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  1. Serious question

    Well first of all- welcome back to Aion! The forums aren't really the best representation of the game, or the community. There have been a lot of changes over the years and they're a mix of good and bad- despite what you will see people saying here The funniest thing is seeing people go off to play on private servers and they've forgotten how grindy and inconvenient everything used to be; we all forget how nice the quality of life changes are <3 Anyways, 5.0-5.8 were pretty much completely off the rails, and I had a lot of fun back then but I also know a lot of people (including the friends who introduced me to Aion) quit because there were just way too many systems in place for gear and character progression. So 6.0 was the big overhaul/streamlining patch, and things have been increasingly refined since then. I do miss the differences between storylines on Elyos and Asmodian sides as you level up new characters, but it's not like the overarching lore was deleted or ruined- I think people just skip cutscenes and quest dialogue too often and miss out on it all. As for roleplayers, I'm not sure there's any dedicated legions or groups for it anymore, especially because legion content became relevant, if not crucial to gearing up, again. But we're definitely still out there! I love talking about lore and worldbuilding and characters with my friends, even if I don't have time for writing back and forth paras at the moment.
  2. Everyone has such poor reading comprehension omg You only get one egg per account, and 10 tokens just for doing dailies and collecting free ones off the BCM- even if you squeezed all that into less than 2 hours of gameplay, it'd only take what, 42 days to get full rewards? Speaking of which, I'm glad Violeta is pointing out that the rewards are SELECTABLE It's a good rewarding event that supplements usual gameplay- which is the best kind, imo. I'd rather play like normal and get some awesome goodies than full afk or spam event instances on every possible alt until my wrists give out. And the first legendary contract looks like a 1-in-3 chance of getting what you want, which is pretty sweet! Attack speed, cast speed, and hybrid- so my poor plate friends can finally have attack speed legendaries. Thank goodness <3
  3. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    We can call it "animalistic" if that sounds sexier better, but there's no denying that Asmodians were represented as having those beast/animal traits (from evolution, or as gifts directly from Aion/god, depending on how into the NPC/cutscene dialogue you decide to be). I'd never think of it as evil, it's just an adaptation. I mean, from the earliest cinematic trailer, the Asmo girl is crouched like a cat about to pounce, and you can see fangs, glowing/reflective eyes, claws, manes, and pointed ears throughout the video. (She even does the kitty head tilt, which I think is adorable, personally. I am going to put you in my pocket you darling little apex predator.) And of course, they don't really act like animals in their social structures or behaviour, not to the best of my knowledge? I always thought it was a fun disparity between behaviour and appearances, because Elyos in the early storyline have these beautiful villages and cities but are often downright brutish, and the Asmodians' biology and architecture/standard of living reflect the brutal environment they live in but, particularly in Pandaemonium, we see that as a people they have a lot of pride, and an appreciation for elegance and refinement.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    It does not matter if it's an alt or your main, because it's all the same account. If you cheated, you don't get any rewards or compensation. The end. I saw soooo many people bragging that they wouldn't be punished- just because you all weren't permabanned doesn't mean you get to keep your all of your bugged EC rewards AND get EC compensation. Like... what? However, I do think that all players who weren't banned/suspended should receive compensation, whether they ran EC during the time mentioned or not. New/returning players have still been unable to run EC since it's been locked, and I feel like they deserve at least some kind of compensation for the six months of no EC. No one else has a problem with this, so please hush. The vocal minority already got us crummy stones for competition ranking instead of Luna and I'm not having that happen again. If people waste their xforms for GP mobs they'll waste their xforms for GP boxes, and if people use their xforms for critical siege moments they will continue to use their xforms for siege. There's no difference between the mobs and the boxes- except that you can't farm boxes efficiently. Personally I've been having a lot of fun with three sieges every other day- it's a lot more dynamic, while also giving us a few days off! And the GP boxes are just an extra little bit of fun running around the map.
  5. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    @Cyan I hope the team at NCWest is very seriously talking over plans to remove the weekly enchantment stone limit. I have more genesis crystals, fighting spirit fragments, and bobonerk gems than I can ever possibly use with the current limits in place- and they will only continue to pile up, even if I'm only getting crystals from siege. There's not much point in doing weekly Lakrum camps or genesis quests anymore because I just buy my 5 boxes on Wednesday, fail the majority of my enchantment attempts with whatever stones I get, and that's my progress for the week. Wheeee... In Korea there are cheap (note: CHEAP) enchantment stones in the cash shop, and in EU they are open world drops. We don't have those resources in NA, so the 5 box cap is a huge hindrance to old and new players alike. There just aren't enchantment stones in the game anymore, and there's not even improved success rates to counterbalance the lack of stones. I want to have fun with all the great new content in 7.2 but my progress has come to an absolute standstill and it's kind of killing my desire to play. (Thank god NA doesn't have guaranteed ultimate drops in pve instances like other regions, because we wouldn't be able to enchant that shit anyway :v )
  6. Siege TIME / Days

    I was extremely apprehensive about the new siege system when I read the patch notes, but it turned out to be a lot of fun! It was hectic but I am sure we will all figure out new habits and strategies after a few more sieges. The changes to the deities' health and skills help make things more dynamic too- no more 10 minute Divine, and Demaha mobs+dux weren't so stupidly tanky. (Both the altar and fortess sieges are going to require fast mobilization with the changes made, so I am hoping more players learn to navigate, port, and regroup fast- but we'll see how that goes.) I think Aion players just hate changes sometimes, even good ones or stuff they asked for
  7. ... Please quit making these vaguely promising remarks on the forums and then following it up with posts like today's. It would have been so easy to just say changes were being made to the event. (It only lasts for 2 weeks and obviously wasn't play tested or you guys would know about the boss HP and hammer drop issues but whatever.) I know what you said yesterday wasn't a lie but it still feels like such a slap in the face when EVERYONE is eager to hear about changes and updates regarding EC, 7.2/future patches, Luna retuning, housing/guestblooms, or even skins. No one cares about this event!!! It is a lame casual event with lame casual rewards! Like, okay fine. No EC news. You know what would tide everyone over in the meantime? Make the Luna wardrobe bigger, and add more skins to the BCM and in-game stores. More and more players are getting their endgame gear but no one wants to skin over it with one-time only costumes that we might never see again. I'm glad we got wintery skins and mounts on the BCM, and the cute animal hoodies from the event bosses- it is a good start. BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Step. It. Up.
  8. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    At this point I don't know what compensation would be worth the wait. It's been too long to get away with giving us etium, stones, and AP. There have been countless times over the past few months that I lamented how helpful even the ancient stones would be- but we have all kept going and struggled and made gear progress regardless. Like, should we be happy to get ultimate etium when we have finished purifying by now? Are we supposed to use those materials for a second set? :v I would love to see more permanent rewards dished out, like platinum cubicles and legendary contracts.
  9. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    I had a little extra BC coin leftover so I went ahead and bought a Brilliant Fragment- gave me 1k frags, which I am stupidly happy about I've seen some really nice results from people who have invested in the Brilliant Fragments so if you have spare BC coin or spending money for Christmas, I think it's worthwhile to try your luck- just make sure you're buying the fragments not the snowballs!
  10. Skins on bcm

    Right? (w-__-)w I'm not spending $100 for an ancient transformation. Give me the flower mount and 10th anniversary skin you cowards.
  11. What happened to our skin rotations?

    The skins they put up on the BCM for October/Halloween were depressingly out of touch- but at least they listed something? I guess? I won't spend a dime on things like enchantment stones, but everyone will shell out for cosmetics: mounts, emotes, motions, and skins. The NPCs that previously sold the basic motion sets and emotes aren't in-game anymore and I hear people asking on LFG about this regularly. We also desperately need more weapon skins available. The current gear system is, and will continue to be, purifying into the new tier of equipment; even if you have a skin that can be used more than once (for example, I have been using the Corsair's Mace skin for several patches until now) it is lost forever during purification. There are hundreds of skins and mounts that other regions have had since 4.8 that NA has yet to see, and no I don't mean the copyrighted Hello Kitty stuff that we won't ever see- so for the love of god, please stop listing the same shitty event skins on the BCM. No one wanted the Dapper Jack skins! I was throwing them away in bulk when I got them from the event, you think people are going to pay real money for that garbage? Solorius Hat? You mean the dirt cheap skin we used to be able to buy in Sanctum, the one that is so old that the hair looks like it was rendered before the graphics update? The Solorius Tree and Candle costumes are a good start! But here are some other wintery and holiday skins people want and might actually pay for: Snowman Skin Woolwoven Scandal Retro Checkered Outfit Warm Panda Padding Fuzzy Feline Parka Warm Daru Down Harehood Feline Hood Slope Suit Red Couple's Slope Suit Sky Blue Couple's Slope Suit Iridescent Couple's Slope Suit Mafia Suit Simple Country Coat Modern Outerwear Spiffy Winter Look Resplendent Jolly Coat Frozen Aristocracy Moonlit Hanbok Refined Hanbok All Wrapped Up Frosted Ensemble Aquilon's Crystal I am just going to hope these show up in January or in the Christmas events, because otherwise y'all at the NC offices need a good bap on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    Does that really matter? Before this maintenance, I stopped doing the luna dailies so religiously on my alts because I knew I would be rewarded with luna currency for active gameplay on my main- as opposed to spending a good couple of hours completely afking on alts. Getting luna instead of stones is just a better option all around. (And we are never ever getting Korean rewards when their game scales completely differently from NA, so I hope everyone drops the notion of 500+ stones already.)
  13. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    There's been a lot of speculation about what warranted a permaban- the most prevalent theories I've seen floating around are that the people who were perma'd already had 2 or 3 strikes on their account, or they were the ones doing the kicking. What I'm more interested in is what other steps are going to be taken after this because as far as I'm concerned, all of the temporary suspensions don't actually affect anything- it's like if someone robbed a bank, went to jail for 1-14 days, and then when they go home they still have all the money in their house to spend as they please. What's even worse is that EC is still locked, so it's not as though the people on their forced vacation are missing out on anything while the rest of us play catch-up. Yes, I believe the people who didn't exploit should be compensated and/or rewarded in some fashion. Like I said above, the people who exploited and are only temporarily banned will still have all of their gear, materials, and enchantment stones. Anyone who played honestly is still going to be just as far behind as they were before the banwave. Punishing abusers and rewarding the people who didn't exploit sets a precedent that cheaters will never win or come out on top. But leaving things as they are just makes everyone go "hmm, a few days off doesn't sound so bad in exchange for full gear- I guess next time I'll cheat too!" or "you know, if I could go back in time and spam EC? I would."
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    Special thanks to everyone who pitched a fit in this thread and in support tickets 800 Luna for your average 5-Star player would get you 200 fragments/40 Legendaries/8 Ultimates if you only reran ID/IB for 80 Luna each. Or, pre-fragment update you could save it to craft PVP stone boxes (1-4 Legendary stones per box). Honestly my favourite part about getting Luna as a reward was that I don't have to spend all my time afking the dailies to craft it. I was actually getting rewarded for playing the game, attending sieges, and running arenas- not zoning out and watching shows while the Luna daily ticks away. And like IJI said, I don't appreciate this change being implemented so late in the season; I was really trying hard and counting on getting my Luna rewards! Time and time again, the biggest issue is lack of communication between NC and the playerbase. Sighs all around.
  15. Fighting fragments

    Not at all. The community has been requesting additional means of acquiring Fighting Spirit Fragments for ages, and I think adding them to a few instance reward lists and events was a great decision, because it encourages and rewards gameplay. Making them a reward for losing these instances only encourages people to afk even more than they already do. Seriously, what's the point of playing and trying to win if you get the same reward bundle for losing? There has to be something to incentivize people to play actively, and in these cases it's the prospect of fragments. And I'm not complaining about afkers- just drawing a comparison between Pandora lobbies and IB/ID/KBF, in that if you want fancy loot goodies you need majority participation for the win, and that I am happy with this arrangement. Some people want loser rewards for Pandora too, and I also think that's unnecessary. I don't have unfortunate quick queues to complain about on the forums every week, because I form my own groups, run with people I know, or I quick queue with the full expectation that I'll give the instance a go if everyone else wants to play and contentedly afk if they don't. I don't have any reason to be upset with quick queue team members for afking or being undergeared when I know how the system works and what I'm getting myself into.