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  1. Random server maintenance

    I don´t know. I was always curious about how they find the exploits and bugs that benefits players so fast. We don´t have GMs in the game, The CMs here are not so active and usually don´t know the game or read every thread. it is like we have somebody infiltrated inside the game with the only purpose to find when the players are happy an ruin that
  2. Outdated rewards in Shugo Sweep.

    Usually the people they send to work in as comunity managers for Aion, have no clue about the game. And usually they don´t read or answer the threads here. But just in case he is different than Cyan or Hime.... Kibbelz, The manastones are items we use to improve our gear. The gear have slots to put them. But those "manastones" were improving in different versions of the game. What Mizuharu is trying to say is those items are from an older version of this game. And we have better ones now. Shugo sweep is a minigame inside Aion. People can pay real money there and roll a dice with the chance to get some items. So... having outdated items in a feature where people will pay dollars, means less people will want to pay. Basically your boss will lose money.
  3. Random server maintenance

    If that really happens, then must be that. When the fix is related with something to make it better for us, they usually provides the details. When they hide the reasons, usually is a signal they are going to nerf something or take something from us.
  4. Happy S---t day !!

    well throwing insults won´t work, but to be honest and if we take our experience... Suggestions, politelly asking, making riots, cancelling suscriptions, begging, praying, threating... nothing worked in the past. The game is created and designed in Korea. There, I believe, is still popular. Then they send this to NA. They know we are so few so they don´t know about us. Few changes are made just to provide some money to the people working on this side of the world. Finally, to give the sensation that somebody cares, they put 2 guys in this forum and streams. None of them knows the game or really read the forums. They are just here to provide small messages with the updates. So... nobody will hear us, nobody will know about us and nobody care about what we want. So you are free to say whatever you want, nothing will happen. the only exception to this, is when somebody find some exploit and they risk to lose the small amount of money this game provides to them. On those situations they are really fast.
  5. 1 kinah retunig

    I saw that diff sets have diff items that can be tuned. Some have fixed stats for armor and weapons but the accs can be retuned (like titan coins gear). With others is the opposite (like lakrum gear). Not sure if some are totally retuneable (like Sovereign? ) or totally fixed (maybe only the free items from NPCs). Fixed stats seems to be decent for some classes. I think for cleric wont be so nice to get fixed stats gear.
  6. Anniversary Lugbug autohunt quests and disabled autohunt system

    1500.... And I find too disturbing to do those quest about 50.... Nope. That is a totally nope for me. Thanks, but no thanks
  7. Happy S---t day !!

    IMO is not just about the items we can get or if the new events have fun... Aion since 4.0 is showing that devs have no plan at all. They create a new thing, then they destroy it saying was a bad idea and make the opposite, but later then destroy that new thing and create something like the first one again. Each time, the effort players made is destroyed. in 6.0 they changed all the mechanics, stats, and created new sets cause we had everything so easy and nothing was really special. Now you can get Sovereing gear in everywhere. They changed the skills and deleted a lot of them to provide each class a playstyle focused on the supposed rol. Now with the new gear, minions, buffs, bonus... everyone has HP and stats for everything. Apparently even the templars can do DPS again. People now is working in a new set of stigmas. apparently is really important to have them at +15... Can you imagine how many stigmas I droped in the past? Some people wasn´t here many years ago, but I lost the count with all the changes the stigmas had. How many times the time and resources used on them were wasted cause somebody decided to change something. Now we can modify our accs, plumes, bracelets, wings with new stones and we should upgrade them.... I dont even remember how many temperings solutions I farmed and used on my plumes in the past.... I still have some of them, the stats now are useless, but used to be a real thing. Now some people is thinking about using real money to buy transformation contracts. Maybe is the new "omega". who knows. In this moment I am not on the same point that Yuweh is, but I totally understand why somebody say things like that. I think I am almost 8 years old on this game... My suggestion could be to play it easy, play it for free. Everything that now is so important and hard to get, will be cheap or free in some time, and after that will be destroyed. Take what you can from events. Don´t use all your money in something to have something nice today (Good things have short lives in Aion). But enjoy it. This game still have a lot of funny things to do. And you will always find something nice almost free. Play it with friends, be happy, don´t suffer.....
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    yes. I knew it!! They used to have another name! lol
  9. Happy S---t day !!

    Yuweh is in Aion since many years ago. Maybe you don´t share the same opinion, but I suggest to respect people who knows how things were for a long time. One day you could be in the same situation and you will understand how that happens.
  10. New Launcher

    I don´t know if a new launcher was really required. Some players are new, but others saw so many of those unnecesary changes and usually some bugs and some days waiting them to be fixed. on the other hand, there are some things that really require a change. I totally would like to have a "reconnecting" function in Aion when something fails or you lose for few seconds your connection. Also would be really nice to have some kind of quick log in after a send log or a suddenly crash. I know that even 10 secs can be a lot in a middle of some battles. But some minutes having to open the launcher, reloging, waiting for a complete files scan, pin.... I saw that in other games, some of them so smaller than Aion and it really changes everything.
  11. Rollback incoming?

    Lucimon.. With that name I remember Shonendo´s Legion. For a while before he left, he and many from that legion changed their names to something ended with -mon. Probably Lucimon has nothing to see with them. But also that glich about hide and the targets was commented a lot. In the video we can see Lucimon targeting a mob before having you as a target. Also i saw that you stoped. Maybe with few more seconds we would see if after that you were killed or not. IMO looks like he or she has no clue about where you really are on that moment, even if you can see yourself as Lucimon´s target. Lucimon was too close but did not use skills on you. But again, 2-3 more secs on that video would be nice.
  12. New map too big for NA aion

    Maybe I am too nostalgic, but I like it. It reminds me a lot to Tiamaranta. A shared fortress in the middle with both factions in "neutral zone", doors for both sides, the volcanic areas... I guess in the same way that the old tiamaranta in pvp times, we will see some pvp on the doors. Or, didn´t tried yet, those npcs are similar to the shulacs in the old Danaria and we can not attack other people near them. So we will have pvp in some important roads. Or like happened in Idian Depths people will attack on those moments when the npcs move out for a while and will use them to make the other players to be attacked by them. I know that now everything looks like to big for the people we have, and I know we are so few compared with 3.X - 4.X times, but even on those times, most of those maps were almost deserted. The players usually are near the cities, instances entries and important places.
  13. Aidps confirmation

    nope, and you? You are making use my memory.. let´s see.... In Siel since Huby times... I don´t remember a governor on elyos side being banned. Shonnendo just left... Darksean had some hackusations in the past, but he was fine. On asmodian side I dont remember a governor banned.... was different on your server?
  14. quitting again

    I understand you. In some way I became too lazy. I miss a lot of old and removed content. And sometimes when I try to play for a while, I find that I need to do a lot of effort again. hahaha.
  15. Aidps confirmation

    Is not weird to find somebody using no animation software. Maybe the big impact is when you see a Governor suspected of that. But take into consideration that now being governor is not like used to be. In the past the higher ranks were players who played for years and made a name. Most of them were reluctanct to use cheats to keep the respect earned with a lot of time and effort. But now, anyone can be governor after playing actively for some weeks-months and using some real money. And if you take into consideration that aidpsmeter is not used as a valid proof in NCSoft, They do not put so much time and effort checking what happens in our servers, and they try to avoid a permaban in a player who paid real money without a lot of conclusive proofs.... well... those players have nothing to lose if they cheat. PS: usually the post about hackusations are blocked. You are supposed to send this to mods or support as a private message.