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Proposal of Negotiations and Sportsmanship


Consensus of Opinion: Would you work with the other Faction in rotating Divine  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you be willing on a weekly basis help flip the fort for both factions sake?

    • Yes! I really want those morph designs and a chance for more medals!
    • Hell nah! Death to the Balaur and death to the opposing faction! We gonna grief troll you to the end of time!
    • I identify as a Shugo! Nyerk! ( I have zero opinion of this and really don't care)

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Divine has been an issue of discussion for the past several weeks along with other issues like the ingame faction economy, pvp participation in timed events (Dredgion/Tiak), fort raid from offense and defense, and among other topics.    In reality due to the Balaur Deity's HP neither faction can cap the fort.  I am proposing and listed a poll asking the remaining playerbase if they would be interested in a joint coalition in working together to cap Divine.  Yes Asmodians and Elyos working together to cap the fort then rotating the fort each weekend for the other faction to cap.  I know a bit blasphemous to even utter a proposition in an open world MMO that hosts PvPvE.  Just curious if the thought has ever occured amongst other players.

Why this proposal?

Neither Faction can recieve defensive rewards when defending a fort.  It's overal better to allow the other faction to cap the fort and rotate during the next vulnerability.  However a Balaur Deity hits harder/stronger compared to a Stallari/Dux.  The HP values alone are not the same.  Even after a 2.0 update and things being scaled down to a reasonable perspective it's still one of the hardest forts to cap at Lv55.

This can work if BG's of select Legions agree  and help contribute effort, compliance, and restraint and ask their fellow Legion Members to follow suit.  Means a stand still with nuking/zerging PvP (Divine Only) while on the Doors and Deity.


Not everyone will be willing to do this and would rather pvp w/o any restrictions being placed on them during this fort's vulnerability time frame.

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