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  1. Need this but for Enchantment stones, have so many on alts that don't need it LOL.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Whenever I think NCWest can't manage to nyerk up anymore. You always manage to exceed my expectations.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    The only reason why I decided to renew my prestige was due to the addition of the free Luna craft. Finally, I had a reason to keep playing my alts and spending more time on the game. I actually started investing more in BCM items to sell on alts, to get Kinah to buy skins, and to work on gearing them up, and now this? I guess FFXIV will become my main game again and I will slowly spend less time on this game. I will still play this game because I love the game but, I'll stop spending money on it since you people seem to never listen to your community and have the bare minimum interaction with us. If you want our money at least listen to what we say because your choices of events and rewards have been terrible.
  4. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    I'm really surprised that Cyans even deleted the Original Post. That wasn't nice. It feels like you are penalized for voicing out your opinion as a player who likes the game and wants to see the game thrive. Edit: Please don't spam. The post made by @Say-KT is really good and also reflects the love he has for the game which is a rare sight.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 10, 2019

    We are missing a few events that are pre 7.0 and which will help us get ready for the 7.0 patch, events that provide fragments that we can use to upgrade our pvp gears, idk if on NA they'll keep the fragments since this was done on EU to help players prepare for 7.0 update, and the fact that our SR event was extended for too long meaning that there aren't any plans for a release of 7.0 anytime soon.
  6. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    It's frustrating to lose items while using the broker to trade, I've done the trading and lost 100 ancient kibrium to broker bots, and I did some testing and since then I haven't had an issue with losing my stuff. If you place the items for around 10k you won't have any issues. That's how I do it. if you place the items for amounts ranging from 10k, your trade should be fine unless you are unlucky and someone is lucky enough to be searching and finds your items. You can try this out but proceed with caution. I understand the reason why people would try to trade items with a low price since my RNG for enchanting and Tuning is pretty bad, so I tend to go from a lot of Kinah to no Kinah in no time D:
  7. 4 man [Narakali]Bastion of Souls using a rolling trick we can increase the Weapon drop rate on each run, this trick works 7/10 times, if your Cleric has the lowest roll, most likely you will not get a weapon drop in this case, every time I looted on my Cleric, I didn't get a weapon.
  8. If you see someone logging to try and get into BoS as fast as they can, why do you have to be jerks and kill that person? You know how hard it is already to get a weapon drop in BoS and I lost it because of some idiots who wanted a kill. Thank you very much.
  9. Aion 6.5 Pandora Weekly - [Gather] (Faded Drana) Drana Blooming in Balaurea, you will need to gather Misty Drana Leaf (7/7), Withered Drana Leaf (7/7), Blooming Drana Leaf (7/7) in order to get the update for the Faded Drana quest. <[Gather] Drana Blooming in Balaurea> Go to Inggison, gather Faded Drana Leaf, and talk to Berio. Misty Drana Leaf (7/7) Withered Drana Leaf (7/7) Blooming Drana Leaf (7/7)
  10. Aion 6.5 Pandora Weekly Best Location to Farm Soul Stones, this is the best stop that I have found to farm the Soul Stones that are required to craft for the Weekly Crafting Pandora Quest.
  11. I'm glad that you have found my videos helpful. Trying to do my best to help make the Pandora Weekly grind a little easier.
  12. This is the best location to farm Contaminated Shell, Frozen Shell, Petrified Shell, Hot Shell, and Toxic Shell. You won't have to deal with the tedious elite farming which has a poor drop rate, this location has non-elite mobs which are easier and faster to kill and have a better drop rate related to the Sealing Wax materials that are needed to craft this item.
  13. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I should stop replying lol? so funny because it makes me look worse? hahaha stop joking man, don't you really want to play something competitive for real though? the offer is there, let me show you what real competitive gaming is all about. Man you knew this was going to happen and that NC would exploit the Luna reset to make even more money, so don't play like you didn't see this coming.
  14. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    6 free IB? yeah right, don't joke man. I have prestige and I only get 2 runs lmao. Stop making excuses. You are buying Luna to rank up. I should "git gud?" Is this a Joke lol, you can save my reply for last as much as you want, but you have already lost your credibility lol, since you are talking about competitive gaming? where is the competitive part? I only see people buying Luna and competitively paying to rank up. That's the good system that you wanted? if it is, I invite you to play LoL against me or Overwatch, even something easy, let's say which doesn't require much brain cells, let's play BO4 to see who needs to "git good", so you can really see what's competitive gaming lol and not this pay 2 rank up BS.
  15. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I see why you wanted the reset now... so you could pay 2 rank up. That's the good system or "Git Gud" that you wanted? Complaining about the people who payed to rank up and you did even worse lol, such hypocrisy.