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  1. Rollback incoming?

    Lucimon.. With that name I remember Shonendo´s Legion. For a while before he left, he and many from that legion changed their names to something ended with -mon. Probably Lucimon has nothing to see with them. But also that glich about hide and the targets was commented a lot. In the video we can see Lucimon targeting a mob before having you as a target. Also i saw that you stoped. Maybe with few more seconds we would see if after that you were killed or not. IMO looks like he or she has no clue about where you really are on that moment, even if you can see yourself as Lucimon´s target. Lucimon was too close but did not use skills on you. But again, 2-3 more secs on that video would be nice.
  2. New map too big for NA aion

    Maybe I am too nostalgic, but I like it. It reminds me a lot to Tiamaranta. A shared fortress in the middle with both factions in "neutral zone", doors for both sides, the volcanic areas... I guess in the same way that the old tiamaranta in pvp times, we will see some pvp on the doors. Or, didn´t tried yet, those npcs are similar to the shulacs in the old Danaria and we can not attack other people near them. So we will have pvp in some important roads. Or like happened in Idian Depths people will attack on those moments when the npcs move out for a while and will use them to make the other players to be attacked by them. I know that now everything looks like to big for the people we have, and I know we are so few compared with 3.X - 4.X times, but even on those times, most of those maps were almost deserted. The players usually are near the cities, instances entries and important places.
  3. Aidps confirmation

    nope, and you? You are making use my memory.. let´s see.... In Siel since Huby times... I don´t remember a governor on elyos side being banned. Shonnendo just left... Darksean had some hackusations in the past, but he was fine. On asmodian side I dont remember a governor banned.... was different on your server?
  4. quitting again

    I understand you. In some way I became too lazy. I miss a lot of old and removed content. And sometimes when I try to play for a while, I find that I need to do a lot of effort again. hahaha.
  5. Aidps confirmation

    Is not weird to find somebody using no animation software. Maybe the big impact is when you see a Governor suspected of that. But take into consideration that now being governor is not like used to be. In the past the higher ranks were players who played for years and made a name. Most of them were reluctanct to use cheats to keep the respect earned with a lot of time and effort. But now, anyone can be governor after playing actively for some weeks-months and using some real money. And if you take into consideration that aidpsmeter is not used as a valid proof in NCSoft, They do not put so much time and effort checking what happens in our servers, and they try to avoid a permaban in a player who paid real money without a lot of conclusive proofs.... well... those players have nothing to lose if they cheat. PS: usually the post about hackusations are blocked. You are supposed to send this to mods or support as a private message.
  6. quitting again

    No. I am from Argentina. And actually my real name is not "Maria". I took that name from an anime. I am a guy. And just like you I play actively sometimes, and sometimes I take some time out of Aion. But I never leave it totally.
  7. Rollback incoming?

    ohh. so the prestige machine was broken... I was looking for it to see what new items were added. Also, I did not checked so much, but I still do not find how to improve the cubics or where to use the new coins to buy gear. And we still have cubrinerk instance? or where do we find cubics now? After some time waiting for that instance to spam, I am starting to thing it wont do that anymore.
  8. quitting again

    Well, if you took your time to write this thread, I dont think you are really going to quit. Aion is part of your life now. . You are going to quit for a while, but you will be back after a while just to see what happened. The people who really dont like or care about the game, don´t go to the forums and write something. They just uninstall it and look for another game.(like I did with many games).
  9. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    Really? they changed the live streams style? What they do now? (in some way I missed you Aly. ) Anyway for the people asking, you came to the right place, but is not about offical answers, usually are other players who will have the answer from their experience
  10. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    mmm. I did not see that live stream, but let me guess.... Hime and Gideon were there. Hime used a lot of time showing the new skins, emotes, hats and other "cute" things... Prob Gideon used his glad with inmunity and instakill to show how to kill the mobs in the first rooms from the new instances. Almost all the people watching the show were like "Oh Hime, your so cute!", "You´re great Gideon", but so few people really asked something related with game, new mechanics or something usefull. And those few players probably were totally ignored.... You must understand that Gideon and Hime are not really part of Aion. Yes, they work for NCsoft and they do some streams, but they totally lost contact with this game long ago. They have no idea how Aion is going today, or what the players need or want to know. Their work was just to make a live stream to show some new things and that´s all. They can not answer the questions on this thread. And nope, They usually do not test the patches. Everyone who was playing Aion for some years already know that after a big patch the game have many major issues for some days/weeks. So I guess the players are the testers.
  11. Understand the Situation

    His job is to be the one we can reach. But I think is the same than a callcenter. Usually the person who is designated to receive all the complains, don´t have the tools to really solve the issues. I don´t think he is happy with the situation. And probably for him could be easier and faster to just solve the issues than having to read every comment on the forums trying to decide if something must be deleted or blocked. and about the complains... IMO what is happening is that we had a lot of issues and bugs since so long, and NCWest is not solving them. Instead of that they decide to modify something that wasn´t "a must". And even if the GP thing had some threads in the forums we had divided opinions. Yet, they changed that, and now there are a lot of bugs related to that. And we have the people mad about the buggs and people who don´t like the changes.... Could be a better sittuation for them if they decide to just fix the issues we asked for. Like the bugs in the eyes, or transparents contracts, or housing.... The community could be more comprehensive with them if they have bugs trying to fix those situations. And lets say that is not only about GP. they are changing the basic ideals created for Aion 6.X. They modified the store to avoid P2W (ultra expensive contracts and yellow stones is so few compared whit what we had ) and only PvE items from PvE content, only PvP items from PvP content. Now all that is changing just few months after.
  12. I think obtaining money from someone else´s intellectual property or trademarks is illegal everywhere. I don´t think it is right to create your private server and sell stuff to other people there using a game you don´t own. And even, now, creating a private server for yourself without getting money from it, when the owner provides servers for free, could be illegal. I think all the idea is about what happens if one day NCSoft decides to remove Aion and the servers from us. If the game it is not available for us, and somebody paid for a physical copy (and have the rights to play the game), can he/she create his personal server? And Aion it is supposed to be a game with a lot of people so most of the content can´t be done solo, so... can she/he make the server available for other people to join? And finally, that person must host the game for free, or he/she can obtain donations (giving items in exchange?) from other people to afford the costs (or even make it profitable)? I guess the last one is not legal even without an official server from NCSoft. But I saw that happening with some open source games, and apparently was legal. And also, if NCSoft decides to shut down Aion, will they complain or sue people if somebody create a private server? Maybe they wont care.
  13. this is an interesting topic to be honest. I think it was easier when the copies we got were for solo games without the need of internet. Every game we bought on those days are still there and we can install and play them if we want. But how it is supposed to work with online games requiring a server (and official one)? Do the copy that you paid give you the right to play the game every time you want? (even in 2040? ) If the game requires a server, that means that NCSoft should provide one maybe for the next 30 years? If they shut down the game, are the players free to host their servers to keep their games? I guess probably there are a lot of empty spaces regarding the laws for something like this. Online games are something really new and politicians tend to move really slow (and gaming is not something interesting for most of them ). But I also share the opinion that the laws that must be respected for most of the goods are the laws from the country where the item is sold. I saw that with other goods like wines. If you produce something in a country A you need to respect the laws about production, but when you sell the good in a country B, you need to respect the laws from that country B too. You can not say to the customer "this thing is made in A, so deal with it". If you want to only follow the laws from your country, don´t try to sell the goods out of it. So... in adition to that.... NCWest is in USA, so obviously they must respect the laws there... but actually we can join the servers from other countries too. And maybe we agree with the server rules, and they do not control who creates and account.... but they know where we live when we buy N coins (or BCM coins). And apparently not all the countries have that freedom. So maybe NCWest must also respect the laws in all those countries too.
  14. EU Cares About His Community

    IMO we can disagree with others without the need to use those words. And he won´t answer now, cause apparently he had a 3 days ban (that is what he showed on FB). Also I think the changes in EU are nice. Still the rates are not so significative. I don´t remember obtaining a lot of GS in the past. The changes they did about kinah apparently are nice. But in the other side EU started aion 6.0 (or 6.2, I don´t remember) with awfull settings and a lot of people complained a lot cause they really had no kinah at all. I remember people posting about how was not possible for them to play for free, cause the obtained kinah wasn´t enought to buy the potions and pay the teleports. They really needed a change. Here, we had a better start. We keeped 40% of our kinah and we had a little more ingame. Yet, I think we still need more.
  15. Is remodeling armor/clothing still a feature?

    And not only the skins. Every modification for your items are now on that menu. Armsfusion, desenchanting, etc. You no longer need to use an NPC to modify your items. Just be carefull and read everything before clicking anything. You don´t want to desenchant your items trying to add an skin