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New player here


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New player here, no idea what I'm doing. Currently at Level 83 using the Kerub guide gear.
Mostly just trying to collect skins, what should I do?

Also, is it normal to be getting 25 fragments for S rank at Shattered Abyssal Splinter? Does that mean I need 160 days to buy the Ereshkegal armor box?
Does the daily Luna zombie mission just give jelly for S rank?
Am I getting "fake" S ranks?

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Well the kerub guide gear is a good startup one, what you need to do is start doing Apsaranta quests, some of the quest at Base 11 and 12 give random class armor pieces(Rescue Kokoma, Chase and Hunt), also the Blackfang dispatch one gives armor box, still random class, so you need to start working on getting Ultimate Fighting armor. You can extract the pieces that are not for your class and get materials to craft a box with armor for your class. You also need a lot of other stuff, but im not gonna get into it so i dont confuse you. 

About the Shattered Abyssal Splinter, yeah if you do only one char you need 160 days, but you can craft Ereshkegal now, check in Aetherforging Bitter Equipment Box is Ereshkegal and its even selectable i think. you need ultimate crystals that drop from instances, PF Normal sometimes drops 1 or 2, and XP marks, its a lot faster way to get that armor if thats what you want, than abyssal.

Luna gives random rewards, the luna crystals have been removed from it because bots used to exploit it to farm them. So now you get yeah jellies, adminitrator boon, A-C minium, Legendary Enchantment stone sometimes, but mostly nothing good.

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Thanks, that's very helpful. Didn't realise that Abyssal Fragments were warehouse-able.

As for aetherforging, what's the best way to level up aetherforging? The crafting proficiency thing seems really daunting

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You don't really need to level it, everything recently added and still relevant is at 1p, all the old armors and weapons in there are outdated and not worth making unless you want them for skins.

As for leveling, cheapest is to craft the different magic stones at every 10p, they require crafting scrolls that are from NPC, and magic crystals that are either farmed or should be cheap enough on broker when available. You can also start with Blessed Socket Stones at 1p, and get as high as you can or have Socket stones for. You can extract Heartguard armors and weapons for socket stones.


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