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  1. PVE Gear

    Just buy loot rights. And duo PF /IDD for kinah/fasteners/enchant stones and sell whatever ultimates you get. I'm sure your sorc doesn't even need a pocket healer DPS cleric/chant for that, just any good DPS will suffice.
  2. Extend Enchant-O-Rama

    Not sure how this works. Maybe it sums up the enchanting done by the whole community. I remember the Tree event had different results for KT-E and KT-A though. I'm not really hoping, just QQing. @Unbeatable-KT kinah pls.
  3. Extend Enchant-O-Rama

    Title. We (KT-E) haven't even reached 1 kinah retune buff milestone yet, let alone the rest of the buffs/milestones. @Cyan Please give us one more week to reach the rest of the milestones.
  4. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    From what I see, people are asking compensation for the EC down time, especially prestige users who are paying for the extra EC runs we're not getting. I would have used pretty much each and every run on at least 2 and sometimes more characters like I've barely ever missed an EC run ever since i started to run it, not afking unless hopelessly losing, earning every single etium. Not asking compensation for staying clean during bug abuse fest (to abuse or not abuse is everyone's own choice with corresponding consequences). But yeah, don't compensate the abusers - partly because they already helped themselves to extra rewards from their future runs, and partly because they are the reason we can't have nice things. Or any things at all in EC case.
  5. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    Ouch. That hurts. But you're in a legion that's swimming in tickets. That should take a lot of weight off of frags. Whoa. That's unnecessary offensive. People play at their own pace, do various other things ingame besides climbing rankings, people have lives and obligations. Also, while this is e-sports, like in real sports, whatever-it-takes attitude should be controlled by fair play rules. Doping is bannable. Even pro athletes caught doping don't go 'only filthy plebs and bottomfeeders don't dope'. At least, not in public.
  6. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    @HealingSquid-KT You probably didn't get very far ahead because you didn't have spirit fragments to do so, right? But many people had farmed fragments ahead in 6.7 in preparation for 7.0. And those who didn't have enough - remember, we had cauldron event with brokerable cauldron coins during first week of the event, and that's where you could stock up frags for your and your mother's entire set - if you had the kinah for it (I didn't ).
  7. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    So some action was taken - months after the EC abuse. NC should have taken EC down right away. But it went on for weeks, people screaming all over the forums while NC turned a blind eye and said and did nothing. Thus people who were wary to join the fest, eventually did since it looked like it's fine, and those who didn't, felt like idiots. NC was able to react quickly enough when 7.0 launched along with unlimited free minions, so why not with EC? I see huge inconsistency with the length of suspensions. Some who clearly abused EC more than others got shorter bans than those who abused less. NC should post clear criteria for the bans. Now, we can only guess, speculate and spin conspiracy theories. Length of suspension should depend on gains from abuse. Not on one's role in the whole mess (kicker or being kicked), not on extra runs piled up, but on extra runs actually used or actual amount of etium and other rewards gained, minus luna reset runs/rewards. As for punishment, I like Arhangelos' idea about deducting luna for the extra free entries done, but i'm not sure how that can be executed in cases where people don't have luna, as they can just not buy/craft any. I'm not looking for blood, especially months after the events. The bans hurt everyone, even those of us who didn't abuse EC and didn't get banned. We are all one community. We do runs together, conquer altars together, do world bosses together. Or against each other. Now it takes even longer to get a pop for pvp instances. We can't get the event enchant meter up. So indirectly the legit players are the ones getting punished as well. As for compensation. I agree that legit players don't need to be compensated for simply playing the game fair. During the abuse fest, EC was still doable the normal way aka your 1 - 2 entries. Either by join your usual premades, applying to those that said "No kick" or by queuing towards the end of the window when abusers cash in their extra runs and no longer kick. But we do deserve compensation for the time EC has been down. Now that NC know who abused EC and got their runs done for weeks and months in advance, compensate the ones who didn't get any suspensions, and do not compensate the ones who did, as they already got their future runs and gear done.
  8. The problem with sequential fire vision is that you're extremely vulnerable and at your healer's mercy. It may be be an op aoe skill (with long cd), but so is pulverizing vision, especially buffed / crit, plus it refills your hp. Replace stopping power (too long cd) with pressurized chamber. The latter is an absolute must. Neleth, we're playing Aion NA. Why are you using some weird skill names? If you play the class in NA, you would know your class skills and their names. I main a gunner, but I don't have that much time to try to figure out what skills are you talking about and give any input.
  9. Remember the time when all the quest items, coins and tokens were stored in that same regular inventory cube along with everything else? Then eventually devs were enlightened and introduced a special cube for quest/event items and tokens, bless them. But we're still struggling with inventory space, especially classes that require to carry with them multiple gear sets and stigmas. So please consider adding a special inventory cube for registered/assigned gear and maybe stigmas as well. Inventory is loaded as it is, with all the mats, consumables, mounts, enchantment and manastones, drops etc.
  10. Upgradeable PvE items

    SL NM. And it's not the only video out there. Currently we have a PVE gear upgrading system in place - Pandora. There's also PF Hard mode accessories, upgraded in a similar way like 5.x items with soulstones from same PF HM. Currently only the first boss and only earrings are available though. But yea, I liked old BOS Harvester soulstones system. That way every run was rewarded even if you didn't win any roll. At least, until you completed your Master Harvester set.
  11. PVE Gear

    Roll alts to help gear your main, preferably cleric - it doesn't need op gear to do the job yet gears up in the process without any pressure, and you can duo-trio mid tier instances with it, and/or chanter. That's how I geared my main in 6.x, and that's how I gear my poor useless special needs main now. I was super lucky to get chest on my main in my first ever SL ez run ever, clueless carry with crazy beginner's luck. Which then was exactly that - beginner's luck. After that, each new piece (hands, shoulders, feet, head) was fed to main from alts, still missing legs. Not running SL nm and PF hm yet, so don't have the new feathers or earrings. Maybe will soon on vandal (cuz if you can't beat it, roll it). Or buy loot rights, like many people do.
  12. Fighting fragments

    They will listen to you and nerf the rewards. Is that what you want?
  13. Fighting fragments

    The welcome is all yours. --- I believe, by winning siege via losing siege @HealingSquid-KT means people flying into fort and killing guards for GP and then dipping, so they can do it again next attacking siege. But that's way off-topic. On topic, sure, it would be cool to get some frags for lost quick queued IB, but then again, that would lessen the chance to get active and experienced random group members, as they would just AFK for lesser but guaranteed loser fragments.
  14. Fighting fragments

    I would have to disagree here. Taking loser rewards away completely would discourage starting people from even trying and taking the first baby steps towards progression. There should be some consolation reward, just nowhere as good as as winning reward, so that people have incentive to try to win. As for fragments, I think, the current system is ballanced - 20 for winning, none for losing, while losers still get some rewards.
  15. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    I hear, there is also the issue of certain cubics no longer being accessible, since they were only available in EC. Might not be an issue for those who had completed all cubics already, but might be an issue for newer a counts.