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  1. They did say they planned stopping in 2.7 in their video to introduce aion classic in korea
  2. im like 5 part crit and 1 part attack so far using mix of ice black / Coin gear sitting at 1.5kish of accuracy i didnt get dodged yet in pve. i would suggest accuracy as a 2nd set for pvp to counter block cleric but then again its pretty early game atm dont think you need to focus that yet.
  3. For stigma pve : improved stamina , lockdown , crippling cut , draining blow , absorbing fury and berserking and absorbing fury ( you can also swap for dual wield at end game when you have a decent dw set with atk speed) For pvp : improved stamina , lockdown , crippling cut , ankle snare , unwavering devotion ,berserking and slaughter For the topic of GS vs Spears : it's really a matter of preference , Greatsword does have a more balanced damage output than Spears but spears have more bursty hits spears are bit slower on animations than greatsword but they also benefit from a l
  4. @Kibbelz Will we have to download a separate client like Korea? , if yes , when will it be available to download ( i supose around the 16th) And how many servers will there be at launch?
  5. i heard they launching spacex Super heavy model earlier to go install Aion classic server on mars.
  6. Amen. Let people enjoy the "announcement" of classic and the upcoming release , many people are happy that they will be able to relive old memories. If you dont like the idea that's also fine but nothing force you to play it. Personally i think Aion was wayyy better in that era , lots of people might come back to play it again. The state of live servers is kind of sad at the moment and i really doubt anything will fix it unless NC korea really put work in it , wich prob wont happen. Can't wait for the official announcement and the release date tho @Kibbelz @Hime Wink Wink
  7. if this is not a confirmation , idk what is
  8. Heck yea brother , cant wait to jump in old aion once again!
  9. They dont corrupt before 5 anymore , that one was +4 because i tried pushing it past 8 one last time with my remaining stones without much success.
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