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  1. Game is dead, servers are empty. Ncsoft does not care unless its about $$ making from events or something that from their side.
  2. it has been few days i have submitted a ticket and i havent got any reply yet.
  3. Then whats the point of having different toon. Your saying we must be able to do things on same toon. Like a repeatable quest or instance entry on same toon. I don't think this is good idea. instance Entry based on accounts isn't a good idea.
  4. If its "6am Server Time" Why is server going down at 5am server time?
  5. How can you get 4 apostle for free? can you please explain?
  6. Hello, I have been checking broker these days and there is so many broker bots, whats aion team doing about these bots. Today i saw two people in oriel(probably dating there lol). I would like to know what does our aion support team have for these people. Will they continue to be there stalking our shugo or they will be thrown out. Thanks https://imgur.com/SETzi5M
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