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  1. Now that MXM is kill, what's the deal for Aion?

    So GW2 have other team working on it. Prob different policies Could be a good idea to start working closer with the players. MxM was a bad idea, that genre was so new for NCSoft and the competence is hard. LOL and DOTA2 are really strong games. As wa saw in our last DDoS attack, The servers in NCSoft are not the last technology, and a moba requires a perfect connection. Lag, high ping, disconections or send logs are not allowed there. In a MMORPG are still something bad, but we can play. But in the other hand, NCSoft made some awesome MMORPG and is one of the better companies in that genre. I Still remember the first time I saw Lineage II. At that time RPG games were totally primitive compared with L2. NCSoft used to have really smart people working there and they managed to create many succesfull games. The problem with them is that they only put attention and effort to a each game for few years. With some new games on the market they usually start taking awful choices. If they can change this and revert some of the changes, they can revive the games. A game like Aion could be alive for many more years. Still decent graphics, a potentially great Story and lore. A nice roles division with really different classes, a game that can attrack men and women too. It just need some time and work fixing things.
  2. Now that MXM is kill, what's the deal for Aion?

    I think Guild Wars is not from NCSoft anymore. Is not one of the titles on the page (maybe it is one on Korea). IMO it is a good idea to refocus on the games that people liked and try to do some changes to fix them.
  3. my game experience

    that´s not normal. Accounts are never removed due to inactivity even for years. I can imagine some options. Maybe as somebody said, you are trying in the wrong server now. If you were in Siel or Beritra before, you shoul try on Katalam now. But if you were in Israphel, Tiamat or Kahrum try in Danaria. Try to see if you shared your account with somebody and maybe that person took the items. Check with your mails. Some people have more than 1 email. Maybe your previous account was created with a diferent mail.

    Why are you so worried about the current event? Yes, it is a P2W one, but actually is not properly done and I will be so surprised if they are really selling arcade tokens in BCM (In a decent amount). Why I said this? Ok. each token cost 1 dollar, and the rewards you can get are so cheap compared to prices ingame. So using $100 in tokens will give you some rewards so small than maybe could be bought in the broker with $25-40, just converting the money in kinah. Actually in this moment RMTs prob get more money than NCSoft. You do not think in the same way? ok. lets see. The best rewards are Harvester gear items. All of them in the broker in large quantities, cause we had them in the last 2 events. The weapon box is the most expensive of those and cost the same than 15-20 arcade tokens. Maybe even less if you know how to convert your coins in kinah. Most of the rewards on the minigame are so cheap or useless. Temperings and Omegas cost similar than 1-2 tokens. Few new skins but not that impresive. Your chances to reach level 8 are not so high.... Doing that in "frenzy" more complicated.... I think the right price for the arcade tokens could be 20-30 ncoins. IMO: oh come on! just convert $10-15 to kinah and buy the damm weapon box in the broker And this things happens to them cause THEY NEVER PLAY THE GAME. I can´t believe that you put so few attention. Is your money. You pay your bills and food with the money earned in Aion and the other games. Is your business. At least try. Remember that not everyone will convert that money to kinah using your ncoins. Try to be more responsible with your work or some ilegal RMT will take your money. Just a suggestion.
  5. Stats, Caps, recomendations for PvE?

    I see. Ty. thats explain some things.
  6. aion.bin

    I never had that issue and it is the first time I saw that. Maybe is something on your computer. Sometimes happens. But I saw that the launcher tends to restore the original folders everytime you acces the game from there. It was a problem when I wanted to have my voices in another language. In that time I used to launch the game from aion rainmeter´s access
  7. is it worth to come back?

    Well. You already know how the game it is. You play games to have some fun time and enjoy your free time. If you think you want to play Aion, it is worth. If you think you will be better doing other thing or playing another game, do that. Of course a lot of your gear will be oudated, but with events and some effort you can be ok in some time.
  8. Kicked by angry lead + bugged by system at siege.

    Ok. just lets be honest. A lot of the people doing sieges are a little complicated. Some of them think are the owners of the server and want to show how powerfull they are. It works in that way since I joined the game and probably was the same before that. Just do not put so much attention to them. They have those kind of issues all the time and wont remember you on next siege. Just play in the way you cant, Do not care if somebody say "we have a little window to do this" or "you should do that before". They are not the owners of this game. The real owner is a company that will screw them in the next updates, and will not even read all the rage on forums And to the people that are siege fanaticals, try to be more comprensive and diplomatic or you will have even lesser players going with you. It is better to teach a new cleric how to do sieges than lossing him forever. After 2 or 3 more of those, he/she will left sieges forever, but If you let him/her understand the mechanics and times, in 2 or 3 sieges he/she will know when to use kisks and how to move. My own exp: I started sieges at lvl 30 when the cap was 60. I was kicked once in the middle of a siege. The leader said I was a bad cleric cause I wasn´t able to survive (at that point any hit killed me in 1 shot). I made that something personal. I even fighted with him and evaded his teams for so long. After some time I just discovered that he did the same with a lot of people and he did not even know me or remember me. I wasn´t part of a black list for him. He just did that cause he was unable to control his own frustration. So. just play and be happy. Those players have their own problems and wont remember anything in a couple of days.
  9. Stats, Caps, recomendations for PvE?

    So Mb still works like before. I had one doubt from some time ago, but I never checked. If our MSupp is higher than our enemy´s MB, the remaining MSupp start lowering the base damage or it just counts as +0MB and it does the base damage. Example. Toon A has 2200 MB, Toon B has 2800 M Supp. So at the end A does damage like 0MB, or the remaining 600 M Supp start to reduce the base damage in the same proportion (1200MB = +100%) so A does only half of the base damage.
  10. Yeap. the phantom tiger skin is giving it the "untradeable" status. Most of the items designed to be skins are just for one use. the phanton tiger is not really a gear, is designed as skin, so I am pretty sure it is only one use too. Real gear tends to be available for many uses as skins. And for some reasson items with a "only one use" skins are not tradeable.
  11. Another Housing Rant

    With so many houses, last sunday the prices weren´t so high actually. Some people got a mansion for just 300-500 millions or states for 1B. I know that is kinah, but the normal prices tend to be much higher. Some players bought houses just to make profit reselling them in the next weeks. In this moment are so many houses on the broker and they will be sold for a higher price than they paid few days ago. I know that it seems to be something nasty to resell them. But people do that with event items or skins in the same way. Maybe we need some kind of restriction, like we have to keep our home for at least 2 or 3 months before selling it to receive the kinah or something like that. I am agree that keeping a house is easier now, maintenaces are not hard to pay. But In the same way, benefits are not so impresive now. With administrator´s booms obtained easily on luna´s daily, Energy of repose bonus that is not so impresive now and last so few time (not like at lvl 50 or less) and the bonus on "noble success" on craftings when the regular craft proffesions are outdated and I´m not sure if that applies on aetherforging too. Some years ago that extra luck on crafts was a lot. Was the a big bonus crafting endgame gear and rare items (like the glasses with 74 resistance in all elements), but now could be only for some skins if it work on aeterforging. about the number of items to place in your house or studio, like Aly said, there is a temporal item on BCM. I am totally agree with items like those cause is a totally not P2W way to get real money. I would like to see more like that and less like "arcade token", omegas and temperings on BCM, golden die... My only complain about that item to increase the amount of items in a house is the time. They should add a permanent one even if is really expensive. Also, I do not know if that item aplies to exterior decoration too, or if we can increase exterior decorations in some way.
  12. Is not normal to see that. I have some gear from those boxes moving from toon to toon to use the omegas from the luna´s daily. I can imagine 2 options. Maybe you equiped the item by accident (or maybe it happened in the middle of a lag moment). Or maybe you used on them an untradeable item. did you modify the appearance? some skins are untradeables and if you use them, the gear adquires that thing. You have to remove it and will be tradeable again. Not sure if that can happen with some untradeable manastones too. Juice. I´m agree with you on many things. But that is how they work. This game is too old for them, they just do not care. they are trying to get some few dollars more and let it die. Aion now has so few players. how much money do you think they can receive with that arcade token? $3.000? $5.000? Maybe even $10.000?!. They already left the game die and they have so few people here. Even the top gear is on broker and no so expensive. Why somebody would pay for those arcade tokens? The only reasson for it is that arcade event is on every novenber and even to remove that would take time and effort and they do not have free people to waste time working on this old game. They need all the people working to make MxM a decent game or they will lose their jobs. And that game is not really working.
  13. Another concept of new class based on muse

    will be hard to do another class. Cause I think it must be a Plate class (we have only 2 classes for this and 3 for all the others), but I must be a muse class. Maybe some supportive tank with auras for the group . I would also like to see a class using some of the manastones and stats that are not used for the others. Now some stats and manastones are so required (like MB, attack, crit strike) but others use to be almost useless (Parry, Evasion, MP). Maybe a magic plate class with some mana shield or high base parry/evasion making it interesting to add some of those stats to be more defensive.
  14. Flux Vendor Question

    Back in the days I used to craft, I asked some friends for help with those materials. Usually those are tradeable. Sometimes I just stayed near the NPC in sanctum and asked for help to other people in the area. Even later on katalam-danaria with the 4.0 crafts some materials were limited to 10 units so I asked for help to everyone ending their BM quest and obviously giving they back the kinah used (and a little more for the effort). Not like everybody will pay attention, but you will find that a lot of players are so kind if you ask them for help in a gently way.
  15. Make solo version of group instances lv 1-65

    Yes. totally agree. in that way could be like easy instances with some rewards for veterans (like luna´s instances) and still be something usefull to get some gear and those rewards for new players. We will see many players doing those. Some will solo, some will play with few friends, some will carry new players to help them. Just like was with raksang, in the las year being groupal. And totally agree if gear can be received no matter the level. Some of those has skins that a lot of people liked. Besmundir, TS, Raksang earrings, Rentus brown weapons... More reassons to go back there. And maybe one of those with many mobs can be adapted to be like Beshmundir normal mode. Making the mobs to give more experience so the players can use it to level up faster from lvl 60. Even now, that is too easy to level up to 65, Beshmundir temple still is so usefull to do it faster. and the small rewards could include: power shards, candies, medals, AP, supps, materials for crafting (to boost a little the old crafts), detection seeds, composite and ancient manastones, some of the old tokens (those from guilds and that can be turned into skins, pets and other little things). Small things that sometimes are hard to get or require so much time for what they are.