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  1. P2W much?

    And that means that probably that player has more of those items. You only saw one of them. And maybe are more players that received those. Not only in EK, where it is easier to discover the fraud. If somebody received items like those in DN or KT (not having the required gear before 6.2), nobody will realize that was a corruption thing, cause will be easier for them to hide between the players with real rewards. Yet, I do not find logical to accuse Cyan about this. Of course this thing require to be investigated. And of course after this, and if they discover that was a corruption case, they must check if was isolated or not.
  2. P2W much?

    ohhh. calm down! I Think we need to realize this is a game and not something important. Cyan does not need to steal that shity weapon. As some people said there is a test server where they can even use "God´s Finger Polearm" or even the instakill skill (like Gydeon in the twichs). If Cyan wants to really try some "fantasy power" he can go there and do what he wants. Also you have to remember that Aion is his job. He is probably not so interest in those things like we do. Accusing him about stealing that crapy weapon just to abuse other players in PvP, to me sounds like a child accusing his mom about having a larger plate of soup for herself. I am embarrased just to read something like this. Really we need to remember that we are in a game. A virtual place. And he is the CM. IMO this looks much more to corruption. Prob that player in the picture is just a normal player, and he obtained that item from somebody. Maybe he paid real money to that person or was a friend. I am thinking maybe, somebody from support. Also, Cyan, I am glad you are playing Aion! I think that you will be able to see much better all the things we talk about. it is nice to see that some people there is really interested in having real experience from the game. Usually it is not the same to test the game and knowing the patch notes, than what happen in the field with a large community. I hope that more people in NCwest is following that policy and coming to the player´s experience in Aion.
  3. Ek Server and GM Hacks

    why? just why?
  4. P2W much?

    Yes. I know about the test server. But still I would like to see them on our servers sometimes. So they can see what we see. If we found issues or bots or unbalanced things. It is a good way to keep in touch with the community. I wouldn´t mind if they want to test all the upgrades or rates while standing in lakrum in the middle of us. Even if we have to see imposible gear on the LFG messages. But I repeat, if somebody obtains those items from GMs and use them against others, then became something wrong.
  5. P2W much?

    actually I would love to see GMs and other people from NCwest playing Aion. Is that we totally need!!! of course it is not supposed to have GMs taking advantage from other players, but is really great if they are there looking the game and thinking about how to fix issues. That weapon should not exist on EK. But if we had a GM testing things there, is not something bad. If that player goes to sieges or instances and use that gear to defeat other players. that is something bad.
  6. Spellbook VS Orb in PVE...

    we had in previous versions too, that 10% from the secondary weapon MB and Attack. But also that 10% was added on your weapon description. So you should see that number already added. It is not like a hidden number. for example: if you fused 2 orbs with 1200+X MB, the result was an orb that said 1320+2X MB. That 120 was added. So results weir for me that is not in your initial numbers. Not sure if the attack and casting speed made a difference there. Maybe what you say is that we can have some pasive factor that aplies on each weapon.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    you bought it from NCsoft? (wasn´t here to know) If was from a player.... "shhhhh"... that is not even legal good afternoon for you too.
  8. New Class is coming?

    we asked for the other side of SWs and we have it!! Maybe is not what we waited for, but who knows? But just like some people said... that first video it is totally unrelated with Aion. That city, those masked guards... looks like a hero for LOL that did not worked and somebody just bought the video
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    I think we are facing hard times in the game. IMO, for us, the players, is not a good idea to fight each other in this way. Of course we all have different opinions about what is right and what is not. But I imagine that nobody here is really satisfied with 6.2. I, miself slowed down those internal wars cause I do not find them usefull right now. lets see: of course that people from EK are facing a lot of issues related with gear when they have to go cross server. Probably some of them found a way to get gear faster. Maybe some of them want to make a guide for the other players about that. And on the other hand, I think that is normal. EK has only 1 month there. A lot of people wanted a fresh start (why? they probably have reassons for that). IMO 1 month is so few time to get something nice. Players from DN and KT have a lot of gear, kinah and items from before. I even found my old boots and shield in some way usefull for PvP. We have some oldies, and in EK you do not. It is not supposed that we can get endgame gear in just 1 month. The game could be so boring and short in that way. what about avoiding mixing players from all the servers? well, probably the biggest issue about that is the amount of players wanting to do an instance at the same moment in each server. I can imagine that our waiting times can be much bigger if we can only play with people from our server. We had to chose between being able to play something without waiting 30-40 mins or having a similar enemy team on the oposite side. Actually NCwest tried some options for this and none of them worked totally fine. The game came here in the eastern shape. Not sure if even koreans like how it is now. And as some people here said, it is really hard to get changes just for us. We can only have hopes with small things like rates or bugs or minor settings. It is pointless to ask Cyan about changes in the maps, instances, trasnformations or other big things. I guess Cyan is reading what we say. But in some point over him, the messages are lost. They never reach somebody with power. Or maybe they do, but that people just do not care. Actually I can imagine that is becoming so frustrating for Cyan what he have to do and what he can do. He probably hates many of us and is thinking "why I did not take that other job when I had the chance?"
  10. game content improve

    Maybe the best solution for shards issues can be just to reduce the amount used on each skill? can´t be so hard. is just to change few numbers I guess. I thing some issues that we have now can be solved just adpating some numbers. We do not need to call the devs in Korea for that. Better if they do not know. We can keep the secret
  11. NCwest and aion 6.2 has killed a beautiful game

    As Tohur said, this come from Korea. NCwest does not do so much more than translations an small settings. and Blizzard apparently is having a bad time due to DI. So bad. I was a big fan of D1 and D2.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    Oh. come on Aly! you are a player. you really like this game and you know a lot. Please take into consideration what you saw in the last years. Crafting recipes from 4.X and 5.X, PvP %s increasing with enchants (even more than 100% was possible),maps, quest, instances, if you sell a white item now you can buy 2 potions or you can teleport. What about SW gloves without attack speed many times?. Luna´s mounts that last 5 days.... Please. Really, as a real player think about numbers, rates, proportions. Do you think that a player like you, with all your experience and practice here, would pick the same numbers? same rates? same decitions? Do you believe that Aion in the last years were developed by people like you, or me or many others here? I do not think they really play the game. Not in NA, not in Korea. A lot of things looks like just quick settings. And NCSoft is just focusing in Korea. They are not so concerned about what happens in the west. Yet, they are failing so hard with many games even in Korea. Maybe the main focus for them now are just mobile games
  13. Old PvP and PvE Gear, what to do?

    Most of the items wont be usefull anymore. Just skins. yet, with all the new mechanics and gear, some stats are so different. And you may find that some of your old gear provide stats that new gear does not. Boots with 22% speed, gloves and weapons with nice attack/casting speed. Not sure how they are working now. But I keep my boots on. Also I have some doubs about PvP percentages. Sometimes a 10% defense PvP seems to be higher than +150 pvp defense. Again. I am not sure if those old stats still work or if they are just outdated text. But I think it worth to try
  14. Attack speed and movement speed

    All your scrolls are gone. The only exception I found were the boxes from medics event. People who keeped those boxes and never opened, now can get some 30 mins scrolls (unfortunatelly I opened all my boxes 2 days before 6.2 and now I want to kill myself). You will find some players using those scrolls. but you can not get them. Some items will increase your speed, casting speed or attack speed. Unfortunatelly you need to have ultimates or legendary items for that. And the bonus is smaller than before. But if you keep your old gear, you can still use your old boots or gloves. You will lose some stats but sometimes seems to be better. Transformations can provide a lot of movement and attack speed. But is an expensive way to have it. I suggest to keep your trasnformation contracts for some hard instances. Just like you everyone is complaining with this.... and also with other new things too... We should plan a massive visit to NCSoft headquarters.
  15. Ranger BOTS all over map

    And at least he/she asked. Devs don´t know but never check forums to learn from players. Lets be honest, this thing existed all the time in Aion. Happens a lot with mats that are obtained from mobs. before 4.X Bots were the providers for a lot of mats that we needed a lot, like spirit stones. Lots of Alchemy items were in some way cheap for everyone cause we had bots. I´m not saying that was something good. But we had enought experience to imagine this current situation. Actually IMO could be a better idea to provide those mats by essencetapping. I never saw a bot gathering in that way. Probably can be done too, but I think is harder cause essencetaping items can not be targeted. And from those we obtained a bigger amount of mats. The bad news is that all we know what happens after the bots appear and do this, the drops will be nerfed like 90-95% and will be so hard to get something. At the end I am not sure what is better.