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  1. @Kibbelz@Hime ETA on the servers coming back up? oh nvm... got the answer from the ops page
  2. Season of thanks? I give gifts to people I'm thankful for. You are just holding your hand out again saying "gimme". Please change that title because you are not thankful of the player base you have left.
  3. This looks so much better and clicking between pages doesnt feel and look like i fell in to some weird dial up twilight zone. Much fast and sleeker i love it!
  4. I feel like you provide more information to the community than we can every receive from NCsoft. I really appreciate you! ty!
  5. Did they select the cheapest bare-bone package with AWS? Alexa? Why is my ping rubbish?
  6. Check your mail box for rewards. The season ended and a new season has begun
  7. Making assumptions makes you look extremely foolish. I maintain prestige and quite often spend on the events. Not nearly enough to make whale status but i make my contribution. Its toxic ignorant ppl such as yourself that help ncsoft ruin this game. You jumped the gun and now you look like a total idiot. Just stop digging
  8. I feel like this needs to be on an Aion tee shirt xD, well said
  9. I love that you took the time to underline portions of this. Read as a whole its a defense of both sides, saying ppl should own their choices, and a little humor sprinkled over it. The fact that you took its so seriously tells me you are just projecting your inner salt.
  10. I hate to admit it but whales are what is keeping this game alive. This company needs money or it shuts down the NA servers. Does it nerk me to see someone rise quickly, riding their credit card like a magic carpet? Yes. But complaining about someone being p2w/f2p seems to me like pure pettiness. Its their money to spend or not spend. Know your probabilities /risk if you decide to spend and accept that is was your choice to do so. You solely own the outcome if you choose to gamble. You can't go to the casino and burn ur bank account then ask for some sort of change or compensation lol
  11. No joke, watching that video brought a tear to my eye. I have to wrap up in the comforter with hot chocolate afterwards and watch cat videos to cleanse. So much pain and suffering in ur video...
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