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  1. No it wasn't directed at you, and no it's not an insult. It's an old saying...oh wait...It's 2019, guess it's not PC enuff huh? Feel free to be insulted all you like however, as I really couldn't care less about your sensitive little feelings. #notsorry #notwoke
  2. "Not yet" being the operative term when it comes to loot boxes. As for the drugs topic, been to Colorado lately? Funny thing about the ambiguity of what's legal and what isnt today...that can change at the drop of a hat. That's "progression" for ya I guess huh? As for the entitled, overly sensitive, pussified, safe space having, soy boy infused majority of this millenial generation...that wasn't the focus of my post however...yeah...not really a fan.
  3. By your logic, drug dealers are entitled to their profits as well. Free market is it not? Who cares about the greater societal ramifications right? (And before you get your panties in a bunch about that analogy I suggest you give it some actual thought.) You don't think gaming is an addiction? That it can lead otherwise sane people to do insane things just for that momentary shot of endorphines? And that companies like EA and NCSoft don't know that there's a profit to be made by selling right into these people's weaknesses? Preying on these poor fools knowing full well that they've built
  4. By any means necessary huh? Even if it means ripping customers off in the process? How schilltastically magnanimous of you. Yeah this is why the Activisions, EA's and NCSofts of the world get away with what they do. After all..."Why apologize when we can simply double down on our shady practices. When the shit hits the fan, we'll always have our shills and white knight there to defend us, and best of all, they'll do it for free! " "There's a sucker born every minute" - PT Barnum.
  5. You know how you turn a profit? 1) A regular steady stream of worthwhile costumes on shop. 2) A regular and varied stream of attractive (PERMANENT) mounts on shop. 3) Cosmetic services broadened to include various hairstyles and other aesthetically pleasing options. (So long as we can actually see said options upon application, without the need to pay you extra for the "viewing privelege".) 4) A "premium" service that's actually worth the price of admission. 5) A support/dev staff on hand that is committed to providing a fair platform for its gamers. One that enforces
  6. It amazes me sometimes how gullible today's gamers are. YEAH, that's how it always starts, "Oh, but it hardly costs anything...!" Nevermind the fact that companies like NCSoft are essentially forcing you to pay to see the character you may have spent an hour creating, (or to see that costume you just played $30 for.) A nickel here, a dime there. Hardly anything, right? It's the principle of the thing. That's called a slippery slope, and companies like NCSoft, EA, etc thrive on the willingness of suckers...err...enablers of such underhanded practices to part with their cash. The
  7. I know right!?! Isn't it awesome how NCGreed managed to figure out a way to monetize the ability to see you character's default appearance? So super awesome! Like for sure!
  8. Can't wait for all the calls for a new server for 7.0 cause, "Taiwan did it!" Followed by NCWest indeed opening a new server after initially saying they weren't going to. Followed by said new server dying in 2 weeks. Followed by frantic calls for a merge. Followed by a merge. That's what I'm looking forward to.
  9. It's not just Aion. All MMORPG's are at the twilight. When even the mighty WoW is losing money, that's when you know the ship's taking on water and sinking fast. Unless something truly innovative comes along, I feel like what we've been seeing for the past couple of years, (the slow death of MMORPG's), will finally come to pass. Maybe VRMMORPG's could be the new hot thing. Just hope they come with safe logging off options standard.
  10. The beginning was oh so bitter sweet. So many great battles and at the same time oh so many frustrating failed attempts at leveling due to level 40 +10 abyss gear laden uber elmo sins and the like. Still my favorite personal aion moment had nothing to do with conflict at all, and yet, it turned into my most lasting memory of this game. I recall being on my Templar "patrolling" Morheims Patamor Ridge Path road leading down through Kellans Cabin and the spring habitat into the desert, (on one of my usual looking for random Elmo runs), when I spotted two of them out in the distance. I immedi
  11. All of this could've been avoided. Regardless, the only way I can see NCWest saving EK hence avoiding yet another troublesome merge is by differentiating it from the other two. Justify its existence. Turn it into some sort of special rules server, or perhaps a "Legacy" server. Otherwise it's doomed and we all know what the inevitable outcome will be.
  12. Shame no one saw this coming. If only we could have predicted the great folly that would be, opening a new server barely a year after merging the last new server mistake. To bad there was no prior history of this we couldve pointed to as a means of helping NCSoft avoid repeating this seemingly perpetual mistake... Again... Again. Oh well. Smh.
  13. Or, here's a thought, how about $0 for allowing us to see our own f$&king characters as we originally created them? Who in their right mind is going to pay $10+ on a single one time use costume when their toons will be hidden behind some God awful furry costume illusion which can't be hidden UNLESS they purchase a special scroll that hides it for them for more cash? Wanna know why your business model is failing here in the west NCSoft, (besides making monumentally stupid decisions like this furry costume scroll disaster among others)? It's simple, western gaming tastes are differ
  14. When we've reached the point, (as MMO gamers), wherein we're forced to beg developers to allow us to give them our RL cash in order to be able to *temporarily* see the characters we create, (as we created them), that's when you know, MMORPG's are truly dead.
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