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  1. Gunslingers

    I switch stigmas and transforms a lot, depending on situation and sinking the little kinah that I have. For instances (BOS, FM), I use Sequential Fire vision aka glass cannon build, with Missile Guide, Blazing Bombardment and Fiery Blast greens. I also have 2 extra slots for which I use Shock and Awe (I recommend that instead of Fiery Blast) and Frozen Blitz, the latter replaced with Sighting for PF. For solo stuff and open world, I replace Shellshock with Hemorrhage Shot. For Lakrum sieges, I sometimes replace Stopping Power with Pressurized Chamber, but not always because the lag is so bad, it doesn't make that much difference, but if it wasn't for lag, I would definitely always siege with Pressurized Chamber. As for transforms, depends on situation. in PVP, sieges, Dred running speed > all (I have a really bad ancient). Otherwise, magic attack, magic crit and magic accuracy transforms.
  2. Dual Client

    What does it to take to run dual clients? When I try to launch 2nd client, I keep getting this error: It could be that my laptop can't handle 2 clients, but I've made it work before on this same laptop. That was before I changed NormalStop in config file to 1 though. Could that be the reason why I can't launch 2nd client?
  3. GP Ranking? WTF

    It's such a rollercoaster for newer players who haven't amassed loads of GP in previous patches. For example, I'm a 4 star for the whole week, on Monday I drop to 3 star, get my weekly reward as a 3 star, then next day I'm a 4 star again. And the GP difference between the top and the bottom 4 stars is huge. Ranking is such a joke and ranks are a lie.
  4. Excessive loading time fix?

    This is pure poetry.
  5. So...they still got a buff defending?

    You're mixing up two different things: the buff/loss because of buff AND the current GP reward system which doesn't give any hope or chance to move up the ranks no matter how diligently you siege. If you're not a veteran, you can perform your best in every siege, and you will still tumble down the ranks. But that is discussed in another topic. Acheillies specifically even states that he DOESN'T care about the buff, and yet here you are, posting his quote in the Buff QQ thread. #asmologic
  6. New Class is coming?

    Gunner But I'm thinking more towards a physical cloth class. Acrobat or monk - high evasion and magic resistance class.
  7. Week 4, 16 FM runs

    So the "new" patch is just taking away (among tons of other things) our hard ground purified sets and sending us back in the same old instances without those sets, only this time making it even harder to get a decent set again. Why not enable PVE purification. If we can buy PVE stones with crystals, why can't we purify PVE gear with crystals? (We can't, right? Not 100% sure - I'm more concerned about PVP gear)
  8. Week 4, 16 FM runs

    Remember how in 5.8 there was only 1 Harvester weapon or armour piece drop per ally of 12 in BoS. And nothing at all aside from soulstones in FM.
  9. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    I agree - we need more stuff to run, but on the other hand, even with the few entries as it is now, it still often takes long to pop, especially for the 2nd run, and EC leagues sometimes aren't filled, especially if you join a bit late. We lack players. And having all PVP instances open at the same time on Sunday just makes people spread out.
  10. So I run out of game content with my main character and would like to start an alt while waiting for Wednesday reset, but it's unplayable because I can't sell from inventory a single junk item and I no longer can transfer kinah to the new character from another character on the same account. Dear NC, do you think, you could make it possible for us to play Aion with one account throughout the whole week rather than just for a few days until we run out of content and hit the selling cap? With untradeable and untransferable kinah, does it still make sense to have level-scaled selling cap?

    To solve it in a constructive manner instead of throwing offensive gifs all over the place.

    My point is, it is what it is, and we got to work with what we have and not with what we wish we had or what we feel entitled to having. Keep convincing them to compensate you more by bringing up facts and not attitude. Good luck.
  13. Are you asking them to remove coffin buff?

    Support can sometimes be incompetent. From my exchanges with them so far I can see that they're genuinely trying their best and are by no means lazy, just more often than not their best is far from good. They are not Aion dedicated staff, they don't know game mechanics as well as we, players, do, so if we want our problem to be actually solved, we might try to hold back on rage, tantrums, attitude and entitlement, and try to cooperate and assist them as much as we can. An example. Being a magic class, I had prepared 2 Sunayaka weapons +22 for exchange along with tons of other exchange stuff. When the patch arrived, my inventory exploded with all the stuff from mailbox and exchange stuff in it, I got a little confused and accidentally pulled a PVE box instead of PVP weapon box from Sunny's exchange. I asked support to revert the weapon back to Sunny exchange box. After a week, they put the weapon back in the Zenith box (I needed Winged Champion). I tried to explain them that putting a PVE weapon back into a PVE box doesn't solve anything, but to no avail. Then I took screenshots of the exchange table which showed what box exactly a sunny +22 would yield and also I luckily had a screenshot of the exchange box itself unopened. Long story short, in the end they reverted my PVE weapon back to Sunny exchange box. It took time, it took effort on my part, but the problem eventually was solved in my favor, and that's what matters the most.
  15. Manastones

    I'll just leave it here