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  1. @Cyan Any news about how the GP system is going to work in the upcoming patch? I've read about changes made in KR and EU but I'd love to know what to prepare for here in NA, or if I should expect the system to stay the same
  2. Costume Rotation

    Ooh, another anniversary skin I'd love to see is the Red Carpet Dress [item:110905027] There's just so many beautiful old skins that haven't been released in NA yet, it's a bit of a shame when Luna skins make it onto the BCM's rotation
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 19, 2018

    Just to be extra sure, does this mean there is a chance the stigma level will stay the same upon failure? Or that there is only a chance the enchantment level goes down by 1, and otherwise it will break to 0? (I'm guessing the former but stigma enchanting is always such a stressful and often pricey ordeal, I want to be certain )
  4. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    I try my very best not to be rude around here so I'm sorry to say this, but the food and manastones listed as rewards are literally garbage- like I will genuinely throw all those manastones away, because anything lower than 6 (which we acquire from the Luna weekly) is not worth the stats or the crafting resources required for morphing into higher stones. Could we perhaps reconsider this list and make the manastones at least +6s instead of 4s? D:
  5. I don't think there's any harm in leveling up crafting if you enjoy it- particularly alchemy for the healing pots and basic scrolls (it's a cheaper and more efficient process than aetherforging those items), and then armorsmithing/weaponsmithing/tailoring if you want any of the skins. It's a pretty fast and cheap process these days and it didn't take long at all to master armorsmithing so that I could make some old balic gear. Which uh. Ended up looking bad on my toon but hey it's all good. But if it's boring to you then you can skip the whole crafting process. I do suggest working on your Aetherforging during the boost weekends if nothing else, as it's extremely useful and will continue to be so in future patches. And I'll 100% echo the sentiments towards construction. I mean, I'm a freak of nature who absolutely loves crafting and spent her first six months in Aion mastering construction- and while I don't regret it, I also wouldn't recommend it at all! (So many nenana candles... o_o)
  6. Costume Rotation

    Since we've gotten new mounts on the BCM and a bunch of skins that were requested on this thread, I thought I'd go ahead and mention the Wind Flower mount- it's one of the few we haven't seen in game yet as far as I know, not even as a temporary mount I would love for it to be made available somehow or another, it's my absolute favourite! Wind Flower [item: 190100217] (And y'know, my usual begging for Summery Linens and Royal Hanbok but mostly the mount today! )
  7. Eeeee I'm super happy to hear this! So glad you guys listened to the community feedback, I can't wait to spam the living daylights out of all the pve instances on the event list next week >:D
  8. Soooooooo any word from the team, or are we keeping the super crummy mechanic of random ice pick drops for one person and no one else after all? :1
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 25, 2018

    I'm rather disappointed- the emergency maintenance didn't fix the ice pick drops or the artifact sales limit
  10. @Cyan This isn't really the problem though, I think it's fine if the event items drop directly instead of having to open bags. The huge glaring issue to me is that the picks are a drop only for one person in the group instead of shared like the blocks are, and how the bags were. So you end up with many people snagging the ice pick simply just because they looted a boss first (either on purpose or accidentally)- and when the drop isn't even a guarantee, it leads to a whole lot of frustration and resentment all around.
  11. Item skins

    I tested it real quick just to be sure, and the luna wardrobe doesn't let you skin chain over cloth. You'll get an error message saying "The appearance of [insert cloth item name here] cannot be modified into [insert chain item name here] and vice versa as they are different type of items." Maybe someday they'll let us use any armor type to skin onto any other armor type, but not today! :')
  12. Natural Magic Stones as Event Reward

    I was super delighted to have stone of life fragments included as rewards for the Secret of the Ancients event, and I think it would be great to include more rare aetherforging mats in event reward tables- or loot from instances. It's fine to have craftable items that are hard to acquire, but the Prowess stuff is borderline impossible. And there's no point in crafting any of it to sell because frankly, no one would be willing to pay what they're "worth". Alternative suggestion- perhaps Prowess boxes could be added to the Evergale Canyon Reward Chest instead? Since the other aetherforged equipment is included in those as well. :>
  13. A Simple Question.

    It's easy to put on a tinfoil hat and suspect NC is adjusting success rates behind the scenes, but really I think RNG and luck are just very very fickle. I've gotten two of my stigmas to +9 so far today, but others it's been a struggle even getting to 6. And I stocked up a lot ahead of time specifically so that I wouldn't have to shell out billions of kinah (which I don't have lol) and most of my stigs are at 7 or 8 now. Since I probably won't make much more progress, I think I'll just be content and save up again for next power up
  14. Event Server Maintenance - May 24, 2018

    Seconding this! The sentiment of the diogenite bundles is nice and I'm pleased as punch about the stone of life fragments (because for real, those things are flat out not included in the primordial loot table and you cannot convince me otherwise ), but there's other crafting mats that would be really good as event rewards- even basics like spirit stones of light and ancient crafting/chronos/eternity stones because literally everyone needs those- and instance drops, in the case of materials like water drops, natural gems, and natural magic stones.