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  1. Question about armsfusion

    Do the optional stats stack? For example, should I roll attack for the bottom as well as attack for the top or the stats don't stack and bottom should have different stats than top? And what about speed? Which one applies - the highest or the one on top?
  2. I have 3 ancient transformations. And 1 legendary.
  3. Aetherforging - Masterwork Crafting

    Mail them to me, please, thank you. Seriously though, you'll be happy to have them all - the more, the merrier. None of the items and mats will go to waste. The fail crafts will become the much needed fighting spirits (if you craft pvp stuff, and please do) and manastone slot fasteners (at first you may think you're swimming in them, but once you start getting ultimate items, you'll burn through your fasteners stash with the speed of light), and the legendary proc crafts will be your base for ultimate crafts (fails make for 1. pretty skins, 2. fighting spirits, and procs make for all kind of good things). Good luck, and don't get too fixated on crafting. It's not meant to be your primary way of gearing up anyway, if at all, unless we're referring to those damn fighting spirits. PS Petsafe roasted meat ingredient, anyone?

    One of the support guys must have been the leader of my BoS group (that would mean they actually play the game though). Ranger to Sorc: fear exploding Group: ... Ranger to me: Chant why you roll on physical??? Group: Chanter is physical Ranger: Chant heal = magic Me: Ranger sleep = magic?
  5. Explores the Philosophy Behind 6.0

    Anyway, so who are we (our character) now? We sacrificed ourselves during Scarring, so who is our character now? Newly created characters are just some people who no longer ascend (or re-ascend) but get selected into daevahood by Kaisie after hitting training dummy - mkay. But what about the old characters?
  6. Explores the Philosophy Behind 6.0

    Frankly Kaisinel looks more like a Kaisinela than a Kaisinel. So we're good. Lady Tarha though. I mean, that belly button is all hot and all but
  7. Wedding in the lore

    Asmodian guard's grandfather was none other than the grand priest of Pandemonia. And so the woodcutter's story could have the 3rd outcome? I didn't know about such ending. I've only had 2 endings - where they end up together (and you even get a quest for them later when they are a couple) and where she rejects him. The "sad daeva" or Thersites, the Daeva of Betrayal. His chain was my favourite. He has you kill three exes of his. The 2nd quest in the chain (Firescar) is the saddest and for me the most touching quest in the entire old Aion which had an abundance of touching quests. His third ex was a lepharist elite from the Village of Furious Women (Agairon had tons of them). Then there's Medea an elyos spy in Morheim with fake mane and Jinus, a priest in Sanctum and their spy quest chain with you delivering sweet stuff. A young married couple in Verteron, the teleport apprentice who misplaced his wedding band, and you can chose to whom you return it - the guy or the girl. The matchmaking chain in Pandemonia which had you hunt for harder and harder to get items including a group spy quest. I never managed to finish the chain because the quest mobs no longer existed so i don't know how it ended. It had a hilarious cutscene with the guy wearing the pink dress reciting a poem to the arrogant girl. The intelligent girl in Pandemonia library and the partygoer at the dock from "You Never Write, You Never Call". And of course, everyone's favorite shugo and kobold Mimity in Verteron. And everyone's favorite cursed shugo couple in Morheim near Fire Temple. The guy in Gelk wooing some girl and then it turns out he's married to the girl in Panda who used to start free dye quest. The 2 gay hopefuls in Eltnen and the lesbian couple at Eltnen observtory. The guy in Poeta (or was it Ishalgen?) who angrily threw away his beloved's ring because she ascended but he didn't. The old sweet human couple in Jeiaparan, Heiron. Isson the lepharist and the catfights over him (again, Agairon, the Village of the Furious Women). The quest gives you troll tittle "Isson's Apologist" with -4 (minus four) defense. If you talk to one of the villagers who has no quests, he tells you the whole story about the two girls fighting over him - the local priest and another villager. Tons of other shugo love quests usually involving jewelry, treasures and shiny stuff. There are far more romance quests and stories, these are just from the top of my head.
  8. Wedding in the lore

    There is, pardon, used to be many love stories (happy and tragic) and married couples in Aion of both daevas, humans and daevas and just humans. Most notable probably would be the married couple Denlavis (forever young daeva), the chalice guard of Fire Temple and his very old and very bitter wife (human) Hannet. They had a stillborn baby, Denlavis went MIA during some mission, and later we find out he just used the mission to run off and then he fell for Kromede (not sure which one though as there are 2 of them in FT) and didn't want to leave. When our character reports that to Hannet after our first FT, she has us kill Kromede out of revenge (why not Denlavis though???) and we got title Bloodsworn. Repeatedly. At some point game introduced dark blue quests, many quest lines got tweaked by people who hadn't read the original quests, Hannet was moved from Agairon village to FT entrance and Denlavis became her son in the dark blue quest.

    This thread
  10. Daily Luna Box is Bugged.

    Why not one per character like we're supposed to get every day?
  11. Confusing

    I keep telling him the same thing. Straighten out that order with your next alt, Hoodie! Do daily and weekly luna on all alts, wait for kinah bundle to show up in craft list, then put on broker some junk for high price with the toon you want to have kinah on and buy that junk with the alt who has kinah. Pick lv 80 manastones from weekly luna reward bundle. It's random, but you can sell the good ones you get. That's one way to cope. It won't make you rich, but it will help to survive - along with looting and NPCing junk and maybe farming and selling kibriums if you have patience or time for it (i know i have neiteher).
  12. No. I have an all-Asmo account with an Elyos on the same server (used to be asmos on Tiamat and 1 Ely on Israphel), and they're all there. I just can't create new characters in Danaria on that account until I either delete the Ely (or all asmos - I'm being biased here ) or transfer her to Katalam.
  13. At Least Make Failing Free!

    The worst thing about this patch for me isn't running every PVP instance twice each day (I'm a prestige user), sieging, doing all camps and weeklies as well as some dailies for pvp stones and crystals and spending tons of consumables in the process which aren't free, only to wipe whatever little progress I maybe managed to make the previous week. The worst thing is burning through the little kinah I manage to farm as I fail enchanting over and over and over. Failing an enchant on an ultimate item is over 200k per attempt, and good luck succeeding to enchant an ultimate. Although it's ancients and legendaries that keep failing and keep sending me into complete brokedom (is that a word?) until I'm saved by a Luna kinah bundle. Can we at least fail for free, please?
  14. Post your Aion character!

    Brace yourself: 6.2 incoming.
  15. Any chance that the Manushika windstream bug could be fixed? It's very annoying an sometimes quite hindering. Or at least maybe there's a workaround for it, like it's only triggered if you get in the windstream at a certain spot?