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  1. What about months previews?

    This month preview : More of the same! Character transfers in 2025 We don't know how to put transparent scrolls in-game Enjoy the "core" game! PS: next maintenance gonna take 14h to fix typos in skills and we gonna break a lot more thing while doing this. STAY TUNED.
  2. September

    a million time this . ^
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 14, 2018

    NA aion needs event to survive , giving us fewer event WILL kill the game.
  4. Aion 2

    still tryin to figure out what the actual nyerk is that
  5. Aion 2

    Welp they just pulled another Diablo immortal on us . GG nc for destroying everyone dream to see Aion 2 as a pc mmo
  6. Aion 2

    where did you see it was made for mobile , just curious.
  7. NC. Danaria Elyos need your help.

    DN Elyos just had it way too easy for the past few years at siege , always aiming for the pve fortress instead of the pvp one , now we confronted to a real pvp siege and elyos faction dosent know how to handle it. this is not about numbers , this is about how well elyos faction can pull their nyerk together
  8. XingCode Module error

    i got the same issue here ... >.> was working fine an hour ago.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 9, 2018

    turn off shugo console
  10. Caeus Weapons

    there's actually a safezone for enchant at +6 btw.