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  1. I assume this guy plays elyos since beach is at elyos's side of the map. Only way he can afk and farm if he in group/alliance and others killing the kib mobs. Mobs dont die themselves if he swears that he isnt using a botting program. No 3rd party programs? Not even to lower ping, vpn? Thats messed up if there isnt any proof needed to ban someone. I assume NCsoft uses xincode to check if someone using a 3rd party program ( maybe it doesnt work that way). Maybe try again and send another ticket to get a different gm if they respond.... Sorry that lost your account
  2. I miss skins :(

    I miss the time when NCsoft somewhat gave a crap about this game
  3. So the only reason why the other classes in 7.0 are getting nerfed just for the new Painter class? GG
  4. 7.0 incoming soon what I expecting is

    There are no developers in NA for Aion. Koreans are too busy with their own version. They did lie,same way how Hime lied that there wasnt going to be server (thats already removed/merged RIP) No surprise there since NA support thinks skins are end game stuff ( like gear lol). They have plan to add skins in game but also too lazy to manage their bcm correctly
  5. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    I dont understand why there inst a save point for stigma enchanting like for gear? Its not cheap and maybe even more expensive than enchanting a gear piece.... in 5.x there was event where you if you fail the stigma it goes -1,not to zero. I doubt we will get in the future...... With this Economy in game ,save your kinah guys,its not worth it!
  6. Fix the Engine please

    Hi, you must be new here!Be ready for disappointment. If Ncsoft cant fix a single bug thats been broken since day 1 of 6.2,then you have to wonder how many months/years would take them to fix this?
  7. Maybe we need AIon Classic...

    Honestly, I would like a classic server in NA region but its going to get messed up by NCsoft if they do it Best patch for me was 4.x - 4.7(exluding 4.8 because game went boring during that patch)
  8. add permanent mounts

    umm... I wonder when will will get perma mounts from a event if we cant get them by any other way.... Anything to comment, @Cyan ? I would love to get the perma lion or wolf mount
  9. Server just shut down now with no warning lol. I was in my shugo run Did you guys wanted to do maintenance early?
  10. New EU world drop.

    It would be nice if we had it here too
  11. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    I've been playing patch since start. I've done all instances that might have chance to give contracts. I would say I have gotten over 50+ ancient transformations and still no legendary from combaining. I'm sorry I dont have the god rng of the few in a game that basicly 99 % RNG . I just want to get my 1st legendary thats all (any Legendary transform is good enough for me now), there is big difference between someone who is using ancient vs legendary transform. You forget most of the player base are still stuck with ancients... Just put the legendary transform in GST like EU did for certain time..... Seems like the P2W people dont want others to get legendary lol
  12. So you would say making decent kinah every week (excluding luna kinah bundle) is easy?This is not 5.x and not everyone took advantage of that..... None p2w players barely get 10mil ( maybe under 20 mil, maybe more if they want bore themselves by farming mats to sink of kinah broker)a week while average reset scroll might be 30-50 mil and you need alot of them and good luck.....
  13. Proxy users geting banned

    Ok, so its better now.I heard in the past that some complained that got perma banned that might not be true.
  14. Ok, I understand that you dont want everyone getting legendary (unless they speding $) but we should atleast get 1 legendary (1k coins one) end of the event.I suggest making the coins account tradeable atleast.... I'm someone who has horrible rng and the flower event didnt help at all getting one (I'm been playing this patch since start) Also not everyone have people to carry them to S rank. Some can even dc or have their client crash during it.
  15. Proxy users geting banned

    Is Ncsoft copying Gameforge by not allowing players use ping programs anymore? Is it because on xincode? I used to use Pingzapper in the past and it never caused a ban for me, I assume this issue is very recent. @Cyan please respond to this ASAP.