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  1. Hahaha lmao best joke 2022 so far, they can't even do one maintenance right. Imagine them hanging with one entire crypto system
  2. Positive ppl doing positive things, getting nyerked by losers with negatively mind. Fun fact ppl who usually blame in every post at forum doesn't pvp at all, sing me up for donator and boater in Spanish if u want love the idea 😍
  3. I had 260 crit damage before merge, now I have just 80 help pls ❤️
  4. Reading the topic means every thing it's nyerked. P2w killing the game. Ncwest doing nothing about skins and events. And ppl getting bored quickly. Shut down the server. It would fix the problem
  5. shut down the server please, shut down the server please , shut down the server please, shut down the server please @Kibbelz
  6. Bring Back alaryl to lead the asmo side, oh wait he never was a lead in that side 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. nice finally all my house its full with skins, i know i never gonna use it but for some reason i keep saving it
  8. Hi, it was so obvious it's NCsoft lmao, don't expect great updates or any good movement from ncwest, KR its all matters classic there its a big deal but in NA isn't.
  9. Hue, but we keep playing so shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🤐
  10. probably it's too late for this post i made it before classic laucnh/Annunciation but yeah they so happy with classic, right now retail its the scum game in the corner getting more recyble bin events till 8.0, and we need the merge i know ur favorite place its forums @Ele-DN but for some ppl, we do pvp daily.
  11. 1hr for free for x1000 bots its worthy isnt?
  12. i got this images just watching 2MIN OF STREAM NO 2HRS the amount of bots in KR its a joke
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