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  1. Or... he is paid to do a job and i doubt its 24h a day. he probably puts in his 6~10h what ever it is. then goes home. We get replies when he is on the job. I highly, highly doubt NcSoft NA pays OT. cheap bastards. Have you been to S.Korea? Can you say with 100% that the claims you make are correct?
  2. What does his race or nationality have to do with any of this? Poor management needs no race, color, language, nor nationality to exist. This dude is just the middle man so why personally attack him? This is 2021 not 1950s Amuuurica man. No place for statements like these today.
  3. I think the world has seen enough of this bigot and his fake tan. I please ask you kindly to stop putting his image in our face. Thanks
  4. Isnt this the same manastone event you gave after stormwing eggs event? Then it was OK~ because manastone were not that easy to craft/acquire. Now people have loads of ult and can just burn thru them until a gear is socket. This event now in 7.7 is useless and you will see lackluster sales because no one will pay for that cookie. Why not just bring back the stormwing egg event. Everyone LOVED that event. LOADS of positive feedback. Veteran player got to work on projects, new/returning got to catch up somewhat. That was the event i returned during and it got me my very first legendary transfor
  5. The bigger problem here is that the applicant pool is so smol that they're even able to do this.
  6. Clearly you haven't had the unfortunate pleasure of having Jhyatsu on your team. That temp it the equivalent of having 5 other afkers in your group when it comes to harming the team , only its still walking around feeding kills to the opposing team. 😂 talk about shit players. MY GOD, Id take an unnamed afk over that BS any day of the week.
  7. thats him right after he posted this LOL
  8. So did you guys just put a bunch of really rubbish ideas in a hat and blindly pull from it?
  9. maybe lower the threshold but not bottom it out?
  10. Dont you think lowering them to 0 will cause more afk and intensify this problem? A coin being received just by entering is not a good fix IMO
  11. @Loki@KibbelzYou could have added a decent event coin drop to the loot table. Nothing flashy or over the top. This would have motivated me to buy those bcm resets that you are going to see little or no sales on. Some ppl are still sitting on their free keys. This would have been a great time to allow ppl for farm coins as well as test your in-game bot. Consider it?
  12. When it was first decided to disable this feature some ppl had the UI pop up anyway and have had it since. It just dc'd you in the past if you tried to use it.. I can only assume that not fixing it back then is now creating issues now.
  13. game options > interface > [✔️]Show Auto Hunting Control UI. But ppl are still not getting it to show.
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