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Where can I get a wardrobe expansion ticket?


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I'm looking to add slots to my wardrobe, it says I can either pay with luna to open a slot or use an expansion ticket.

Since luna costs cash, how do you get a slot expansion ticket? Does anyone at all know? This was not explained on the aion website, it's not on youtube, it's not on google, and no one in the dead game on LFG knows or even replies back. Does anyone on the forums know? 

I understand luna costs real money, I couldn't find the expansion ticket slot on the black cloud.... So where is it, and how is it gained? Is it even in NA yet?

I want to go off on a little bit of a rant here, there is a lot of slots and they only give you 1 free slot? REALLY? Rest of them cost real money.... That is some BS. At least give 3 slots, or 5 total.


Secondly, I can't even buy Ncoin because I get the error code 90051 or whatever, and the response in the email both tickets I sent  "You triggered the risk system, we are unable to override it, find a 3rd party website who sells Ncoin" along the lines of that... So buying luna seems to be out of the question here.

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2 hours ago, WinRawr said:

 black cloud.... So where is it, and how is it gained? Is it even in NA yet?

It was supposed to be on BCM (so again real money) and it is not on NA yet.

But you can get luna free of charge in game thought. Slowly but it is possible.

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20 hours ago, Miza said:

You can get 20 luna per char per day by killing 50 mobs for Lugbug mission.

So if you have 13 char u can get 260 luna per day.

So Luna is account bound? I assume the 50 mobs you mean gives you luna's light? And you can take the luna's light with the other materials to craft "luna" which gives x20 luna right? And this is somehow account shared?

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