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Siege quests for Sapphire medals not updating properly.


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There are quests that can be done when we are sieging forts from our side. We must compete against everyone to kill 20 guards which rewards us 2 sapphire medals iirc. The problem is that the updates are not shared to the group. I'm talking about a group here, not an alliance. 

The quest updates for the player who did most damage only and not to the group members, making it really hard (literally impossible) for some classes to get the quest done. 

For example, I will get 10 to 15 updates because I'm xformed and I AoE'ed everything, while my chanter friend who is grouped with me and supporting me the whole time will get zero updates. You can see how that might become frustrating over time. 


I will update my post with the names of the quests when I get home later. 


Please look into this,

Thank you.

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Absolutely this.  Thank you for bringing up this important topic.  Sieges have become a real disappointment for me as a support healer.   I never get mail from sieges anymore, and when my legion took Vorgaltem fort at the first Gelk siege, my quest didn't update.    Many others are experiencing this problem.   While  helping the faction is a good reason to attend sieges,  I also expect to get rewarded for my efforts , and that hasn't been happening at all lately.

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