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  1. I guess RNG never was so great. But I am agree that we never had so many items related with RNG. Now everything need to be upgraded or enchanted. You have RNG sometimes to get the item, then to tune the item, then to enchant the item, and so. Rates aren´t good. Maybe aren´t the worse in this game history, but there are soooo many things so it takes so much time and effort to complete everything. At this point is almost impossible to have more than 1 toon geared and ready to play.
  2. Except this is not true. We had a merge some years ago. People on that time had the same idea. If you mix few players from here and few players from there, then you have many players in just one place. But reallity is that does not work. After some time a lot of people left and then you have few players in just one place. There are a lot of things you lose every time you do a merge. Houses, Names, Legion names, Ranks, etc... and not less important, sometimes you need to face again people who you dont want to see and you decided to move to avoid them. Why? well. The first reasson to do
  3. I think your idea is really smart. We saw in the past that every unschedulled maintenanced reseted the time for the bug. And sometimes we did not have it becasue of this. If the cause was the amount of entries in Contaminated, maybe we used to reach that number on sundays. But with all those events the number of runs went down and reached the cap 10 hs before maintenace. But maybe in the same way, the reasson is related with another feature that we also left just to complete our event tasks. Maybe with so few events we will return to the normal amounts and we will still reach the c
  4. it si a bad idea. That could have negatives consecuences in PvE and farming. And that will make a lot of people leave. So at the end you still wont have the required density. As some Vantheria said before, the main issue in PvP now is the brutal difference in damage and defense depending on your gear and enchanments. Some years ago skills, tactics were much more important. All those changes made people leave PvP content. Try to enter dredgion or travel to PvP zones and those are deserted. The only way for some people is to gank other players farming or doing PvE (cause they are not ge
  5. IMO we only have 1 merge left to be done. After that the only option is to just close the game. Unfortunatelly merging the servers do not work. People will leave the game faster. Currently the main issue is the heavy need to farm pve instances and events. With more people, events like what we had the last month, could be even harder for most players. Also with the amount of bots we will have issues like the current one with contaminated. The game needs to be fixed. The main reasson used in the past to make a merge was the lack of casual PvP. this is not true. People just dont like
  6. you can try asking in LFG. It used to be in some (tradeable)boxes in really old events. Probably all of them were already used, but maybe somebody still have some of those.
  7. And what about the exchange in Frozen Magic event? I had 600 units between Icy Shards and Wintry coins in a toon. Those were deleted as you said in te announcement, but I did not received the Event Coins in exchange In the post it said those would be exchanged at 1:1 ratio. I checked the inventory, account warehouse and the special cube. They are not there. I also lost 50-80 in another toon. This is a common issue or that just happened to me? Will we get them in the future or I should send a ticket for that? "...thanks for detailing it out. It's possible the team is alrea
  8. Amd Iguess you are right. It is not fair. but also they are getting old AP relics in chests (almost usless now) and the only cheap thing is paragon gear and those are almost useless if you dont pay for the enchanments stones in BCM (and is not a wise choice). I guess the only thing I would really want from there are the gemstones and maybe the motion....
  9. A lot of people already said the enchanting rates are really bad and it can break when fails. but I found a video (probably from Europe, but is the same thing) All this thing is just to take some money, but they are so lazy to even set an event working properly. Also, as you know, they sometimes delete items if they want (or give them for free for everyone), So even if you expend a lot of money and you get a +5, still you need to trust in some dishonest people. Just ask about "Caeus" and "Sunnayaka" extends
  10. I think there is a mistake here. At the end of the night I left 600 units between those 2 items in one of my toons and 50-100 in another one. Now i don´t have the event coins or the snow items. On the other hand, I left (by mistake) 7 wintry coins in the account warehouse and now I have 7 event coins there (weird). I am the only one whose items weren´t replaced and just deleted? And sorry so much for the double post. I found this issue to late to modify the previous one.
  11. you are right. In those other games, I never saw an exploit or issue related with leaving the npcs or store open 1 extra week. It seems to be totally safe for everyone.
  12. Yes. Ty He doesn´t deserve this situation. IMO is the only one doing his job in a lot of years (And I recognize that I attacked him at the beggining). But unfortunatelly for him, it seems everyone else are totally lost about Aion and the ideas and events seems to be so random. He even checked the threads and made a list with the most important topics and needs. But it is obvious that nobody else care. Bots, excesive RNG and cheats were on top. Yet the last events and features are just more of those.
  13. Yes. the new policy is to delete our resources and stored goods so they can try to sell us new ones in BCM I just hope everybody will keep this in their memory and take it into consideration in the future. I don´t like to be the only one who knows NCSoft dont respect our effort or money. Let them keep all those paragon enchanments from the store to pay their salaries.
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