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  1. What will happen to name change tickets in numbername characters inventories?
  2. I don't see +10 - +12 manastones in the list. It must be a mistake, right?
  3. Change of equipment

    The people who purified their sets got to enjoy those sets during 5.X - did their PvP, got their fun, their AP, GP, kills and other spoils. Same goes for Master Harvester sets - the hours in sometimes very bad and long BoS runs, the enchanting, the purifying, enchanting again, failing - all that hardship will yield the crappiest ancient stuff while easy Gray Wolf hat tempering will get better exchange stuff. But I'm not complaining because I got to enjoy my purified set, I played the game using it, ran instances, sold loot, made kinah, made friends. And it's fine if that set gets old and has to be thrown away in a way. While my tempered MH hats just sit in my inventory useless now, waiting for the future patch.
  4. Old junks in my warehouse...

    If only NC could uncap us just for one week, as a special event. Broke and loaded with junk that could sell for decent kinah right before 6.2 when we need to spend and more often than not waste tons of kinah on fat enchantment fees. Pretty please?
  5. Another minor question about 6.*

    Your old gear will not change. You will acquire new gear based on your old gear's grade. Meaning, you will have both old and new gear.
  6. Gunner Weapon Switch Delay

    Is it faster that way? Will try, thanks for the tip. It's not the weapon switching that is my issue. I have a huge complaint about +20 weapon skill and skin weapon skill delay. When i switch to pistols, weapon skills can't be used immediately, and by the time they're available, i've already switched back to cannon, never getting a chance to use my pistol's +20 skill and skin skill. Another gunner complaint is the animation of "charging/loading" cannon after equipping it and using any skill. Not charge skills, but any, even buffs.
  7. Bastion Of Souls With Fasimedes.

    0m on boss, please.
  8. Experiment: Stigma Enchantment Stones success rates

    As much as I am a sucker for lore, immersion and all that stuff, I absolutely love gunner's Missile Guide champagne bottle skill skin. So much so, I even don't mind losing on DPS while being paralyzed holding that bottle up I mean, gunners are considered abominations by true purists, so why not spill some champagne on them On topic: So is it better to rush and enchant stigmas now or it's ok to do it in 6.2?
  9. Floating islands?

    Yea, I was hanging out in Poya jungle a couple days ago and saw this thing with Asmodian flags in the klaw area. Was wondering about it, too.
  10. [Old Forums Archive] Housing Scripts!

    I see a custom greets script. What greeting text does it have, and how do I edit my own greeting text?
  11. I very much share xiilieaxz-DN sentiments and thoughts about the removal of old maps and especially the beautifully written quests, stories, side stories, mini-chains, random little quests and even pages of what NPC's say when you decline a quest or when they have no quest for you - the latter often give more lore and insight about certain events than the quests. But many quests, stories and minichains were already ruined with the invention of dark blue quests which clearly was done by people who were not very familiar with Aion stories (e.g. Fire Temple chalice guard Denlavis from Hannet's runaway husband and the father of their stillborn child turning into her son). I've played pretty much every light blue low level quest a long time ago, but sadly I was never able to experience the removed maps and the stories associated with them, and I cannot express enough how much it saddens it me. I wish there was a way for me to experience that sunken part of the game, and so I understand that there are people who feel the same about the vast wonderful content that will be removed very soon. In fact, I have met such people ingame, and I also know that there are still many new and returning people who like to quest in the low level zones. But I also understand the reason and the need to trim off the dead parts of the game. So I've let go of the old content - both the one I may like to re-visit one day and the one I've never got a chance to experience. Got caught in the 5.x grind like everyone else and am very excited about 6.x and future patches. Aion is dead, yes, but long live Aion.
  12. Muting my characters battle grunts.

    So I deleted voice folder like it was suggested. Wednesday can't come soon enough.

    I asked. Also, I got kicked just seconds before the win - he waited for the kick to really hurt.

    No, and I don't think he should be banned - perhaps a warning should be enough, although the best punishment would be GP deduction - which obviously won't happen. But people should keep reporting - even though it doesn't solve the problem of kick feature abuse, getting some justice is better than getting none at all.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 1, 2018

    Are you sure they didn't remove Ice Picks entirely instead of making them available for everyone in the party? I ran Linkgate 9x and didn't get a single pick whereas before maintenance I would usually get a pick out of two - three runs.