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  1. ok, you could write in your original language, then post the translation. we would try to understand a bit more, and others could help with your writing. anyway, i understand you have no videos because you would show yourself being teleproted to the end. have a good day.
  2. @xRhaegar-KTLOL. If that haven't happened to me, i honestly would think the same. @MageZ-KT Alright, i accept that. Please, post a link of the video you have recorded so i can shut up. but hey, send the whole video of you running it and arriving at 8 minutes remaining ( bcz you arrived earlier. i jsut took the screenshot at that time bcz i remember i could forum it) Show us how good and fast you are !
  3. @Kanoletto-KT True. they didnt take the points from early checkpoints also. @magez cool, bcz i was fast and did everything right, it is impossible. right
  4. @MageZ-KTi didnt understand anything you wrote. My group left before we started? then we took 100 points and flew out? i honestly dont get it. Please, reformulate the sentence. I want to see your argument.
  5. I would love to record stuff, but recored from ingame says "not enough space" so i cant record. @Devorer-DNHey, i've seen a lot of bugs, but not one where the door isnt there. About the 6 minutes, i have to disagree. Even if you're good at running it, the max one could reach the end is with 4 minutes remaining. not 7:57. But hey, its simple math. @MageZ-KT Ohh its you ! Funny thing, either those 3 toons belongs to the same person, which i gues its lyanna because of 4* rank or its 3 different players, all 3 teleporting to the end of the instance. Also, notice the laugh motion bei
  6. Shame ! Lyanna, Neliel,MageZ from server Katalam teleported to the finish ! If this isnt proof of them hacking, i dont know what it is ! This is simply not possible. Dropping this so everyone see and understand the situation. Question: How can rankings act like rankings if my points are low because of hackers? HMMM... They are probably the same person. Let's see who laughs last.
  7. Bugs. But good event. ( was able to use kisk to go back to start, too late to even try to win) At start, the enemy hook pulled me to 1m under the ground and i was stuck for some seconds. lol
  8. A mistake was made. These things happen. Doesnt matter if the rewards WILL be useless or important for next patch. This was a major bug. Was not intended. Rollback the server. Refund whoever deposited cash or anything. Publicy apologize to all players. Theres nothing wrong in doing that.
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