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  1. You know, when I heard we were getting Classic, I was convinced I would only need the 30 day pass to play around a bit and explore the old maps, that kind of thing. I truly thought I would still main Aion retail. But as beautiful as Aion is, and despite all of the quality of life improvements, Classic just has better core gameplay. I have spent the past month being sad and bitter about the state of Aion by comparison- I want to play Haniya and have just as much fun, but I'm... not. I figured I would wait it out and see if things got better, and enjoy my skins and interior decorating in the mea
  2. I'm not sure about getting Ulti from the coins because so few people seem to be investing in that, but several of my legionmates have gotten their transforms just by combining two legendaries during this event! (And a few people are actually very upset about getting duplicate Ulti because they wanted a selection box. Ack.) Personally I would NOT recommend investing in the transform coin event, since the proc rates seem very low just for getting coins, much less for opening the gamble box and getting Ulti. It's gonna be similar to the anniversary and other events where's like a 1% chance of get
  3. Thank you again for the current Ulti promotion- it's been a long time coming and I'm super excitedly waiting for all the transforms to be mailed out! <3 Would also like to throw in my two cents regarding auto-hunt: when people say NA needs this feature, they actually mean we need experience marks and accessible cubics. I still agree with NCWest's original stance on not bringing auto-hunt to our region because... how to say this politely? Auto-hunt sucks balls. But we do need cubics to be more widely available again- I'm lucky that I was playing back when we got all our bronzes and sil
  4. You Could Have Gotten 7+ Legendaries in The 6 Months Between Promos: A Comprehensive Guide (Obligatory Disclaimer Because People Are Stupid: This is not to say every player should have gotten each and every one of these contracts, nor does it account for everyone's duplicates/lack of duplicates. It's just a rough average of how many Legendaries could be unlocked since August 28, 2020. See more at the end.) 1. Lugbug You need 40 Shards, acquired by completing the Lugbug weekly or by purchasing with genesis crystals/ experience marks depending on the patch. 2 Breaths of Transformatio
  5. Chiming in- I had just moved in August when the first ulti promotion came around, so I had no spare legendaries and no money to burn on BCM. I was quite bitter about it but we were told there would be future promotional events, and from that point on I saved every single legendary I could. This time I had 11 ready to go in my combination window, and one in the Harvest Revel promo bundle that I still haven't opened. (I would have had 12 but I did a rage combine after a particularly difficult learning run of AoG >_>) Keep in mind, I am basically the worst player when it comes to alts.
  6. I'm happy enough with the current system. I only do the quest on my main because I can't be bothered with my alts- I rarely had the time/desire to run them through Luna before this anyway so maybe I'm just a weirdo. If I want Luna that bad, I run arenas. *shrug* It also doesn't seem that unusual for Aion to be like hey if you want premium currency you can either grind and farm like a mad man, or you can go to work and pony up for Luna bundles off the BCM. That's how it was for omegas and temperings etc etc. Still not interested in having auto-hunt in NA.
  7. I don't like the auto-hunting feature; I never have and never will. I was beyond pleased when the NCWest team made their statement about not implementing it for NA, and I'm starting to think it's just laziness that is prompting them to backtrack now. Too many of the events involve auto-hunting, so NCWest has to edit and tailor the events for our region specifically- or sometimes they don't bother and the events/lugbug quests become unviable. I know everyone wants their cubics and experience marks, and I think it's entirely possible for NA to find a workaround for that without auto-huntin
  8. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I really don't care much at all if the Luna and Lugbug rewards get shifted around- I do rather like the idea of having multiple underpath bundles as a reward for the Lugbug 7/7 Daily instead of 1 bundle for 1 mission. But the 1:1 is fine too. I am not fussy~ On the other hand, this is a convoluted bandaid solution to a more serious problem. KT server won't crash every 4 days since there won't be a gazillion bots in the Luna daily- but there are still bots, hackers, and kinah sellers running amok everywhere else in the game. NC team,
  9. Oh, and just for this dumbass remark: 1) Universities have been sued in the past for relying on Youtube's automatic closed captioning service instead of providing ADA-compliant captions for Deaf and hard of hearing students. As little as a 2% margin of error will make most captions unintelligible, and Youtube's are generally only 60-70% correct (meaning 1 in 3 words are probably wrong.) For example, even with professional audio to work with, Youtube CC will give you when the accurate subtitles would be, "The tour guides lay bait to draw the sharks in." In the video you posted, i
  10. You know Matheus and co., every time you post about this, it just draws further attention to the fact that you and your group are hackers. I was gonna say stop because you're embarrassing yourself but tbh just keep going. Maybe NC will notice your spam and wise up.
  11. You don't need two computers to dual box, but if you're lagging out while streaming with two clients running and have an old PC/laptop to spare then yeah, set that sucker up with minimum graphics settings and afk lunas while streaming with the main computer. And if you're going to pull A Whole Bunch of Nonsense like this then sure, let's go there- I have family, friends, and legionmates who are Deaf or hard of hearing, and they rely on subtitles/captions. I was a freelance transcriptionist for a couple years; there's a variety of reasons why people need subtitles, and providing that serv
  12. First off, welcome back to Aion! ☺️ So we know hacks were involved because PF Hard Mode has been the hardest endgame instance in Aion for several patches now (except for perhaps the newest instance, Altar of Gales) and across the whole playerbase, only a few groups can complete it. Like endgame PvE in the past, it's mechanic-heavy and requires a group that's coordinated and geared to the teeth. In this particular case, you can also view everyone's skill rotations on the DPS meter's site and see that no heals were cast- iirc the lone 26k heal came from potions. (And the fact that they ran
  13. When I first saw your video, I figured the explanation was that his PC could handle Sandboxie- but nah you legit just transcribed it wrong and are trying to be scummy. Nice. If we listen to the clip instead of watching/reading it, we can hear him clearly talking about how he doesn't understand why his camera lags while he is dual boxing (I wouldn't understand either since his machine seems pretty beefy, but streaming just be like that I guess) and that's why he is setting up a second PC to run Lunas for kinah.
  14. People should still be able to use their restoration tokens on failed minion attempts, even if it doesn't count towards the event. Just because the Aion team 1.) Doesn't know that everyone uses their tokens on minions because basically nothing else worthwhile can be restored via token 2.) Poorly scheduled the event at the end of a restoration token season 3.) Didn't take restorations into account before announcing the event 4.) Didn't communicate this exception ahead of time It doesn't mean everyone who tries and fails combining should be turned down when they go to restore the
  15. Like others have said, the best solution is to make the items limited to 1 per account, not 1 per server. With this fix, it gives everyone the opportunity to farm meloons and buy their desired holiday goodies, but the game/market isn't going to be completely flooded either.
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