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  1. Can't make a poll... Idk why

    If only we could have forseen EK's eventual demise. If only we could have, somehow, attempted to warn against an obviously foolish decision to open YET ANOTHER server less than a year after Aion's last server merge. (Or opening a new server at all considering how many merges came before that.) Oh well, ce la vie. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
  2. AION players. I think it's all or nothing.

    Pretty much what I did. Been at this too long to waste precious emotions over what cannot be controlled. In a way I'm grateful Aions become what it has. Its forced me to broaden my horizons. Had never played FF14 for example. Installed, tried it...immediately uninstalled Aion. Oh what I have missed... So thanks NCsoft, from the bottom of my wallet...er...I mean heart.
  3. The game used to be sub based remember? You needed to purchase the game AND sub to be able to play. The game still failed. HENCE the move to F2P. What makes you think NCSoft would get it right this time? More likely the KSoft overlords would pocket the money and/or use the wests funds to further advance the eastern game/base. (The only one they truly care about.) Or use it to fund whatever mobile style cash grab or battle royale game they most certainly have in the works. You guys should know how NCSoft rolls by now.
  4. Excessive loading time fix?

    Yeah my bad, I was just frustrated and my vocabulary skills left me lol. I'd edit it myself but I no longer have the option. If you could, is it possible that you could change the title to "Excessive loading time fix?" please?
  5. Excessive loading time fix?

    Okay so turns out "ValidTableDump" was set to "0". Dunno how or why but whatever. Unchecked "read only" edited the value to "1", checked "read only" again and after an initial load up I closed, tried again, and it seems to be back to normal now. Thank you Liiny and Rakesh for pointing me in the right direction! Cause I was starting to get salty perpetually staring at that loading bar lol.
  6. Excessive loading time fix?

    Thank you! Yeah I've never encountered this before and I've been playing this game since 1.5. Only thing that comes close is the aformentioned, (by you), send log loading bars that I get after logging back in after certain crashes. But even that was usually a one time thing. Then every proceeding log in attempt went by smoothly and quickly. Gonna give it a try. Yeah my first inclination was to blame some sort of file change, but I dont recall any updates between the last time I played and today. Well whatever the case I'll check these files and see if I can correct this annoying issue. Thanks as well!
  7. Excessive loading time fix?

    Edit: Alright whatever, can't tell if you're joking or not now that you editted your comment. Just leaving this alone. Dont care enough about this game now to get into a rage war over it.
  8. Excessive loading time fix?

    So havent logged in for a while and decided to check on something today. Log in as usual, await the splash screen, disappears after 30 secs or so then...loading bar. So I say to myself, "okay, maybe its just updating something, one time thing...right?" So I do what I set out to do and close the game. I then realize I forgot to check something else on the same account...so I log back in, splash screen goes poof nearly instantly then...long blue loading bar...again. So at this point I'm like WUT DAFUQ?!? Decide to test it once more. Close client, restart game and...LONG 4 MINUTE F'N loading bar! (Tried it 6 more times, using several accounts just to confirm, same deal everytime.) So a game that used to take me no more than 30 seconds to go from splash screen to character select screen now greets me with a long arse 3-4 minute loading per attempt? Why?!? Whats changed?! (Nothing on my system has changed thats for sure, and every other large game like WoW, Tera, SWTOR, Everquest 2, Neverwinter and Blade and Soul run and load just fine as per usual. So its safe to say its something added recently.) Welp, whatever fleeting desire I may have had to play again has now been completely sapped away. GG. R.I.P.
  9. Aion Patch Destroyed YEARS of Creation and The Universe

    Aion vets honest with themselves must have seen the writing on the wall for years now. This was inevitable. Fact is this games been hovering between life and death for sometime, (here in NA), and nothing short of either 1) a complete Final Fantasy Online type of makeover or 2) throwing hands up and simply shifting the game into a mobile style low effort/maintenance mode cash grab...would keep the games servers up and running. Seems clear they went with choice number 2. Given its NCSoft, not surprising. Whatever, I'm over it. I play Tera now. Yes, THAT Tera. (Funny to think that a game Aion players used to consider shallow and linear is now less shallow and linear than Aion. Bonus being my Tera characters dont look like Looney Tunes rejects. Oh, and I can actually trade with other players and share my ingame currency with all my alts. What a novel idea huh?!?)
  10. P2W much?

    Ah, so it all makes sense now doesnt it? THIS is why you pleaded for a new server huh? "Fresh start", "even ground" hmm? My arse... See this is why I cant take this game seriously anymore, when even the caretakers, (GM's) are corrupt and the rules are skewed towards the wealthy. If I wanted to play that game, I wouldn't bother logging in to Aion. I'd just play the Real Life Online game 24/7. But of course none of this comes as any surprise. For years now most vets were aware that Aion catered heavily towards those whom spent lavishly. Just think back to all the no question haxors/exploiters that were never banned, or given slaps on the wrist for major violations. And the hundreds even thoudands of "compensation/ do over" armors sent out. Pfft, what a continued joke.
  11. AIon 7.0

    Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that all the removed maps, (and some other removed content), from pre 6.0 wil be making a "comeback" at some point in the future heralded as "new and exciting" content? Just a hunch. Also, unless I hear word about them reversing some of their dumber decisions, (like the blanket no trade ANYTHING EVER policy, and not to mention the Find-your-Inner-Furrie nickle and dime scheme), then I dont care what 7.0 brings. "Ohh pretty armor!" Except it'lll be hidden behind a bugs bunny outfit 99% of the time. YAY!
  12. nice new paint squirt class

    First they turn all of our daeva's into furries and now this? Dunno who's responsible for all these developmental "ideas", and whom they're attempting to cater to, (and whats wrong with them), but...congrats?You've certaintly accomplished...something...here. R.I.P. Aion: The Tower of Eternity. It was fun for a while. Dunno what this new game is called, but Aion it is no longer. Edit: Oh and btw, picture attempting to slay your enemies with globs of paint squirts all while looking like this: And now you have some idea of where Aion is headed. Like I said before no thanks, you can keep this chit.
  13. nice new paint squirt class

    This is the epitome of throwing darts at the idea dart board, (blindfolded), and hoping something sticks. There are no words to describe what I've just witnessed. WTF NCSoftKR.... If this doesn't lend credence to the notion that this game isnt long for the world, I dunno what else could. Look out Ereshkigal, I'z gonna tag yo ass. EAST SIDE DAEVAS REPS HARD YO!! Wow. No thanks.
  14. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    Well you know... Its just that...the whole concept of having the character I've spent countless hours fine tuning and getting its appearance just right on, (not to mention literally having spent $100's of RL cash on), having its default appearance hidden behind some sort of annoying grind/pay wall scheme...tends to irk me. I mean, I thought SWTOR hiding its hotbars behind a paywall was bad...this forced on furry costume annoyance takes the nickle and dime greed cake for sure. Never, (during the 14+ years I've played MMO's), did I ever expect that someday, I'd be forced to grind just so that I could actually see my own characters default appearance. Thats just...insane. Hope this blows up in NCsoft's face, cause the last thing we need is for other companies to follow suit. Copy cat industry after all.
  15. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    What made this game standout back in '09 was its flight system and the robust character customization. With 6.0 they've somehow managed to kill both. Go figure.