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  1. @Kibbelz @Loki Welp 3rd attempt failed on my deadass server. pretty sure i bought whole server blood supply i think we gonna need some sort of alternative for this quest cuz it is utterly ridiculous.
  2. @Kibbelz @Loki You guys need to wake up , this game is not as popular as it was 12 years ago , theres like less than 100 lvl 50 on IS server at any time , We already aware you got no intention of merging both servers so we can have an healthy population/economy but at least boost the drop rate on things like Boiling Balaur Bloods so people has a chance to do the quest wich is a main part of this update. How the heck are we suposed to even make this thing when bloods are like non existent or super overpriced. Theres no point of gating Miragent/Fenris quest so hard like 12 years ago. Le
  3. Yep 100% agree on that. Also IS population is damnnnn low , how are we supposed to even get bloods theres like 3 on broker. Boost the rate on balic mats or something... @Kibbelz
  4. you get less AP from the landing npc than the shugo in the core.
  5. you change the crowns/gobelet in abyss core theres 2 shugo on a platform outside of fort
  6. Legit question tho, how is web team not aware of things like this , dont they have to manage the website at least one time a week?... i mean 3/4 of stuff not working correctly is damn obvious the moment you log in game or on website... nobody at NCWest give a nyerk anymore. feel like this game could still be decent if it was managed properly , i never saw a company with such a lack of attention to their own product.. it's laughable. i feel bad for you @Kibbelz must be hell to try to keep community in one piece when the upper management clearly act like they don't even know Ai
  7. no fort instances in 1.5 , this is gonna be in 1.7 and yes the losing faction can acces instance with portals but they need to use an " artifact fragment" whatever that is to enter.
  8. They did say they planned stopping in 2.7 in their video to introduce aion classic in korea
  9. im like 5 part crit and 1 part attack so far using mix of ice black / Coin gear sitting at 1.5kish of accuracy i didnt get dodged yet in pve. i would suggest accuracy as a 2nd set for pvp to counter block cleric but then again its pretty early game atm dont think you need to focus that yet.
  10. For stigma pve : improved stamina , lockdown , crippling cut , draining blow , absorbing fury and berserking and absorbing fury ( you can also swap for dual wield at end game when you have a decent dw set with atk speed) For pvp : improved stamina , lockdown , crippling cut , ankle snare , unwavering devotion ,berserking and slaughter For the topic of GS vs Spears : it's really a matter of preference , Greatsword does have a more balanced damage output than Spears but spears have more bursty hits spears are bit slower on animations than greatsword but they also benefit from a l
  11. @Kibbelz Will we have to download a separate client like Korea? , if yes , when will it be available to download ( i supose around the 16th) And how many servers will there be at launch?
  12. i heard they launching spacex Super heavy model earlier to go install Aion classic server on mars.
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