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  1. apostle easy! just need 1500 xp marks and a thousand years to do ! wtf guys! /sarcasm
  2. maybe include yornforged weapons in this too , thing ask for insane effort and most of the time it blow up in your face leaving your 2 week worth of farming materials f or 1 try completely useless
  3. if you think event weapons is 0% wait until you try yornforge 3rd stage
  4. That sucks... I'm at 70/93 atm i think i'll just hoard for a while and gather enough for a couple tries before attempting it
  5. *looking at the required 56xp marks for 2nd to 3rd yornforge weapons stage with a nice 15% chance to success* .....Mmmm we might need auto hunt anyway
  6. Primeth Forge NM Infernal Drakenspire Depth NM Stellin Lab EZ and NM Benyrunerk Estate EZ and NM Altar of Ascenscion EZ and NM Altar of Gales EZ and NM Also both 1st and 2nd stage are brokerable so you might find em there too.
  7. dang , that actually would make people queue pvp instance again. Is that bag specific to any region in particular? that's the first time i ever see that.
  8. if you need cubics do some transmutation that's 90% of what you get in there.
  9. Theres tons of things gameforge do worst but.. at least they keep their version alive by having multiple events that are worst participating in tho... i havent really played aion in the 2 last weeks because NCWest dosent give any events that's exciting/worth doing. oh and btw, ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION PROMO PLEASE. Thanks.
  10. dont waste your time on that one , not like its ever gonna act like a normal human being. Valedia constantly spamming LFG on DN -E to the point of havin 99% of the remaining player base blocking it , now that it dosent have much feedback on the game it came to the forum to do the exact same thing , i suggest you to use the block user option that's available on forum so that you dont have to read the constant spew of nonsense that come from that person. Also fun fact i got a 3 days ban on forum because i told ncsoft to fix their nyerking game and Valedia's here still allowed to post whatever
  11. Btw the weapon drop are random .. its not a box so you might do 20 SL runs and get a harp goodluck with getting what you need.
  12. That's assuming ncwest knows anything about this game and we all know they proved to us countless of time they clueless as nyerk , also the rate seem at wich those storm queen weapons drop seem rubbish
  13. I agree , if you look at the korean version theres a new event every week. i've been playin this game since launch and to be fair i've never seen the game so dead i did a search earlier and DN-E only had 80 people online including 10-15 people under lvl 80. @Kibbelz We need more than 1 hour worth of afk per day as an event my dude.
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