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  1. Oh, and just for this dumbass remark: 1) Universities have been sued in the past for relying on Youtube's automatic closed captioning service instead of providing ADA-compliant captions for Deaf and hard of hearing students. As little as a 2% margin of error will make most captions unintelligible, and Youtube's are generally only 60-70% correct (meaning 1 in 3 words are probably wrong.) For example, even with professional audio to work with, Youtube CC will give you when the accurate subtitles would be, "The tour guides lay bait to draw the sharks in." In the video you posted, i
  2. You know Matheus and co., every time you post about this, it just draws further attention to the fact that you and your group are hackers. I was gonna say stop because you're embarrassing yourself but tbh just keep going. Maybe NC will notice your spam and wise up.
  3. You don't need two computers to dual box, but if you're lagging out while streaming with two clients running and have an old PC/laptop to spare then yeah, set that sucker up with minimum graphics settings and afk lunas while streaming with the main computer. And if you're going to pull A Whole Bunch of Nonsense like this then sure, let's go there- I have family, friends, and legionmates who are Deaf or hard of hearing, and they rely on subtitles/captions. I was a freelance transcriptionist for a couple years; there's a variety of reasons why people need subtitles, and providing that serv
  4. First off, welcome back to Aion! ☺️ So we know hacks were involved because PF Hard Mode has been the hardest endgame instance in Aion for several patches now (except for perhaps the newest instance, Altar of Gales) and across the whole playerbase, only a few groups can complete it. Like endgame PvE in the past, it's mechanic-heavy and requires a group that's coordinated and geared to the teeth. In this particular case, you can also view everyone's skill rotations on the DPS meter's site and see that no heals were cast- iirc the lone 26k heal came from potions. (And the fact that they ran
  5. When I first saw your video, I figured the explanation was that his PC could handle Sandboxie- but nah you legit just transcribed it wrong and are trying to be scummy. Nice. If we listen to the clip instead of watching/reading it, we can hear him clearly talking about how he doesn't understand why his camera lags while he is dual boxing (I wouldn't understand either since his machine seems pretty beefy, but streaming just be like that I guess) and that's why he is setting up a second PC to run Lunas for kinah.
  6. People should still be able to use their restoration tokens on failed minion attempts, even if it doesn't count towards the event. Just because the Aion team 1.) Doesn't know that everyone uses their tokens on minions because basically nothing else worthwhile can be restored via token 2.) Poorly scheduled the event at the end of a restoration token season 3.) Didn't take restorations into account before announcing the event 4.) Didn't communicate this exception ahead of time It doesn't mean everyone who tries and fails combining should be turned down when they go to restore the
  7. Like others have said, the best solution is to make the items limited to 1 per account, not 1 per server. With this fix, it gives everyone the opportunity to farm meloons and buy their desired holiday goodies, but the game/market isn't going to be completely flooded either.
  8. Uh, no one who was looking forward to an Ulti promotion event and is now expressing disappointment here has an Ulti. To the best of my knowledge, we are all rocking Legendaries. Side note is absurdly awkward to be in endgame groups and have people realize you're the only one still in a Legendary transform.😬 I'll admit that this message initially tugged at my heartstrings- I don't want to make people sad, especially at Christmastime or when they've been working hard. But I also rather think that's the intention here. So I'm sorry to say that I am still just as disappointed and cross as
  9. I thought for sure we would get an Ulti promotion for Christmas... It fits the holiday theme, and everyone will have gotten their bonuses from work and spending money from relatives to shell out on BCM purchases. So disappointing and, well, kind of infuriating if you've still got the energy to be angry with Aion. Our last guaranteed Ulti event was back in August, wasn't it? I like the cosmetics available across the various events and I'm glad we can morph stones again. It's just hard to muster any enthusiasm for this sort of thing when I'm gutted over the lack of any Ulti promotional eve
  10. It is a bit surprising that skins are so low on the priority list- but I think it would be higher on the list if you grouped all the cosmetics together. Because practically everyone I talk to wants more skins, mounts, furniture, and emotes/motions. The BCM is perpetually disappointing tbh, with one or two really good desirable skins listed every couple months. For example, the Cute Denim Dress is a skin I've been advocating for NA to get for years and we finally got it and I snatched it right up. (Ended up giving it to the girlfriend since it looks a lot better on her toon than mine but I
  11. Just a slight correction, but class doesn't affect your run speed in Daeva Dash; sins are specifically excluded from the event's automatic speed buff in the description. Movement speed from shoes and titles will have a (small) effect though.
  12. I was so excited when I saw we were getting Daeva Dash but these rewards are beyond terrible. Like. I have limited playtime and the event is terrible to the point that I probably won't bother running at all because it is a waste of time. Regular gameplay is more rewarding. I'm just kind of flabbergasted... I don't even know what else to say? What feedback can I give to a team who thinks these rewards are relevant or desireable in 7.7?
  13. The new tutorial quests' text gets cut off at several points (it's not a very good tutorial as a result.) The cutscenes for the episode quest "Cruel Future" have no subtitles- all the text just says "???" The Elyos level 79 quest "Balaur Tags" is still bugged; the required mobs are incorrectly named so the quest cannot be completed. In previous update notes, it was said we would be able to unlock additional rows in our cubes, but we are still capped at 162 slots. Lunacy class transformations still often display incorrectly on players' list of buffs; they have the old p
  14. Extendies should definitely be made available and more readily so than in the previous patches- it's one of those things that doesn't affect me at all as a support cleric, but I see new and returning and veteran melee players all having a lousy time without that extra range. As for all the imbued weapons, the Lunar/Solar, etc? I'd just like to see more events with a chance to get them at all. Or stick them in the BCM or Luna gamble game or whatever. Make them a Frigida drop lol. P2W isn't ideal but at least we'd get the weapons on the market. I mean, the Void dragon weapons were only available
  15. The Dream World was such a beautiful map, but I was disappointed that the fun music only played on the bridges, nothing displayed on the cinema screens, and the NPC vendors had so very little to offer. When I first read about the Fashion and Consumables merchants from other regions, I was excited! I was expecting a bunch of skins and useful items like stigma enchantments, daevanion essences, enchantment stones, gold bar food, and refinement stones. The fact that they only had one motion and one skin, and shards and basic food was really lame. The vending machine gambles were also pretty lacklu
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