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  1. why you guys suprised in ncsoft being a cashgrab company that dosent care about its playerbase/community
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    what do you mean , i always got only 1 chocolate from basket...
  3. Skill speed delay

    welp , nevermind it fixed itself after some time ^^ dunno what happened but its fine now.
  4. Skill speed delay

    Anyone feels like their skill chain are slower than usual since last maintenance? feel like all of my skills are super slow my ping is stable and attack speed is same as last night but skill do feel super sluggish.
  5. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    So i just got a wise dragon king's weapon box.. and idk if its because i didnt tune any weapon yet , but it seem like it dosent have any skill on it. Can anyone confirm if theres a skill on it or not.
  6. @Cyan Stigma Enchanting Rate

    @Cyan where is the stigma enchant rate boost they got in Korea?
  7. @Cyan Stigma Enchanting Rate

    i feel you bro , what a disapointment...
  8. @Cyan Stigma Enchanting Rate

    that make no sense whatsoever... but yea i can see that happening too.
  9. @Cyan Stigma Enchanting Rate

    @Cyan Rate is abyssimaly bad , +12 is impossible unless you drop 2000$ us on the game , fix it.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 30, 2019

    Can we have events with actual good items??
  11. November shop update coming soon

    Just in case you guys wonder what i'm talking about. @Cyan @Hime
  12. November shop update coming soon

    @Cyan Can you forward the suggestion of having ultimate extend weapon selection box for next few events too? :)))) kthx.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 23, 2019

    put Extendable weapon selection box in next event @Cyan TY!
  14. Ultimate EK Weapon box

    I just want to skin my dark talon greatsword qq