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  1. EB - another NCS 'mistake'

    Hello 1. Yes. you can craft things. You do not need to do PvP for that. It will take some time to level up aetherforging (the new craft proffesion) and you can even try some of the older ones (taking into consideration that they will be deleted in some months) cause maybe you find something interesting to craft there. You will need to study the market to see wich items are good investments to craft and wich ones are just a waste of time and resources. Usually that changes periodically with the new updates, things and needs. If you find the good ones, you can get some profit. maybe between 10% and 40% profit compared with your investment. 2. Bugs in Aion are not related with the amount of money you pay. Everyone has the same bugs when they appear and everyone get the fix at the same time. The amount of money you can sell to NPCs is not related with how much money you pay. Everyone has the same limit selling on NPCs each week. You should see a reset on that amount after each maintenance. If not, you can send a ticket to support. But again, no matter if you pay nothing or if you spend $500 each month, the limit is the same for everyone. 3. Yes. this is an official server. The main company is located in Korea. But they have providers in other regions. NCWest is the official provider in north america, but it also has a lot of players from the whole continent and some from Europe. This one is not a "pirate server". You are in the official one. But if you are not from America, maybe you can search for another official provider closer to the place where you live. In Europe the provider is Gameforge. (this is just to have less lag playing. But there aren´t xenophobic restricitions actually. I saw that everybody is wellcome to play here)
  2. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    FatBurner, let me tell you as a PvE lover that IMO the game is not becoming more funny in that neither. I liked more how was the PvE in 3.7 or 4.0. So maybe both (PvP and PvE) are going in the wrong direction.
  3. Could've done the right Thing

    Maybe I am wrong, but IMO P2W is not a good idea for this type of games. That works better on cheap and mobile games. In those games you do not expect to last for so long and is a fast an easy way to recover the money you used to create them and get some profit before you make a new one. But Aion is an expensive game that requires a lot of people working on it. In expensive games usually you want to make them last longer, many years, so you can recover the investment, get profit and create an image for your company to atrack more people to the next games you will do. I saw other games who made that P2W thing and usually they have a lot of players at the beggining, but they lose population really fast. RO was launched in that way (similar to aion, the more money you used there, more enchanting materials and nice items you had), and the game suffered an incredible reduction in the numbers of people playing in few months after launching it. If somebody who spend $1000 montly, has so much advantage compared with somebody who spend $20 each month, the last one will start thinking that there is not reasson to waste those $20. And If somebody can affort to pay $10.000 and beat the first one easily, the same will happen to that one. You can also imagine what will happen with the people who do not pay at all. At the end you will only have the money from the big whales. And they will stop paying if there aren´t a lot of players to show what they have. Is not funny to pay so much if there are only 500 players under you. Finally the whale is bored and leave and you lost everyone. IMO again, the best way to keep one game like Aion alive and make profit of it, is to have what we had in the past. Or a monthly payment for everyone or to promote the game to reach a massive amount of players and sell small things, that in some way everyone can get, and get some money from everyone (like prestige, instance packs, innocent mereks, scrolls, skins). In that way you can get something better with $15-30 each month, and making some of them tradeable, you can reach more players to use them and get some money. And the advantage from those weren´t so significative to create a huge gap between the players, so even the casual ones and those who never paid a thing still had the chance to be at the same level with just a little more effort. And about what happened in this event. I am agree that is not really focused on PvP. All the things, including quest, mechanics and rewards made more profitable to do PvE in repetitive actions. The initial numbers made really usefull to spend hours just following a league. Even with the fix, it is not possible to make everyone happy again. And apparently the fix will be focused on just 1 thing and will leave all the other quest, drops, mobs, outdated and umbalanced. As some poeple said before, I also think that the best way to avoid this kind of issues is to have somebody testing the things before giving them to us. Situations like this one can be avoided (or at least reduced) if somebody start playing the game and testing the new things. But nobody did that in many years.
  4. Prestige Pack problem

    A lot of people had the same issue. For some reasson in the page it says the cost is 1200 NCoins, but you can not pay the pack with coins. The real price for the prestige pack is $15. Maybe sounds like the same thing bt is not the same. To buy the prestige pack you need to click on it and follow the instruccions. You won´t buy NCoins. You will pay with your CC a suscription that will take that amount of money every 30 days and will provide the items. If you want you can cancel it loggin in your account in the page. They added that 1200 NCoins maybe so long ago (and maybe worked on that way then) or just to make a comparative price with the amount of NCoins you can get with the same money. Maybe if you send a ticket to support you can find a way to transfer that money to the first month of suscription. A lot of people here think they should modify that to avoid this issue, but still is there in the same way. Not an "important error" or "not working as intended" status for this one.
  5. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    But if Aion do not go in the right direction on 6.0 you may lose the remaining time to play this game before the change They said that thing about the market cause they can not say "we are going to sell those items soon at higher price on BCM and if you do not need them, nobody will buy our promos".
  6. EB - another NCS 'mistake'

    Giving PvP rewards in PvE content is something that we had all the time in Aion. Since Satra treasure and UAS giving AP, to Frozen Monolith now, we always had PvE instances rewarding us with items to get PvP gear. This incoherence is not new. And most of the people farm those instances to get the gear. And even in those instances that are really PvP, a lot of players still try to get the rewards avoiding the PvP content. Here in the forums, everyone talks about PvP and that they want more, but once in the game is interesting to see how fast they find the way to get the gear but avoiding the need to fight against others. And in NCWEst we never receive a detail with the patches and changes they do after the maintenances. Other companies provide the detailed information (usually so boring to read everything) so you can know what changed and you can decide what to do after that. In Aion almost all the changes will slap you in the face and you will discover them losing your time.
  7. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    I am agree with you. Yet nobody will listen to you and nothing else will be changed. Of course that if they change the prices they also need to change the drop from lesser mobs and quests. Cause they was working as intended in the first place and the "serious problem" wasn´t there. But they will not chnage that. And you wanna know why they will not fix that or the amount of boxes? Cause our economy or the game never was the real issue. The issue they saw is that they will try to sell us omegas and temperings in BCM soon. And if we can get a lot of those for free, nobody will pay real money. So they just changed the event to avoid this. That´s all. Now all the other bugs will be there. Divine not giving GP, Panesterra forts with a reset, Bugs in many instances, all that will be there cause is not a "serious problem" when is not their money involved. And when Gydeon said that the event can harm the economy, is not talking about our economy inside Aion. He is talking about his economy getting money from us Do not believe me, just see how many other bugs and issues they solve in the next days. Lets see if they can work so fast as they did with this event. And remember this, we will see omegas and temperings in BCM soon with another enchanting event. And I am agree the event needed more attention, maths and test before giving it to us. I am agree it wasn´t right. But you can not promote something, taking it back, change it, and still pretend that everyone will be happy. There is no way now to make everyone happy.
  8. Proposal for Tiamaranta NPC Seller

    Oh. please. don´t be naive. NCSoft does not care about our economy. They destroyed it many times with many bad decisions. The only reasson for this, is that they want to sell, in BCM, temperings and omegas at $1-2 each one sometimes. And who will pay that amount if we can get a lot of them for free so easily? Now that we are so few and they get so few money from prestiges, instances packs and other small things, the experience is easier to get and we do not really need the stars, and the merek is not what it used to be, they can only get money from skins (and actually they do not add all the options that other regions have), and some promotions with omegas and temperings tempting us to enchant our gear to get a buff or a personal reward. But if they left the event untouched for a month, they wont be able to get a cent from those for at least 2 months. Only for that reasson they were so fast closing the eye and taking out the npc. They are never that fast with normal issues that only affect us. And also for that reasson wasn´t just changed to (event) items.
  9. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    IMO group loot is not the best way. cause they are so few fatties and that will promote elitysm. Few people with fast and strong dps will kill them all not allowing the remaining players to farm a thing. That is not fair and if we combine that with low prices we will end this month with 10-20 players with 3000 omegas and the others almost nothing. I think the current situation is a fair solution. And Our governor is making a league right now to let everyone get the same rewards. They are really happy. (and he is one of the players who can deal dps faster. So if he is happy, we are happy too)
  10. @Gideon (hear the community)

    but i did not find my suggestion there But actually I think we are having a good solution. We stilll have to discover the new prices. And If they go so much higher than x3 I think wont be totally nice. But it is something.
  11. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    you can do PvP. I did pvp yesterday and was fine. You can be on the rings and look for enemies. Really I did that and was funny. Also you will have massive pvp when sunny is up. I was there too. But IMO a lot of people don want to PvP. If you see them, most people prefer to stay farming in PvE style. So everyone will have what they want!. And the Eye is open now.
  12. @Gideon (hear the community)

    I like league loot. But I will probably decrease the amount of coins per bag from 3 to 1 (or keep them the same but reducing the drop rate form fatties to 25%. So we get 1 bag from each 4 fatties). I would also increase a little the drop from lesser mobs and more boxes.
  13. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    300 coins in 8 hs? why so few?. we were farming like 100 each hour
  14. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    Ok. but if you increase the prices taking into consideration the fatties and leagues, will you also adjust the coins from lower mobs so they still provide enought coins to buy something for those players taht were doing something as intended in first place?
  15. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    Wait! are you going to disable the league loot andmake it just group loot? (this obvioulsy will lead to more competence and elitist groups taking more profit and for low geared players almost imposibile to get a fatty)? or are you going to keep the league loot but increasing the prices on merchants? (in some way i really prefer this one) or you are going to do both? group loot and higher prices so most of the players wont get a thing?