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Multiple one kinah arrows on the trade broker


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I would like to set up a challenge for people trying to perform the "10 items on trade broker" weekly quest so they don't clutter up the trade broker with things they don't intend to sell.

Challenge: See if you can perform the quest in the smallest number of keystrokes/mouse clicks while leaving the least evidence.

As a starting point, buy a single arrow at the trade broker for 1 kinah. Then post it and cancel it 10 times, at 10 kinah for each posting. That should cost you 101 kinah for which you will get 10% of a level for buying the arrow and 50% of a level for the 10 postings. When you've figured this out, post the shortest keystroke/mouse click sequence that suffices.



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Sell x10 major elemental stones 10% cheaper than current broker price. Not only will they sell but they will also have the added benefit of not having do delist the item. Beyond that it will only take 1 click to collect the money rather than having to press the cancel item button 10 times.

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I see the the original poster was getting at. Five mouse/key actions:

1. Right click on arrow in inventory

2. return

3. return

4. right clock on arrow in trade broker

5. return to confirm cancel

If there is an arrow in the inventory, posting and canceling 10 times takes 50 pushes. You can't go too fast otherwise the interface breaks, but I timed myself and I did the quest in 35 seconds.


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