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The solution would be simple, it would be to set a daily connection time limit


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Résultats de traduction

Am playing a Glad BTW

I have a problem I will probably stop playing this game here are the irritants.

I only do pvp, Chaos, disciple instance, Dredgion, Tiak, siege.

I spend kinahs for potion, running, courage and crit scroll, and food, I don't even buy resist scroll fire, wind, water, heart.

Basically I spend more kinah than I earn.

Since the 2.0 update drops are rare so my kinahs are melting and soon I won't be able to play, no more kinahs.

Buying from the broker is difficult, the prices are too high,manastone (Attack (+5) 1,5M kinahs)

and its almost impossible to sell at broker because there is always someone to cut the prices, so you can't even make a bit of kinahs.

And I'm not even talking about pvp the opposing faction who have +15 equipment makes the game difficult.

The question arises how they manage to have enough kinahs to go up to +15?

Part of the answer is in buying kinahs from dealers or using bots.

I don't have the time and the will to spend my days farming mobs to be able to get kinahs.

In fact there are two major problems

1- the AP gains are for those who play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2- kinahs are for those who play go instances after instances and farm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The solution would be simple, it would be to set a daily connection time limit or AP gain limit.

This will  limit the AP and Kinah gain by the player and bots.

And change the drops rate.

The gain would be more fair.

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