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  1. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    This. So very much this.
  2. Sportsday Skill Bundle Questions

    Indeed. Thank you!
  3. Sportsday Skill Bundle Questions

    Thank you, I've watched the video before. It doesn't answer my questions though. It doesn't list which skills for each class are skinned, it just shows the animations. It also doesn't answer what's inside the bundle. Because I haven't seen on NA some of the skill skins from that video (SW's figure skating one is awesome, yet I've never seen it in NA), so I wonder if they're even available in NA.
  4. What's inside the event Sportsday skill bundle? Is it random one skill skin out of two skins possible? Or there's only 1 skin for each class? And can anyone, please, list the skinned skills for each class? Are they stigmas or normal skills? Do they overlap with the "normal" skill skins we can occasionally buy in BCM?
  5. Siege machine doesn't have to disappear at 0% HP. It's there for a set period of time and when its time is up, it vanishes regardless of how much HP it still has.
  6. Fortress Conqueror Stones

    Is it true that the legion that owns Lakrum fortress, gets 5 enchantment stone bundles (200 legion coins per (most likely ancient) stone) for the entire legion? Purchase is limited to 5 stones. It's not an individual daily or weekly or fort holding time limit. It's a whole legion limit? Can anyone confirm it?
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    So only one group member (the one who loots) gets the doll and not each member? On top of the fact that dolls are not tradeable and can't be put in account warehouse. So if you happen to do Luna instance or something on an alt when you get your prestige doll, you can't move it to the character you prefer to have it. And I almost renewed my prestige subscription.
  8. PF's Drop

    I've been spending Luna on PF and IDD runs and having bad luck - nothing from PF while watching my static mates gearing up and even worse in IDD, losing rolls over and over and never getting anything. This does not make me wanna pay more Luna. This makes me wanna withdraw.
  9. One doesn't have to log in in order to glance at what we are talking about.
  10. Mighty Morphing Minium

    Yea, I keep wondering why C minium exists. It's one of the greatest mysteries of Aion. C minions - I get it, their delete button broke from all the deleting prior to 6.0. But C minium - WHY? And Major Minion Contracts. Got 4 of them in a row.
  11. Weekly Luna Gives no Exp... Again

    I'm pretty sure, weekly Luna was never fixed. Only Daily Luna which indeed didn't give xp past lv 75 when 6.2 launched but that was soon fixed, and it still gives xp. But weekly Luna hasn't had xp orbs ever since 6.2 launched.
  12. Question about armsfusion

    Do the optional stats stack? For example, should I roll attack for the bottom as well as attack for the top or the stats don't stack and bottom should have different stats than top? And what about speed? Which one applies - the highest or the one on top?
  13. I have 3 ancient transformations. And 1 legendary.
  14. Aetherforging - Masterwork Crafting

    Mail them to me, please, thank you. Seriously though, you'll be happy to have them all - the more, the merrier. None of the items and mats will go to waste. The fail crafts will become the much needed fighting spirits (if you craft pvp stuff, and please do) and manastone slot fasteners (at first you may think you're swimming in them, but once you start getting ultimate items, you'll burn through your fasteners stash with the speed of light), and the legendary proc crafts will be your base for ultimate crafts (fails make for 1. pretty skins, 2. fighting spirits, and procs make for all kind of good things). Good luck, and don't get too fixated on crafting. It's not meant to be your primary way of gearing up anyway, if at all, unless we're referring to those damn fighting spirits. PS Petsafe roasted meat ingredient, anyone?

    One of the support guys must have been the leader of my BoS group (that would mean they actually play the game though). Ranger to Sorc: fear exploding Group: ... Ranger to me: Chant why you roll on physical??? Group: Chanter is physical Ranger: Chant heal = magic Me: Ranger sleep = magic?