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  1. And what about the exchange in Frozen Magic event? I had 600 units between Icy Shards and Wintry coins in a toon. Those were deleted as you said in te announcement, but I did not received the Event Coins in exchange In the post it said those would be exchanged at 1:1 ratio. I checked the inventory, account warehouse and the special cube. They are not there. I also lost 50-80 in another toon. This is a common issue or that just happened to me? Will we get them in the future or I should send a ticket for that? "...thanks for detailing it out. It's possible the team is already aware of the potential shift in expectations, but I'll share that across the team for awareness and see how things are approached from there..." good idea. Never take something for granted with them.
  2. A lot of people already said the enchanting rates are really bad and it can break when fails. but I found a video (probably from Europe, but is the same thing) All this thing is just to take some money, but they are so lazy to even set an event working properly. Also, as you know, they sometimes delete items if they want (or give them for free for everyone), So even if you expend a lot of money and you get a +5, still you need to trust in some dishonest people. Just ask about "Caeus" and "Sunnayaka" extends
  3. I think there is a mistake here. At the end of the night I left 600 units between those 2 items in one of my toons and 50-100 in another one. Now i don´t have the event coins or the snow items. On the other hand, I left (by mistake) 7 wintry coins in the account warehouse and now I have 7 event coins there (weird). I am the only one whose items weren´t replaced and just deleted? And sorry so much for the double post. I found this issue to late to modify the previous one.
  4. you are right. In those other games, I never saw an exploit or issue related with leaving the npcs or store open 1 extra week. It seems to be totally safe for everyone.
  5. Agree. I saw this even in small apps for cell phones. Leaving the npcs and related stores one week after the event ends (but not giving new event items or counting new points) is usefull for the players to just focus in the event all the time and use that week to decide what to buy. Also prevents issues related with bugs, disconections, internet failures and other complications.
  6. you don´t need to be an expert. You just need to know more than them. And if you check the game in the last years, it seems it is not that hard.
  7. IMO the kinah should be in other places. Inside some medium and hard bosses. Maybe as reward if you win dredgion too. Maybe even a weekly quest about killing some random (changing) mobs in a list. Luna should provide usefull but not tradeable things. Like enchantments or jellys. They could even add the old skins like it used to be. Also I am agree with the change to weekly, or delete it and give the rewards in the weekly. And not only for that one. Also for Abyssal Splinter. It is taking soooo long to do daily tasks, and it totally benefits people with multiaccount and bots. But is annoying for real players to repeat the same 2 things for some hours every day.
  8. But is not that hard. they just dont want to do that work - Restore the ress stones in the npcs. And let people use them inside instances (not sure who was so brilliant to block all resurrections inside many instances) - 1 kinah retuning NPC all the time or work in that feature to make it easier all the time. That was an old thing that never worked so good. A very nasty idea from 6.0 - modify the luna retuning too to use kinah (not so much) or another useless item from the useless proffesion that we have now. Should be easier than 20 lunas. - Mobs and Bosses inside mid and endgame instances should drop kinah. Maybe even also in dredgion, if you win, and some quest hard to do with bots. - Change contaminated to 1 entry each week (no prestige bonus) and provide 7x current drops and 1 key every time. For the exp, can be replaced with the blue crystals (60-80 units) - modify the recipes in luna menu to be just old skins and other usefull things (but no kinah or luna). Is not so hard to see the mistakes when you are inside the game. But this people never played their own game. Even if they fix the bug without the need to delete Contaminated Underpath or modify the recipes, we still have the main issue about a lot of people farming that instance with 2 or more accounts every day to get extra kinah. And not only that one. Abyssal Splinter is on the same way. We dont have the same amount of runs cause it requires some gear. But one day somebody will create the bot for that. Our current economy and the absurd need of enchanment materials for so many things all related with RNG only works for people who wants to spend a lot of money on the store or just a bunch of dollars with ilegal software and multiaccounts. And guess wich one the players are choosing. But don´t do it for us! Who are we? Do it for yourselves!. This is your work and you get your salaries from Aion and the other games. Keep your bussiness alive.
  9. But you can see there is a problem here, right? It is not against the rules, but Can´t be intended to make people create 3 or 4 accounts to actively farm luna every day. But we should if we really want the kinah. Well, somebody created some 3rd party software to help people with that. And now some people can have 10+ accounts at once doing luna with bots. and to be honest I feel so stupid now. 8 years following the rules and not using cheats or multiaccount or even buying items outside the store. Now I would like to play but following the rules means I should use the first 2-4 hours each day to farm abyssal and luna. I dont have so much kinah or items. When I ask other people trey suggest me to multiaccount or to install bots to farm luna when I sleep. I even had a suggestion to just pay $5 for each advanced stigma instead of getting inggi renown at 5 every week with every toon in only one account. But now I am supposed to have an unfair advantage with my old snowballs and will be deleted. I dont see what they want to do. But I see 2 options. They will just fix the issue and after some time we will have something similar with Abyssal Splinter or even with higher numbers of luna runs. Or they will just close the instance so people will exploit something else until it crash too. Why is not easier to just see that all the system was poorly designed and go back in some things creating something totally new about luna? I dont think they are getting so much money from it anyway.
  10. I had some from previous years and I paid for some... they just wont delete the items they are trying to sell now. Give them a couple of months and they will delete whatever they want. They never respected so much people´s money. But they cant say that now if they want to sell some more. I played this for 8 years, I paid items for 4 of them. And now i am totally in that "don´t give them another dime" status.
  11. yes. I know. And that started my complain actually. But it is interesting. If you pay real money, then is not an unfair advantage over the others in the future.
  12. nothing. My rant is about a poorly designed instance and the subsecuent changes that made that instance a need for most of the players to get some important resources encouraging (unintended) people to create an army of toons to farm that instance creating a bug. The bug must be solved, but still nobody is looking for the real causes of this. Players need lunas and kinah since aion 6.X. Now we have this issue and the solution is not simply disabling the instance for just a week. Maybe they can solve the issue in that week, but we still have the main issue about the need to repeat C. Underpath a lot of times to get the materials. And, we used to have the resources before. They just decided to change that. And I would like to say that was the start of the issues with Luna. But even when it was created it replaced the old way to get mounts (and that was hard but worked), even deceiving those players who got some unique mounts as special rewards. So. What I try to say is that we are having a mistake after another mistake and we never just fix it.
  13. And I would like to know how all the people will get those items now. Lunas from instances are not something that everyboy can do. And if we think that a lot of people is doing 15+ runs every day with alts to get some kinah, then they wont be able to farm them. Why nobody thinks about the consecuences of every change? why nobody pay attention to the people who plays and knows better? They should change the retuning system and add back the ress stones before deleting our current way to get those resources. A lot of people asked for that for a long time. But nope. Their priority was to add something new (untested) deleting our saved event items. Kibbelz already made a list with the needs we have (and not only the players, Aion´s needs too). Where in that list they saw "delete items from events"?
  14. selling those snowballs (and other similar items) in the following weeks after the event was a really nice source of kynah. Once the event ends and nobody can get more of them, prices tend to go higher. Also some times the rewards are not so great and we decided to keep some items for the next event (knowing the risk that maybe that wont happen next year). I dont see why you think keeping the event items like we did 12 years will create now an unfair situation between players..... But, ... also somebody thought Timeless Terrace was a great idea. "cute koreans make music and doramas, smart koreans work for samsung, for the others... NCsoft is hiring" So, some people uses lots of accounts to farm much more snowballs (using 3rd party software that allows to connect more than 2), Some people is using bots to farm melons and to buy in less than a second the limited items every night. Some people is using bots to farm lunas, abyssal and some other daily tasks to get more kinah and resources (and now you see that the big bug in katalam is related to that). But the main issue is to keep our event items for more time after the event ends. That is what you need to solve first. Why you dont at least do like other games and keep the npcs for an extra week after the event ends just to let the players exchange the remaining items instead of making us rush in the last day trying to farm more and yet having time to exchange? I was saving some old snowballs from last years... Fortunatelly I saw them in time. Now i have to just open them and maybe RNGesus will be nice with me and give me something nice. I used to pay in this game, but since you started to nyerk with MY items and my time, no more money here. I hope you can pay your salaries with the snowballs you will take from us, cause It seems you have less players and people paying each day.
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