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  1. Just wait till its disc of phaetos too , another instance nobody will clear or even try to run. dont you see the pattern here? : unyielding stormwing , dragon lord throne , disc of phaetos, they gotta stop putting mandatory equipments and skills\stigmas behind impossible challenge that only 1% of the whole game population can clear. Just feels like a bad game design issue to me, and NC wont do shit about it to change it for NA, they can barely fix simple issues
  2. i agree the lockboxes are pure shit they should totally update the content in it
  3. Theres one on the quna store called altgard kitten egg for 250 quna
  4. @Wissp Nobody use those in their gear , why not give us the green one.. This is crap , nobody uses this ( maybe except the greater normal wich need to be proccd in alchemy to get what you truly need for gear ) : This is what everyone need :
  5. Hello @Wissp Like Shirene mentionned , Aion Classic is in a desesperate state when it comes to the manastones everyone uses ie: Attack +5's Crit +17's Mboost 27's mres +14's etc. We really need a proper way to get them wich is achievable thru in game activities , the current one isnt working atm the broker is mostly empty and/or the prices for a single manastones as gone completely thru the roof. ( 3m for a single attack+5 ) making it almost impossible for newer players and even veteran to socket their sets. I know nc plan is for NA region to stick as close as possible to their KR counterpart but we clearly dont have the same population therefore we need a different approach. Looking forward the more frequent updates and communication from the Aion Team concerning issues , fixes or updates. Please dont ignore your playerbase and leave us in the dark for too long as it happened in the past.
  6. why did you remove eltnen kitter egg from store?.. we need that back..
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