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  1. Arhdaeva Transformations that I miss

    And BOS - Golmir: "All melee wind form!" Orbs: "You - wind form, you two - fireform on rubbish (lolwhat? censored the mobs), everyone else on gatherers and exploding!", and if the ally is bad and eforms are wasted - sit forever and wait for eform cd or RIP run. And and and of course Fissure of Oblivion *quietly disappears*
  2. Arhdaeva Transformations that I miss

    She wore it better
  3. Farewell Daevas!

    Oh. Sad news for what's left of the community. I hope, your new pastures are much greener and cyaner - you sure deserve it. Thank you for your patience, dedication, understanding the game and the needs of players and, of course, the weekly maintenance pics!
  4. Hammer event, post your results

    Ouch. Guys, ever heard of toxic passive-aggressive relationships where one side is either too coward or too smart to tell you to GTFO, but even though they don't exactly spell it out for you (and why should they spell it out when they can enjoy your money and other resources while you wonder and linger), but their actions or lack thereof put the writing on the wall rather clearly. At this point, this is the choice: stay, pour your time and money into a black hole ( @DevilNest-KT , no! ) and be neglected at best or mocked as seen in OP screenshot, or accept that it's long over here, and devote your gaming time and money to a game worthy of your resources and developers who deserve them and who care about their product and their customers, in that order.
  5. I am one of those bads who tried and didn't get practically any tucas. It involved KSing legion mates and being KSed by legion mates (I am in one of those "big priviledged" legions, but that does not automatically make me priviledged to a lot of stuff), and I just don't have the mindset and nerve for that. So for the whole duration of event I got only 3 thorns, crafted a belt which failed and now I have 1 leftover thorn as a reminder of how dirty I felt after snatching it from a cleric. That "non AFK" part of the event was so cruel and disgusting, having to KS friends or be KSed by friends and legion mates, so much so that I lost a lot of enthusiasm towards legion activities, alliances and in Aion NA in general. After that event I am far less likely to answer any calls for help or participation that does not benefit me directly.
  6. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    You can't register a dyed item. If the piece is dyed, you have to remove the dye before registering it. You can dye the gear piece after applying the registered skin to it if the skin is dyeable.
  7. How to Maximize AP gain from HM?

    @Arhangelos-KT Thanks for the suggestion, the log in - log out alt version sounds interesting. I can't have more than 2 accounts online at the same time on my craptop (even 2 is a challenge), but I can try to do that with 2 toons. It's the vandal who is in dire need of AP - you can't imagine what AP acquisition is on brand new characters trying to promote legendary stuff to ultimate whereas even our otherwise inactive old event slaves have decent amount of AP since we used to pick up AP here and there from event instances and event reward AP relics and whatnot. So far I used to hold group with alt and sprint through mid path solo in group version (first entry option) - leibo jelly lasts for vandal for 2 runs. But then i was told that mid path solo version (third entry option) and group version solo give the same amount AP - i wanted to verify it here. As for boosts, I know arti buff (5 or 10%) and leibo jelly don't stack. I popped arti and couldn't pop jelly afterwards - had to wait 1h for arti buff to wear off. We know that blue 20% drop rate jelly erases 100% drop charm buff, so i'm kinda scared to pop jelly over p2w 50% AP amulet.
  8. IB Broken/Removed?

    @Cyan People queing IB for over 30 min. We took a new group member, tried to re-apply, and the apply window never comes up. I hope, it will be fixed sooner rather than soonishly.
  9. What's the best way to maximize AP gain from Herelym Mine? Trio? Solo mid path solo version? Solo mid path group version?
  10. PVE Gear

    Just buy loot rights. And duo PF /IDD for kinah/fasteners/enchant stones and sell whatever ultimates you get. I'm sure your sorc doesn't even need a pocket healer DPS cleric/chant for that, just any good DPS will suffice.
  11. Extend Enchant-O-Rama

    Not sure how this works. Maybe it sums up the enchanting done by the whole community. I remember the Tree event had different results for KT-E and KT-A though. I'm not really hoping, just QQing. @Unbeatable-KT kinah pls.
  12. Extend Enchant-O-Rama

    Title. We (KT-E) haven't even reached 1 kinah retune buff milestone yet, let alone the rest of the buffs/milestones. @Cyan Please give us one more week to reach the rest of the milestones.
  13. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    From what I see, people are asking compensation for the EC down time, especially prestige users who are paying for the extra EC runs we're not getting. I would have used pretty much each and every run on at least 2 and sometimes more characters like I've barely ever missed an EC run ever since i started to run it, not afking unless hopelessly losing, earning every single etium. Not asking compensation for staying clean during bug abuse fest (to abuse or not abuse is everyone's own choice with corresponding consequences). But yeah, don't compensate the abusers - partly because they already helped themselves to extra rewards from their future runs, and partly because they are the reason we can't have nice things. Or any things at all in EC case.
  14. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    Ouch. That hurts. But you're in a legion that's swimming in tickets. That should take a lot of weight off of frags. Whoa. That's unnecessary offensive. People play at their own pace, do various other things ingame besides climbing rankings, people have lives and obligations. Also, while this is e-sports, like in real sports, whatever-it-takes attitude should be controlled by fair play rules. Doping is bannable. Even pro athletes caught doping don't go 'only filthy plebs and bottomfeeders don't dope'. At least, not in public.
  15. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    @HealingSquid-KT You probably didn't get very far ahead because you didn't have spirit fragments to do so, right? But many people had farmed fragments ahead in 6.7 in preparation for 7.0. And those who didn't have enough - remember, we had cauldron event with brokerable cauldron coins during first week of the event, and that's where you could stock up frags for your and your mother's entire set - if you had the kinah for it (I didn't ).