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  1. Muting my characters battle grunts.

    So I deleted voice folder like it was suggested. Wednesday can't come soon enough.

    I asked. Also, I got kicked just seconds before the win - he waited for the kick to really hurt.

    No, and I don't think he should be banned - perhaps a warning should be enough, although the best punishment would be GP deduction - which obviously won't happen. But people should keep reporting - even though it doesn't solve the problem of kick feature abuse, getting some justice is better than getting none at all.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 1, 2018

    Are you sure they didn't remove Ice Picks entirely instead of making them available for everyone in the party? I ran Linkgate 9x and didn't get a single pick whereas before maintenance I would usually get a pick out of two - three runs.

    That they won't do, but I can't say they're not doing anything at all either. Few days ago "Laughing" kicked me few seconds before a win. When I asked them why, they said "afk" - which I wasn't and they know it because we were in the same party and they must have seen me dying several times near the enemy base. They didn't kick me for being afk - which I clearly wasn't. They kicked me for being undergeared (it was a quick entry). Or for just happening to be a random scapegoat for all that day's losses - they were pissed and triggerhappy and just wanted to "hit" someone - I guess that's better than taking it out on someone IRL? I told them I would report them and they said they're used to people reporting them and that they "love the feedback". I reported Laughing anyway, "privacy concerns prevent us from discussing our methods or the results of our findings, but rest assured that we are committed to removing any account breaking the rules from our game" and all that, but at least I was given the lost rewards for that win. So reporting isn't completely useless.

    The kick feature abusers should get the win's victory spoils removed, and transferred to those who were unfairly kicked. Maybe that would make them think twice before power tripping.
  7. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    Oh well. Thanks. I was so sure it would reset at 9AM server time or after maintenance. So confusing, all those resets taking place at different times.
  8. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    So when exactly the cap is supposed to reset? It didn't reset for me after this maintenance, and now I'm stuck with a full inventory (also broke because right before maintenance I spent all my kinah) unable to unload it and also unable to get some kinah. There go the few hours of xp and drop rate boost. I filed a ticket, but it's July 4th, so I'm not holding my breath that they're going to fix this anytime soon.
  9. Pet Autoloot

    Hello, Can someone, please, explain how pet autoloot works? Especially, in groups. Do I have to be a group leader in order for it to work? What loot setting should be set? What does it loot (all junk, +1 manastones etc) and what does it not loot? Does it alert about higher grade items set for roll? Is there anything else worth mentioning? Thank you.
  10. Gunner PvP Weapons and more

    I did boost some regular and archdaeva skills with essence points. I use pistols and cannon in PVE, but I can't afford both sets for PVP atm, so I have to chose 1 for now - either pistols or cannons.
  11. Gunner PvP Weapons and more

    I have 1 Provenance weapon box and 1 Prime Captain weapon box. I have to chose: 2 cannons or 2 pistols. I can't have it all, not anytime soon anyway. What should I take? Im exclusively PvE for now, but doesn't hurt to have something PVP ready as well. Also, stigmas. What would be a nice PvE stigma build (and potentially PvP for whether I pick pistols or cannons from the aforementioned boxes)? Currently I'm using default stigmas (some slightly enchanted), but I feel I'm lacking in DPS. I feel, at my current character (73) and gear (everything is Apollon, one Harvester pistol+15, cannon double Apollon, 1 Gray wolf accessory +7, Plume +7) level I should be doing better. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Is there a way to turn AP into Kinah ?

    You can buy soulstones with AP? Where (Elyos side, and also Asmodian)?
  13. I didn't get the joke. You'll be surprised how many new and returning good-as-new players there are who really need all the help they can get, and +4 manastones is better than 0 manastones. I didn't seem to find info on how many entries per day per character there will be.
  14. Fledgling Daeva armor is too boring

    You don't have to wear it. There are still handout coin gear pieces from pink quest ladies and gear you get from completing campaign quests. Fledling armor is for those who want to rush to level 66 where the actual game begins nowadays.
  15. is everybody in this game anitsocial? :(

    I returned to Aion 2 months ago and started a new toon. I've met people to group up and chat in Fast Track all the way up to 65. I've duo'd NTC, grouped for FT and old Adma. Even Nute Warrens. And Besh, of course. Those "friendships" didn't last though because these people happened to be from the other server, but then it didn't matter because after hitting 66 I began to meet people in PuG groups and legions (yes, there are legions that welcome people below level 70 and even specifically new/returning and casual players). Maybe I've just been lucky. I don't really see much hostility and toxicity other than during SFT event (NEED PRO THIS AND THAT NO IDIOTS blablabla failed S rank tantrums etc), and community seems social and fun enough, if a bit deserted on Asmo KT side.