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  1. I have my suspicions that Loki and Kibbelz might just have really skewed perspectives since they've only been with us since, what, 6.0 ish? And that was like, genuinely the worst Aion has ever been- maybe these rather crummy events seem pretty good to them compared to literally no events at all? I think it would help if they did some research, browsed some archives and such, and saw not only other region's current events, but NA's history and saw that in previous patches, there really were a variety of highly rewarding events for all sorts of playstyles. It's also good to observe trends
  2. Uhhh. Hm. Okay. Cool event concept with Shugo Game but the prize pool seems lame by comparison. I'm not really sure how to feel, because yes we all need more experience marks but I'm not sure if this is how I would go about it? I dunno, I won't even be home to try anything out for another six hours so maybe it'll be a quick fun thing that has us all rolling in marks, I have no idea yet. As for the Winter Wonderland, it's another very pretty and showy event with underwhelming rewards- it's a really nerfed version of the 11th anniversary. Like if I ordered the 11th anniversary from wi
  3. Okay except you literally cannot collect hundreds of free legendaries with this event. It is actually impossible. There is a hard cap because the candy stations aren't spawning (even if they were spawning properly, they are still heavily limited and shared across the faction so you can't stock up like crazy)- you get 10 candy blasts per day, and that's just 3 pumpkins out of the required 35. Plenty of players have combined dozens or even hundreds of times and not gotten a new apostle or collection or unlocked an Ultimate- and even if they did make progress, is that really so bad
  4. NCWest is still out here acting like we're in 6.0 and Legendaries are these rare, coveted things. A free Legendary?????? Great googly moogly, we can't let them get an ugly Halloween transform. Much less a collection! What if they got 500 parry or block? You know, those stats no one uses. Or 150 attack!!! Heaven forbid. 😑 I just can't believe they're literally keeping them under lock and key. We're in 8.0 and everyone should be rocking Ultimates already, get with the program NCWest and let us complete our collections. Also my only regret about Stormwing is that I didn't abuse
  5. Thank you for your kind words 🥰 But between the playerbase and the NC team, Aion has utterly crushed my gentle spirit over the years. Good work team 10/10 🤦‍♀️ Okay I feel like someone needs to explain to you guys that we're harping on the Titan Coins not just because they're a dumb and terrible reward, but because they are indicative of a larger issue. The Aion team is being lazy and careless with us. The items are not relevant to current content or game progression, the news post is full of errors, and the rewards are not event-worthy. What's the fastest, easiest way to p
  6. From what I can tell, EU also had this version of the event contracts where no key was needed- I wouldn't really consider it an exploit but everyone was hoping it'd stay on the downlow because we all know NCWest is so utterly careless and incompetent that there's no way they checked for it. I mean, the only reason IDD was still included on the event list is because NC made the rewards so crummy that it wouldn't matter if people were instance spamming. (I worked double shifts yesterday and today so I'm missing out btw. Sucks to suck.) We're in 8.0 already, and the patch has been showering
  7. Narc 🔪 https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/9955-pumpkin-kings-haunt-temporarily-disabled/
  8. With the re-edited purchase limits, the only significant change I'm seeing is that if you buy the 6400 BCC bundle four times, you get a guaranteed Halloween transformation contract. That price is... bafflingly steep. I could see some crazies going for that promotion if it was a guaranteed or selectable Ultimate, but it's just the Harvest Revel transforms so I don't really understand. I'm also super confused by the copy/paste announcement because Kibbelz kept telling us the team was hard at work on the Harvest Revel event and passing along our feedback, and that's why it was running late
  9. When I say copy/paste I mean it. I scrolled side by side and there were 2 non-flavor text changes. Last year you could only buy the 6400 bundle 4 times and this year it's 5; if you buy 4 you get a bonus 4 types contract (mind you this is just a guaranteed Halloween transforms, not Ulti don't be silly- and for the low low price of 25,600 BCC!). Oh, and last year you could buy the 1200 contract twice and this year only once. Higher purchase limits where?? 😬
  10. So other than the paid content, it's all the exact same as last year's pumpking event- like, right down to the Titan Coins...? No new skins or experience marks or anything? Why did we have to wait so long for this event when it's legit just a copy/paste? :/ Depressing.
  11. Echoing the sentiment from this and last week's maintenance thread- NA players have no legitimate and reliable way to earn the experience marks needed for this patch. We didn't really have consistent means in previous patches either, but EXP marks have overwhelmingly replaced all other in-game currencies besides kinah and Luna, and at least those two can be grinded or farmed or P2W'd. For the love of god please just add the Illuma and Norsvold auto-hunt regions back in the game permanently like Abyssal Splinter. Other players have made better arguments for this than I can, but it really was th
  12. You know, when I heard we were getting Classic, I was convinced I would only need the 30 day pass to play around a bit and explore the old maps, that kind of thing. I truly thought I would still main Aion retail. But as beautiful as Aion is, and despite all of the quality of life improvements, Classic just has better core gameplay. I have spent the past month being sad and bitter about the state of Aion by comparison- I want to play Haniya and have just as much fun, but I'm... not. I figured I would wait it out and see if things got better, and enjoy my skins and interior decorating in the mea
  13. I'm not sure about getting Ulti from the coins because so few people seem to be investing in that, but several of my legionmates have gotten their transforms just by combining two legendaries during this event! (And a few people are actually very upset about getting duplicate Ulti because they wanted a selection box. Ack.) Personally I would NOT recommend investing in the transform coin event, since the proc rates seem very low just for getting coins, much less for opening the gamble box and getting Ulti. It's gonna be similar to the anniversary and other events where's like a 1% chance of get
  14. Thank you again for the current Ulti promotion- it's been a long time coming and I'm super excitedly waiting for all the transforms to be mailed out! <3 Would also like to throw in my two cents regarding auto-hunt: when people say NA needs this feature, they actually mean we need experience marks and accessible cubics. I still agree with NCWest's original stance on not bringing auto-hunt to our region because... how to say this politely? Auto-hunt sucks balls. But we do need cubics to be more widely available again- I'm lucky that I was playing back when we got all our bronzes and sil
  15. You Could Have Gotten 7+ Legendaries in The 6 Months Between Promos: A Comprehensive Guide (Obligatory Disclaimer Because People Are Stupid: This is not to say every player should have gotten each and every one of these contracts, nor does it account for everyone's duplicates/lack of duplicates. It's just a rough average of how many Legendaries could be unlocked since August 28, 2020. See more at the end.) 1. Lugbug You need 40 Shards, acquired by completing the Lugbug weekly or by purchasing with genesis crystals/ experience marks depending on the patch. 2 Breaths of Transformatio
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