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  1. @Kibbelz can you hide this grotesque and blatantly racist comment?
  2. well dam ok, well if you got a reason i guess that is legit. mind blown
  3. demanding attention or remedy (fixing the time) :3 Ty for that helpful link!
  4. Omg you are such a crybaby. Go put it on your wall of shame Mr. Policeman. Geez. what a whiny nyerk
  5. what happened to all that fun you were having on wow? Xd
  6. well said, i couldnt agree more👍
  7. After +8 the runestone buffs are like +2 on the rune lvl and they probably have a +2 socket as well. I highly doubt that the rune itself has a +20 on it. You could ask the person instead of just throwing their names on the forum. If you have a concern you can always go to support.
  8. @Kibbelz Is there an ETA on the IDD fix?
  9. There isn't anything we can do on the player side to legit hunt these items. If they were created by these same accounts that got banned Im sure they looked at EVERYthing that came from those accounts. Otherwise, they know we would give them serious hell later. Having trolls sitting around monitoring others gear would solve what? How do they know when it was made? How long was taken to make it? See my point
  10. Afraid of what? LOL all you manage to get with that would a witch hunt fueled by crybabies, lazies, and "sleepers".
  11. That wont work because you have to many petty people here trying to either report people based on rumor, the fact they dont like them , or simply because that person has better gear + then they do. Dumbest suggestion ever
  12. You sound extra petty. Worry about you, not others. You will have far less stress
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