begin seeking something else to replace it. You grow and change. Your tastes evolve over time. Where did the magic go? I can't answer that for you. In a lot of respects, I agree with your opinion that 6.x will just be putting a bit of fluff on something that we're all already familiar with, but that's okay. If it gives people something to look forward to and enjoy, so be it. That's the beauty of gaming: you can hop into a different world and lose yourself for a period of time before it becomes stale and you go about seeking a new high. For some, that passion may never go away, and that's okay too. Enjoy it for what it is while it's there, move on when it's no longer making you happy. You have limited time on this world to be doing the things that give joy and meaning to your life, so if Aion is no longer your thing, let it go.
  6. Daevanion Quests gone?

    @Steeler-DN isn't wrong. Previous enchantments and manastones remain, but you cannot enchant any further or change socketed manastones.
  7. XIGN Crashing

    First of all, I'm not having any issues with Xigncode. Second of all, you realize Xigncode was clashing with Win10 updates on countless occasions right? So everyone using Win10 is a little cheater? Third: Black and white interpretations of law do not help anyone. God forbid you ever run into any issues in your life, because if everyone treated you the same way you're treating them, you're going to have a bad time.
  8. XIGN Crashing

    Chalk it up to poor phrasing then, but it doesn't change my point. You shouldn't automatically assume guilt without evidence. There are plenty of legitimate players that have issues with Xigncode. You AUTOMATICALLY assume this person is cheating/trying to bypass it just because Xigncode isn't working for him/her, and this is faulty logic.
  9. XIGN Crashing

    You really shouldn't presume guilt without evidence, especially when Xigncode has been problematic since its implementation. Just because you haven't encountered problems doesn't mean others won't. One day you might be on the receiving end; would you like it if people automatically presumed you hacked?
  10. missing out on 1k+ gp

    There is very likely a disconnect in communication between NCSoft and Support. @Cheesecake-DN already mentioned it, but support was outsourced in 2015. Whatever guidelines that Cyan or Hime come up with have to be passed along to the company responsible and then the support staff have to be trained to do what they've been told. It's like a massive game of telephone and everyone is speaking a different language, so nothing is getting through.
  11. Giving Grove Disappointment

    IIRC, it was always a one time quest.
  12. Verification Code

    I don't think there's a workaround for the verification emails, but if you're willing to spend a little money, a UPS might mitigate the amount of times your modem/router resets and loses its assigned IP. If your power is dropping out frequently, investing in a UPS is a good idea anyway since it'll protect your hardware against electrical surges. A 900W UPS is usually $200+/- and sufficient for most PCs, a monitor, and other peripherals. It'll give you enough time to save your work and power down all critical components before the battery itself needs to be recharged. If you don't need to protect everything, you can opt for a cheaper model (some go for $50 or less) and just plug your modem/router into it. The UPS should be able to keep your modem/router powered on until your electricity is restored, preventing the loss of your IP. Alternatively, call your ISP and tell them you want to reserve a specific IP address. They'll probably charge you an annual fee for it, but if you're really aggravated by the verification emails, it'll do the trick.

    Best you can do is tell them that kicking entire alliances triggers a cool-down and hope they stop. If you can't get through to them on whisper, get others to do it. Saw Woo doing it on LFG but others may not have gotten the clue if they blocked him.
  14. Forget PIN

    Go to My Account > Settings > Security > PIN (Change). Then click (Forgot your pin?) and file a ticket to Support. Changing Character Pin
  15. Leave your Legacy - Your choices

    Stupid sexy Crimson Touch...