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Daishunerk's Game of fate


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Why the Daishunerk's Game of fate on luna have more bad rewards and crap than good things?

Who will want to use shining enchantments stone and and break an important item? Garbage!

And there's still the fact that never comes good things or if you can get to the last trunk!

You want a hint???? Don't buy NCoin for that shit!

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i made multiple posts about the dashinerk game,they nerfed the treasure cave from 3 to 1 prize increased the price to 5 luna and then didnt reduce after nerf then changed so couldnt use luna but keys only.

The price for the fate game actually costs you far far more luna than the cave did,and is nothing more a blatant money grabbing exercise.3 luna per roll costs you far more than the cave did and 35 luna for the last chest is a ripoff because the prizes in the blue chest are mediocre at best,any form of gambling game it's just better to now ignore them, just like arcade game and simply sell items with your ncoin instead to make.

Until they make fair and reasonable priced game's again i wouldnt touch game of fate or the treasure chamber,because its a massive ripoff.

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