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  1. What did they do to SW heals?

    Most people use pve gear for their hb set even in pvp, as Vantheria said you have to be careful when you switch to it (preferably when your RS is up), but for pve it's pretty easy as you can just heal while kitting. If you wanted a sort-of pvp hb set you could buy an extra set of T2 ancient genesis accs (tuned for hb/hp + manastones) and swap to that when needed, that'd be an extra ~500 hb just with rings/earrings/belt/neck: Link, so it'd be the equivalent of having Exultation but without the m.attack penalty.
  2. What did they do to SW heals?

    Turn your Impassion off (it reduces your hb by 800, that's a 80% healing nerf) when you need heavy heals, turn it back on to dps. Also if you make a healing boost set (doesn't need to be fancy gear, just any accs you can get tuned with hb + cheap manastones) you can quickly switch to that too (at 1900 hb my soothing melody chain heals for a total 17k HP and it goes off in less than 2 secs).
  3. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    @Cyan also on the topic of stigmas, other regions had stigma enchantment events (similar to the ones we had in 5.x with safe spots), before people go and waste all their hard earned stigma enchant stones trying to go for +12 it'd be nice to know if we're getting a similar event (you mentioned on the stream that events are coming with the anniversary next month), and hopefully have it announced with enough time in advance to prepare (back in 5.x the stigma enchant events were announced weeks in advance). This benefits both the company as it would drive sales of stigma enchants on the BCM, and f2p players can also prepare buying them with kinah (with gold bars or from other players), make it a win/win situation and not another rage storm like it's the norm with enchanting related topics.
  4. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    Yo, @Cyan, you may want to update the news post about 7.0 then, since it mentions Altar sieges are meant to happen twice a day: https://www.aiononline.com/news/mark-of-the-vandal-arrives-august-21
  5. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    All the genesis/compensation gear we have now can be upgraded to the new Tier 2 sets introduced in 7.0: +15 ancient genesis/compensation gear -> upgrades to +0 Tier 2 Ancient (Tier 2 = new 7.0 gear) +15 legendary genesis/compensation gear -> upgrades to +0 Tier 2 Legendary +15 ultimate genesis/compensation gear -> upgrades to +0 Tier 2 Ultimate +15 Tier 2 Ancient -> upgrades to +0 Tier 2 Legendary +15 Tier 2 legendary -> upgrades to +0 Tier 2 Ultimate You can check the costs in Aionpowerbook: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/7.0_Update, browse the different pvp sets and you can check what upgrades to what. In all cases you need mats (fragments/AP/ridium) to upgrade (as well as the cost of making stuff +15 before you can purify), so decide based on your resources (kinah/time/$). You can also just farm the new 7.0 gear from scratch (you buy the +0 ancients with genesis crystals and work your way from there, just like our current gear). Let's say you can aim for full legendary gear this patch, thing is if you don't make it +15 you won't be able to purify it into the new tier 2 gear in 7.0. On the other hand if you just buy the new tier 2 ancient and make it +15, that also can be purified into the tier 2 legendary, and it's much cheaper to +15 an ancient piece vs +15'ing a legendary, so investing in legendary gear now is more of a thing of having something to hold you if you want to pvp this patch (you won't be competitive against people in ultimate gear obviously).
  6. @Cyan, harmony/disci season issue

    You're not forced to use the entries from the last reset to make them count towards the ending season, but if you don't, someone else will for sure, surpassing you in points and screwing you out of 1st place rewards. And if you use your entries to make them count for the ending season, you automatically screw yourself out of the next season's rewards because you'll be missing 1 week worth of entries. So at best you can win 1st place only every other season. Compare that with having the seasons end the same day that arena resets, so everyone is guaranteed to have the same amount of entries per season (not counting those that try to abuse reset scrolls), so as long as you win everything you’re guaranteed 1st place in Harmony (Discipline is different as points depend on opponent's rank/dodgers/etc) every season. Just like arena reset scrolls got removed from the BCM to ensure competitive seasons are not based on who can spam the most runs, the seasons' end date should be tied to arena reset days to ensure everyone has the same amount of runs.
  7. Someone got an extra entry to Arena of Harmony this week

    You can send a ticket explaining the person in 1st place used scrolls to get more points and you'll get the 1st place rewards (or w/e rewards that you would have gotten before getting dethroned by the scroll-abuser), just like it happened in previous seasons. Harmony's point system is different than Discipline's. In harmony you’ll get a flat 200 points for a win, including when your opponent drops or just doesn’t enter the arena, so even “legit” groups end up getting free wins when they get matched against someone else’s alts/spies/dodgers.
  8. Word of life is now useless and still is in 7.0 ?

    You can reach ~1.5k HB in pvp gear with the new 7.0 accs + hb boost from collection / xform (cler/sw can reach more cuz of benevolence/exultation, even chanters get +300 hb from stamima restoration iirc), so even without toggling off WoI you'd be chilling at 1K HB (or just switch to your HB set) which is a 100% increase to your heals (add 10% boost from mantra to that), not something you'd call useless.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    @Cyan, can we at least get a survey with 6 Daevanion Mark of Knowledge until you guys fix the issue with the npc not resetting? Surveys are something within your control that doesn't need intervention from the devs. It's bad enough that we have to get through multiple layers of RNG to get our skills (getting a shugo to spawn and not being empty, then actually winning the roll, then praying it's not a duplicate skill) only to have one of the few guaranteed ways to get a skillbook taken away from us. This issue with weekly sale npcs not resetting it's something that has been going on since 5.x days, it always happens whenever maintenance extends beyond the weekly reset time, and you guys are still trying to figure out a fix. Show some good will and give us the items via a survey.
  10. Combining Minions

    Out of the 4 ~ 5 times I've tried combining 4 B ranks, got a Viola once, the rest were B ranks.
  11. 6.5 Daevanion Skill Craft

    From Aion Powerbook: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Craft/155204147 It's a lvl 1 Aetherforging recipe, takes 100 genesis crystals + 6 items that cost 480k AP total. It's limited to 1 craft per week as those 6 items are a limited sale from an npc. The skill you get is random (https://aioncodex.com/kr/item/188071258/). Both the box and the actual skillbook are untradable.
  12. 7.0 Winged Champion Gear > Tier 2 Ultimate

    Aionpowerbook also lets you check which gear upgrades to what, say: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/100050136 (Ultimate T2 sword), if you click the Reverse Upgrade icon, you can see that both Genesis and Winged Champion gear can be purified into the same T2 item:
  13. Also worth noting that the gold cubics are tradable (through the broker), so you can even farm them on other accounts and trade them to your main (careful with doing 1 kinah trades on the broker, broker bots/broker campers will be a thing for sure), or just buy them if you cba to run the instance yourself.
  14. @Cyan, ty for the new (way more reasonable) exchange list but we still wanna know about why Master Harvester accs are receiving pve accs as compensation instead of pvp accs (while ironically, regular Harvester accs are receiving pvp accs? NCLogic at its finest). Also waiting on clarification about Caeus gear, which can only be enchanted up to +9, so it makes no sense that you're listing +15 ~ +24 as the required enchant level to receive compensation (since you grouped it with 75/80 ap gear, which can be enchanted up to those levels).
  15. So, @Cyan, we already filled 6 pages with both questions and suggestions to change the compensation scheme. Many players are trying to decide what to do with their current gear in terms of aiming for the best compensation they can afford (ie: trying to +27 their stuff to get something better than a rubbish yellow set that will get them 3-shot against anyone in purples/reds, enchanting extra pairs of accs, etc), if you then decide to change the compensation scheme (hopefully for the better) then they may have just wasted billions that they could have invested in other 6.0 preparation things (stigmas, kinah hoarding for gold bar compensation, aetherforging, etc). Prepping for this things often takes weeks (if not months) of kinah/material/enchant hoarding, so can we get a timely answer that doesn't happen 2 days before patch day?