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  1. Ncsoft so lazy to put more skins in the new bcm and I doubt we will get this added
  2. Transformation Stats

    I dont understand why they nerf stuff if they dont know how the game works! I dont think I have even seen single GM in game.....ever
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 20, 2019

    I didnt know what bcm was selling transparent scrolls, they should have put more skins in bcm too then lol I personally dont care what people spend real money in game but that kinda seems like a waste to me. They must really hate being furries.
  4. Combining Minions

    I combined 4 b ranks and got hyperion. I cant tell you the success rate since I have only done it one time.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 20, 2019

    Whats so hard about adding transparent scrolls in gold sand shop? Someone explain to me,I really want to know
  6. Account Trading Items

    NA didnt need to make everything untradeable. It would have been just fine with the way it was.It might have worked in Korea but in NA there still alot of bots and annoying gold spammers in lfg.....
  7. The age of Asmo ?

    it was actually the other way around.Few years back on most servers elyos was dominating faction. I'm glad that I'm on the winning side
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 20, 2019

    There was a 1 hour delay, it should be now @Xrozz-DN
  9. EK Server Situation

    I dont really want a server merge but something has to be done about this server. Just give everyone a free transfer and never talk about opening a new server ever again!
  10. I'm asking about Smoldering Fire temple, Kumuki cave etc. When will be there a special instance event because these events have higher chance of getting something good, more people would spend money on scrolls,keys that should at least get your interest...... Not events where you collect items from currently permanent instances. I can speak for most players that these events been highly disappointing and not worth spending money on... I rather you guys remove/cancel all other events like snowball, this doll event (only exception the pumpkin halloween one) because people will have 1 less reason to qq. @Cyan if you can answer my question and send this to '' the team'' thanks ;D
  11. Event total fail

    I dont mind events being rare but atleast make them good! They didnt learn anything from snowball event
  12. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    Call Gameforge more p2w how much you like but at least they communicate more with their player base.. Who is actually in charge of Aion in NA?Can someone give a name? That person should stop sleeping on their job.... For the people insulting Cyan, he is just the messager.He is not involved with managing and making choices for the game... Is Gideon to blame since barely or not all doing his job? He too busy with Hime streaming the mobile version of the game than check the forum lol. Also the person who is charge of bcm should get fired and I have no problem saying that.
  13. EK is single player

    Thats my daily entertainment in game
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    Valedia is really desperate for some attention
  15. Is there any solid way to get a hacker banned?

    This has been a problem for years, if they didnt do anything about it then, do you think they would care about it now? Dont try with aiDPs and Aion Rainmeter, they probably dont know how that works and wont take you seriously... NCsoft only bans people if its about losing money(exploiting a game bug to get more free entries in game, it has happened before etc.) and few day ban for offensive words....