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  1. @Kibbelz can you address the question about item collections, which are currently not account-wide, so is their completion status going to be merged between KT/DN or will the DN-progress be wiped?
  2. @KibbelzNot sure you guys are aware that item collections are not shared between servers (unlike xforms/xform collections which are shared), so how do you plan to handle it during merge?
  3. Who said anything about rewards? I'm talking about a bug fix, that was provided by the korean dev team to EU, for the same event we're having, a fix that was available before we even got this event rolled out in NA.
  4. @Kibbelz how come that EU/Gameforge already received a fix to make the event npcs spawn in a random location: https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/7899-maintenance-16-12-2020/ You guys only need to request that fix so at least legit players get a chance to get to the npcs before the ice cream lovers. Don't worry about testing, you guys couldn't even test the fix for the enchant stone morph missing the required materials, may as well just roll out this fix as is.
  5. According to the database it should be this item: https://aioncodex.com/us/item/188075571/, which sadly is unstorable in the Account WH. @Loki@Kibbelz how do you guys determine which toon in the account gets the promotion minion box if more than one toon did the necessary minion fusions to be eligible? This didn't matter for xform promotions as those are account wide, but minions are character bound (INB4 support asking us to waste a restoration token to move it to the right toon, when most ppl are out of tokens by now).
  6. If anything, bots are the ones who can superman their way to the end and still get rewards with no effort. Giving no rewards for afking would only make queues longer than they already are (since you can queue anytime, as opposed to having a window to concentrate players).
  7. @Loki @Kibbelz did you guys just copy paste last year's rewards? Why is Stellium listed there when it's a discontinued item (good for pvp buff I guess). Then, about the Wise Dragon King weapons, I assume it's the same version we've had before, aka the skin-only version instead of the skill skin one. It's been over an year since those weapons were released, why is NA specifically restricting access to those skills when every other regions has put them in their events? I'm sure you guys want players to swipe on the BCM for Brilliant Prisms, then at the very least offer the skill skin versio
  8. As annoying as that bug is, the dev team stopped giving af about trying to fix those things long ago. BUT! You can usually get out of that invisible box by pressing the screenshoot button while trying to move forward (taking a screenshot usually lags your fps for a moment, which is what helps you get unstuck). If that doesn't work, you can try changing your game to windowed mode and shake your game window (to create fps lag) while trying to move. Or, if you're a class with blink/teleport skills such as sorc/sin/etc, those usually work to get you out of the invisi box (modor minion sk
  9. @Cyan, I could understand this nerf for other regions because they have: -All 3 fort sieges every other day (all at the same time, so get some contri at each fort and that's 12 legendary stones per week losing every siege, more if you actually conquer the fort) -Altar sieges twice per day (double chance of getting legendary/ultimate tickets, double the stellium income to buy them) -EU has dome and dredge, both daily, 3 entries each (and working EC *cough*) Meanwhile in NA: -1 fort per day -1 altar siege daily -2 entries for dred every other day -2 entries for id every other
  10. First of all, two resources you should be using before dumping all your kinah in any defensive build: RU Gear Calculator (you can switch it to English): https://aiondb.ru/tools/equipment/ Remember to add your cubics. You can't add collections on that calculator but make sure to account for them too. Magic Resist is labeled "Magic Defense" there, so when you're entering your retune stats, for pieces that can have both Magic Defense and Magic Resist (armor, plume/bracelet), Magic Resist is always the one with the highest max values. Livo's video about 6.
  11. "The item will be deleted at a predetermined time when the event ends.", is that actually happening? People who already have enchanted stigmas are just saving their enchants until we have a stigma enchant event, but if the ones we got from the anniversary quest/event are going away may as well use them on alts or something. @Cyan
  12. A dps class in full T2 gear with everything tuned for Acc/MA + collections/cubics/etc (but without Acc/MA manastones) will be somewhere between 15k ~ 16k base Acc/MA. A cleric in full T2 gear max tuned and socketed for MR (+ cubics/collections/etc) can reach just below 22k MR (or evasion, since they scale at the same rate). 15k ~ 16k MA vs 22k MR = 27% ~ 24% resist rate. Now, you won’t see 22K MR clerics for a while due to the low availability of stones (which ties back to your original topic) and ridiculous selective retune prices compared to other regions, so the few MR clers in N
  13. Most people use pve gear for their hb set even in pvp, as Vantheria said you have to be careful when you switch to it (preferably when your RS is up), but for pve it's pretty easy as you can just heal while kitting. If you wanted a sort-of pvp hb set you could buy an extra set of T2 ancient genesis accs (tuned for hb/hp + manastones) and swap to that when needed, that'd be an extra ~500 hb just with rings/earrings/belt/neck: Link, so it'd be the equivalent of having Exultation but without the m.attack penalty.
  14. Turn your Impassion off (it reduces your hb by 800, that's a 80% healing nerf) when you need heavy heals, turn it back on to dps. Also if you make a healing boost set (doesn't need to be fancy gear, just any accs you can get tuned with hb + cheap manastones) you can quickly switch to that too (at 1900 hb my soothing melody chain heals for a total 17k HP and it goes off in less than 2 secs).
  15. @Cyan also on the topic of stigmas, other regions had stigma enchantment events (similar to the ones we had in 5.x with safe spots), before people go and waste all their hard earned stigma enchant stones trying to go for +12 it'd be nice to know if we're getting a similar event (you mentioned on the stream that events are coming with the anniversary next month), and hopefully have it announced with enough time in advance to prepare (back in 5.x the stigma enchant events were announced weeks in advance). This benefits both the company as it would drive sales of stigma enchants on the BCM, and
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