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When Aion runs, printscreen doesn't work.


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If I play Aion and I hit print screen while the game is in the foreground it takes a screenshot and puts it in the screenshot folder, as intended.

If I put Aion in background (but still running) and hit print screen it doesn't copy what my monitor shows, so if I open an imaging software and hit paste, there is nothing to paste, the clipboard memory is empty.

When I close aion and hit print screen everything works as intended, the PrtScn captures the current thing my monitor shows and if I hit paste on an imaging software, it will paste the image it captured in clipboard.

--> I have tried this many times with Aion on and off and it is 100% consistent. When Aion runs, print screen only works on it and not anywhere else, when it is off then print screen works again like intended.

In short: Aion keeps PrtScn button hostage to itself while the game is running.

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