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  1. they just trying to milk whales but guess what we just over 4 whales left in NA hope they notice it as soon event ends and check the incoming balance
  2. don't mess with the few players than can afford this server, every single one who made it to 300 doesn't matter the date should be prize with the same reward, this situation has no logic.
  3. can you speak with facts? like i did on my video how many NEW accounts do we get? 0 aion has no new players system and ncsoft killed it, you speaking for new players? lmao we are the same 300 guys since 2016 and dropping daily. to be honest whoever crys about daily quest luna is those kinah sellers coz there is no reason in before to run lunas. they cant run their x1000000 to autobot lugbug daily. anyways there is still one free to play solution and NOTICE my alts has kerub gear.
  4. why deleted those saltys commends? @Funkula that's the best aion feature keyboard warrior saying nonsense stuff, please put it back i wont get offend by any salty commend from these ppl. here is one video showing ppl how to farm lunas and is FREE, translate it if you cant understand is 2022 just 1 language in this era isnt enought for real life bye! see you in arenas.
  5. Hi pve heros stop crying and run arenas I been getting over 6k lunas monlty just with arenas. I know this server is 95% pve players and didn't know it, also arenas is free.
  6. It's time to take a break from aion this collection system it's just nyerk for 2022, probably that's why the reason KR base player quit and went to classic, this support team refuses to restore contracts with tokens, (wich still RNG you can have really bad luck and get x3 times the same transformation) after 6. Months of effort and time. Invest in game, ppl with 300 crit damage gonna break the entire game while alot ppl still with 0 ways to get crit defense to face it, They can't understand it but our base player it's really low is not just me some friends are quitting as well and it's a shame coz we support this game trough years with money or social Media. So until they give us new ways to get more collections i say bye bye they will realise somehow we are their key to keep this server going, it's a shame I would be so disappointed with an entire private server getting better support team and more ppl than official one in both versions ROLF, until then bye ur troll and crazy player Mrplatino isrphel player.
  7. bad news, we getting collection system for at least 2 years more today they just add x2 ultis in KR that means more crit damage, with no apostles u getting 1 shot ( i bet you getting 2 shot already imagine with more crit dmg)
  8. Hello everyone as you know internet spread out news faster than any daily here is one SS from the EU server they have these shards in the battlefield coin NPC ( you get those coins via running DREDGION, EVER CANYON, IDGEL DOME, KAMAR) is not a secret EU server is right the most populated more than KR and x10 times more than NA, probably because gameforge understand the community, no idea how to explaing to GMs in NA i know they dont play this game at all and have no idea what is good, what is bad for NA community but at least read the forum and listen to us its already 2 years and we cant get defense apostles in game ( the ones you need to get not ONE SHOT by 260-300 crit damage players) would be nice to get the same feature here in NA so everyone is able to get defense apostles and revive PVP instances (nobody run those instances since 1 year ago)
  9. can't log in as well, with any account seems server problem @Rin
  10. did you know we need over 170 marks per week just to buy the stuff from NPCs, without getting scrolls from demaha, stones from lakrum, and feathers to gain refinent from CKT do you think those small soucers of exp its enought? and i dont even want to mention the new crafting from aetherforing for item collection 50 marks per item
  11. Hello, in past patch the apsaranta reward from the final 4/4 quest was ok, getting couple final rewards per week was a good source of exp or fair enought to buy duttys from RENOWN NPCs, experience marks its the most value thing in this version and now without exp buff during weekds and with the final reward from those quest limited just for 1 per week is not great. i would like to know what makes you to remove both things from game when we really need both or at least one, we need something to keep farming and keep the game going, this post is for our friendly GM i know you guys barealy play the game but at least hear the community , hope we get some respond about this issue that you can fix by one simple buff.
  12. 500 USD just for 1 contract? are you serious? 1 year waiting for this "event" and its way expensive
  13. ENG Hello Aion Community and @Rin first to all i want to say thank you coz i can see the effort with those events and stuff in game, we feel like ncwest sometimes doesnt care about community just care about our pockets, i personally understand how bussines is and we all have to know that for us a game but for ncwest is their bussines its ok with that we have the decition to burn our wallets in this game or just ignore and pass the page but there is one important issue that affects the entire community in AION retail, since we got implemented the two stats crit damage and crit defense over 2 years ago if im not wrong game went from bad to worse, these 2 stats breaks the game in PVP (main feature for this game) so we right now at the point that many ppl already is at top or close to. for new or returned and even players who been playing this game its a pain in the ass getting 1 shot by someone that make no sense, ppl doesnt join in pvp coz they afraid to get 1 shot, they avoid arenas or any instance pvp and all its because that ridiculous crit damage feature i know NCWEST cant do anything about removing this stat in game but you guys can do alot giving to the aion community one way(would be great to get many could be trought BCM, Prestige Coins or events BCM with BCM and prestige coins u guys guarented to get $$$ from us ) to get the LEGENDARYS APOSTLES (not even asking for ultimate) our progress in game its 0 without these apostles and this version is about to end KR and EU at this point gave many ways to their community to get these apostles. think about it, keep the game alive couple years i know aion community is below 200 players but we can improve with the right decitions and events ESP Hola, comunidad de Aion y @Rin, en primer lugar, quiero agradecer porque puedo ver el esfuerzo con esos eventos y cosas en el juego. Sentimos que a ncwest a veces no le importa la comunidad, solo se preocupa por nuestros bolsillos. Personalmente, entiendo cómo es el negocio. y todos tenemos que saber que para nosotros es un juego, pero para ncwest es su negocio, está bien ya es nuestra decisión de quemar nuestras billeteras en este juego o simplemente ignorar y pasar la página, pero hay un problema importante que afecta a toda la comunidad. en AION retail, desde el implemento de estas dos estadísticas de daño crítico y defensa crítica hace más de 2 años, si no me equivoco, el juego fue de mal en peor, estas 2 estadísticas rompen el juego en PVP (característica principal de este juego), así que ahora mismo en el punto en que muchas personas ya están en la cima o cerca. para jugadores nuevos o veteranos e incluso para jugadores que han estado jugando este juego, es un dolor en el trasero recibir 1 disparo de alguien que no tiene sentido, la gente no se une al pvp porque tienen miedo de recibir 1 disparo, evitan arenas o cualquier instancia de pvp y todo es porque esa ridícula función de daño crítico sé que NCWEST no puede hacer nada para eliminar esta estadística en el juego, pero ustedes pueden hacer mucho dando a la comunidad de aion de una manera (sería genial obtener muchos BCM, Prestige Coins o eventos BCM con BCM y monedas de prestigio (muchachos, ustedes garantizaron obtener $$$ de nosotros) para obtener los APÓSTOLES LEGENDARIOS (sin siquiera pedir lo último) nuestro progreso en el juego es 0 sin estos apóstoles y esta versión está a punto de terminar KR y EU en este punto dieron muchas maneras a su comunidad para conseguir estos apóstoles. piénsalo, mantén vivo el juego un par de años. Sé que la comunidad de Aion tiene menos de 200 jugadores, pero podemos mejorar con las decisiones y los eventos correctos.
  14. I had 260 crit damage before merge, now I have just 80 help pls
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