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New table of instances, where is Arena of Discipline schedule?


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I liked Arena of Discipline in like 2015 on my older toons when they were on levels 50-55 and there were twinks in the game. I loved Dredgion for a long time and on high levels too.  There was a comfortable schedule in the game interface - picture of an instance, so when we clicked on it there would appear the list of pvp instances and info when they were available. There it was possible to click and apply to any available pvp instance.  On the recentl patch change (8.3) that good schedule window was removed along with all pvp instances, I was very sad to see them go!!! :( :( :( I liked to earn AP, but not only that, I sometimes really liked to play.  It was better and I was more active in the old game (ending with 5.8) when it was generally spread to equip characters with mostly pvp gear.  In the new game, especially since Kerub's gear was introduced, I don't even know any equivalent pvp gear for it. Before Kerub I tried to start equipping my toons with Lakrum Scout, then Shadowdelve gear, I enchanted some, but since Kerub's gear it  began to look useless and I began to extract it or use weapons just as skins.   :(  I would have better not spent enchantment stones for it.  Still, I wanted to play in Dredgion even in Kerub's gear. Sometimes in Idgel Dome, Kamar battlefield. There were actually people playing it and I sometimes did, even on my new-born Jumping Daevas. The motivation was AP, but I played too. 

So, as I said, I was sad when the pvp instances were removed. Btw, how to earn AP now?   Lugbug gives Marks of Knowledge and this is to substitute for us spending AP for them? How much AP does Herelym Mine give?  I used to pass some of its rooms, some others I didn't understand or there was a glitch. I don't know how much I earned, I didn't look and it was long ago. 

Now, the 2 new pics of instances in the game interface are less useful then the old one was. The one looking like the old one, now always gives a window to enter to Discipline Training Grounds, I tried and and was frustrated cause I earned nothing.  The 2nd pic of an instance, with a man, gives a list of instances that are pve or Arena. I know that Arenas require coming to the Crucible entrance. I saw Arena in Discipline listed in the window and decided to try it. I came to the Crucible, it became less understandable where is what and where I need to enter. (It was simplier and better before, years ago) On the map (being outside) it shows 4 doors while in fact they are 3. The right door is inactive (what does it mean?) A pop-up tip on the left door on the map says "Arena of Discipline" but the door itself dosn't say it but writes some knew name that I don't know. I entered it. There is some big round thing and aetheric field making Arena teleport statue unreachable - what is it for? 


An npc stands near and can take me to the arena, as far as I understood, but it turned out I can't enter the Arena right now. :( 


So, the window  from the pic of an instance with a man is not a schedule showing what instances are available at the current moment but just a list of all instances :( What a stupid interface! Please make it a schedule like it was before with pvp instances window! Where is the schedule for Arenas? I didn't find it anywhere in the game :(   

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