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  1. With 7.2 Lugbug dailies have been updated, some are the same, some were changed. The daily: "Wearing the Gatherer's Hat" rewards you with a 60min hourglass that you can use to extend your time inside Crimson Katalam and Crimson Danaria. The following video shows you the requirements to get the quest started and where to find the materials that are needed to complete the quest.
  2. 1. The Box with traces of Leibo which you need 3 to morph Leibo's Soul isn't in Lugbugs Mission anymore. Instead, we have Leibo's protection or something like that, which is nowhere to be found on GST 2. Only brokerable enchantment stones are account tradable; which can only be bought off BCM or from some events which give brokerable enchantment stones, since Enchantment stones are so hard to get and the ones purchased using Genesys crystals and Stellium coins are limited purchase items, regular enchantment stones should also be account tradable so we can farm them on alts and trade them
  3. Thanks, I thought it was something related to maint. Thanks, I'll try this. I did a file repair but the launcher didn't find any issues, so I thought the files were removed directly after maint.
  4. I wanted to ask if there is someone that uses the quick load method to skip the loading screen? This is a method that enables a quick load for the launcher even when the game has crashed. To make this work you had to launch your game normally then close it, after this you would have to visit NCSOFT\Aion\Data\Dump where you would find a file named "config" and another named "table dump" you could set the files as read-only, and this would help your client bypass the loading screen and load the game directly. After maint you would have to do the process again, I did, as usual, loaded the ga
  5. Since EU announced 7.2 and is updating in a few days, NA will prolly try to rush things... So, I would expect that we would be getting 7.2 around January or February LOL. But I don't think we will get it earlier than that, maybe even later.
  6. Thanks for the insight and suggestions. Before, I would do complete segments of the gathering and the routes on the map, entire videos up to 10 minutes showing the complete gathering process, or for example which routes to take to find the NPC's, messengers, etc. No one watched that as well, in fact, the videos that display everything, route, gathering process, are the videos that have the lowest views with the exception of the messenger and NPC locations. I even included the coordinates to copy the locations to your Aion memo pad, even so, people complained or wrote offensive stuff on comment
  7. Recently, the videos that I upload have been getting dislikes soon after uploading them. I am working really hard to improve my content and the quality of the videos that I upload. This includes looking for "No Copyright Music", also each video that I make, I try to find a good song for it, to make sure that just as I enjoy watching the videos and listening to the music, others can experience the same. If you didn't know by now; I really love playing Aion. The same love I have for Aion, I also try with my utmost effort to have this reflected in my videos. If you have any recommendations o
  8. Need this but for Enchantment stones, have so many on alts that don't need it LOL.
  9. Whenever I think NCWest can't manage to nyerk up anymore. You always manage to exceed my expectations.
  10. The only reason why I decided to renew my prestige was due to the addition of the free Luna craft. Finally, I had a reason to keep playing my alts and spending more time on the game. I actually started investing more in BCM items to sell on alts, to get Kinah to buy skins, and to work on gearing them up, and now this? I guess FFXIV will become my main game again and I will slowly spend less time on this game. I will still play this game because I love the game but, I'll stop spending money on it since you people seem to never listen to your community and have the bare minimum interaction wi
  11. I'm really surprised that Cyans even deleted the Original Post. That wasn't nice. It feels like you are penalized for voicing out your opinion as a player who likes the game and wants to see the game thrive. Edit: Please don't spam. The post made by @Say-KT is really good and also reflects the love he has for the game which is a rare sight.
  12. We are missing a few events that are pre 7.0 and which will help us get ready for the 7.0 patch, events that provide fragments that we can use to upgrade our pvp gears, idk if on NA they'll keep the fragments since this was done on EU to help players prepare for 7.0 update, and the fact that our SR event was extended for too long meaning that there aren't any plans for a release of 7.0 anytime soon.
  13. It's frustrating to lose items while using the broker to trade, I've done the trading and lost 100 ancient kibrium to broker bots, and I did some testing and since then I haven't had an issue with losing my stuff. If you place the items for around 10k you won't have any issues. That's how I do it. if you place the items for amounts ranging from 10k, your trade should be fine unless you are unlucky and someone is lucky enough to be searching and finds your items. You can try this out but proceed with caution. I understand the reason why people would try to trade items with a low price sinc
  14. 4 man [Narakali]Bastion of Souls using a rolling trick we can increase the Weapon drop rate on each run, this trick works 7/10 times, if your Cleric has the lowest roll, most likely you will not get a weapon drop in this case, every time I looted on my Cleric, I didn't get a weapon.
  15. If you see someone logging to try and get into BoS as fast as they can, why do you have to be jerks and kill that person? You know how hard it is already to get a weapon drop in BoS and I lost it because of some idiots who wanted a kill. Thank you very much.
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