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  1. is this a joke?????

  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Two questions please and thank you o/ 1. Why are the Vandal Pack equipment pieces cloth instead of clothing? We were all expecting to get skins 2. Why aren't the actual Anniversary skins included in the available cosmetics for the event? We never got the skins from the 8th or 9th Daeva's Day celebrations (8th = Ornate Daevanion [item:110901548] 9th = Red Carpet Dress [item: 110901742]) and there's still so many skins NA has yet to see, even ones promised during the 6.0 livestream @_@ Ornate Daevanion Concept Art (view more of their work on ArtStation, username pencil 1203) Red Carpet Dress by HY Lee ^ Koreans know how to party
  3. So I assume it's just cause I'm intoxicated

    If this box works the same as other PST boxes, you'll basically to churn out as many tickets as you want for X amount of time but each ticket only lasts an hour. So you can go to the character customization screen and make tweaks, see how it looks in game, make another ticket, back to customization, etc etc. until you're 100% happy with how your toon looks. Can't guarantee this box is the same as what I'm remembering but that's my guess at least
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @Cyan PLEASE look into the EC exploit; the longer this goes unchecked, the more of a problem it becomes.
  5. @Cyan

    But it's not taking away anything from anyone; like I said, everyone keeps what they got from EC. All the AP, minium, Etium, enchantment stones, gear, etc. etc. will stay on that account, no matter how many bugged ECs they ran. And no one is getting things taken away that was purchased with real money; if they spent Luna on reruns or the event for fragments, or whatever, that's an honest gain and would stay put regardless. My suggestion is simply that a player will be unable to run EC in direct proportion to however many extra runs they did. It's not unfair at all- in fact I think it's a lot better than throwing out blanket bans or sending everyone Etium in the mail. Also, I'm sure NCSoft knows the numbers, considering last Thursday QA Loki told me the exact number of minutes Haniya had spent online since her creation. There are ways to keep track of this stuff, it's only a matter of if the team actually does something with the information. This is a little silly to me. Just because a lot of people are abusing this exploit doesn't mean all of us are. I'm genuinely not even a smidgen concerned with your hypothetical; there are going to be plenty of people to run EC with.
  6. @Cyan

    Just chucking my concept here as well, since there have been several suggestions posted o/
  7. Evergale Canyon

    After discussing potential solutions with the girlfriend, here's the fix for this that I like best: For every bonus run acquired from the exploit, a cooldown is subtracted from that character. So if someone exploited 20 EC runs, they would have to wait 20 open EC days (10 if Prestige) to run again. The instance window would show -20/1 or -20/2 and decrease over time. They could pay for Luna reruns, of course! With this, people who bugged it on accident are only affected for a day or two, the major exploiters get to take a much-needed break, and those who didn't spam for kicks can play catch-up. I like this option because it's true that bans would negatively impact the already-small population, and really there is just no easy way to take away rewards that are consumables/have already been used. And I feel it's the easiest option, rather than trying to sort out who's a one-off exploiter or who got kicked without asking, which rewards have been used up or not, etc etc. Can you imagine trying to un-register cubicles? No thanks! Let's keep it simple AND fair
  8. @Cyan

    Um, yes they can. And should. :I People who are running EC normally and then paying for re-entries with Luna don't deserve to fall behind just because NCWest is lazy and out of touch. I'm not going to expect anything, but the kick function should be removed and the players flagrantly abusing the exploit should be punished for their actions.
  9. Evergale Canyon

    It's pretty weird that all the threads reporting it haven't been taken down; usually even posting about these exploits is a big no-no. :1 And I'm super annoyed at all the people I've seen insisting that "everyone" abuses the EC bug, as if that means NC shouldn't penalize players for it. Like, I honestly don't care how many of you are doing it, it's still cheating the system. I hope y'all get temporary bans or all the rewards deleted from your inventories- but it'd be surprising if NC so much as removes the ability to EC kick again. Sigh.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    Why. Please, I am asking with complete sincerity: what was the reasoning behind this change? I've actually enjoyed this event, and made more progress in one week than I would have with months of grinding in 6.X; the only thing that would have improved it further would be making the coins tradeable and able to be stored in the Account Warehouse, which many of us have requested. Instead the decision has been made to make Cauldron Coins entirely character locked? As if it hasn't been bad enough opening my daily box and getting untradeable resources like Ultimate stones, fragments, Daevanion boxes, and contracts on alts- now we can't even trade the coins to select our prizes? People were happy, active, and making progress. The economy was moving around for once. Transparent scrolls are readily available. This is probably the best event we've had since the flower farm, and you're doing your best to ruin it all. So yeah, I'm asking- why?
  11. Valiant and Top Tier

    I joined a big legion that I knew would invite, and continue to invite, players of all experience and gear levels. Alts and inactive folks are constantly getting shuffled out to make room for all the active mains who want to participate in legion activities and sieges. The leaders/alliances I kill world bosses with also implemented a rule on the second day that if someone rolls for loot that isn't for their class and doesn't trade it to a player who can use that piece, they won't be invited to the league in the future. This has been extremely effective, since during the looting of the last boss I helped kill, only one person rolled outside their class and it's because they were a confused returning player; it was quickly traded. Literally everyone else passed, so I know it's not that hard. Legendary drops are also class roll only- gotta get those sweet sweet extendy combines ^o^ No one liked the nonsense from 6.0 Anomos fights (and earlier patches) with people ninjaing loot or rolling for their friends, why not nip that in the bud? Also keep in mind that I'm effectively on an Australian schedule, not North American; if anyone is excluding non-legion members from the world boss league, it hasn't once happened during my time online. To my knowledge we've always actively recruited for world bosses in LFG, and yes that includes the one the legion chose to spawn. Everyone's invited to join, so I'm not sure where snippity remarks about my current legion or needing to be carried come from .__. There's screenshots and video recordings of these boss fights, 'cause it's always a fun time with cool moments I want to experience again. If you can kill the world bosses with one legion and no one else, more power to ya; I am not super invested in what goes on over on the Katalam server, as long as poor attitudes don't bleed over onto DN. But chances are you need other players just as much as they need you- and if you invite someone, even a campaign geared player, they're helping as much as they can and deserve to roll on their gear just as much as anyone else in the league.
  12. Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?

    It's entitlement in the same way that I am entitled to the groceries I buy, you silly person. I want to support this game that I play every day, but they are giving me fewer and fewer reasons to. (Both to support it, and to play on a daily basis tbqh.) There is hardly any communication between NC and the playerbase, and I am saying there is basically nothing worthwhile about paying for prestige right now that couldn't be accomplished with a boost pack, which was promised to us in 6.0 and never implemented- aside from the extra character slots. If all we're using prestige for is bonus entries to a select few relevant instances, it is much more cost effective to just buy some Luna for reruns. :1
  13. Valiant and Top Tier

    Yikes. This kind of behaviour is... kinda gross, honestly. I've hated seeing how selfish players have become throughout 6.0 and 7.0- the general attitude being "nyerk you, got mine." It will always come back around to bite you though, so have fun with the fallout Like, it's an MMO you guys. You're not solo, and you need to collaborate with other players. I don't care if you spawned the boss- my legion spawned one the other day, still invited every single person who wanted to come along so we could work together. You know, for the benefit of the entire faction instead of a select few.
  14. Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?

    Um. I beg your pardon? What do you mean it won't be fixed this week? I've tried and tried and tried not to lose my temper. But what the hello kitty am I paying for as a prestige player at this point? The vending machine (when we get it back) is full of outdated and hideously overpriced items. There aren't quests that give thousands of coins anymore guys, get with the program thanks. Or add more quests that aren't useful. We can't even complete the PF hard mode quest because we don't have PF hard mode in NA yet, and there's a bunch of quests that give a piffling amount of coins. 25 coins towards items that cost upwards of 10k? I'm sighing. A lot. The prestige pass was actually updated for the worse and every other day I get to claim and immediately throw away worthless transformation essences. Currently we don't get daily coins or prestige cases either, very cool very cool. I would love to use those extra character slots to make a Vandal toon on my main account considering it has viable legendary transforms, instead of a rubbish side account that has one ancient to its name, but that's apparently not getting fixed any time soon. Sooooo basically I'm paying for some buffs, 40 fragments, an ulti PvE stone, bonus instance entries, and extra siege credit. Now let's see. The buffs aren't really necessary, are they? The PvE one can be made up for with an artifact buff, XP isn't as necessary now that there are better means of acquiring enchantmnet stones and I'm not bothering to buy bobo coin bundles anymore, drop rate is useless when mobs don't drop anything to begin with, and considering I've started working more hours and can't attend every siege, I don't find it necessary to get the extra AP/GP because I will always end the season very comfortably in the 5* bracket- no more pushing for General. It really sounds like all I need here is bonus instance entries- sure would be nice if we had an entry boost pack. Perhaps a brokerable version! As promised back in 6.0 :^) Oof.
  15. What are y'all focusing on this week?

    Personally I'm just working my way through as many one-time-only quests as I can, 'cause having so many markers on the map and in my quest log is super overwhelming. I figure the sooner those are all squared away, the sooner I can develop a new daily and weekly routine in Demaha I'm also doing altar sieges when my schedule allows, and trying to get familiar with navigating around the new map. Not sure if I'll do any instances or just stick to open world, hmm :Ia