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Instance Entries

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what is up with this new instance entries where you have to  have full t in group to enter??

there isn't that much player base. on a good day, there maybe 120in there entire asmo side

of which maybe 45-60 level 85 players, It is hard as is to gather players but now it's even harder to make a full party with this instance icon entries

For example, we were avle to run PFNM solo,or 2-3 people now you must have all 6people though instance icon to enter

Can't utilize prestige pack fully enther since you can't enter easy or normal mode intances like before.

Not suer what the purpose of this new instance icon is for, Bring back entries  from portal gaain not from instance Icon,

there should be an option to enter form portals and from instance icons.

change instance icons. +++++1818772 +++++

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