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  1. If its Dnerved-KT's comment, then he is comparing Crafted Gears "Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's" set with the Exchange Gears "Ultimate Winged Champion" set. But in truth, the Exchange Gears actually have better stats compared to Crafted Gears (though the stat is only different by a minor margin). The only differences that the Crafted gear have is the increase in Atk Speed/Casting Speed and Speed, which is higher than the Exchange Gears, and that the Exchange gears (specifically the armors) are more general oriented, while the Crafted Gears are slightly more Offensive Oriented (sp
  2. Got and opened around 115 Snowballs, and the result was only 'one' +10. As for the rest, got around 16-18 Bundle's from failures at +7, +8 and +9 (4-5 "+9" bundles out of the), and the +9 bundles only gave me "Transparent Transformation Scroll". Guess would sell away the only +10 one after a few months.
  3. Considering that 7.0 adds in a new Class (after nearly 4 years). I would like to request that you please increase the current Character Slots to 11 from 8 (and then to 12 during 7.0), because i (and many like me) don't want to make 2 accounts just to be able to play all the Classes in the game. And why does NA have restriction on Character Slots, when other Regions don't (atleast EU has increased the character slots to 11 when 6.2 launched)? Also, i would like you to add in PvP Enchantment Stone in Luna Design, just like other regions have. Reason being that many like me ca
  4. No, the Physical Cloth is for the new "Painter" Class.
  5. There is talk about the Aethertech class being changed to Magic Plate in 7.0. And for those who don't know yet, new Class is Physical Cloth.
  6. Its an area were u can flying, so its possible for combat as well, if the opponent show up. And it seems like it is close to the new region's Fort, so maybe a siege like we used to have during 4.X (in South Katalam, don't know its NA name).
  7. Well, good news to all. In 7.0, we are going to get "Flight Area" in the new region.
  8. The 'Soul Fighter' one is fake, but the other one with the Painter chick is the real one. Nice to see someone else also making that reference.
  9. Incidentally, its that part which made me play the game (AION is my first MMORPG as well, mainly because of that ad). Didn't really care about her flying off.
  10. I usually upload the images on other sites like "imgur" and post the image links here, which works for me.
  11. Should start within 10-12 min from now.
  12. What about the fix for some of the "[Event] Tempering Solution" which can't be exchanged for "Enchantment Stone Bundles" yet? Also, can you please bring back the "PvP Enchantment Stone" designs on Luna. I (and some like me) can't upgrade my gears without it as can't take part in any PvP instance or Siege (different Time-Zone).
  13. "Sprint Movement" on your Mount isn't that much needed as well, since with the speed everyone else is at, if you are on a Mount, chance is you can easily escape majority of times from PvP (but if not already on Mount, then it would be hard to get on it in, so making "Sprint Movement" useless then). Plus 4-8 sec of "Sprint Movement" should be enough to make a get away. Also, i generally move around using the Teleports or by Running (since much easier to move around that way, and the map isn't that big to use Mount regularly).
  14. From what i know, "Weapon Damage" is the power behind your "Auto-Attack" only. While "Physical Attack" only applies to your Skills (and doesn't apply on your "Auto-Attack"). So, the higher the "Physical Attack", the better damage gets when you use your skill. As for "absence of speed", while its a problem, but as you get better gears it gets fixed (for PvE, starting from CoE gears; and for PvP starting from Legendary Crafted or Legendary Upgraded "Genesis Crystal" gears). As for 'flight time', well you don't really need to fly around that much in this new patch to begin with, so
  15. Currently, the older gears are only useful for the "Atk Speed" and "Speed" stat, but you would have to sacrifice some damage and defense to get those, which while can be manageable for defensive classes, but could present problem for other classes. Truthfully, never in my life time of playing this game, have i been able to last so long during PvP. In the earlier patches, i used to get one-shot by almost any class even when i am a Templar (a class which is specifically designed to be defensive and tanky). But in this new patch, with just Ancient "Genesis Crystal" PvP gears, i can easi
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