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  1. Good to know It's crazy, because when googling it, you find 0 result except this thread. https://www.google.com/search?q="Tahabata's+Mark"
  2. When you kill Tahabata, the whole group gets an item called "Tahabata's Mark" (string ID : 781664) This item has the following description : The thing is, there isn't a single mention of it on google. So I took a dive in the game files to understand what was going on. With a CTRL + F, this is what I first found Since we now have the description ID, I checked where it was used. It is used in the item with the ID 188052084 When used ingame, [item: 188052084] actually shows <Tahabata's Mark> . But when used in a database, this is what shows up :
  3. It's been a while since I posted a video here, I was busy trying to finish this one Took a lot of effort, hope it'll be useful to some of you
  4. I don't get the point of taking bot to dredg ?
  5. It has to be more than this. Atm it's 1m54 (and 1m1 for A rank boss)
  6. Hey Kibbelz, I appreciate that you share this with us. Even though I'm a bit disapointed there isn't a guy able to modify the values in NA, at least you're transparent and I like it more than NCWest staying silent on the issue and just saying "it's coming". So thank you for this. I would just hope you can do the same "localization" about world droprate which are clearly balanced for Korea and not for NA.
  7. Not my fault if people were stupid enough to buy it before the set was actually a thing. I bought the gold 50 weapon fluxes knowing you need them to craft DP weapons. The droprate for contrated drana/surkana is so awful that none needs them. I played, I lost
  8. I think this give a good picture of the server state. 2 pages for stones lvl 65+ 6 gold weapons lvl 45+ 3 pages of alchemy design
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