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  1. Well there launcher seems to be broken can't even use it without errors when it actually lets me login then it fails can't even play classic which i never uninstalled and i can't even reinstall retail version so much for any farming before merge in 2 days lol Broken NC
  2. So I've tried reinstalling Aion after uninstalling it to move it to a different Hard drive (gave up on moving it to another hard drive) now I can't even install the game I downloaded and installed the launcher but I can't even get to the login part I get a error saying that it "Failed to read content data from the update server" every time, I got passed the login once and got to the install Aion part but it did nothing it sat at 0% for like 20 minutes then it popped up with that error again and on top of that half the time I can't load the website just gives me DNS crap and saying the site can
  3. i keep getting this random Fatal error send log either out of no where or when i am on my 2nd run of cubic instance and i end up with afailed run and a waste of 10 mins of my life doing the instance than logging back in please @Kibbelz look into this tired of getting send logs/fatal error send logs for the past 2-3 weeks now. pretty sure i'm not the only one getting these, along with the pin bug
  4. Why would you make siege a hour later when that's like 12:00a.m-1:00a.m in east coast it's a NA server, That makes no logical sense why you would make siege time even later... great way to f**k up, It was bad enough already when siege was so late at night as is...
  5. I swear enchanting gear is so broken i haven't been able to enchant anything in 3 weeks everything just fails i haven't had any success with enxhanting gear and all the sudden it the rates seem worse once the ring event came out and doesn't matter what level enchant the gear is or if it's ancient legendary or ultimate I've lost atleast well over 100 enchantment stones because of it like more than normal and I've used each type of enchantment stone and i get nothing but fails i believe enchantment rates are bugged @Cyan
  6. Am i the only one unable to update the game i've been trying for hours now i keep getting the same error at 99% E02016 L10N\enu\sounds\cutscene\ldf5a\voice\voice.pak is the error i keep getting i've tried pretty much everything i can think of to fix it...nothing works. someone please help. @Cyan
  7. Am i like the only one not able to update the game...i keep getting the same error and i've tried everything, nothing seems to be working i can't even install 7.2 patch basically...
  8. Why isn't the wolf mount apart of the Halloween event out of everything else in the list for the event for the bcm the wolf mount should be apart of it @Cyan Most people would consider the wolf mount to be apart of Halloween, I think you guy's should add that into the event it would be great.
  9. And why are we getting lower buffs than EK server got they got +400% XP, +200% Drop, +200% Crafting, and +200% AP I thought you said in one of your previous posts about the server merge that we'd be getting the same buffs as EK server did...?
  10. Yeah I rather not get gold ingots, I prefer to get the gold ingots i'd be getting turned into kinah please because you literally don't put any way to get kinah in this game the only option you give us is kinah bundles that don't even give us kinah to do anything with like what are we gonna do with 1-2-5-10 mill kinah, like there are no quests you can repeat for kinah either I can't even teleport out of sanctum on some of my characters because i'm so broke from having to pay for soul sickness or having to buy potions or transform scrolls it's pretty ridiculous I can't even enjoy the game becaus
  11. Oh, I honestly did not know that I guess I joined the game right after they did it, still a decent name though for a server if they didn't use it before.
  12. I Think 4 star officers should also be able to get a title because 5 star officer and all the rest higher up do but 4 star officer ranking show's on the ranking board in game so basically you're giving the title for abyss ranking to 100 people and that's all 5 star officer and up when it really should be 300 people to include the 200 4 star officers that have also been working there asses off for glory points and abyss points since the game came out.
  13. Ereshkigal (siel-BR) Kaisinel (Kahrun-IS-Tiamat) I think this is a good combo.
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