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  1. Extends and regular stat cubics

    @Kibbelz @Loki Please add ultimate demaha champion weapon series back !!
  2. Put extendables in game again!

    Amen. You need to be a melee toon to notice that i guess /shrug
  3. Put extendables in game again!

    You played templar right? So you should be aware that a good player with a cc class has all the tool in his skillset to be able to negate the fact that you have an extendable. Of course inexperienced players will have a hard time dealing with it thus a "nerf" as you call it. Sure it can be disadvantageous for your opponent i agree with you on this , but anyone that has pvp'd for a while as a sorc or sw or any cc class do develop tactics to make melees player totally hopeless in front of them , its not everyone but the most skilled players do find a way. I mean cmon man im not asking for a weapon that hit at 25m lmfao, you played a melee you should know how it is. Im pretty sure if you were a melee main and wouldnt have that extendability vs all others that have it in open world pvp , arena or instanced battleground , you'd wish ncsoft would put it back in game asap.
  4. Put extendables in game again!

    First of all we have same core mechanic as Korea it is no different in any point here. Extendable are pve weapons so that dosent make AT nerfed in any way since they have acces to longer range AND having the advantage of having nearly 350 more pvp attack than anyone using a extendable. You can have your opinion on whos bad for using it or not , it dosent change the fact that most melee players has one nowaday and it would be more fair to others to still have access to demaha series even tho a newer and better one coming in the near future. Now your suggestion of adding 7m on all our attacks kinda defeat your first post as you're sayin its a crutch to win the game how would you like melee having the range AND the maximum pvp attack possible? You're not making much sense here. The fact that i'll be paying to get the newer one has no impact. I already have demaha champion on my main, im just saying would be nice for newer players / returning users that couldnt play during 7.0-7.2 or fresh rerolls to be able to put their hands on the older one until the newer one is actually a thing. No need to start calling people bad because they want to use the tools that the game provide.
  5. Big Mega IMPORTANT Question (About Skins)

    Cetus beat me to it
  6. Put extendables in game again!

    You probably never played melee classes in your life to say things like that , without extends even if you're sitting on your target at a distance of 0m game wont let you use any skills and will tell you that you're too far away half of the time. Extendable remove that issue but the trade off being you lose a lot of pvp attack wich is fair imo. Its kinda late in the game life to wish extendable werent a thing , it exist and you'll have to deal with it. Also lol @ claiming that extendable are for bad players , litterally everyone and even the best players in KR rely on em. You probably just salty being on the receiving end of it , perhaps you're the one who should get good and learn to play vs a class that can actually use its skills against you without having his/her screen spammed by "you're too far away" even tho they clearly sitting on top of you.
  7. Put extendables in game again!

    I'd suggest it to be easier to get than just being a part of world bosses drop as only the bigger legions has the opportunity to kill those. Extendable should be easier to get and it should be obtainable by everybody since its a important tool for all melee classes. We need it back in the game even if 7.7 bring new one. Lots of people i know that dont necessarily read forums are reluctant to play their alts just because theres no access to these items anymore. Would be a good business move for NC too , more rerolls more chance people invest on bcm for these toons. @Kibbelz @Loki seriously consider bringing the ultimate demaha champion weapon series back into game! And make it accessible to everyone!
  8. Put extendables in game again!

    @Kibbelz@Loki Please consider putting this in future events! many people showing interest for these items.
  9. @Loki @Kibbelz Put back extendable weapons in the game! This shouldnt be unobtainable and theres still a long time before we can put our hands on the new one coming in 7.7. Not fair for returning , new players or reroll to not being able to have the chance to play with the enhanced range.
  10. Feedback: Event Thread

    @Kibbelz @Loki Please add this to events or on bcm so people can get their hand on extendable weapons...
  11. Lugbug's Treasure Help Needed

    usually lugbug is near the soulhealer in your main town ingisson/gelkmaros but he is also in lakrum and demaha and in your capital city as well.
  12. okay! thanks for the answer
  13. @Loki @Kibbelz @Hime Note: We are investigating an issue where players will be unable to obtain enough (Upgraded) Divine Protection Skill Book Secret Scrolls to create the resulting item. This issue is related to quests granted by event NPC 'Heavenly', and we look forward to sharing our plans to address this very soon. Any update concerning this? are we gonna get the 3rd scroll any soon?
  14. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    The only way to get the new apostle is by combining the shards you get from renown vendors , you cannot get em by combining old legendaries or first batch of apostles.