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  1. EU 6.2 patch notes

  2. Prestige Pack update

    First step towards non-P2W! Totally not a dream!
  3. Old Forums Being Removed

    So we're finally winding down!
  4. EU is saying goodbye to 5.8. Welcomes 6.0

    Shh! Not so loud!
  5. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    Can NCSoft just sell this franchise to a good developer like Bethesda or Valve already? Or just make it ArenaNet's second title, since they know how to make a game too.
  6. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    Kinda too late for that. 55 twink is completely dead because they gave overpowered free gears to everyone. I know because I spent over 10 hours queuing Arena of Discipline and got not a single pop =\ Useful for PvE twinking, I guess, but with all the quests gone I'm guessing quest completionists like me will be gone as well.
  7. Weekly kinah vendor cap

    Ah. Well, at least I can sell the tradables on an alt.
  8. Weekly kinah vendor cap

    According to https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/2528-Kinah-sell-limit/?postID=63947#post63947 it's account based (I know it's EU but it should work the same). So I'm already capping the highest cap on a Lvl 55.
  9. Weekly kinah vendor cap

    I can already cap the weekly kinah limit by soloing Udas Temple / Lower Udas Temple with a Lvl 55.
  10. Aion 6.0 EU release date 19/9/2018

    Because I just want to enjoy the official servers one last time before it goes to complete shit? Has 6.0 hit yet? Also, remember there are 2 factions in Aion. I don't have to replay Poeta to Inggison again. I can play Asmodian: Ishalgen to Gelkmaros to Sarpan and Tiamaranta.
  11. Aion 6.0 EU release date 19/9/2018

    What? Your question didn't even make sense. How does having more choices mean that you're "forced" to play everything? You're the one who enjoys being forced to play on one map.
  12. Aion 6.0 EU release date 19/9/2018

    The real Aion was up till it died, aka 4.7 onward when they started making stupid decisions (or even 4.5, when it became EB Online). "Forced"? Doesn't it suck even more to be forced to not be able to play on those regions?
  13. Aion September Preview

    Except it hasn't been the full game since 3 years ago =\ I silently hope the delay is them working on turning NA into an official 3.0/4.0 "private" server, but fat hope.

    What if Hime is actually the secret villain behind all this? Maplestory went P2W, then she nyerked out of it. Aion went P2W, now she nyerks out to BnS, which went P2W as well. Every game she touches goes P2W. #conspiracytheories
  15. Houses were fine. They made Aion more of a sandbox MMO. There were people who loved collecting furniture and decorating their houses with rare furniture. But now it's no longer really a sandbox MMO. They've destroyed furniture rarity by adding Luna. You no longer feel pride owning most pieces of furniture because they are all dirt cheap now. Everyone and their mother has an Eastern Butterfly Cabinet now. When they removed Sarpan and Tiamaranta, they also removed a huge load of furniture crafts, like the ones which materials come from special bosses. I really enjoyed farming for them because they looked cool. They've destroyed questing. There are hardly any quests in the game now. They've destroyed crafting/gathering. All that's left to do is PvP and dungeon grind. I HATED gunslinger because I was playing an assassin when 4.0 came out. Before that, stealth reveal cooldown was 10 minutes. Gunslinger had a ridiculous 2.5 minutes cooldown, completely destroying the fun of Shadow Walk. Sieges were the best thing to happen to Aion. They were what defined Aion for me. No siege = not Aion, like what it will be in 6.0, with only 2 sieges. Tiamaranta was just amazing. So much to explore, so much to do. I still remember Kahrun weeklies. People would gather in an alliance together. It was teamwork and bonding of the faction. Heart sieges were some of the most fun I ever had. Nowadays, legions are important if you want to really be at the endgame. It's no longer about a social legion, but a hardcore legion. You either pick a hardcore legion or be a joke with no connections and no one to do anything serious with. Gears are a massive problem with the game right now. They are TOO COMPLICATED. Even as a returning player who knows how most of it works, I can't even imagine when I would even get half done with anything. I don't want to spend money if I don't even know where the end goal is. Hackers have always been in the game forever. I knew a 5-star officer back in Siel Asmo who was a fly hacker because I saw him fly over fences in EOB. And then he became a General. NCSoft doesn't care. Personally, I want them to just revert the entire game back to 3.0 or 4.0. Yes, I know it's not happening, and no, it's not just nostalgia and me not being able to break out of it. Just look at all the issues above and compare them with the situation now. Aion is literally a shitshow now.