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Can I use more than 1x Inventory Expansion Ticket on 1 Character?


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Hello, as the title says, I was wondering what if I get a 2nd Inventroy Expansion Ticket from the 90-days siel's aura subscription bonus reward. Would I be able to use this 2nd ticket on my main character in order to expand my inventory from 99 slots to 108? I'd like to be clarified about this before deciding if subscribing for 90 days more will be worth it or better wait until NC announces another change on the 90-d sub bonus reward as it has ahppened before.

Hope @Rin could help me to solve this question.

Thanks in advance! and greetings to everyone.

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Ohh why so, can't resub now? I remember I resubbed back days when I had like 1 month left still, and ended up with 110+ days on siel sub xD

But well that's something, is that answer supposedly to mean you can use 2nd expand but also that you have to wait fo your 108 slots? :D Interested on the confirmation so I can plan on it

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