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  1. Transparent Scrolls (yet again)

    Actually the only one taht maybe will check the forums and read this will be Cyan. Nobody else is here. And Cyan can´t solve our issues.
  2. Bots is a serious thing.

    lol well some players use so weird names that is so obvious they are not NPCs, but you are right And I buffed the bots cause I thought they were real players and they were helping me killing the mobs so I was able to farm those prolix.
  3. Revive the 4.6 Feeling

    I told you in the other thread! there are a lot of pirate servers out there taking advantage from old versions of Aion. But Eshilia I think this was too much. How you dare to do something like that? Aion 3.7 was way better than 4.6 -.-
  4. Been away a while.

    About gear... I was able to complete the campaing and reach lvl 80 doing most of the quest in Lakrum with my old harvester gear. So your old gear is not a total waste of space. You can use all the old gears that you have and some of them can be still nice skins for you. But we have a new restriction where now each class is limited to only 1 material. For example, clerics, can only use chain. So we can not wear our old cloth items. If you have a gladiator you wont be able to use leather or chain. But as a SW you already had that limitation. yet you will find your old gear a little weak soon and you will want to replace it with new items. Vantheria already gave you a lot of tips about getting new gear.
  5. Bots is a serious thing.

    I remember the bots on Inggison or the nights in Tiamaranta. In some moments was really hard to do some quest cause the bots had all the mobs for them. I can remmeber myself collecting tons of prolix to craft gear and those bots around me. I was so new and naive... I tried to talk with them. I even buffed them sometimes... memories
  6. OH!. Ty Timmain and Matsukamy. Those were the astronauts. Hacks were a real issue back them. I do not see hacks now. But I can be wrong. That gravity hack helped a lot of people to reach 75 in Fallen Poeta.... I know Aly. For that reasson I used the pirate-private dual words. They steal the game and get profit selling items inside. I know how they work, cause was the first place where I played (Infinite Aion). I did not wanted a pirate place. I just did not know wich one was the oficial. I just had a picture with the name Aion. I used Google and was the first page on the list. Half of the quest were impossible to do. Also I see the point about how a bad idea can be to make new servers. I was on the same train when we talked about EK few days ago and I still think is a really bad idea to make new servers. Just like you say we are so few here for more servers. But with this, I just saw it as something different. Like another game. Actually is not the same game than we have. It may atrack other public. I think there are a lot of people that really hated Aion after 4.8 and will not play 6.2 or 6.5 or even 7.0. But maybe they will want to play the old game. And I mentioned the pirate servers cause they try to take profit from those old players.
  7. what an astronaut would be in Aion? Im not familiar with that concept

    Agree. I do not know who decided those changes where a nice idea. They way we used gear as skins, selling them, trading them was something really nice in Aion. I guess the pretty koreans sings... the smart koreans work for samsung... those ugly and stupid are devs in NCSoft.....
  9. I know people who left in 5.X cause it was so boring to level up and they found so hard to do some instances. I know people who left since 4.X cause they found the game so P2W. Other friends left cause they found so many hackers. A couple of them left cause they lost some activities they did that they found funny even when nobody else does (like collecting materials, crafting and housing) and starting in 4.0 NCSoft destroyed all that. Some left cause other friends left before. And some friends left after NCSoft removed something they liked. Like Katalam or Tiamaranta. One of those left cause she liked some skills and they were removed in Aion 6.2 losing those effects forever. I am agree that was NCSoft fault. So many bad choices.
  10. Transparent Scrolls (yet again)

    I think you are right. A lot of players want to see their toons in the original way and not just a bunchs of animals.... And of course it is a better way to sell skins on BCM if we can see them.... But I guess they are not so worried about that. I saw so few skins on sale. Even those from the sand market are the same since the first day. I really think they are mostly out of Aion for a while. Hope they come back.
  11. Actually I saw that a lot of peple created private-pirate servers with this idea. I saw so many advertisement from servers with 3.7, 4.0 or 4.7 versions of Aion. I started Aion on a Private (Pirate) server. Wasn´t my intention. I just googled Aion and was the first option. I learned about the game and NCSoft later. Those servers have a lot of issues, bugs and incomplete content. So Obviously NCSoft has a lot of advantage creating something like that. I guess a lot of people would love to play and old version but in the real servers. How to do about the lack of updates? well, can be an option to start from a previous nice version. Maybe 2.X or 3.0 and with planned updates going up to 4.7 in some years. Or maybe just startting as 4.0 or 4.7 or a choosen version and make the progress slower than what we had. Of course that server can not have endgame gear as rewards like we had in the past. But still can be sold a lot of skins, instance entries, prestige packs, pets, etc... I think it can be an option. A cheap one cause I guess the code is somewhere stored. Most of the bugs and issues for those old versions where already fixed. Of course that server can not be merged if fails (not the same version in the first place). But maybe is not a bad idea to take it into consideration.
  12. No reasons to do pve when you are geared

    So great answers actually. But I think PvE had that thing since the beggining. We did instances to get endgame gear. Once with the top gear, we had nothing else to do for that toon until the next patch and new endgame gear. Usually we have updates after some months to keep us working for something. Yet Iczel is right and you can help your friends or give gear to your alts. And if you feel like Konkers and you play games for PvP you wont find so much fun there anyway. Now you can get PvP gear and items without the need of PvE (nice change). And finally, just like Kubei says... there aren´t so many things to do anyway. Just a couple of instances.
  13. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    IMO the problem here is more complicated. I guess they realized that having those events with impresive rewards in the past in some way was a bad idea. So they can not give us items that may reduce the weight from instances and normal content. But in the other hand, Aion became so small and with so few players that they can not send some people to play the game and study the needs or what can be usefull without damaging the game. If they did not play the game when we were 5 servers with a lot of population, it is almost imposible now. So they are just giving to us a default set of rewards for every event. And actually the events are quite similar. Between the fruits event and this one, the only difference is the shape in the event items. Of course we can not get ultimate weapons from an event. But I can imagine other possible rewards that we need, can be really usefull and yet wont damage the game. Like some autoress stones, legendary transformation potions (x5?), instance entries, more skins, even those 15 days chromanimbus can be nice for the new players now.... or what about some housing items? Now that we do not have those from NPCs, can be nice to get some in an event.
  14. Things that were deleted unnecessarily

    But I think those can not be obtained anymore. We just have the last remaining ones from old events. Once all are sold and used, no more autoress stones? And what happens with the Jellys? We used to craft those, but now those recipes are gone. Not sure if we can still get zerakas in luna (2000 DP) or not. I fortunatelly have many between all my toons. But do we have now an obtainable item to recover DP?
  15. KT or DN?

    In this moment, KT has more Elyos and DN more asmos. Both of them has enought of each faction to run instances and to play. But those numbers can be important in sieges (and now with the buff is in some way more balanced). yet, I saw in the past that after some time those things may change and the less populated faction can become the most populated one. The weakest faction on the sieges can become really powerfull and take all the control.