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10th Daeva’s Day Card Contest Winners


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I'm trying to find the players who won the Daeva's Day card contest back in October 2019. The prize of winning was each of us receiving an NCSoft t-shirt, which never happened. So instead I'm organizing to have our own t-shirts made instead. If any of you are still around or happen to glance at the forums and would like your shirt (or if anyone who sees this post and knows the whereabouts of any of these players, point them in my direction) please reach out to me. 
— Discord Forthyn#8727

Hyunjoong - Danaria
Melona - Danaria
Skypea - Danaria
UnchidaMdara - Danaria
Forthyn - Katalam
mewni - Katalam
PaulWalker - Katalam
PocoMookie - Katalam
Tsova - Katalam
Xianliang - Katalam

Thank you everyone



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To announce the closure of this endeavor, the shirts have been made with an original design along with stickers, a holographic print, Forthyn postcard (personalized to each recipient) & feather charm, which I also made via jewelry

The packages are being delivered and I can finally post this —  Was a fun project to do, and seeing everyone’s excitement over the goodies has me happy. Thank you to all who helped me track down the winners, and I wish you the best Life has to offer


(forgot I made two threads on the forums, updating this one too)

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5 hours ago, Locke said:

So what happened to the real t-shirts? Did they reduce the drop rate and ghost you?

Pretty much. Cyan contacted all of us for our mailing addresses, but then whoever was in charge of mailing out the shirts ghosted us — it was beyond Cyan's or any CM's control (we reached out and asked for updates)

This is what the shirts would have looked like. Special thanks to Yumiko for grabbing this screenshot from the 6.0 preview stream


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