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  1. Thank you for the update! I'm always excited to see new cosmetics added in- Classic got this one a while ago, but for those who don't know, here's what the new skins look like: Feedback for the NC team members, please post images and previews of skins/mounts/motions for everyone's reference when they are added to our version of the game! We all love cosmetics but sometimes the localizations and names are different and it makes them harder to track down. Thanks!
  2. I really feel for the Asmo situation right now, because well. I lived through it as a Tiamat and Danaria Elyos! :'') The super strong faction seemingly gutted overnight when all the strongest players and leaders moved to a different server (TM-E went to Beritra, and all of the big bad Asmodians went to Classic)? Trust me, the majority of my Aion experience has been with the dumbest, weakest, and most cowardly players you can imagine. And my god the drama and grudges that veteran players hold onto... basically I never want to be told that I can't imagine how horrible it is to be Asmodian rn, 'cause it is honestly bizarre to actually be on the dominant faction these days. I have been on team uber loser Elyos for the entirety of my Aion playthrough until the KT merge. And as much as it sucks to be in this position, it's not like this is the first time a faction hasn't won a single fort. This happened to TM-E during upper sieges ON THE REGULAR. Elyos were locked out of Panesterra for YEARS. I had to go look up Ahserion's name just now 'cause I deadass never saw him in person and so I have no memories of the fight. You think we were killing the Illuma or Norsvold bosses? I know there's no fixing gear disparity or numbers games, but I also know that when it comes to winning at least SOME forts and SOME world bosses, morale and leadership have a significant role. Embrace the roleplay and shameless faction propaganda. It has always been and will continue to be a good morale booster. Like hello, why do you think I've been shouting "Faith and arms~!" for years? It feels good. It feels a bit stupid. It is excellent and fun. I generally wouldn't recommend taking breaks from game content, because it kills any momentum you have going, but right now there's no momentum to kill. Regroup, build morale, and FIND YOUR LEADERS. The initial poster had it right, but not only does a leader not have to be highly ranked, it does not have to be someone likeable. I certainly didn't like for Mochi and Poco when they rocked up during 5.X and lead siege for the first time. But they were smart and strong and there's charisma in that. It felt good to follow them (even if they were nyerk trolls) compared to the utterly incompetent cowards I'd had in charge of sieges and bosses up until that point. So ideally we're looking for someone/multiple someones with combinations of Charisma/force of personality Game knowledge: firm grasp of mechanics, sieges, strategies, buff systems, navigating the maps quickly, etc Decently strong DPS/tankiness (high cruci/discipline/abyss rank is often a good indicator but not required) Determination and a cool head- not the kind of person to ragequit, basically. It sounds like Zappies in particular has some folks in mind, and that's as good a start as any.
  3. A lot of players would have gotten quite a few duplicate Legendary transforms during the Fissure event, so now would be a very good time for the next Ultimate promo to roll around- for the players, that is. (Dummies like me excluded; I combined all of mine. Teehee.) For NC, not so much because there is less incentive to P2W legendary contracts :v Cynicism aside, come on NC. It's 2023. Legendary transformations are not the meta and haven't been in a very long time. Please quit treating 10-type Legendary contracts as though they are the be all end all of event rewards. Long time players need to unlock Apostles and additional Ultimate transforms to make further progress, and new players need any Ultimate at all just to approach relevance. Between the Daeva Pass (premium) and twice yearly Ulti promos, your average Joe Schmo would be in pretty decent shape. But we need those promotions. Also, Valentine's Day event when? Show us some love~
  4. I'll begin by saying that there has been a series of deleted and locked threads lately, the contents of which I will only allude to in the vaguest of terms, hoping to keep this one up while still having a conversation. Many of us are aware that we have new NC team members interacting with our community now; they may not be new employees, but they are new names and faces if nothing else. And I feel they are not putting a good foot forward. As a community with limited access to the people running our game, we've come to value transparency and communication from the NC team above all else. Repeatedly deleting threads in this fashion is... not ideal. Personally I am appalled that apparently we cannot even say a public goodbye to your predecessors. Furthermore, one of the first major things our previous point of contact did was launch a massive banwave. RIP gold sellers, you will not be missed. Rather than target the active bullies, cheaters, hackers, botters, and various RMTraders within the playerbase (I am not here to name and shame these pathetic existences, but we all know), we have had a random and seemingly decent/honest player completely permabanned. Wot. I cannot vouch for this person's character; we've never spoken and don't play in the same circles. But I do know that the remaining players in Aion on both factions have a lot of shared history- drama, relationships, grudges, and general bad blood. And with that in mind, I really think it is worth noting that in all of the threads regarding this banned player, not a single person has popped in the be like, "Nah they suck actually." I haven't even seen a hackusation. If anything, shouldn't the person who sent in a report be investigated and penalized? Since abusing the report system in this way is an actual offense. (Wish I knew who got me temp banned for "impersonating a GM" last year, the little nyerk.) Just some food for thought. Oh, and #Justice for [REDACTED] :v
  5. It's been years, ffs let us get Apostle transformations already. Gatekeeping them like this is beyond pointless, I get that we're supposed to pay for them but I'm not shelling out $500 for a transform you absolute lunatics. We're about to have 8 Ultimate transformations, at least make those collections the bottleneck. EU has the right idea here- I really miss running PVP instances but there's just no incentive to run them. For all its flaws, at least in the 5.8 era we had everyone running every single PVP instance on the regular, because they were fun and rewarding. Bring back IDL while we're at it, ID completely sucks. My Australian visa got granted this morning, maybe after the move I'll remake Haniya in EU and see how Gameforge ping treats me LOL
  6. It's actually ridiculous how stingy NCWest is with legendary contracts, but it's definitely the most noticeable with the Apostle transformations. We have finally reached the point where a majority of the active playerbase has Ultimate transforms, but those same dedicated players are missing most if not all of the Apostle transforms. And not for lack of trying! Half of the Apostles can only be acquired during special circumstances like events, and if you didn't abuse the Stormwing event last year, you are shit out of luck. Please make these transforms available to us!
  7. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I really don't care much at all if the Luna and Lugbug rewards get shifted around- I do rather like the idea of having multiple underpath bundles as a reward for the Lugbug 7/7 Daily instead of 1 bundle for 1 mission. But the 1:1 is fine too. I am not fussy~ On the other hand, this is a convoluted bandaid solution to a more serious problem. KT server won't crash every 4 days since there won't be a gazillion bots in the Luna daily- but there are still bots, hackers, and kinah sellers running amok everywhere else in the game. NC team, you guys need to start punishing these people. We haven't seen you take action against players since the EC ban wave. Which was excellent, just for the record. But yeah- temp bans, chat bans, kinah and gp stripping, permabans; you have an arsenal at your disposal so frickin' DO SOMETHING.
  8. I've found it's best to play the game a couple days into any event before making any judgments. That's taken care of now so here we go: I think it'd be good to give everyone who missed out on pre-reset the free Hanbok transformation. Why? Because this event has a bottleneck with the Pine Needles- all the problems with Pine Needles have been detailed in other posts and threads so I'm not getting into that. My takeaway from those posts and my own experience is that it's not feasible to just grind Honey Songpyeon to purchase all the event goodies you want. I got my free Hanbok transformation and that means I'm free to try and get the cosmetics I'm interested in like the Gourmet Star Outfit and new emote; the people who missed out don't have that luxury, as far as I can tell. It's gonna be a fairly minor struggle to get the base 50 for the contract, that's not... terrible, all things considered. But after that? Uhhh, good luck cooking enough for the quest or consumables or skins. I've gotten 8 Burnt Songpyeons so far and no I don't want to talk about it
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