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Gourmet Candy Galaxy Bundle


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Why was the Gourmet Candy Galaxy Bundle item deleted?  Which is a reward item! 

It makes no sense to exclude this type of item.  Now an event item that you farm to get the reward I understand so as not to take up space in the inventory but the reward this is totally wrong.

Please admin team restore Gourmet Candy Galaxy Bundle item.  

There are many other items, mainly in the quest inventory that should be deleted instead of excluding reward item from any event.  

In the players we know that it is not easy to farm and this is disrespectful to us.

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The gourmet is not a reward, it is regarded an event item that contains a reward. Like the Brilliant Ice Prism in snowball events which was also deleted.

The reason they do that is because they implement these events every year and they update the reward list on these RNG chests/pouches, so they do not want people to keep old pouches and open them in future to take new things from past events or something.

They made an announcement and an ingame survey too so people would open them if they still had any.

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