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From my understanding, BTNM bosses are supposed to be a bit easier. Maybe they don't hit as hard or some such. But from what I know, it's better for lesser geared players and new/returning players who don't have the experience in BT to run NM for the gold Besh set and to get them used to the mechanics of the dungeon~

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It's way easier if you compare the total HP of the boss. For example

https://myaion.eu/PvESession/1271983 => 1 383 742 hp Isbariya normal mode

https://myaion.eu/PvESession/1296391 => 1 846 420 hp Isbariya hard mode.

The bosses don't have the same skill rotation either. Flarestorm gives a 10 sec channeling spell to give the buff for example, with a lot of room for error

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