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  1. Wow. this is becoming a real chaos. 1st: it is pointless to get angry here. Even if somebody suggest something really really crazy, is not an issue. NOBODY from devs team read our sugestions NEVER. Kibbels showed a list with the things the community wants most, and yet the events and patches are going in the opposite direction. So really, Even if somebody suggest to delete all the classes except for Rangers, don´t worry! That idea wont go outside of this forum. As somebody who lives in South America in one of the countries with the higher inflation in the world since 80 years ago, I
  2. You have a point. But to make your idea work the difference should be even higher. Like 10 Keys for winners, 5 Keys for losers (who reached some checkpoints) and 1 for people AFK. Remember that is possible to connect 3 to 30 accounts at the same time and AFK with all of them. So 1 active account x winner reward should be better than X possible AFK accouns x lesser reward. (at least for most of the people). yet I think this event is bad for people who want to be AFK and for people who want to play and do some effort. And, IMO, the last group get the worse part.
  3. Of course! lol It is right to defend yourself if somebody else is not respecting you. I dont see a point in starting a fight against somebody who did not anything to you just cause the opinion are different. But the developers are not respecting the people. They dont respect our effort, they dont respect the money we used here, they ask for opinions but then they dont follow them. They create a Forum just to give us the feeling that we can express ourselves and have communications with them. But is not real. It is not a totally honest behavior. They are just doing their bussiness? maybe
  4. We dont need to insult other players FefeHulk. If you have a point, just try to explain it, and make if fight for you. Boots are an issue and will always be an issue, cause the mind in charge to create the content and decide how and where we get each thing, is the same mind that thinks that we need ancient manastones, but limited to 1 or 2 each week to not break the game. The only real way to avoid boots to be usefull, is to provide currency and comodities after hard tasks. Having Kinah boxes in each boss (1 for each player) could help with this. In this way, does not matter so much ho
  5. Wait! the text says 4 or 6 keys to open boxes, not 4 or 6 farm coins Of course wont be so weird if each box just gives 1 coin. But I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to see what those boxes may contain.
  6. The rewards on the list for this event are really bad. But everybody already said that. The key point here will be the exchange for event coins. But according to that IMO we will have different situations: - If we get between 1 and 10 farm coins, then will be a dead event and almost nobody will do it. Just a bunch of people trying to get the motion. And will be hard for them to wait for the teams. Something like waiting for dred. Having that until January 13th will make you look so bad. - If we get between 10 and 50 coins each run, then some people will try it. But mostly in AF
  7. Hime doing 3 posts in less than a week? Now I am worried. What happened with Kibbelz?
  8. The main issue is not that you have to farm the best current PvP gear for many months. The main issue is that is no properly designed the way to manage different gears. In the past, for PvP, we had some options. we always had easier to get gears and harder ones. The difference between them was important, yet was possible to play with both. The AP gear used to be the endgame one, and the times to get enought AP and medals was a lot (for most of the players almost a year). But the extra manastone slot and the augments made it interesting to farm. But still we had other options. So we di
  9. I hvae the same feeling. I tried that many times (not 200, but still many) and never got the 30 marks. That minigame makes you feel like you have 20% chances of each one. They are supposed to be placed in their slots before you choose one. But it is obvious that is just a scam just to make you feel like you have chances. I guess we get the same reward no matter wich slot we choose. It was never a PvP vs PvE fight. We used to have both in the past and worked. The times with tiamaranta and the hearts, abyss and a lot of fortress, 3 different dredgions (depending on your lvl), arenas
  10. "soon" like "we will have more info about 7.7 soon" and the meaning was "7.7 is here in 2 days"? or "soon", like "we will fix the prestige pack issue soon" and we had to wait more than a year? Nobody never told me English was so complicated and words like soon could have so different meanings. lol but really I hope this soon is just 2 or 3 weeks. Just like Siu, I left many bags waiting to decide wich toon to use new stigmas. At least I opened what I needed for my cleric, or I could be really sad now.
  11. Also I think we need new tools in retuning menu to get faster what we need. Maybe at least a way to give colour to 4 desired stats to easily see when whe have all 4. Even with the retuning event or npc, it takes too much time. And the new gear is completelly with random stats.
  12. That is the main issue with Aion since some years ago. They do A for a while, then they decide was a bad idea so they totally destroy A and they create B. But after some time again they decide it was wrong so they create a new A and erase B. But of course all the people who already did A on the first time, will have to do it again. This also happens with paid items on the store. Is a totally bad idea to buy something from people who doesn´t know where their game is going and will probably erase everything soon Totally agree! I just went there to see how the map was. I got few of
  13. That is the usual. NCSoft never give so much info. fortunatelly there are some players who make guides all the time. thanks to them.
  14. ty so much for the information you are providing. I would like to ask you something and maybe you know it. With the end of the coins and tokens and new gear sold in NPCs with Exp Marks, what happens with Lakrum and Katalam? The camps were almost everything in those maps. But without coins, what will happen to them? they added new items or quest to the camps?
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