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  1. you guys too worried about new laws, they could say A but won't do Z, from years ago this team is poor in employers, hackers and developers are more thats why they gave up trying to cacth them support team prefers to wash their hands saying things like " unsuficeng evidence or can't judge by using 3rd party programs" it's a bussines method just pay few employers gain many money from big amount of players and pretend to "work" if you all want to change the game stop buying ncoin, but yea i know it wont happend in years. so don't worry about new rules stay chill buy Doritos and eat it with some
  2. i told my boss i wont work today coz i'm getting my kaisinel xform ...... now ncwest did this....
  3. NCwest i know u can't stop milking ppl but at leats do ur stpud job! in time
  4. actually yes🤣🤣🤣 , its his first post with one latin nickname must be one of those old mans trying to git gud
  5. i know many ppl like you cant understand how the siege system works, but yea even with rubbish dps u get max reward just with one high ap runestone doesntmatter if u are top 1 dps with 20m and one guy with 10m dps with +20 ap runestone its in there, u get the lower contributon and the guy with the +20 gets the max reward, so if he hits all the gates even one hit in everysingle mob he always its getting more contribution than any super geared dps in the siege, yes the fact he dies its the only way he lose the max contribution fact that barely happens with the current luna insta ress.
  6. Hello everyone, as you know we getting soon the 7.8 version in NA probably in 1 month or less and with this patch we getting in game the new transformation stats every single xform rank will be boosted with nice stats and stuff so siege will be really good since 7.8 but with the current system and if NA keeps the same method will be so boring trying to reach higher ranks, right the system its so stupid because you can get the max reward just hitting the boss 1 time and AFK the rest of the siege with a SUPER HIGHER AP RUNESTONE like +14 or above, rank system gives the max reward for 2 ppl per c
  7. are u sure we getting that version? aion codex stats are the same as 6.0 weapons
  8. we getting some good changes in this version, like cleric nerf and the xforms boost right now xforms are super weak and no point to get in the top 100, sad part the way to rank up in the siege will be the same so the p2w ppl with the higher AP runestone will get the higher reward in each single siege even with bad dps. hope they fix this in the future or we getting the same rank system as before ( authiel+alaryl era)
  9. puedes asignar una tecla para tu pet en la configuracion, debes buscar la parte donde de pet command y asignar una tecla en attack, asi cada vez la saques presionas la tecla en el objetivo y atacara
  10. glads use the same stigmas for pve and pvp, lockdown, drainblow, drainingsword,earthqueake,sharpstrike, surestrike thats the basic stigmas as soon u hit +12 basic u can use exauthing wave, ankle snare and magic defense both for pvp but u cant get any green stigmas better for pve so whatever use both for pve as well
  11. since the last update i have to open the client over 5 times, thanks god i dont get any game crash or would be a real nightmare, my game stuck at the NC screen or at the 100% loading bar screen, anyone else is having the same problems? or any solution? https://imgur.com/9aDGZpD
  12. in the website still the september 2 we need any replies about this use, because i was playing this event with so many alts thats a super effort they cant throw it
  13. Hola debes ser nuevo en el juego y si no lo eres te debe faltar esta informacion, NCwest es una empresa que compra de forma anual los derechos para poder manejar el juego llamado AION por lo tanto ellos solo pueden supervisar, administrar y ejecutar ciertos cambios/ordenes pero no pueden modificar nada del juego/programa base, todo viene desarrollado por el equipo de corea el cual es una empresa grande llamada NCSOFT el cual tiene como 5 juegos y aion es el que menos dinero les da hoy en dia. por lo tanto todo cambio o sugerencia aqui va ir a la basura en caso de querer hacer un reclamo debes
  14. probably buying the items directly from _______
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