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  1. How's Aion today.

    in some way I understand your feelings. But I guess you wanted to leave a message for new players. And they dont come to the forums. Usually forums are mor for veterans and players that are deeper in the game. (Took me some months in Aion before coming here). And I can understand your frustration cause also was an important game for me. Probably I played many more ours in Aion than in all the other games I played. (Also is the game were I used more money). But, like Guns & Roses said: "nothing lasts forever" . I think is time to face this, and let it go. We do not have to do that right now. We can still play sometimes in what still remains. But just do not expect to see this game as it used to be. be happy. Play with what you have when you want and thats all.
  2. 4.8 and 6.0 history repeating

    The game is near to the end. The players are fewer each day. So few new people comes and most of them does not stay for so long. Event the veterans now are more dependant on events. If we have a nice event with huge rewards we play, if we do not have something easy and interesting, we do not. What they are doing is the easiest thing to do in situations like this. They are making the game smaller. Even in 4.0 we had 3 new maps (and the old ones were still there). But now we are going to have only 1 map for endgame content. We have less servers now, and only 1 map.... We are really few, and they know that we are not going to be more on 6.X . So an smaller game, with some P2W items, to get the last bunch of money from this game is what will happen. And I am not sure if there is a way to change that. So many games, newer games, in the market. Having a complete remake of Aion with some marketing to attrack people is something really hard and expensive. Of course it can be done, but is easier and cheaper to put that time and resources on making a new game. At this point we can discuss why this happened. We can give our opinions about the updates that damaged the game. The ideas that did not worked with the players. I imagine that wasn´t the intention. Probably they supposed that were good ideas. But I think that we are wrong if we try to take 6.0 like a real major update to fix the game. We need to realize that is just a way to make the game smaller and easier to manage. Less maps, less intances, less bugs, less people, less features to manage. It is not about if 6.0 is better than 5.X or better than 4.X or even older versions. They gave up.
  3. Aion TW will get 6.0

    TW for me usually means "Total War". "Aion Total War" could be a nice game . But I know you mean Taiwan here. For the people who never played a Total War game, is a saga of turn based strategy games. Nice ones. But I must say something related about the thread, so: It seems so strange to me that TW will go for 6.0 even when other regions will skip that one and go for 6.2 at once. If 6.X still have some things to be fixed and rebalanced, maybe we can wait for 6.5 or something like that before having the "big update"
  4. Prestige Pack Update?

    I am not sure if the prestige rewards now are really smaller than the ones we used to have some years ago. But nowadays is easier to get a lot of things. Also we can find more items in BCM too. In the old days even the 14 days mount was something. Getting a mount was much harder and that one was really usefull on alts. Also the buff charms we got from prestige NPCs were interesting. So few times we had buffs from events so even those charms did a difference. The wings after the 6th month were important. Was hard to get nice wings too. And they had the same stats than IS ones. But winning IS was complicated on those days and getting the wings from the box had a really low chance (for most of the people, not for me, I got so many ). I also remember that the few ceramium medals I got each month made a huge difference for me. They were really hard to get on the first months on 4.0. Now the rewards maybe are similar than those, but we can buy a lot of things on broker, BCM, we have a lot of events with buffs. We can buy the medals, we can buy the supps, 30K AP now are not the same that used to be in the past..... But IMO something that could be changed and a lot of people will love it, is the way the buffs from prestige works. Was better in the old way with the item on the special cube that provided pasive bonus. The new way with the buff from the npcs is not really working cause it blocks all the other buffs from charms and amulets. Should be something totally unrelated. Like the buffs from events not related with the buffs from charms. The prestige bonus should be a 3rd class of buffs
  5. Zerotoierance/Zerotolerance problem

    Is not "he", is "she". And actually she and some friends (her friends, not mine) talked about that in a facebook group and apparently they think is funny. I do not know her, but I am on the same facebook group so I saw that.
  6. I report Aion for none stop kicking in evergale

    those can work. or even to modify EC to be just a 24v24 players instance. Not sure how hard that can be, but I guess 24 is still a good number to play that instance, and in that way could be posible to create your own groups with people AFK or NO AFK. also, I saw in other instances that after certain time, nobody else can join the team. Maybe EC can have something like that, and the league can be "closed" after 30 secs or 1 min after the start so nobody else can join it. Just like Arxanggelos said, I do not see the point to let people join after 5 mins.
  7. Enchanting Upgraded AP weapon

    nobody replied, so bad. I would like to know too
  8. Addition to Broker

    if you are talking about knowing the date for the items you purchased, you can already see this. If you log in your account in the page and search for your transactions you can see when you bought NCoins and how many, and when you used the coins and the items that you purchased. But if what you want is to know when was the last time that somebody bought an item from the store, then we still do not have that.
  9. Just more DPS? Oh. that upgraded summon is so great. That only skill can improve our DPS like +30-40% (maybe a little more if you level it up). I am not sure about other classes. I do not find sorcerer´s one really interesting. Same for glad. Maybe I need to do more research.
  10. Where is the Triple XP?

    probably the venerable elim amulet can not be used at the same time with another amulet. But that 200% means that is a X3 factor. That multiplied with the X3 from the event it is a X9. If you play on fast track server you will also get double exp. X9X2 = X18. Berdin stars work in a different way. They provide 300% aditional experience from the base experience and not from the final exp but it has a limited amount of extra experience and once it gave it is out. So lets say that killing a mob in standar server a normal day withou amulets provide 500 exp points. The star will provide extra 1500 points if you kill it (and that number will be sustracted from the total experience that the stars can give). But if you go to the same mob now with a 200% amulet, you will have a X9 exp. So you will receive 4500 exp and still an extra 1500 from the stars for a total of 6000. So berdin stars are not another factor to multiply.
  11. gear from events,..... you farm on ttc, adma, coe, aoe,..... landing lvl 5... it seems that you do not need PvErs cause you are doing PvE!. Shame on you!! but yet after Daeva Dash i will give you one point. It was PvP related and we got prime gear, omegas and temperings
  12. XP from boss when dead

    remember that we have exp X3 and the exp there is caped at, more or less, X6. So even if you are not using amulets you can do it in duo and still will get the same (2B exp). Kill just one of them and let the other one to get exp too
  13. Problem with the Taloc's campaign

    well. Was a long time since my last Taloc, but lets see if we can find the answer. First at all I remeber that the quest and some missions were in some way complicated. You need to do a lot of quest before being able to enter (porb not your issue) and some of the items to collect there were hard to see. Not sure if the main quest requested to kill all the minibosses in the instance first or was ok with just the last one. But if my memory does not fail, the last boss is supposed to drop an item after you kill it. That item can be the answer you need. (please somebody else correct me if I am wrong). Some bosses still drop quest items even if your level is too high for them, but some do not. If after you kill the boss it just disapear and you can not loot it, maybe you are not completing the quest for that reasson. Try to check what the quest say and if it requires something. another option could be if the quest requires to kill every single boss there, there is an spider that sometimes does not appear. That boss was at the end of the S shaped way.
  14. Reduction Stone

    I know the feeling
  15. Daeva dash fix

    I think we are just mixing so many topics here IMO: what happened in Tia´s eye was that we saw some information in the main page and forums, we started the event, we even made some plans, and suddenly the rewards were reduced to just 4-5%. A real extreme reduction that changed everything. That event with a test before could be started just like it was after the change without all those complains. What people did not like there was the huge change to just 4-5%. And some players decided to blame other players for that. About EC, the problem is not that some people want to be AFK there and some want to play. The big issue was that we can not choose our team there. We had in the past AFK dreds or AFK idl. But here you were forced to join a semi random team. And if player A wants to play and will try to win and player B does not have time or just do not want to play and will be AFK, then one of them will be bothered by the other. So, some players were afected by how EC created the teams. I could find a better solution on being able to create the whole league and join after that. So even those who wants to be AFK and get the small reward can do it too. AFK players are not a problem for an active player if you do not add them in his team. NCSoft decides everything. You are right. They can even decide to never add Daeva Dash again. But I guess they want to keep a game with a large number of players and a high amount of average money paid for each of them. but about your suggestion for Daeva Dash, i do not find it like a fix. You are proposing a change cause you have an opinion about how it worked with the rewards. Having an opinion is cool. And this is the best place to share it. And of course the other players will discuss it. But IMO is not a fix cause this thing wasn´t afecting the players. Everybody was free to decide if they wanted to run or to be AFK. everybody was free to create and join teams with the same needs. Everybody knew the mechanics about punctuation and rewards. Yet a lot of players found some bugs, glitches and cheats there. And that does affect the players. Yet, if you want we can discuss if the rewards were so high or how could work the event if the rewards are more related with the points you make or how far you run.