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  1. I don't know what's NCKorea's obsession with deleting maps, but if there's anything NCWest can do, could you please convince them to somehow archive old maps in a time machine NPC where we can travel and do quests in those areas? That includes Sarpan and Tiamaranta. It's such a shame that so much content is lost and will be lost. You could even set them to give no EXP at all if you want people to focus on new contents, but at least keep them somewhere so we can access the map and experience the old stuff again.
  2. It would be nice to have a complete game where every map that has been designed is playable. If the intent is to make players have a shorter journey to max level, then you can just make the extra maps optional maps like Theobomos/Brusthonin have always been. Players can choose whether to breeze through Poeta->Heiron or take their time going through Poeta->Verteron->Eltnen->Heiron->Theobomos and enjoy the full game. Why would you take away that full experience? There's just no reason to delete old maps. Let players decide where they want to level, instead of deciding it for them. That was the wonder of Theobomos/Brusthonin, where players could decide whether to level in Eltnen/Heiron/Altgard/Morheim or there. If the intent was to reduce server costs, you could always disable fast track and disable the extra channels. Eltnen alone has 5 channels that are hardly used. Why would you delete the entire region just to save costs when you could just delete 5 channels and just leave the normal server channel open? If the intent was to bring back old players, that would make some of us more reluctant to come back to the game, because half the game has been deleted anyway. Why come back to half the game we knew? We loved the game we once played, not this half-deleted game that we don't recognize anymore. You're not going to bring new players either, because the core game has been deleted anyway. Why would they jump into the expansion of an old game with no ability to play the original game? If the intent was to allow players to get to max level faster, do you really need to delete all these maps? Just increase exp rewards. You guys have been spoonfeeding new characters with extremely high exp campaigns and free +10 gears already. Leveling is already fast enough. Just sell a Lvl 70 instant level booster even, you could earn extra money. If the intent was to make sure people concentrate on the new maps, why does that even matter? People who are still leveling won't be going for sieges or PvP anyway. Currently, I'm playing through all the (remaining) quests in the game, trying to re-experience as much as I can before you delete half the game. A pity you've already deleted the entirety of 2 expansions already. This might as well be Aion -6.0 because we'll be having less content than we ever had now. I'll probably be moving to another game that adds content instead of delete them after I'm done re-experiencing the game for the last time.
  3. My Steel Rake Cabin entry count is invisible, and when I click enter it says I have to wait 1 minute to enter. It says it should reset at daily reset, but it has been like this since yesterday. My Steel Rake (group instance) has already resetted but Steel Rake Cabin is bugged.
  4. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    Actually, why don't we wonder why we have low population in the first place?
  5. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    I didn't. I just said 1.x was about rifting and PvPing, and there were only Abyss sieges. The only differences in PvP gameplay compared to 5.8, ignoring new P2W stuff, is different map environment and no Kaldor. If 5.x isn't popular, 1.x wouldn't be popular as well. If they want to open a classic server, they need something different, like 2.x-4.x.
  6. How do YOU pronounce Hime?

    The first one. It's from 姫 hi-me (princess) in Japanese, unless I'm wrong. Learned it from my MapleStory days (she was the CM there back then).
  7. I know I'm quitting but can I just keep my 600 Pashid Horns please? I read EU patch notes that they will be force sold =\
  8. University thesis about Aion

    Submitted my response, but my real answer to many questions would be "depends", so I put 2 or 3. For example, Guild Wars 2 and Aion have massive differences so I can't really answer those questions as a whole.
  9. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    It's not even about nostalgia. The game was just better in the past. My PvE content aside, Aion at its current state is not a game I would recommend to anyone for PvP because of the massive gear gap between geared and ungeared. Good games bring players, it's as simple as that. 1.x was the same as 5.x anyway. It was about rifting and sieges were the same minus Kaldor. Only thing different is that maybe PvP was fairer because there was a way smaller gear gap, but Koreans love P2W games anyway so it wasn't really a big factor. Just nostalgia alone won't bring many players.
  10. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    The outfit designs since 4.0 have deviated a lot from the original designs. Aion used to have extremely stylish and beautiful outfits. Nowadays it's all over-revealing skin, extremely short skirts, and boobs. I took a look at the skins in the broker just a few days ago when I couldn't stand the Spinel gear skin, and was disgusted by the choice because they were either plain and boring dresses or over-revealing new skins. What happened to AMAZING skins such as this? I don't know how to describe it but it's kind of a "flowing" kind of design. I actually looked past all the new skins in broker and just used a 2.0 skin, Inggison armor set. Even coin gears look better than today's designs.
  11. shugo fire temple

    Tip: Avoid dyslexic groups that can't even spell SFT in the correct order, and you should be good most of the time.
  12. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    Just add me to friends then if you're Elyos-DN, and for anyone else interested. I won't be touching my house for a long while anyway.
  13. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    Well good for you then if you like it. But to me it will always be "That's not what really happened." And some experiences cannot be properly "summarized". Eg. Lepharists. You met them in Verteron/Altgard, then in Eltnen/Morheim, Heiron/Beluslan. You keep meeting them so many times; who are these people? And now you only meet these bunch of weirdos twice in Heiron/Beluslan. There is no buildup anymore. Especially what you mentioned: Lephar. When I first played Aion, I was so curious about who this guy Lephar was. And the plot twist that he was Israphel was such an amazing feeling that is now completely gone from the game. Eg2. Reian. You learn so much about them in Sarpan and Tiamaranta. You work with them and Kahrun for so long, that you get first-hand insight into their culture and people. Now they will just be some random extra faction you just work with for a little while. And of course, some awesome side stories are now lost. Eg. Belbua and his adventures. The apprentice teleporter at Eltnen Fortress. Thersites and his romance. I only played though Asmo once so I can't remember but I'm sure there were awesome side stories on the Asmo side as well.
  14. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    But someone needs guestpetals.
  15. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    You can help fertilize my 4 seasonal wingfeather guestblooms which require 3600 fertilizers each
  16. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    Why do you hate on 3.x so much? Is it because you can't grief in open world by killing players who have no interest in PvP? Only griefers say 3.x is not a PvP patch. You did have the Eye where you can get real PVP against willing and geared opponents. I also played 4.0 which would be closer to the original game, so I do know what open world PvPvE is like.
  17. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    Duh, private servers are always there. The "official" server is going to shit soon, so might as well play the last remaining days of it.
  18. Essencetapping expert quest.

    I did it a month ago too, and it took me quite long (don't remember how long). Just switch between normal and fast-track server around the area between Changarnerk's Campsite and Coast Watchers Post.
  19. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    And I thought it couldn't get worse with Iluma/Norsvold camps. They're seriously the most boring quests I've ever seen other than Kaldor and Levinshor.
  20. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    Please tell me Belbua is not just some random uncle captured in a pod now.
  21. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    Well they did improve on the slow leveling that I didn't find any leveling problem at all when I started playing. And I know about dodging PvP because that's literally what I've been doing while doing spy quests in Norsvold. I don't agree that Aion was all about end game. There was so much more to do like Steel Rake and rift quests. They were what warmed you up for end game. The problem in the last patch was that they squeezed all the grind to 10 levels. Nothing is more boring than grinding 0.5-1 level per day. The pacing was fine for a very long time before that. Just like deleting almost all sieges because of overscheduling, they're overdoing it again by making the game 99% end game.
  22. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    Actually every part of each map was utilized, sometimes even every mob. Quests are what make me spend time in each area and that's how I get to know them. It's a real shame they chose to auto hide light blue quests, that so many people don't even know those quests exist anymore. So many of them were fun and interesting. Eg. trying to sneak around Frillneck nests to get their eggs in Tolbas Forest (my favorite area in the game) for a "special" omelette. Some quests sent you to secluded areas so you can learn about the different places in the world (Eg. Edendell in Tiamaranta). Without all these extra areas the game is just a boring linear game.
  23. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    What I'm saying is that the campaign is forcibly summarized now. You don't get to pick the long or short version. It's not like I'm asking them to design 4-7 new maps from scratch. The maps were already there, the story was already written. It's so much wasted content. Also, let's say it takes 2-3 years to play through a character till you get bored of it. You don't even get enough time to replay the other faction from scratch before they nuke everything again. Even so, replaying the entire story isn't that boring if you haven't played for a very long time and just want to re-experience the whole thing again.
  24. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    Killing Tiamat without even going to Tiamaranta, and Beritra without even going to Katalam and Danaria where it all began, just feels wrong to me. Maybe you might call it "summarized" in a positive tone, but I call it "watered down". Yeah, you'll probably just rage at me again for "nostalgia", but force-summarizing the campaign for everyone is just wrong. One thing I really hoped I could do last time was run through the entire campaign from Poeta/Ishalgen to Tiamat to Fregion, but that dream is entirely shattered now. At the very least they could have made it a choice when you create your character to choose the full or summarized story. Now nobody can experience or re-experience the real journey anymore. How does going to DLR and DD solo feel odd? It was the same in Tiamaranta's Eye campaign and Cygnea/Enshar campaign. I don't mind old dungeons becoming solo, as long as they don't remove or change the side quests, which they probably did anyway.