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  1. Legendary Transform from a 62 Type Contract ?

    I've only ever seen this happen once before- it's crazy rare, congrats!
  2. I'm glad that more people are realizing that just because they were happier during a certain patch, doesn't mean that version of Aion was actually the best. There have been so many quality of life improvements over the years that we all take for granted! I was most active during 5.0-5.8 and there are definitely things I miss (tradeable items/kinah, skins, guestblooms, certain maps, more instances and sieges with nuanced mechanics- just to name a few) but I know a lot of things in 5.0 were completely off the rails. Having to juggle mini xforms for everyone, upwards of +20 gear, essence cores, level reduction, coalitions, the crazy complex manastone system- geez, it was a crazy patch! It makes me appreciate how streamlined things like enchantment stones are in 6.0 (even if the success rates leave a lot to be desired ) and that gear has a very solid cap to it. I also love that I spend time all over Lakrum, flipping artifacts and pvping and questing and farming mobs! I just wish it was a bit... prettier. Illuma and Norsvold were so colourful and beautiful, I really got spoiled. Anyways, all that rambling aside! 6.0 has a lot going for it, and I agree with the suggestions mentioned here to make it a patch we enjoy more thoroughly. People love their customization, so implement cheaper/easier methods of acquiring Transparent scrolls, as well as way way way more skins, and everyone would be a whole lot happier. And the rates of failure with legendary and ultimate enchantment stones won't seem nearly so severe if we had some extra ways to get Fighting Spirit Fragments. Please and thank you~
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 3, 2019

    Please and thank you o/
  4. Returning cleric needs some help

    Well first of all, welcome back! Always happy to see new and returning players Sadly none of the pre-6.0 gear is viable for clerics anymore; with most major patches you need to replace your gear, but 6.0 was a bit more extreme in that the old stuff isn't even worth using as transitional gear. But if you're sentimental like me, you can keep your biggest accomplishment sets in a cabinet. <3 Gearing up is pretty linear. After the campaign quest gear you'll want CoE/Mirash ancients, or you can often find groups to carry you through FM and BoS. Probably don't bother socketing the ancients, but a bit of enchanting won't hurt anything. +5 is super easy to hit, but I'd suggest only enchanting the important pieces to 15 (weapon and wings for attack; shield, plume, and bracelet for defense). Next up is your legendary gear from FM and BoS. Personally I socket and tune for HP, HB, and magical stats. If you're rolling dps, remember that magic accuracy and crit are the key stats; you really need upwards of 12k accuracy for Primeth's Forge and IDD. (And yeah, 6.X doesn't have any magical staves and clerics can't wear cloth anymore. I cry as I struggle to find good mace skins.) I'll need someone else to chime in with dps advice, as I'm a heal spec cleric all the way- rockin' 2k heal boost so far~ General rule of thumb for running PF and IDD as a newbie is full +5 legendary gear, and the more healing boost you stack, the easier your job will be. After your legendary gear, it's time for PF and IDD And... that's about it for now! Like I said, pretty linear PvP gear is a bit harder to pin down, especially since we're guessing 7.0 is around the corner. I don't think anyone is doing multiple sets in this patch, and MR is dead and buried, so I've been socketing a mix of Physical Defense and Healing Boost. It's really up to you if you want to craft gear, start working on the genesis set, or wait for 7.0, whenever that might be. For new/returning people in my legion, I've suggested crafting gear and working on their genesis stuff on the side. Just remember two things: You want Vindicator armor and accessories, Inquisitor weapon (This is more important for dps classes; clerics can get the Vindicator mace if you would rather have HP stat instead of Magic Crit) Getting one +15 piece is better than making multiple +10s As for minions, I use Viola in PvE content and Modor for PvP. Viola has a passive chance to increase your speed and healing abilities with every hit, and gives you a mini-WoW type skill that you can use every 5 minutes. Similarly, Modor has a chance to dispel you, and lets you blink- which has saved my butt more times than I can count! I'm not a super pro expert by any means, and some things are really subjective based on your personal playstyle. But if you have any more questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help
  5. Server Down

    Having some mad giggles over the downtime compensation requests. Meanwhile on Downaria it's more along the lines of, "Oh, servers down again? Cooldowns are reset, score!"
  6. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    The average player right now is in a mix of legendary and ultimate gear of varying enchantment levels. For people just starting, I recommend crafting gear while working on the genesis crystal equipment on the side. Masterwork legendary and ulti gear is more than serviceable, and the non-procs can be disenchanted for Fighting Spirit Fragments. (The procs can also be disenchanted when the time comes to replace them.) I also cannot over-emphasize the importance of running your Luna instances. Run them on as many alts as you can stomach! Legendary PVP enchantment stones are now a Luna craft, so convert the materials into Luna currency on alts and use that to spam the craft on your main. I made 21 legendaries in one sitting, with a lucky proc of 4 stones from a single bundle at one point. I like to think the max is 5 but I can't confirm that yet.
  7. Munirunerk’s Treasure Chamber

    So far I've gotten Luna Material Chest x10 and Ancient PVE Enchantment Stone x1 Wowzers.
  8. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    Your reading comprehension is as poor as your attitude. There is no IRL monetary transactions going on here. No nickels, dimes, or dollars. Literally nothing. $0.00 AFK the Contaminated Underpath instance once a day on as many toons as you feel like Collect the MAAD-S Skin Tissue and turn in your quest Repeat x7 Get transparents I have 350 transparents in my inventory right this second, and a few hundred scattered across other toons until I can be bothered to broker trade them over to my main. I have never spent any money- or kinah, for that matter- on these scrolls. (Also y'all need to quit dunking on the transformation system QQ-ing about furries. First of all, only 26 of the 63 transformations are animals, and 22 of those are Normal and Greater tier. If you're still running around in one of those, then I fully understand why you're so grouchy. Secondly, I'd rather have furries playing Aion than the downright disgusting lolis. In my experience they're actually incredibly nice people, and financially supportive of freelance crafters, artists, and artisans. Cheers!)
  9. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    Except it literally costs nothing to get transparents. Who even buys them off the BCM? Ridiculous. Look, everyone should already have been running their Luna instances for exp (either to level up or to farm Bobonerk's gems) and crafting kinah bundles, and as of Wednesday they should still be running to get more materials for crafting transformations, storage cabinets, legendary enchantment stones, and the actual Luna currency. You don't even have to run the daily, you can just set up your turrets and go on a walk, which would probably improve your disposition considerably. Every seven runs gets you 20 transparents, and they stack up very very quickly. I hardly saw anyone complain about candies in 5.X when everyone was running around as a fox or a puppy 90% of the time instead of their character's default appearance and to me, this is the same old scenario except with better stats, more variety, and a transparent option.
  10. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    A lot of the people on my friends list these days are new and returning players- so I feel like something about 6.0 is drawing people in, and keeping them around. Using transformation scrolls is basically the same as using a bunch of scrolls in previous patches; I know I would use casting, running, crit spell, and strike/magic resist at all times in 5.8 so having all of that (and more) in one scroll is pretty handy. And personally I don't mind the transformation system because so many people were using fennec fox candies in previous patches and didn't look like themselves anyhow. What I really super appreciate is that you can use transparent scrolls to get all of those sweet candy-esque stats, but with your lovingly designed character in action. I pretty much only use the regular scrolls if I have a candy popped underneath it. (Would rather look like Veille than a fat panda y'know.) Transparent scrolls still aren't as cheap as I wish they were, but they've been increasingly easy to acquire. I stockpile a lot from running Luna instances on my alts, and the latest maintenance has made Lunas more worthwhile to run than ever. All this to say- I really hope you and your friends give 6.0 another try, and see how you feel after getting some higher tier transforms unlocked and popping a transparent scroll to utilize 'em! (Seriously, the high running speed from Legendary transforms is so freaking fun, I promise you you'll love it! )
  11. competition ranking pug

    This isn't a bug, it's a feature to keep people from abusing the competition ranking system. For example: if someone logs multiple toons during siege from the same account/client, only the one that is logged in at the time of siege ending will receive credit towards the competition ranking. They can send in a ticket to support to get siege rewards and GP but it only will count for their Abyss Rank. This is to protect people who genuinely dc or have emergencies that prevent them from getting siege credit despite prior participation. But if it counted for competition ranks as well, there would be many more players trying to abuse the system and claim multiple ranks for the seasonal rewards.
  12. The veilenthrone

    I haven't watched the videos of DN-A tackling VT because I'm avoiding spoilers like the plague (I missed out on the hype for beating Tiamat and Beritra, I'm quite determined to experience my Ereshkigal battles to the fullest!) so I don't know who all was in the instance. I was mostly trying to address the common attitude people have towards both PvP and PvE endgame content ("I or So-And-So did X, so everyone can do X and if you haven't you're just bad/lazy/rubbish lol") and assumed people chiming in about how VT is no big deal were involved. Apologies since apparently they weren't! Basically just want everyone to give credit where it's due and play nice~
  13. The veilenthrone

    This is pretty much how I feel about Veilenthrone ^ I never got to run Dragon Lord's Refuge back in the day 'cause I was too new and didn't have the gear or know-how for it, and I think that's okay. Tiamat was a Dragon Lord, of course you had to have the best of the best to take her down. And the same goes for Ereshkigal and Veilenthrone- it's not necessarily about the loot, but rather the story and challenge of the instance. What's wrong with having challenging PVE content for a change, when everything else gets nerfed into the ground? It's something exciting to work towards, for me at least! Also, super disappointed in everyone's attitudes. -__-; Gearing up for PVE is a such a ridiculous mix of luck, networking, skill, and time- and yes, often money. So the people who complete VT don't need to act snooty like it's sooo easy peasy for anyone to do, and people who haven't yet shouldn't try to downplay the effort involved.
  14. Yes please! Would love to see more skins added to the BCM, either as part of a rotation or as permanent features. (I can't help but sigh whenever the old Luna craft skins get put up for full price though, as part of some fancily advertised rotation or event. Most of what gets put up for sale are extremely outdated skins that we used to get for 5-30mil from Luna crafters, so just add them to the GST like we were promised. Please. We haven't even gotten all the skins that were shown off in the 6.0 stream by Gideon and Hime, much less older skins from as far back as 4.8) Anyways. Some skins I'm hoping for are Eli's Uniform [item: 110901645] Royal Hanbok [item: 110901072] (and the accompanying headpiece) Golden Rose Dress/Red Carpet Dress [item: 110901742] Summery Linens [item: 110900505] Refined Hanbok [item:110905152]
  15. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Okay, I have to confess I am a little perplexed. If there aren't any inherent issues with the event, servers, or client- then why is it such a travesty if support doesn't restore your run? I have gotten disconnected from similar things in the past because of connection instability, PC limitations, or just seemingly random sendlogs- and yeah it sucks but when it's not something NC is responsible for, I can't exactly demand they fix it.