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  1. World Boss Anomos Weapon + Demaha weapons

    Extendies should definitely be made available and more readily so than in the previous patches- it's one of those things that doesn't affect me at all as a support cleric, but I see new and returning and veteran melee players all having a lousy time without that extra range. As for all the imbued weapons, the Lunar/Solar, etc? I'd just like to see more events with a chance to get them at all. Or stick them in the BCM or Luna gamble game or whatever. Make them a Frigida drop lol. P2W isn't ideal but at least we'd get the weapons on the market. I mean, the Void dragon weapons were only available from Daeva Dash and we've literally never gotten them since. I don't want to see the Lunar/Solar weapons getting the same treatment, 'cause it totally sucks! I think my preferred method of introducing more of the imbued/skin skill weapons would be through some kind of grind-over-time, whether it's through farming crafting materials or event currencies or instances. People can still get lucky from world bosses or RNG events or pay to win faster, but with enough raw effort they can also 100% get their weapon of choice for free.
  2. Dream World

    The Dream World was such a beautiful map, but I was disappointed that the fun music only played on the bridges, nothing displayed on the cinema screens, and the NPC vendors had so very little to offer. When I first read about the Fashion and Consumables merchants from other regions, I was excited! I was expecting a bunch of skins and useful items like stigma enchantments, daevanion essences, enchantment stones, gold bar food, and refinement stones. The fact that they only had one motion and one skin, and shards and basic food was really lame. The vending machine gambles were also pretty lackluster- the only good consolation prize was the stigma enchants, and everything else was pretty garbo. I get that that's the standard, and I didn't think everyone was gonna get Ulti transforms from the machine but come on, I think we all expect better from the anniversary and Christmas events in particular. The best part of the event was probably Ttakji, the tile minigame, since that actually required people to be active and competitive for a few minutes. And the unique motion is really cute, I am glad I invested in it at least.
  3. The emote card is brokerable, yes.
  4. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    I've found it's best to play the game a couple days into any event before making any judgments. That's taken care of now so here we go: I think it'd be good to give everyone who missed out on pre-reset the free Hanbok transformation. Why? Because this event has a bottleneck with the Pine Needles- all the problems with Pine Needles have been detailed in other posts and threads so I'm not getting into that. My takeaway from those posts and my own experience is that it's not feasible to just grind Honey Songpyeon to purchase all the event goodies you want. I got my free Hanbok transformation and that means I'm free to try and get the cosmetics I'm interested in like the Gourmet Star Outfit and new emote; the people who missed out don't have that luxury, as far as I can tell. It's gonna be a fairly minor struggle to get the base 50 for the contract, that's not... terrible, all things considered. But after that? Uhhh, good luck cooking enough for the quest or consumables or skins. I've gotten 8 Burnt Songpyeons so far and no I don't want to talk about it
  5. Same feeling for the costume rotation too, honestly. Like, really? Only five skins? That's a little disappointing- skins and cosmetics are such a bizarre scarcity. I'm glad the popular Eli's Uniform is included but I think if you're gonna do costume rotations, there should be a lot more options- do a wider variety of older skins, and then the special 3-5 can be unreleased costumes or ones that were limited to previous events.
  6. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    There's no need for compensation and it reeks of a mindset that drives me absolutely bonkers: "I have a nice thing. But if OTHER people have the nice thing... it takes away my nice thing!" Like. No. No it nyerking doesn't. More content is being made more readily available to the rest of the playerbase, that's all. Everyone with a +15 stigma setup has enjoyed the benefits from having them all this time- nothing will take away the instances you've cleared, the dps races you've won, the PvP battles you've fought and come out on top for. They're experiences and gameplay the +15 crew got to have earlier and longer than anyone else- that's your "compensation."
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Oh geez... Please reconsider the decision to change siege times- like others have said, it would be much better to push the sieges an hour earlier if anything. I don't think anyone has expressed wanting the times changed to be later; I haven't seen it anywhere on the forums, in LFG, or in various AION discord servers. With my particular schedule, I actually benefit from having sieges be later in the evening but that does not mean it is the best time for an entire community. And changing the siege times in the middle of a competition season?? What even.
  8. A few random little issues I've run into: Elyos quest "Balaur Tags" is bugged- it requires the player to kill five Basrasa Deathwalker or Basrasa Farmer, but the mobs have incorrect names in-game so the quest doesn't update. Balaur NPC dialogue is no longer translated, even though I've completed the language potion quest The Lugbug Daily Mission for Kamar Battlefield is worded incorrectly; you need to kill 3 mobs inside KBF, not enter 3 times.
  9. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    My first impression of the patch was positive, but I wanted to give myself some time to play and get to understand the content more before commenting here all the same. Overall? I still really like 7.5! I'm gonna discuss some of the positives for me before getting into the negatives. First of all, I am enjoying the renown system a lot- although a friend who came back to the game just this week had a good observation: it should totally be called reputation. (I don't prefer fame or glory points like it's called in other regions, but renown is a weirdly clunky word when you start saying it out loud on the regular. Reputation makes sense and sounds better- though I would also have accepted a system based around "cool points." ) I'm the kind of person who starts each new patch by collecting every single new quest, and I think there's a good mix of one-time-only's, repeatables, dailies, weeklies, and general introductory quests. And they're across all the maps, which is great! Reading through this thread, I guess I might be in the minority here? But I genuinely like spending time across the different maps, and always having something I can be working on. There's not so much that it's overwhelming, it's just enjoyable and rewarding questing, with a good dose of fun PvP throughout! Each of the regions have different rewards for leveling renown, so you can even prioritize gameplay on the maps you want to max out your renown for, and skip the ones that you personally don't find rewarding. Having Demaha and Crimson Katalam closed some days also keeps things from getting unnecessarily stressful. I love having Inggison as a home base- Sanctum hasn't been the hub of activity for a long time (and it got trashed on the Day of Tempest, thanks Ereshkigal), the main Lakrum cities were huge and mostly empty spaces designed for gigantic Jotuns rather than Daevas, and Stellusia is the headquarters of an evil corporation that's swarming with hostile guards. I miss Ariel's Sanctuary sometimes, but being in Inggison genuinely feels like being at home. There's such a strong sense of faction aesthetics and the main forts feel very lived in- especially when you compare them to Lakrum which were 1) identical 2) empty and spread out. Heiron as the leveling zone has similar vibes, and I'm a big big fan! Another pro for me is the variety of gear options. I appreciated Dark Talon and Frostspark for being such streamlined sets, but DT in particular is SUPER unfriendly to new, returning, and casual players. I don't think people deserve to be dunked on and have a lousy gaming session just 'cause they can't invest in the actual factual best set. Being able to mix and match a variety of drops, crafts, blood mark, and purified gear makes everything so much more fun for everyone. Having both rifting and cross-server shared zones has also resulted in soooo much fun PvP and I've just been having a blast, whether I'm solo or in a group or in a massive league Legion content has been rewarding, I'm glad there's more to do together besides just altar siege and that a lot of progress can be made by working together and supporting one another. Selectable manastones have been more plentiful, which is another little plus. Now then, time for some negatives. Tiny complaints first: we still have no cosmetics, boo hiss. Gemstone and runestone shards are hard to come by, and I think implementing them into events or even Abyssal Splinter would be a good move. Just make 'em more plentiful so we can actually use this new gear feature. Standard (non-boss) cubics are also a little trickier to get? But speaking of shards, most people I know are having major issues with storage space. I don't expect any coding to be done to put all the shards into our special cubes, but good lord. Remember the old organizations like Fortuneers and Alabaster Order and stuff? They had storage pets that aren't available anymore, so put those into Lifekeeper rewards. Or hell, a BCM sale for cube expansion coins or storage pets would be frickin' incredible. Major complaints: Sieges are REALLY boring. I understand why there's no siege defense, so the lack of inter-faction politics with fort flipping is fine by me. But a side effect is that every siege is super static. Inggison forts go to Elyos, Gelk forts go to Asmos. Divine depends entirely on having a god buff because no one is going to fight it out if it means losing credit at Pradeth and Silona, which are generally stalemates anyway. I don't really have a fix in mind for this, besides scrapping Divine, but yeah. It can be a bit of a slog. I hate hate HATE the +15 stigmas and I only hate them because our +12 safe point is a limited time event. You have no idea how disheartening it is to see people in full 15s and just having to be like "welp, guess they'll one shot me until we get another +12 event (if ever.)" It is unacceptable to expect the majority of the playerbase to either farm 27 alt accounts during Stormwing or to drop thousands of dollars on enchants in order to be viable. Casual folks are still struggling to get full + 9s. It's actually garbage. Make that +12 safe point permanent. Go on. Chop chop. I'm not compromising on this one. Last complaint is about retunes on new accessories and again, I don't have a fix for since it's straight from the Korean devs. I get that it's great to not have to enchant the new accessories and all, but none of them have heal boost. Without the defensive stats like MR or PDef, they would still be viable for PvE content- but zero heal boost makes them unusable, at least for heal spec clerics. Sure, it doesn't seem like much when it's just a piece or two, but if I commit to the full set of Luminance accs I'm gonna lose well over 1k. I know it's a super class-specific problem but like. I think a good 65% of my rants and bemoanings about 7.5 have been in regards to the lack of heal boost/retunes? Ree.
  10. Need help with L/R

    Hiya! I'll do my best to explain the ins and outs of trading loot rights. First of all, this can only be done in group instances- for this post, let's just keep it to PF (Normal), IDD, Stellin (Easy and Normal), and FM. (Some people have tried to trade gear from BoS and it's like, oh dear. Very sweet to offer but we can't actually come in and take that drop!) If there was an alt or other group members inside the instance and in range of the boss, everyone must PASS while rolling on the Ultimate piece. But if you were inside killing the boss by yourself, don't pick up the loot! No roll option will come up if you loot alone, and you can't trade the gear from one character to another if they weren't present for the boss's death. Next, invite the alt/friend/customer who you want to get the Ultimate piece. IDD has a very very short timer so you'll want them to join the group and enter the instance as fast as they can- ideally have them waiting outside the instance ready to enter before the boss even dies. PF, Stellin, and FM on the other hand, have pretty long timers. A person can enter the instance and only loot the boss 15 minutes after it died. I really recommend having timestamps toggled on the appropriate chat window so you can keep track. Also, after 20 minutes, the boss's body will despawn entirely- so make sure to loot within that 5 minute window!
  11. BCM Housing Scam

    I'm super glad that this issue is getting fixed at least, but I really hope more furniture gets added... In general, we're all hungry for cosmetics! Mounts, emotes, motions, skins, and furniture getting added to the game or BCM would make the playerbase a lot happier. For furniture specifically, I'd like to see A L L of the bundles/sets made available, not just Breezy and Valentine's day. Don't get me wrong, they're a good start! But that's what they should be: A Start! Camping, Club, Eastern, Solorius, and Harvest Revel used to be craftable in Luna and we'd all love those back, even through the BCM if not Luna crafts. The unique partitions from Sanctum/Panda shops, crafted furniture, and guestblooms were deleted almost entirely in the 6.0 patch- there's only a fraction of the old crafts that we can get from housing NPCs. For NA in particular, we're missing the brand new Antique Golden and Cloud furniture sets, as well as these cute additions: Please @Cyan, we are ready and willing to throw money at this game for cute furniture and skins! P2W events will always be divisive, but literally no one will be unhappy about adding cosmetics to the cash shop.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 22, 2020

    Same maintenance images as last week?
  13. Legion Ranking Reset?

    Rather than a reset, I'd say just raise/remove the AP cap. We all know the legion ranks don't really mean much of anything, but to be fair- have they ever? It's still a feature of the game, listed for everyone to see, so might as well make it at least a little more relevant. You don't even have to wipe everyone to zero; let the super old and dead legions fall off the ranks into obscurity, and let the active ones climb up!