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    EU also got the same nerfed version of the awards
  2. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    I dont know how I feel about these changes as some skills damage removed, now just debuffs... I'm glad that Salvation is coming back but RIP Saving grace as heal skill
  3. Favorite Patch?

    I havent played pre 3.0 era so I cant comment. I would say fav is 4.0 : Katalam and Danaria I miss you very much <3 4.8 - After removing the 2 best maps in game. Aion and its sieges became very boring, what most people would do was camping the Rentus entrance so opposite faction could not do their pve runs...... 5.x If it wasnt for gear breaking and horrendous exp grind, I would say its ok but to be honest I hated it like most players did. 6.2 - I cant say much currently but I have more fun now than I did in 5.x. There are things like and dont like about this patch, for example making almost everything untradeable was dumb idea...
  4. nice new paint squirt class

    I hope this class will be physical/melee class because another caster class is last thing this game needs...
  5. Ranger BOTS all over map

    I thought by now, people would learn that complaining about bots wont get you anywhere. Just report them and move on. You want NCsoft to do something?Do you want nerfed drop loots in Lakrum because thats the exact thing happened before 6.2 when people were complaining about bots....
  6. 1st post in 6.2

    I have played both sides but prefer Asmo. I'll probably still be playing DN but make a char on new server on a later time.
  7. 1st post in 6.2

    @Cyan finally noticed me,ok no spamming , btw how much time will the maintenance still take?
  8. 1st post in 6.2

    Going to Spam forums till game is up or go to sleep , Come on Ncsoft, Mech and his 450+viewers are waiting!
  9. 1st post in 6.2

    Was adding a new server a last minute decision? Because Hime said there were no plans to add it.
  10. 1st post in 6.2

    http://static.ncsoft.com/aion/store/PatchNotes/AION_Patch_Notes_102418.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2uYprairSVbM98aWDpdvgS_SXwYm-BExGK2Cdbn_slWFvn990BlKQwccI Hi, Read this while waiting for server to be up
  11. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    Ncsoft has no plans of making a new server. Its more likely that in the future we get a merge than new server.BR server was a mistake and you wont change my mind, only reason it was made because Aion was on steam but got removed shortly after because Ncsoft didnt want to share bcm profits with Steam.
  12. Can't play Aion on my Alienware?!

    You got to be more specific, what are your specs? what OS you using?Laptop or Desktop? Question: how much ram do you have?
  13. Thanks,Cyan.Many of us were confused about that
  14. Skin drops after 6.0

    Thanks, this is really helpful!
  15. Packs - outdated, might get changed to something else Revival stone - these are are orange ones,correct? Maybe they drop often from events too in new patch so no need for them to be in bcm Berdin star and anything else related to exp - Leveling is super easy and fast so need, so need for Berdin's star Crafting Charms - The original crafting system is getting removed + aetherfolding isnt effected by crafting buff (atleast to me).Also maybe its easier to level it up after patch and again no need.Existing crafting charms are will be removed and maybe changed to tea of repose like EU maybe. Wings - Well, Personally I dont agree with this choice, they should keep them in bmc for skin collectors. Pots - they getting changed and new ones will be in bcm properly. Lockbox - those dont exist anymore in new patch, unless again changed to something else Azure drakie egg - was this pet used to get crafting materials? I think its getting removed because old mats are removed so the pet is not needed/outdated Biscuit - I dont remember for which pet this was used, but there is in game food item that works on all pets so not needed Gold ingot pile - it gives gold medal so its outdated again and useless which should have been removed long time ago.... No need to thank me Cyan, I answered for you