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Old AION Player - Input on AION Classic


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I started playing AION when it came out around 2008. 
I played up until the last 3-4 years, once the zones started being removed and the game drastically changed. 


When I read about AION Classic recently, I decided to try it out. 
Here are some of the things I saw starting out:

  • We used to be given a small amount of HP and MP pots - when we created our characters.  We are not now, and this is a small handicap & slow down.
  • Once we get to level 9, most of us do not have enough Kinah to purchase the skills we need - or teleport to the first city (for me it was Verteron).
  • There are elite zones in Verteron, and once I hit a certain level -> I would generally be able to solo them. But not this time. 
  • These elite zones also seem to have - more - elites roaming about than before. 

When I hit Elthen

  • The mobs in Kaiden mine were far more than I remember starting out on the original AION with. 
  • They are also substantially more difficult than before
  • For me, these elites were important, since this is where I'd get my drops > to NPC > to help me make Kinah.

Basically, the Elites are far stronger than I remember and there are far more.  Trying to move through these zones is impossible w/o a large group.


  • Same. The mobs were thicker and far stronger than I remember. 
  • We used to be able to group someone (to hold the group) and enter alone to get our quests done. 
  • Even 2 of us were unable to get past 1 group of elites. 


Things I liked

  • I am very glad that the essencetapping, aethertapping and morphing as is as it once was. 
  • I'm trying to get used to the accomplishments > and the rewards I get for completing them. 
  • I like seeing people on the map with me - this is very important and vital to show there are other players in the game.  The other AION became about instances and that took people off of the maps.
  • I really liked seeing people at the crafting stations - this showed me the game was populated and not dead
  • I liked seeing folks selling in the main city - although there were only a few. I forgot we could do this.
  • Guilds - The guild who invited me was already almost to max (36 I think?) when I was invited & it was a new guild.  This made me happy.
  • Helping - I saw higher folks helping lower folks.  This is good to see

The other thing that I really liked was folks playing the game being positive. While were were a few arguments about drops, it was nice to see folks talking back and forth, linking where they saw enemies and generally being patient with new players questions.

I also liked that the Broker was full of various materials - which is always a good sign.


I play another game now, and I visit my character (Ode) on the old AION, but I have decided to make AION Classic my home for Adorkable, my Spiritmaster and get back to making videos of things I remember and can see still work.

Thought I'd share. I do see playing as worth the value, but the elites are far too thick in these zones and that I find a problem I hope you will consider fixing.
Bots were never able to handle these mobs before - because of the roaming mobs that will jump / kill them. 



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