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  1. Aetherforge Masters Event

    in the website still the september 2 we need any replies about this use, because i was playing this event with so many alts thats a super effort they cant throw it
  2. Peticion de encuesta para cambios

    Hola debes ser nuevo en el juego y si no lo eres te debe faltar esta informacion, NCwest es una empresa que compra de forma anual los derechos para poder manejar el juego llamado AION por lo tanto ellos solo pueden supervisar, administrar y ejecutar ciertos cambios/ordenes pero no pueden modificar nada del juego/programa base, todo viene desarrollado por el equipo de corea el cual es una empresa grande llamada NCSOFT el cual tiene como 5 juegos y aion es el que menos dinero les da hoy en dia. por lo tanto todo cambio o sugerencia aqui va ir a la basura en caso de querer hacer un reclamo debes hacerlo en ncsoft y en coreano claro esta, dudo que te escuchen ya que este juego es desarrollado por coreanos para coreanos por eso nunca estamos a gusto con algun parche/actualizacion. tenemos gustos y pensamiento diferente a los asiaticos sin embargo ellos manejan y juegan de otra manera AION. no esperes un cambio solo debes acoplarte si te gusta el juego tal y como viene sino lamentablemente amigo existen miles juegos mas esperando por ti. gracias GM Mrplatino
  3. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    probably buying the items directly from _______
  4. AIon 7.0

    thank you for the answer to be honest dragon lord refuge was the most fun and challenged instance in my personal opinion or at leats for israphel server just few alliances was sucefull. ALSO where i can find the video when tiamat kills apsu to be honest o just skip each video history during the game hahaha
  5. AIon 7.0

    so how many dragon lords do we have, 7? and wich we defeated in game tahabata? tiama? beritra? Ereshkigal in 6.5?
  6. Hello Daevas! i love to play the gladiator class so i want make a nice guide for those new players and the old ones that wants to get more information about the new version, with the recent update our class have many changes (everyone does but i want to focus in gladiator) so the hightlights for this topics are the next 1) Dual still worth in this version for pve? or pvp as well? 2) PVE stigmas build 3) PVP stigmas Build 4) New stats for PvP (minium and maximum) and how do we have to sort the new stats in this version for pve 5) Nes stats for PVP (minium and maximum) and how do we have to sort the new stats in this version for pvp 6) without slaugther, Nezekan, and daevic fury do we still the Berserking warrior class in the game? 7) MA for magic skills still like the last versions? getting resist our magical skills? do we have to socket MA like in 2.5? 9) Weapons, in old days an arsenal with full many weapons to deal in each situation was a good option, what now? do we need extendible weapons? Great swords? Polearms? Duals? bow? 10) we cant use the cloth, chain, and leather set but we can use hats, so is pettry much like old days some that glads was running with leather or cloth hats for more MR or MS that worth in this version? Hope we can make a good guide for new and current players like me that are so confused with the new version, ill write my thoughts and update this topic constantly. THANK YOU for ur time and knowledge. Mrplatino Gladiator lvl 80 Israphel Server.
  7. i got one important question, this new "anti-hack" will bring problems for those people who is using proxys to reduce the ping latency like, battleping, wtfast, or reducethelag? coz i cant play without any of them, game ping goes 200+ without it