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    I agree just Delete it
  2. Biggest ok: Fast leveling(I dont mind grind but 5.x was too much) Biggest Mistake: Removing Katalam/Danaria aka the best maps in game where sieges were fun Making flying irrelevant now.I mean the main story is about Daevas,wtf happened? Removing crafting as in now you cant craft skins/pots etc.... anymore The GP is system is messed up, how are people who want to get xform keep up with people who used the gp privilages in previous patches??? Transformations werent needed. I miss using scrolls/candy. Removing attack/cast speed from gloves& weapon (unless tune) was unnecessary thing to do (VERY P2W BUT NCSOFT LIKES IT THAT WAY) Ncsoft logic of ''balancing''. This is mostly has to to do making kinah economy now and making almost everything untradeable. Forcing us to be furries unless transparent scrolls
  3. September

    I think you guys at Ncsoft (whoever is in charge) are missing the point. We players dont care about NEW events, we want events with GOOD awards (not filler ) If you want people to spend money on events.We as players just want you to put more effort in them. The only good event this patch was the pumpkin event. BTW, why cant we get rotation weekends back? Since we have so few events (unlike other regions) the buffs would be still useful!
  4. LMAO So selling Kaisinel transformation pots on their store is ok? Gameforge doesnt want their players to progress if they arent spending their money in some way. They try not show it but its obvious....
  5. Explores the Philosophy Behind 6.0

    At least Gameforge actually tries to show that they care....
  6. Still do not have 1 legendary devanion skill

    How I get skills from Shugo in BoS *Make cleric alts, gear up the toon with lakrum/mirash/coe gear. *Do BoS. Run around and train mobs till I see shugo if not. Do new entry and repeat.
  7. AION 2 Mobile

    I dont support this being cannon, screw this... Just a bad spin-off story
  8. Weekly kinah vendor cap

    If you reaching the kinah cap this patch. Tell me your secret, Senpai! lol This thread was made before 6.2. I dont think this a problem anymore since we dont have items like supplements now. rubbish items (white/grey stuff) and ancient gear from instances dont sell much to even be even near to cap.....
  9. So...they still got a buff defending?

    Ok,nvm what I said about it lasting for weeks, someone told me it, he lied then.
  10. Instance entry boost

    Maybe the reason the entry pack is not in bcm because they want people spend more money on luna,I'm probably correct...
  11. Producers letter 2019?

  12. So...they still got a buff defending?

    I understand the reason why its there but why does it need to last for weeks? It kills the motivation to come to siege.
  13. Instance entry boost

    If they put that back in bcm. Maybe then people would have reason to spend their money in the store?Right now its very empty Can they at least make a tradeable version of the prestige? If they dont want to bring the instance boost pack back....
  14. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    100% agree with OP! Since enchanting now is better. This should be the main priority to fix now. I think adding kinah in instances like EU did, would be the good idea. Someone suggested making the broker fees same as before 6.2 but Ncsoft doesnt want to do it so they need to do something soon. I feel bad for those who played on EK server because they have it worst.
  15. How to get easy xp?

    Since doing all lowbie group instances (like BT,RB etc.) are irrelevant now. Just do the dark blue and campaign quests,leveling is so easy now.