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  1. https://aioncodex.com/usc/item/101700735/?sl=1 What is the other part the game is talking about and what do you have to do to merge them? I guess it's not weapon fusion because even the 1-hand weapons like dagger and sword have the message.
  2. Can be found there https://easyaionmaps.com/gelkmaros.html
  3. https://easyaionmaps.com This is based on several different databases : - Spawn timers, HP : Aion server files leak from 4.0 => It can be innacurate, mostly in heiron/beluslan because these maps were made easier as time went by. - Coordinates : Aion client game files, other databases. Aion Codex, Aidb.ru, archive of aion armory and the japanese wiki If you see a mistake, feel free to answer here or tag me in the aion classic discord. If you like the map, please share it to people who play with you
  4. yeah it's a troll, if EU ever gets a classic server the NA will be closed because upkeep cost will be greater than the money it draws.
  5. Fortuneers token, for 4 you get a gold medal
  6. I'm not looking for views or sub, I just want to be seen by people it could help :d Please share around if you have newbies in your legion.
  7. And DrDisrespect too. And they'll do like they'll always do, they'll trashtalk the game and tarnish the already bad rep it has. #HateBigStreamers
  8. I hope we get a detailed patchnote next week. After 3 months of suffering, transparency is expected.
  9. It's way easier if you compare the total HP of the boss. For example https://myaion.eu/PvESession/1271983 => 1 383 742 hp Isbariya normal mode https://myaion.eu/PvESession/1296391 => 1 846 420 hp Isbariya hard mode. The bosses don't have the same skill rotation either. Flarestorm gives a 10 sec channeling spell to give the buff for example, with a lot of room for error
  10. It's on tigraki, I bought the True Dragon bow yesterday. 2 shugo outside the hut, not on the landing bridge. It's kinah based and it's pretty cheap Top left, the small island.
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