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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 18, 2019

    As expected, they must enjoy taking taking their break.
  2. Any update on Demaha siege release?

    + The 2 alters that are always balaur, please
  3. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    Just ask the Korean Devs to remove the kick option since NA Ncsoft cant do it themselves and bring it back! How should the exploiters get punished? I dont know maybe ban all their characters or specific main one from entering EC from that account for a while, after they bring EC back...
  4. Lugbug's pvp daily/weekly

    I use Harmony and Discipline arena for specifically for this this.It counts
  5. is this a joke?????

    I wondering why I wasnt getting any enchament stones from doing arena (like before).Honestly I rather get the stones but luna is good too, I guess (better than nothing) @Cyan Why this sudden change?
  6. When is 7.0?

    When Ncsoft isnt too busy with blade and soul and acknowledges us that we exist.... but dont get any high hopes because we probably will get the nerfed version.
  7. Entry to Arena of Harmony/Discipline

    Ncsoft doest care, just go to EU version or look for another game. They rather nerf stuff than actually fix something for the good of the players....
  8. i think it's time

    The problem is that Ncsoft doesnt care about this game anymore. Cyan just logging in here for once a week and not trying to replay to anyone already proofs it 100% (+ they dont care to update the bmc that makes them money lol). It seems like Ncsoft is forcing people to quit this game and no one will change my mind. Unless a miracle happens...... Its sad fact but very true. Personally I'm having more fun reading the forum posts than actually playing the game. When I do log in game, I just check who is online and soon log off since I dont really see anything worth doing......
  9. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    Another skip able event . I assume ice picks are still hard to get as last time?
  10. Is the Abyss still a thing?

    Abyss is currently dead (maybe revived later in 7.x patch?) and flying is very irrelevant now for this region.
  11. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    Anyone know if the event items to get rewards are to be rolled on in group or everyone gets something from looting mob/boss? This event isnt new, last time the items were to be rolled on untill Ncsoft changed their minds to let everyone get something in group.
  12. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    Whats the point of censoring the forums? If you guys (Ncsoft and questionable staff) arent going to do anything to give a better experience and help the players. People been complaining about drop rates (Shame on you for nerfing it so hard on craft materiel farming), kinah economy (broker= kinah sink and not enough ways to make kinah), enchantment rng (Some have it worse than others). You guys arent really doing anything to ease our frustration and just simply ignore us when we try to be polite and give our concerns. People would not be talking about same thing if there wasnt a problem, is that really spam? I gave my feedback but I have yet to see any changes to done on some issues and its been long time. (I doubt they will happen soon or at all..)
  13. As much, I miss the good old days, I agree that we dont have enough people for a classic server. Best thing for game would be for now to release 7.0 as soon as possible since EU just announced it. I think you know this but Aion has a problem where players get bored of a patch very fast, so they need to release new content. I'm sure you can find a private server if you wish to visit a older version of this game. I dont know if this is just wishful thinking or you just in denial. NCsoft wont do it so all you can do is to accept it or move on....
  14. Back to the Game... Again...

    Anything from 5.x is useless now. I recommend getting the lakrum gear from the campaigns there. Its not good but it will work for COE and Mirash. And no gear wont break from enchanting, I recommend enchanting weapon and wings 1st for pve attack. Also do the crystal quests from the camps in Lakrum.
  15. I recently logged in a old account that I havent used for very long time,it didnt ask for code