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  1. ^ this. Aion went from the best pvp game i ever played to the most rubbish i ever seen in my life in a matter of 2-3 patch. they completely destroyed it with the 6.0 Refly dmg formulas theres litteraly 0 balance , its nothing but a broken mess.
  2. At least you guys got your keys! all that counts!~ hopefully if we face each others in the future game wont have a brainfart and let us compete evenly. Cheers~
  3. i have nothing to hide bro , been playin this game legit since betas. we entered at very last second and the game didnt remove our buffs when we entered , simple as that . Just one more bug in this mess of a game. Im curious did you guys lose entry or you got to keep it ?
  4. also , having a xform did nothing to help , i was going at exact same speed as normal. You also play aion , so you should know this game is full of bugs
  5. 1st off , when me and laoly entered the instance we werent in group , we had white names , game didnt register any point even tho i was ahead , we finished instance without reward and the game didnt take our entries away. really gonna blame me for ncsoft incompetence on making events properly??
  6. last 2 days farmed TT and i could get 200 souls in like 50 mobs , its just rng sometime its good other its bad.
  7. Matheus , just stop you are embarassing urself , bascially whole NA know you fly in instance and use hacks
  8. they should just give a free subscription to that ice cream thing to all players so its fair.
  9. @Kibbelz LOL @ Hacking/Cheating being 2nd on priority. This event is worst than cyberpunk 2077 on consoles
  10. @Kibbelz @Loki When are you guys actually gonna do something about this freakin dumpster fire of an event??? why arent you doing anything about people using 3rd party software to buyout stuff faster than the freakin speed of light? This is a fken joke , probably the most ridiculous bs i ever seen in this game since it launched. FIX it NCSOFT.
  11. @Kibbelz @Loki This event needs a change ASAP. Every players should have a chance at getting those items. Put a limit on each players instead of a limit on how many person per server can get them.
  12. @Kibbelz Can we have Primeth Forge hard mode accs in Events please
  13. terrible event rewards... return scrolls and ancient manastones? WTF.
  14. this has to be the worst rewards in an event in the history of aion.
  15. @Kibbelz @Loki Please add ultimate demaha champion weapon series back !!
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