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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    Right, so first and foremost: Or failing that- because heaven forbid anything on the Gold Sand Traders get updated- consider making transparent scrolls the result for when the dolls break. Regular transformation scrolls aren't any kind of reward and I'm just... trying not to think about the stupid gems being included on the rewards list. Transparents as the event consolation prize would be decent
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    6.0 took a lot from us and I'd love to kick up a fuss about all that but for now, I'll settle for having our characters returned to us.
  3. Things that were deleted unnecessarily

    I did some poking around in Oriel this week and some of the old souvenirs and crafted furniture are for sale via the shugo nomads but since their wares vary from season to season I'm not sure just how many crafted items are still available. (The fact that the same old hearthblooms for things like alchemy paper are still there makes me laugh in a sad kind of way.) And if you kill the seasonal agrints you can get bundles with that series of furniture that has, like, the animal pelt and bed with a weird old man face on it. Slim pickings, and not exactly what I was hoping for. Honestly from what I can tell, Cyan and Hime and co. just flat out weren't aware that this stuff was getting deleted because when my girlfriend asked Cyan specifically the reaction was along the lines of, "Oh, really? Well that's weird." (u__\) Seriously, they need to make the crafted furniture available via in-game NPCs and more furniture needs to be added to the cash shop. The Valentine's Day packs are a good start and have a super appealing price tag, but they're also a very specific aesthetic. There's so many other options they could have for sale- Antique Golden, Cloud, Breezy, Eastern, Camping, Club, Harvest Revel, Solorius, Antique, Marble, Rustic, and probably some others I'm forgetting. The customized employment contracts with dancing warehouse npcs and such would also be a great option to have on the BCM. Buuuut that's a lot of adding new things to the game, and my main concern and the concern of this thread is still getting the old things back
  4. Things that were deleted unnecessarily

    Definitely agree with everything listed here but I'd like to add that I am insanely disappointed to find out so many furniture and guestbloom features were removed with 6.0 I knew all of the crafting professions were going to be deleted so maybe it's my own fault for not stocking up on some of the crafted furniture, but to my knowledge nothing in the forums or patch notes mentioned how Furniture recipes and guestblooms in Luna were removed Guestblooms can no longer be purchased from any in-game vendors Certain furniture items purchased with guestpetals are no longer available Most furniture packs on the BCM were removed Furniture purchased in Sanctum is no longer available (the windows and low partitions) There is a new NPC with a tab for crafted furniture but it's not very extensive; there's a ton of things missing- particularly the procced crafts, rugs, and cabinets. You know, the furniture people actually want. I've been disappointed for a long time that NCWest hasn't updated the available furniture that you can preview on aioncodex and the powerbook, but taking away what we did have makes me downright bitter.
  5. A Solution to the GP Problems/Complaints?

    Over the past few months, I've been doing a lot of reading up on various forum posts and suggestions regarding the current GP system, which has a number of problems. I'm incredibly frustrated by the fact that my rank is in a near-constant state of flux; it makes little difference how much effort I put in or how many sieges I attend- rather, my ability to Xform and assist my faction is entirely dependent on which players above me fall off the rankings list or make a comeback. And I know a lot of players are in a similar situation, where they swap between 4 Star and 5 Star every couple days or so. As of yet, this thread is the best suggestion I've seen to fix the whole GP mess. I have seen a bunch of people suggest a complete GP wipe but I really don't think throwing away multiple factions' worth of time and effort over the years in one fell swoop is exactly the best idea. (Not to mention the faint P2W aspect when you take into account the fact that Prestige players get more GP per siege than non-paying players.) Don't get me wrong, I'm genuinely glad that everyone has to attend sieges in the current patch to keep their rank, because only actively sieging players deserve to Xform (in my opinion). But because there's no other source of GP gain, the rankings are largely stagnated and I think it's a real shame that players don't have any opportunity to climb the ranks in 6.X. Implementing and re-implementing sources of GP gain while requiring a set amount to be from siege attendance is a really lovely compromise- I just hope the team here at NCWest can be bothered to not only read our suggestions, but to actively apply them.
  6. @Cyan Any news about how the GP system is going to work in the upcoming patch? I've read about changes made in KR and EU but I'd love to know what to prepare for here in NA, or if I should expect the system to stay the same
  7. Costume Rotation

    Ooh, another anniversary skin I'd love to see is the Red Carpet Dress [item:110905027] There's just so many beautiful old skins that haven't been released in NA yet, it's a bit of a shame when Luna skins make it onto the BCM's rotation
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 19, 2018

    Just to be extra sure, does this mean there is a chance the stigma level will stay the same upon failure? Or that there is only a chance the enchantment level goes down by 1, and otherwise it will break to 0? (I'm guessing the former but stigma enchanting is always such a stressful and often pricey ordeal, I want to be certain )
  9. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    I try my very best not to be rude around here so I'm sorry to say this, but the food and manastones listed as rewards are literally garbage- like I will genuinely throw all those manastones away, because anything lower than 6 (which we acquire from the Luna weekly) is not worth the stats or the crafting resources required for morphing into higher stones. Could we perhaps reconsider this list and make the manastones at least +6s instead of 4s? D:
  10. I don't think there's any harm in leveling up crafting if you enjoy it- particularly alchemy for the healing pots and basic scrolls (it's a cheaper and more efficient process than aetherforging those items), and then armorsmithing/weaponsmithing/tailoring if you want any of the skins. It's a pretty fast and cheap process these days and it didn't take long at all to master armorsmithing so that I could make some old balic gear. Which uh. Ended up looking bad on my toon but hey it's all good. But if it's boring to you then you can skip the whole crafting process. I do suggest working on your Aetherforging during the boost weekends if nothing else, as it's extremely useful and will continue to be so in future patches. And I'll 100% echo the sentiments towards construction. I mean, I'm a freak of nature who absolutely loves crafting and spent her first six months in Aion mastering construction- and while I don't regret it, I also wouldn't recommend it at all! (So many nenana candles... o_o)
  11. Costume Rotation

    Since we've gotten new mounts on the BCM and a bunch of skins that were requested on this thread, I thought I'd go ahead and mention the Wind Flower mount- it's one of the few we haven't seen in game yet as far as I know, not even as a temporary mount I would love for it to be made available somehow or another, it's my absolute favourite! Wind Flower [item: 190100217] (And y'know, my usual begging for Summery Linens and Royal Hanbok but mostly the mount today! )
  12. Eeeee I'm super happy to hear this! So glad you guys listened to the community feedback, I can't wait to spam the living daylights out of all the pve instances on the event list next week >:D
  13. Soooooooo any word from the team, or are we keeping the super crummy mechanic of random ice pick drops for one person and no one else after all? :1
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 25, 2018

    I'm rather disappointed- the emergency maintenance didn't fix the ice pick drops or the artifact sales limit