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Quest marker icons not showing on some maps


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Ever since 1.8 , quest marker icons do not show on some maps.   Belu, and Panda are included in the maps that the icons do not show for.   this makes clearing things out more time consuming and aggravating.  i was hoping maintenance today would fix obvious things they messed up with patch.  I guess its only called maintenance for show.   Sure would be nice if NC soft could spare someone to fix things like this, and also some quests showing up in Korean on the NW servers.  Come on guys. 

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  • Aion Team

Hi there! Thanks for your report on this, and to others in the forums who have reported this issue as well. 

I just wanted to let you all know that the team is currently tracking the quest marker icon issue, along with the translation errors.

If you run into more, or have screenshots of which quests, items, etc are not translated, please do report it to us and I'll continue to give that to the team to look into.

Thank you for your abundant patience as always as we continue to fix errors as you all report them! 

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  • 1 month later...

This issue still hasnt been addressed at all.   They keep adding and removing events...   but yet we cant get simple bug fixes like quest marker icons on the faction city maps, Beluslan, and the abys.  Also, still a lot of quests in korean.   This is just sloppy and NC West not giving a crap now.   its been over a month and a half. for easy things that should have never broke in the first place when they were copy pasting code over....   Unless its fixed today after "maintenance"   what the heck is going on with the quest marker issue at least?

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