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  1. There isn't anything we can do on the player side to legit hunt these items. If they were created by these same accounts that got banned Im sure they looked at EVERYthing that came from those accounts. Otherwise, they know we would give them serious hell later. Having trolls sitting around monitoring others gear would solve what? How do they know when it was made? How long was taken to make it? See my point
  2. Afraid of what? LOL all you manage to get with that would a witch hunt fueled by crybabies, lazies, and "sleepers".
  3. That wont work because you have to many petty people here trying to either report people based on rumor, the fact they dont like them , or simply because that person has better gear + then they do. Dumbest suggestion ever
  4. You sound extra petty. Worry about you, not others. You will have far less stress
  5. i hope they are discarding it LMAO. That is better than it being taken way
  6. I agree that the bug or w/e needs to be fixed ASAP. What i find childish is that you feel the entire server should be rolled back because you chose to sleep through 7.x and dont like that other have what you dont. Aside from the cheats many have worked hard for what they have. Why should everyone be punished? Because you dont like it? bruh grow tf up
  7. So they thought they could give themselves maxed out paragons, runes, gems, etc and really get away will it? LOL omg wow. The vast majority of that stuff is visible to other players! I'm seriously struggling to put myself in their mindsets and come up with a scenario where this stuff wouldn't be caught. What were they thinking lol. tickles me pink :3
  8. I saw the post about the wise dragon buff but i didnt see anything about runestones and gems. What + are they? how do you know if they are generated or not? Please provide us with more info ty
  9. Doubt they got all of them, and what about the items that made it out of the broker? All of it should be removed
  10. These weapons are different in that they announce to the server " PlayerX has succeed in enchanting said item to+" i believe starting around 8 and it gets the glow much sooner than +15. this i because it is that hard to enchant
  11. We need some proof of these extra transfers or extra tokens. All this freaking out over a rumor is just childish and ridiculous. Are you seriously that pissed off over something you "heard"? Jesus fck NC made this broken game but it is indeed the players that are creating this toxic community. Constantly lashing out at one another, spreading rumors, and just being plain garbage toward each other. This whole mind set of "that kid got more candy than me" is just disgusting. Listen to yourselves. There is barely enough players to keep this game a float and instead of banding together to push fo
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