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  1. Just stop

    This sums up ncsoft. As a very loyal customer of ncsoft for 2 years i spent massively with this company,but if you read forums and look at game management and community interaction it's completely clear that Korea doesn't value its NA market.I don't blame ncwest so much but korea they have said they want to break into western market's and be successful but ignore everything. 5.0 was the end for me they could of made so many Qol changes but for the whole patch refused too and ignored player's. Breaking gear.terrible leveling system,ridiculous gear enchantment levels the list goes on and on and they did nothing. 6.0 could of been a massive success if they had done the following. Had one set of gear for both pve and pvp kept the old system of omegas and temperings instead of more enchanting changes,with terrible rates. Kept players avatars looking how they should look. Allowed players to trade between their alts with items and kinah. Kept broker prices reasonable. Not given out any gear to players,and allowing everyone to start out equally. I gave up with playing this game because they truly don't care about your money,if i ran a business and was losing someone who spends in excess of 20k a year i'd be asking where are we going wrong but not this company they seem happy to lose you. This game could of been so amazing in the west right from the get go,but those in charge in korea simply have no idea on western markets and fail to adopt this game for the region.The downfall started within the first 6 months of release in NA and they have learnt nothing 10 years on.Most gaming companys would of learnt by now what works in this region.
  2. I get the impression that AION is getting empty.

    Why wouldn't the game be dead? I haven't played since 5.8 i did read all the changes coming for 6.2 and only those with thousands of dollars invested or the diehards would keep playing aion.Why would anyone who's played since release or even the last few patches have any confidence that korea could deliver a game changing patch and listen to player feedback and rectify it in a quick time,as some have pointed out if such player unhappiness occured in say world of warcraft issues would be hotfixed within a week or 2 at the most. Lets be honest why would any old or even a new player stick around with the stupid changes in the last 2 patches. Leveling so 5.8 leveling was seriously a massive grindfest that went beyond the leveling curve of the game during release pay2level berdin stars luna instances with far superior Xp to pve ones,6.2 is a turnabout that make's leveling a utter joke. Pvp gearing in 5.8 awesome finally tradeable and broker gear,let down by enchanting letting gear have no limit but your wallet was the dumbest idea ever,now we have non trade gear but a utterly rubbish enchanting rate cant be sold or traded even between your own account. Currency on your own account,what sort of developer make's it so hard to transfer resources between your own account,people love alts plain and simple making everything account bound and currency so hard to trade without incurring major losses does not inspire people to try your game or make established players want too stay. Pvp seriously what sort of game that classify itself as Pvp/ve makes pvp instances have a cooldown nor provide adequate rewards from the pvp instances??? Compensation gear again being honest only those who opened their wallets majorly got this gear,sure maybe a few free2play people might of got gear,those with large amounts of time and no real life commitments,gearing any new patch should be equal for everyone regardless of the money they spent,nobody wants to play and be 1 shot or spend the next year trying to catch up for pvp. Enchanting so sure this patch gear doesnt explode but the enchanting stones do and reduce players gear even lower,which is seriously the same as if the gear exploded,just a waste of time money and player's resources,the fact people don't see what ncsoft are doing is amazing. If 6.2 didnt change kinah and account items,they kept tradeable pvp gear,capped enchanting at +15 and had same rate of omegas previously,removed minions from pvp only then maybe this patch would of been awesome. As a player who spent massive sums of money on aion only to quit because this COMPANY DOES NOT LISTEN TO PLAYERS,they do not care about north america or any other region but KOREA PLAYERS,the fact people havent worked this out after the last 2 years of crap just astounds me.This game needs to make money but they go about it in all the wrong ways,have zero idea of what players enjoy or want never respond to legit questions apart from were working on it. People should realise by now the NA market is nothing but Cows they are milking till the end,they know full well what they are doing and if you beleive they dont have a business and gameplan to get money by these changes you aren't learning much from the forum posts over the last few years of player unhappiness
  3. I have played aion when it was sub based and as f2play.I do not believe going back to a sub base option would change how the game is run. When the game was released and pay2play there was much feedback on the grind for gear and experience while bonus weekends were implemented it did little to stop the bleeding playerbase. Aion in NA regions cannot become a successful MMO when the parent company only seems to care about the sub numbers in its home country of Korea.You cannot expect to attract and retain players in NA,eu and oceanic regions if you refuse to listen to their concerns and base game development only on your korean playerbase. If you look at the feedback of 5.0 and now 6.0 very little of it is good,and a wide range of player concerns were completely overlooked and not fixed in 5.0. 5.0 could of actually been a really great patch if one the experience grind had of been dramatically reduced in the first month of release.Gear being made tradeable was a good choice,but was ruined by making gear explode.Enchanting gear should of been capped at +20 with items only losing 1 point when trying to enchant. Minions another system was added which was completely unnecessary and contributed even more pay2win aspects to a game where the biggest wallet usually wins. Fast-forward too 6.0 now we have easy leveling but enchanting is a joke even though gear doesn't break it is still the same as if it does a waste of time and resources. Compensation gear was a mistake,any patch players should all start of on equal footing for gear advancement. Gear sets this is a mistake of ncsoft for many patches,players do not need multiple tiers of gear for pvp,we need 1 set we work towards not ultimate legendary or whatnot. As a player who has spent large amounts of money something cyan,gideon or hime could check i quit during 5.8 because i simply see no point throwing money at a game to get gear to compete.There is nothing endgame in aion it's always the haves and have nots especially with a pay2win or progess model. I enjoy aion pvp and the excitement of open-world,however when i compare it to WOW pvp i know in wow i can gear easily and then rely on my skill and my teammates to progress in rank and skill this simply cannot occur in aion when p2win occurs so much. At the end of day i do not believe a sub based system would work because they had the opportunity for a year after release too fix and correct the direction of the game in NA,eu and oceanic and ignored player feedback. The same thing has happened more during 5.0 and now 6.0,massive player discontent and poor choices by NA and its parent company,the games direction clearly shows they are not interested in reviving or fixing their game since it was released because even losing paying players makes zero impact on their choices.If a company only caters and focuses on korean players why waste time effort and money when it's clear they dont want Aion to be more successful in western markets. End of rant from a loyal paying customer who quit.
  4. Delays on purchases during events

    Previously this account has always gotten purchases instantly today purchased 48k ncoin for event and now 12 hour delay no big purchases previously have ever been delayed.As to using amazon due to location i cant buy these.Eitherway purchases in this digital age should not have delays especially during events.If they cant deliver it i will just get a refund only bought heaps cause of event.
  5. Dear Cyan,hime and ncwest.If your going to hold enchanting and tempering events,the least you could do is deliver playerts ncoin purchases in a timely manner,up to 12 hours is not good enough.You bill players take their money but cant deliver ncoin in a decent time frame. I dont see shops making customers stand about for 12 hours when they make purchases you should be no different your delivery system and seller is terrible in a computerised age, players should not be waiting this long for a product to be delivered.Utterly terrible payment and processing system you guys use.
  6. Omegas? Is this normal?

    Stress over a game really if people get like this they really shouldn't even play games.And being a high achiever in Aion is non existent seriously,this is a pay2win game if gear was capped at +15 and temeperings +5 then maybe we could say some people are high achiever's at Pvp cause they are simply that good, like in the old days. Most player's in this game are carried by nothing more than their wallets and i dare say they would be beaten by a great percentage of the player base if they weren't carried by gear. Eitherway there will be new gear in 6.0 and even if this gear can exchanged knowing ncsoft they will nyerk it up,it's pointless sinking too much into a declining game and 6.0 will be pay2win and probaly worse than now.
  7. Is Aion Dying...

    This game while not dead yet is certainly declining,there are still old games with good player bases simply because they actually LISTEN. One thing that rings true over aions life span is korea simply does not listen to NA nor adapt it too western tastes. If this game had of been released without it's initial grind and current one,and gearing not taking forever,then i think yes aion would still be decently populated.I play every now and then occasionally buy items but nothing like before the gear gap has become stupid. My gripe's with aion over the last few years are this. Gearing there is simply no endgame in terms of enchanting and tempering this is utterly stupid and has been designed this way to make the game massively pay2win.Most games you get gear chant it and your done not aion it was good with 15+ and even tempering at +5 would be fine,but now there is literally no limit depending on how deep one's pockets are.This is simply stupid game design in a pvp focused enviroment because nobody like's being dead in 2 hits. Zone's removing the best maps was a stupid idea and killed the fun for many people. Instance's boring rehashed instance's that people are sick to death of cause we grind them every reset for miniscule experience points. Leveling currently is ridiculous sure it's gotten a little easier but it's still grind the same min numbingly boring instances over and over.Yet next patch leveling becomes easy again. Minions another cashgrab to give ppl more stats and see you get hit for 10k+ damage by a freaking pet another fail move by nc korea. Nckorea doesnt seem to have any clear direction they flipflop from one bad idea to another whether it's gearing leveling zone's or instances,most developers remain fairly stable with game development. I will see what 6.0 is like if it's terrible with gearing and minions and becomes more pay2win it will be time to uninstall,this company carry's on about wanting to break into western markets but has no nyerking idea because they literally ignore this region and player feedback.
  8. Least played class pvp/pve?

    Leveling to 11/12 really isnt going to give you a real feel for any of the clases.Given how easy it is to level up till 66 i would suggesst leveling all classes at least until 55 or 65,you get so many more skills and stigmas during this leveling process which gives more feel of classes weaknesses and strengths. Up to you but personally levels 11/12 are not anywhere near good enough indicator of a class.
  9. Least played class pvp/pve?

    ATS can be a super fun class,they are however bulky which turn ppl off,as bryos said their single target isnt spectacular and they have less tankiness than a templar, that isnt to say they cant be used extremely effectively in Pve and pvp. In terms of pvp they are a steamtrain when played correctly and most ppl have no idea how to counter them due to not facing them often,they also have some really good defensive skills. Chanter is a great versatile class both pve and pvp and some great chanters heal better than clerics. Sm fun fear bomb class good defense's above that of a sorc but with less burst,and stripping buffs and scrolls is always fun. Cleric is a strong class but require's multiple gear set's that cost a huge amount of kinah to be effective in pvp,clerics can be hard to kill but they aren't invincible even when correctly geared if facing a player of equal skill. Just be prepared for at least 3 sets minimum if you want to be super effective in Pvp a Dps set a block/hp set ,and mr set,some also drop the kinah on agility sets.
  10. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    Already Quit and uninstalled Aion.I was a loyal customer averaging at the minimum 200 dollars a week spent on Aion sometime's more.They have already lost a 10k+ a year spender. The problem is the only way to make a company notice and change is by doing what the OP suggests,i cannot fathom why player's continue to support a company that has little respect or regard for the remaining playerbase. I quit because i see every patch from 4.8 onwards to be nothing more than a deliberate attempt to extort more money from player's by carefully planning what they are doing. Leveling worst patch for it since aions release,berdin's stars removal of 200% merek amulets no liquid Xp post 66 was a cashgrab,and so what if they give leveling weekends,a real mmo shouldnt even need these,there should be enough questline's with some left over to get you to max level without needing to grind the same 5-7 instance's every week once they reset or grind the same one during a exp weekend. Gearing sure medals and tradeable gear made that part much easier,however exploding gear cost many player's huge amounts of either time or real life cash,until the added 100% supp rate yet another cash grab. Tempering letting player's waste money time and effort yet again for month after month until they decided the playerbase is so Nyerked with it they add a pay2win tempering buff to get gear tempered without breaking. Hacker's and cheaters,even with the anti cheat i highly doubt it will even make a dent and i guarantee big spender's wont be touched or if they are they will just use their alt accounts and start over. More and more pay2win items added,the forums was filled with posts about +20 gears but the purified gear can be chanted to ridiculous levels. Minions lets buff already retarded damage higher so players can get hit with12-14k damage in 2 skills by sheba's and call it pvp,or get 5 shot and insta dead by some pvp groups. Stigma's lets add more pay2win items because we didnt have enough of these already. Player's need to take a stand and stop playing and spending because it's the only language these company's understand. This game is dying fast 2 server's is not good,and when you can run around the enemy's territory for age's and kill only bots or come across a occasional zerg then that says something about player populations. Every few mintue's going back a few years enemy's were constantly linked and not just massive zerg's which is about all aion is now. I blame the player's as much as ncsoft because until you stop spending and stop playing they wont change a thing.
  11. You really make yourself look like a fool every-time you try to say you your free2play,we all know the chances of getting gear that high.We all know you would of used multiple accounts to get restores just like Dior used to.We all know ncsoft aint giving out multiple restore's unless you sink a ton of real life cash into this game. Must be hard to face the fact your terrible at pvp and instead of using +15 gear like most and +5 accessorys you need such a huge advantage to win. I hope 6.0 make's it terrible for you and you quit and the people that really want to enjoy pvp without wannabe's like you 2 shotting them quit to some other wallet game. Enjoy your advantage while it last's +15 gear for all soon it's just a pity they didnt completely wipe plume's and braclets as well. Truly why do you even play a pvp game if need that bigger of advantage, most legit player's would probaly wipe the floor with you.Please stop saying your some smart player many people know how to make kinah ,get omega's and temper's but everyone knows getting restore's or gear that high doesn't come by F2play.
  12. gj ncsoft

    I think there's many people who are happy to support the company,myself included.The point is with each xpac/patch its just getting ridiculous. An average subscription to a non f2play game we will say is 20 bucks a month,thats 240 dollars a year if i spend that in aion on ncoin and convert to kinah i still dont even come close to getting reasonably geared,unless as the no lifer's say make a Alt army to spam things like underpath etc for temperings and omega's. this stratgey is not fun or enjoyable,and when iv'e sunk a years worth of sub money into a game i should realistically be geared and able to compete yet im not. Bracelets,plumes,core's pets high grade manastones felic boxes,chanting supp,this game is literally a time kinah and money sink,player's spend more time trying to get geared than playing the game. And even if you do get reasonably geared for pvp,it's basically a zergfest on both maps,sure there's the occasional pocket of awesome 1vs1 or 6vs6 pvp but it's rare,maps are dead player's are just Afking in city's.This game is seriously boring as nyerk with occasional fun.I think i will finally quit at least till 6.0 because pvp is dead zergs or vsing massive pay2wins aint fun in my view. There's plenty of mmos who want our money and really the way ncsoft has ignored everyone's feedback for years really says they dont want western gamer's.The ceo's wife make's big speeches about wanting to crack into western markets but cant even get Cms or developers to interact with us on Na forums,like how can you expect to grow a western playerbase if you dont nyerking talk to us,here's article link for a truly great laugh .https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidewalt/2017/05/23/ncsoft-goes-west-how-the-korean-video-game-giant-is-translating-success/#2bb72c236b59 Im basically done with this company until 6.0 they are the worst managed company NA region,and why people continue to think anything will change until there's massive drops in players is beyond me,they wont care until they need another merge and even then its doubtful.
  13. gj ncsoft

    oh and one final thing MINIONS I thought this game was meant to be player vs player not player vs minions,i have no issue with these minions giving stats such as hp,mb,ma etc or even pvp defense. However to let them have damage skills and just recently increased pvp damage on some minions is lame,so now we are going have minions hitting us for what 10k+ on top of player's, great great game direction truly,just go from one bad choice to another.
  14. gj ncsoft

    Korea doesn't listen,in fact this company probaly has some of the worst interaction with it's player's iv'e ever seen,anyone thats played a Blizzard game knows how much their developer's,gms interact with the community and listen to feedback. Korea knows players are tired of the grind,exploding gear and poor experience from quests and instances and pay2win aspects yet have done little to alleviate it this patch. Instead we get another pay2win stigma system really +9 stigmas nice work that one. Enchanting a nice stealth increase of supps from 400too 50 for level 14-15 milking us some more till 6.0 when we dont need supps again. A totally inadequate increase too fissure Xp really 50% please thanks for that extra 0.25% if we are lucky post 72+,leveling easy in 6.0 but lets milk player's for another year. Didnt even have the decency to add a perma 200% xp buff for at least 1 month too coincide with homeward bound event. Couldnt even reduce Xp to level from 66+ by like 20% even. And yes accessorys thanks so much for not stopping them exploding and keeping them at +7 for purifys without giving Na player's temper events where they dont break and only go down in a level. It's clear they treat different regions worse or better the game should be the same all regions not give some regions garbage,you cannot rely on whales forever,by making the game more accessible to more player's you will make more money. And when will we ever get 200% amulets for 66+ or liquid Xps it's so blatantly clear your milking the playerbase by this garbage grind stop treating player's so poorly if you want to make money make better game design choices.
  15. I really had hoped nc korea or na would greatly increase the Xp from this instance and overall reduce the Xp needed for 75,but we are made to wait a year for 6.0 and easier leveling. Running this instance on a 72 char with a 100% amulet and using 4 stars per mini boss give's a whopping .136% exp per run,thanks so much for listening to the player's and making leveling easier. So it seems your still intent on making leveling nothing but a boring grindfest still and sucking player's dry with needing amulets stars' and repose to make even the slightest dent in making our Xp bars move.I know i shouldnt be suprised by this and your removal of kumuki is also another blow to the tedium of leveling,it really seems as a whole those in charge simply cannot learn what player's enjoy and what we dont.