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  1. okay! thanks for the answer
  2. @Loki @Kibbelz @Hime Note: We are investigating an issue where players will be unable to obtain enough (Upgraded) Divine Protection Skill Book Secret Scrolls to create the resulting item. This issue is related to quests granted by event NPC 'Heavenly', and we look forward to sharing our plans to address this very soon. Any update concerning this? are we gonna get the 3rd scroll any soon?
  3. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    The only way to get the new apostle is by combining the shards you get from renown vendors , you cannot get em by combining old legendaries or first batch of apostles.
  4. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    The current xp rate is a joke , we need to have better xp from quest and farming mobs in open world. Farming xp marks at the moment is a full time job it shouldnt be so hard to fill a full xp bar. Maybe add regular xp to quests that only give renown xp atm that would help greatly and it would feel more rewarding
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 15, 2020

    pretty sure we will have to craft/get the fallen star weapon in a future event to get the 3rd scroll.
  6. @Loki @Kibbelz @Hime Will there be more opportunity to get those skill scroll in the future? Or will the heaven weapons event be a thing that'll come back once in a while?
  7. why you guys suprised in ncsoft being a cashgrab company that dosent care about its playerbase/community
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    what do you mean , i always got only 1 chocolate from basket...
  9. Skill speed delay

    welp , nevermind it fixed itself after some time ^^ dunno what happened but its fine now.
  10. Skill speed delay

    Anyone feels like their skill chain are slower than usual since last maintenance? feel like all of my skills are super slow my ping is stable and attack speed is same as last night but skill do feel super sluggish.
  11. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    So i just got a wise dragon king's weapon box.. and idk if its because i didnt tune any weapon yet , but it seem like it dosent have any skill on it. Can anyone confirm if theres a skill on it or not.
  12. @Cyan Stigma Enchanting Rate

    @Cyan where is the stigma enchant rate boost they got in Korea?
  13. @Cyan Stigma Enchanting Rate

    i feel you bro , what a disapointment...
  14. @Cyan Stigma Enchanting Rate

    that make no sense whatsoever... but yea i can see that happening too.