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  1. Hue, but we keep playing so shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🤐
  2. probably it's too late for this post i made it before classic laucnh/Annunciation but yeah they so happy with classic, right now retail its the scum game in the corner getting more recyble bin events till 8.0, and we need the merge i know ur favorite place its forums @Ele-DN but for some ppl, we do pvp daily.
  3. 1hr for free for x1000 bots its worthy isnt?
  4. i got this images just watching 2MIN OF STREAM NO 2HRS the amount of bots in KR its a joke
  5. 1- its NA classic getting the p2w sub unlimited as korea did? getting x3 major crowns or u guys will prevent it. 2- are u goin to keep bots away? or its going to look like KR classic https://imgur.com/yG61Bem https://imgur.com/oxXUz50 https://imgur.com/RTCiBea https://imgur.com/yG61Bem
  6. Yeah I love to troll ppl but right now it's serious business, it's not a secret AION retail population it's really low with classic incoming for sure it will die or just 20 ppl playing it. Me and many ppl have invested money and ALOT time one resource that u can't take back, so we need some solutions if there it's none just shut down the server to finally end this history
  7. Hi Mr @Kibbelz been watching your job in the last 2 months and i can say its good so far, now lets talk about retail version, the current versions has so many walls to enjoy the game i know new players cant enjoy any pvp content before getting 1 shot, thats one small example there is many walls to enjoy this current version that makes ppl leave to another game or just log to chat and say hit to friends for 30min then log off. with the classic version coming soon, coz we aren't that stupid all the opening and sneek peaks marketing for classic in the official aion NA social medias means its com
  8. i come from the future save this post for your own safety! * Ncsoft will release Classic server just after elyon release, to counter some players and money * the hype for classic its going to be crazy! many players will back to game and the first month will be super great * ncsoft its planning to milk players with the p2p feature plus *** buy unlimited crowns feature*** * players going to cry so hard about bots! kinah sellers in huge quantys no like the 9 years ago! the PC nowadays can handle more than 50 aions at same time! * after ncsoft milks everyone they will re
  9. some Deep pve players are looking for some scrolls, these scrolls are able to get from the sov gear with a low rate as well if u check my inventory in the link , i DE everysingle piece i got just 6 scrolls
  10. 6 scrolls so far, but to be honest i didnt extrat all the items was too busy doing runs each 2min so did some discards maybe u can get over 10 scrolls pero 100
  11. Hi, just want to share the drop rate from IDD, yes i did x100 runs and i got only 4 weapons so far https://postimg.cc/QB1jhPR7
  12. i hope never, probably u are one of those kinah sellers lmao
  13. haha good joke 2 dazzling got corrupt just at +2 this week
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