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FIXED: "Asmodian Only" Items


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  • Aion Team

Hello Daevas!

Elyos, have you been wanting to just be a little defiant—just a LITTLE bit? Have you seen the red tag that states "Asmodian Only" on your shiny event bundle items and want to feel the rush the rush of adrenaline by using it ANYWAYS? Go on, you know you want to... You can't be Chaotic Good forever! Mwahahahaha~!

Joking flavor text aside, the items [Event] Bonus Entry Scroll Box and [Event] Gift Bundle seem to have an "Asmodian Only" tag on them—and this is incorrect! Both factions are able to use the item still, despite this warning red text. We will be patching it as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience in the mean time!

  • Error: "Asmodian Only" printed on certain items:
    • [Event] Bonus Entry Scroll Box
    • [Event] Gift Bundle 
  • Temporary Fix: Use the item anyways!
  • Solution Date: FIXED
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