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  1. Something I don't understand (Small rant)

    I´m not so sure if the class is OP or just some players are really skilled. I saw so many post about how great the SW are, so I made one for myself some time ago. My main is cleric and I also like to play in my sorc, so this class is nice. Is like a combination from those 2. Not so powerfull like those on certain areas, but a nice combination. Is a nice class to start playing. The healing skills are cool leveling up. But is not really OP. You need a lot of practice to learn how to properly use a SW. I like it but I do not find it better than the other 2. Yes. Sw can do a lot of things like casting a dispel before receiving the CC skill or turning into penguins near enemies, but even those skills needs a lot of practice and not everybody can do that in a perfect way. In Aion you need to practice a lot if you want to do something good. Every class can do an amazing job or a crappy one depending on how you play. If you feel like you are losing too much, it is time to see what are you doing wrong. If PvP is what you like and every SW in the game can defeat you, is cause you are doing something wrong (and prob most of the players can defeat you if this happens). You also need to learn that every class in Aion have advantages against some classes and weakness against some others. Probably sins and rangers have easier fights agains them.
  2. 6.0 info

    Of course they do! The first info we received about 6.0 included a lot of amazing things and gave us the idea that could be something similar to 3.7 or previous. But all the things we discovered later included a lot of bad ideas. Some of those ideas were total failures in other games. They knew what we liked and what to do. Yet, they did something totally diferent.
  3. 6.0 info

    oh. sorry. I forgot to say thanks for all the info you are bringing here. You did a nice work there and I know it takes time and effort. ty and even if the message is not so good, is not the messenger´s fault
  4. 6.0 info

    with the new stats and numbers, those items will be just skins
  5. 6.0 info

    So we wont fly in some maps? limited areas is what we have now. Ok. I guess that will remain the same. But the quna system is so similar than what other games had and killed them. At least our current system allows free players to farm huge amounts of kinah and buy the paid items from players who buy in the BCM. Almost all the active players try to use the instance pack or some instance scrolls or oemgas, skins and other paid items now. Most of them do not pay with real money. And actually you do not need today to pay dollars just for those interesting items. But the new system will create a huge gap between free players and people who buy things. And lets be honest, a lot of players nuy some things in the BCM just to sell them in the broker and get kinah. With the new Quna system they will also lose those sales. some things could be sooo obvious if they just create a toon and play for some days. how they can risk all their money in this way? just cause they do not want to see how works their bussiness. Was so funny to see Gydeon, on the stream, with a half naked glad, with polearm (in PvE against single targets). He needed the inmortal buff and the instakill skill just to do something. He obviously forgot everything about playing. I guess the same thing is with the devs.
  6. 6.0 info

    Ouch.... So they are not coming back to 3.7 or older style, they are making a new game with some of the issues that killed many games. The game is not going to be less P2W. The only thing they changed about that, is that now only them can make money. That store looks so similar than the one in Revelation Online. And a lot of players left that game cause it was too "P2W". We will buy enchantments, manastones, minium, new skills and all that we need with real money. But trades with other players will be dissabled so if you do not have a credit card, the game will be so much harder for you. no more fly.... Wings were the thing that made me try this game in first place. There are so many atractive MMORPGs there, but wings are something special. No more crafting. So many hours leveling all the proffessions. So sad. Account warehouse was really usefull. I do not see why they want to remove it. So it will be like RO, but with older graphics and no wings or crafting. Cyan, Hime, I strongly sugest to both of you to start looking for new jobs, casue the devs from NCSoft have no clue about MMORPGs. If the game is like is posted here, will die in some months just like MxM. And to players, lets find a new game. Maybe we must start a thread about other games to see if we can find our new place to have fun. Voltric. There aren´t refunds. If you take your time to read all the changes you will see that they are destrying all the expensive things that some players bought from them and if you are lucky enought, you will receive a minor stupid compensation. I´m not sure how it works in Korea, but I guess they will find legal issues in other countries. (no matter the user agrement, laws are always stronger)
  7. 6.0 info

    so they are removing so many skills... In cleric are almost the half of them. People talking about the success on other games but in Aion´s forums.... Some games are so new and had a great advertisement. Bt that does not make them success. The thing I like to see just to know if a game is really good or not, is how much the players stay there and how much it becomes their main game.I know a lot of players who played BDO. But most of them just left the game some months ago. Vinley. You also say that BDO is prob one of the best games you played, but you are here complaining about a "bad game". Why you are wasting time here if that game is so great? The quick answer is because it isn´t really good or attractive. Let me tell you about my experience. I tried Revelation Online like a year ago. My first impresion about the game is nice. There are so few bad things I can say about RO. I liked how they manage the enchantments and gear. I liked the graphics. I liked how we can "move" our enchantments and manastones to the new gear. I like how we can fly everywhere or the mounts thats allow you to take friends with you.... If you ask me for a descritpion you will think RO is awesome, but yet I am playing Aion and no RO. Why? because RO obviously lacks those elements required to keep the players interested and to make them to want to login back every day. I have some theories about wich ones are those elements, but it is so obvious that RO, Tera, BDO, B&S do not have them or at least no in the same way that Aion, WoW or some older games have them. All of them are similar in one thing: A lot of people wants to try them, most of them love the game at first, but after some weeks or months, most of them leave the game and come back to their old games.
  8. 6.0 info

    P2W is something that we say when you can just use a lot of your real money to get something that will give you a nice advantage and regular free players can not get something similar just playing. Current plumes and bracelets NOW are something like that. Free players do not have the same plumes than people who paid. And they are not really going to remove them. They are going to replace them. So, yeap, you will not buy more temperings to have a nice plume, you will buy the "new especial solution" and will have it. And I know. We still do not know nothing about the new plumes or if they are going to sell the new item too.... but we know how ncsoft works.... About the gear. you will get a compensation if you have a harvester +15 or better or the upgraded one. Similar with Prime Royal. But nobody said that you will get a compensation for the other gears. A lot of players have other gears. They will give you a compensation for upgraded accessories. But who enchants PvE accessories? So at this point I think that only few players will get some new items. BoS HM.... I´m not going to waste my time on that. Gear comes from events for free and is easier. And I still do not know how good is the gear from "compensation" to decide if I will try to upgrade what I already have. And yes. a new major update means a lot of new items to start collecting. New gears to get. But usually we can start the new instances with our previous good gear from previos versions. We started doing IS with our kahruns and tiamat gear. We started doing AoE with our hyperion and Beritra gear. But if you check the info in this topic you will see that all the gear from 5.8 or older will be outdated. Just check the new items stats. Check the picture about the stats on that sorcerer. We never had a compensation with our gear exchanged for new ones in the past. Our old gear was usefull in some way to start the new content. If they are giving this, is cause they know that the old items will be almost useless. And some people paid a lot for those items. And I play this since some years ago, I will find a way to get the new gear. Even if I have to start doing some new quest to get the basic gear from there. But if you read the info, this is not progression. is just a total change in the numbers and mechanics, but keeping the old numbers in the old items.
  9. Stigma Enchanting Event?

    all the new enchanting stigmas thing is not designed in a usefull way for our community. We do not have enought stigmas to think about enchanting them to +9. Just look at the broker and you will not find enought stigmas for that. We get some of them in a nice amount to have all the stigmas we want. maybe to sell some of them or to try to enchant them a little. But even +6 is a hard number for us.
  10. gj ncsoft

    Come on people!. Just wait some more days to see how 6.0 will be. At this point it seems that the stats will change a lot. Our current numbers in stats will could be nothing compared with the new ones. Just wait a little. The info shared to this point make me think that all our current possible gear will be just like wearing skins. Try to no make "really expensive skins". And even if some people says that the best items from 6.8 will be exchanged for new items in 6.0. We still do not know how good those items are. Maybe are just "meh gear". One of those gears that every player will have after 2 weeks playing.
  11. So basically you are focusing on the only thing that gives free items to the players and none of the things were the players are losing items. Nice to see your priorities. And nope. The bug showing the returning status is not solved at all. 80-90% of the players still have the returning user status. Most of them got their free temperings and the few ones who do not have it are felling really sad and unlucky cause they do not have those items. I think that at this point the best solution is to give the event items to everyone. I also feel bad for those who still pay the prestige pack. I know how much time they will have to wait to see the compensation, cause I used to have it and I waited for a looooong time the last time. (and if is important to you, that was one of the reassons to stop my suscription. The other reasson was the totally outdated rewards. But again, just if you care about your customers opinions and why they stop paying for something)
  12. 6.0 info

    wow. I must say that I was really happy at the beggining of thpse news when it was more like "going back to the old game". But now with all those new things I am really worried. A lot of maps deleted that are not making a point. They can leave them how they are and it wont change the game. But deleting them will make a lot of people unhappy (I am on that group). They are not really deleting the P2W items that were added in the game in 4.X and 5.X, like plumes or bracelets. They are just replacing them. So nothing prevent them to just sell us again the new serums or new stones to enchant them. If they do that will be just like to erase all the paid things so they can sell us again new paid things. (amazing). The changes on the stats and the picture about the new stats on that sorcerer looks like all the maths are changing. WE will have another numbers like in a new game. So no matter what we have now, in some way everything will be useless on 6.0. What´s the point on making a full apollon with +8 manastones and enchanted to +15, if the new values on Acc and MAcc will be like 6-8K?. It is obvious that with our current values we will miss everything. And even if they will exchange our current better gears (if we enchant them to +15 to +30), they will prob give us something normal. So we need to use a lot of time or money now to get something "meh" in 6.0, or, if we want to play for fun and without presure, we will be almost "naked" on the first day in 6.0. Most of our current gears will be just like wearing skins. We all know there are transitions between major updates. But usually our gears from a previous version are enought to start playing and doing easy and normal content and play for a while to get some new gear. But now the only advantage between a veteran player and a new player, will be just those 2 or 3 weeks needed to level up from 1 to 75. Only the players that made a huge effort on time or real money between 5.6 and 5.8 will get some new gear from exchange. That never happened before. About binding the currency on the player. Yes. a lot of games have that. is true. But some of them are really new and they are also losing players every day. The few players I knew who played BDO, left it and they say is not really good. B&S is one of the games made by one of the worst moments in NCsoft (that time than sttarted with aion 4.0 and ended with MxM). I never played it, but a lot of friends did it. They say the game is really funny at the beggining, but it becames so boring after some time. Everything is to easy and lineal and has nothing there to keep you playing it. I personally saw that player personal economy in Revelation. Is not a good idea at all. If you think it works agains RMT, you are totally lost. They still make a lot of money. That system only affect the players. Cause in that way is harder to make alts. You can send some things, but takes so much time. I think if they are going to make gear untradeable again is enought. But if they want to get rid on bots and RMT, is not that hard!!!. of course they never saw it cause they never played Aion. But we all know that there are some things that bots and RMT never do. One of those things are..... instances!!!! so if they gives us an increasing amount on kinah, to trade to or from other players, based on the number of instances wins, they can block the RMT and boots. How can work that? Lets say that you receive +20M in your limit to trade for each easy 60-75 instance (like IS or Adma), 30M from medium ones (lets say DD or DL), and +50M from hard ones (ToE or BoS). They also can add the PvP ones. And that value can be added on your account and be the max amount of kinah traded in 3 months or 6 months. So most of the real players had played a nice amount of instances so they can have a limit over some billions. But bots and RMT have no time to use geting the gear and to play instances. So they will not play for 2 months each toon just to be able to trade 1-2B. And a real player do not have kinah or items to trade if he does not play instances and things.
  13. Scheduled Game Update - January 10, 2018

    Ty so much Waffles!!! and I know that a lot of people don´t read the patch notes, but I would like to have notes even after maintenances. Sometimes some things are fixed or modified and start working different. I would like to know before losing something trying to do things in the same way than before
  14. Nickname Story

    My usual nickname in most games is Lachdanan (also a big fan of Diablo saga like Mempo). But I use that nick on Knights classes. So I created my first toon as a templar with that name (on a pirate server actually). But was hard for a noob templar like me to play and level up. So one day I was bored and I decided to create the remaining 7 toons in different classes just to do something different. When was the cleric turn, the skills, animations and other things for that class, combined with the wings from AION, an anime came to my mind. In particullar a little girl from that anime called Azmaria Hendric. She had some ress and healing skills and in some parts also wings. So was perfect to be my cleric in a team with males and females toons. The nickname Azmaria was not available so I just added on more Z. Some time later, bored of the hard time on my templar I tried the other toons and I really liked my cleric and how fast and easy was everything. When I came to NA Aion I just remade all my toons in the same way and with the same names, and my cleric started to be my main toon. And some people thinks my name is "Maria"
  15. Where are the new god stones?

    IMO some of those godstones were a bad idea. Maybe if they add them only for PvE is not that bad, but in PvP a lot of people will hate them. Even now, I´m not so sure if we really want to have all the godstones removed. I think the big issues are about paralysis, silence and stun in PvP. But most of the godstones are actually a good and interesting thing. Elemental damage, attack speed reduction and some others are interesting for PvE. Usually those are cheap so everyone can have them so is not like an unfair item. If they just remove the effect of CC godstones on PvP, is ok? We really want to lose them all? And about the new ones, maybe if they add some of those visual effects on old godstones could be nice . And yes, some of us used godstones like skins, like my first "lumiel´s intervention" on my support mace just for the feathers. hahahahaha And now I realize that I will lose those "feathers" and I will miss them .